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									             Frederick Shane Vincent
                        1283 Ida St. Apt #3
                       Cincinnati, OH 45202
                          (614) 226-7177

Employment      OnVentures October, 2000 – Present
                OnVentures is an investment and venture management company that
                specializes in “disruptive” technologies such as broadband and wireless
                Internet. The focus is placed on startup opportunities that have a clear path to
                profitability and significant barriers to competitive entry.
                    Developed and applied methodology to evaluate dealflow
                    Conducted due diligence activities to include market research and
                     financial analysis
                    Created various deal-making documents including private placement
                     memorandums and term sheets
                    Assisted portfolio companies with the development of business plans,
                     financial models, valuation models, and employee stock ownership plans
                    Developed models, methods, controls, procedures, systems, and processes
                     to support OnVentures and individual portfolio companies
                    Developed work plans, staffing plans, product templates, approaches and
                     schedules to support existing and planned projects

                Andersen Consulting April, 1998 – September, 2000

                UnitedHealth Group – Single Contract Issuance Project
                Approximately January 1, 1999, a development team was formed within
                Uniprise to create the next generation contract issuance system. A product was
                developed, but the effort failed at the point of pilot implementation. Andersen
                Consulting was contracted to develop the methods and plans going forward.
                         Created business process flows, key performance indicators,
                          workflow diagrams, and job interaction diagrams
                         Created key project management deliverables to include:
                          implementation work and staffing plans, gantt chart, status reporting
                          tools, entry and exit criteria, training recommendations, and an
                          overall implementation description

                United Healthcare of Illinois – Care Coordination Project
                Care Coordination focuses on offering education, accelerating access to care
                and providing surveillance and monitoring of chronic conditions. The core
                concept includes a highly structured and clinically intense, yet unintrusive set
                of business processes.
                         Collaborated to design new processes with a target of $20 million
                          savings over the course of one fiscal year
                         Designed a software solution to operationalize new processes
                         Implemented solution to nurses at Illinois location

                The Ohio State University-A.R.M.S. Project
                Andersen Consulting was contracted by this university to implement a new
                management system for their Human Resource, General Ledger, and
                Procurement departments.
                   Work Planning\Project Management – Team Member
                        Assisted in creation of $9.7 million budget for a 19-month period.
                        Mapped 42 employees to relevant work plan tasks for period
                   Systems Development – Team Member
                        Programmed PeopleSoft applications spanning Purchasing,
                         Accounts Payable, and Inventory modules.
                   User Readiness\Software Rollout – Team Lead
                        Conducted User Readiness sessions/seminars to prepare 1,300+
                         users for rollout of PeopleSoft system.
                        Created/Staffed help desk to serve users post rollout
               Data Conversion from existing legacy systems – Team Lead
                    Converted 27,149 vendors
                    Converted 42,514 purchase orders
               System Test – System Investigation Coordinator
                    Prioritized and coordinated resolution of system issues associated
                    with upgrade

Education   Ohio University
               Bachelor of Science in Health, June 1998
               Minor in Business Administration, June 1998
               Concentration in Life Sciences
               Major GPA 3.89 Minor GPA 3.93 Overall GPA 3.49

Skills      Skill Domains Summary:
            Investment Analysis including business plan development and financial
            planning, valuation metrics, private placements, term sheets and stock
            ownership plans.
            Project Management including functional design, testing, application
            programming, controls/procedures, systems/processes, procurement

            Programming Languages:
            SQL, SQR, PeopleCode, C.

            Technical Environments:
            Client-Server Environments, IBM Personal Computer, DOS, Windows.

            Applications and Tools:
            Microsoft – Microsoft Office Suite through 2000, Windows „95,
            Windows ‟98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Project ‟98-2000
            PeopleSoft - 6.0, PeopleTools 7

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