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                 All Things Considered, It Just May Be Time To Apply For A Credit Card

       By Art Taylor
       Dated: Feb 27, 2007

       You may have decided it is time to apply for a credit card. Do you really want a credit card? How do you
       go about getting one?

       Are you deciding whether you should apply for a credit card? Well, to be frank, if you are like most of us,
       living in the civilized world, the answer to, should I apply for a credit card is, yes. Credit cards have
       transformed our lives. In fact, credit cards are a contemporary, commercial revolution. No matter, and
       almost anywhere you go you find ads on TV and websites, in newspapers and stores requesting you to
       apply for a credit card. Also, if you observe others around you, you will see that most people have credit
       cards. As a matter of fact, most people have more than one credit card. Nearly every adult and young adult
       applies for a credit card. So, should you apply for a credit card as well?

        You will have to admit, if you think about it, there are a lot of benefits associated with credit cards.
       Seemingly, the most important benefit a credit card offers is convenience. For most people, convenience is
       the primary reason they apply for a credit card. Two decades, or more ago, when not many merchants
       accepted credit cards, that was not true. Today, it is hard to find a merchant who does not accept credit
       cards. Now, instead of carrying cash on you - which is neither convenient or safe - you may carry a small
       piece of financially, high powered, plastic instead. Now, you can get an interest free loan until the next
       monthly billing cycle. Also, you can buy now and pay later - when you are positioned financially to do so.
       That in itself is a great reason to apply for a credit card. Added to that, some merchants offer interest-free
       installment payment plans, making it easier for you to make a big purchase today and pay for it in monthly
       installments. So, as you can see, credit cards work as an instant long term loan as well and not only as a
       monthly loan. Other reasons to apply for a credit card include free rewards and shopping discounts for
       using your credit card. This is made possible by the relationship between credit card companies and
       merchants. For certain, credit cards offer many benefits.

        There are a few ways to apply for a credit card. You may choose to apply for a credit card in person, on the
       internet or, by phone. Often enough, you will, as such, be approached by sales representatives, whom will
       ask you to apply for a credit card with their organization. In applying for a credit card, you must fill-in a
       credit card application form (which is easy to fill-in). When you apply for a credit card and fill-in an
       application form, you are entering into a formal agreement with the credit card issuer, basically stating you
       will uphold you side of the agreement, which is to pay your monthly credit card bill, on time. After you
       have submitted your application, the credit card company makes credibility checks into your financial
       background and if everything is fine, you receive a credit card.

        The process of applying for a credit card is easy, however, you may or may not desire a credit card, it is a
       matter of personal choice. Still, for most people who don’t have a credit card yet, the recommendation is,
       for greater
        financial power, apply for a credit card, today.

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