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Infinity Downline


An honest review of the Infinity Downline business plan with its pros and cons.

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									Infinity Downline
If you are interested in taking part in the Infinity Downline process, then I feel as
though you should consider all of the aspects before signing up.

What is Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline is a $25 per month business plan. The initial start up fee is $25
and $25 per month for each month after that.

What You Get With Infinity Downline

With your initial start up fee you receive a marketing tutorial in the mail that
teaches you how to effectively market any types of business opportunities or
products online or off line.

How to Make Money with Infinity Downline

The real way to make money with Infinity Downline is to sign up other members
each month to subscribe to the tutorial. After signing up one member you directly
receive $25 dollars and cover your monthly cost for the tutorials.

Limitations of Infinity Downline

Infininity Downline was created before the Infinity 100 business plan. The
drawback to Infinity Downline is that it takes a great amount of time to create
monthly income using this business program. Infinity 100 on the other hand gives
you a greater opportunity to make a good amount of money each month.

My Personal Choice

Personally, I much prefer the Infinity 100 business plan over the Infinity
Downline. This is for two main reasons:

    More Informative Tutorial- At the time of your sign up you are sent an
     online stock trading tutorial which gives you the tips and secrets used by
     hedge funds and investment firms. This allows you the opportunity to create
     ample residual income.

Infinity Downline
    Sign-Up Process- It is much easier to make money through the Infinity 100
     signup process rather than the Infinity Downline, as you only need to sign up
     two people to begin making $100 dollars per month.

If you want to learn more about Infinity Downline and Infinity 100 and the pros
and cons of each then click here

Infinity Downline

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