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									Creating Passive Income
What is Passive Income?

Passive income is a steady flow of money each month that is easy to come by and
easy to maintain. What you want to do is create this passive income so you can live
comfortably each month. If you already know what creating passive income is all
about you can click here to learn how to start making passive income immediately.

4 Steps to Passive Income

There are four key steps that are the keys to creating passive income

      Proven Opportunity
      Mentor With Prior Success (s)
      Focused Action
      A Coachable Attitude

If you want to start creating passive income then you need to use an online
business plan with proven results. In order to create passive income then you need
to see a track record of success, along with finding the right mentor to teach you
how to create monthly residual income for yourself.

All of these attributes encompass what I have found with the Infinity 100 business
plan. I could go on and on about the Infinity 100 business plan and why it is the
fastest track to creating passive income. However, I will tell you this, you can start
making $100 a month right away by signing up two members to the plan.

Infinity 100 is so easy, and the fastest path to creating passive income.

If you are interested click here to learn more

Creating Passive Income

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