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2010 Flyers Rules Regulations


									                                                Foster City Flyers
                                            An Asian Youth Basketball Club
                                                Foster City, CA 94404

                                              May 22-23, 2010
                                         RULES AND REGULATIONS

Thank you for attending our 10th Annual Foster City Flyers Basketball Tournament. It is our sincere hope that your
stay in the Bay Area will be a pleasant experience. The following are rules and regulations that will govern this
basketball tournament.

All games will be played under the Boys Basketball Rules Book of the National Federation of State High Schools
Association with the exceptions noted below:

   1. Four 7-minute quarters for 7th and 8th grade divisions, stop time.
   2. Four 8-minute quarters for 9th thru 12th grade divisions, stop time.
   3. One minute rest period between quarters.
   4. Five minute rest period between halves.
   5. No shot-clock.
   6. 10-second back court rule in effect.

Free Throws:
   1. Players can enter the lane only when the ball touches the rim.

Time Outs:
   1. Three one-minute and two 30-second time outs per game in regulation, no carryover to overtime.
   2. Overtime, one one-minute time out in each overtime period, no carryover to 2nd overtime.

  1. First overtime period – 3 minutes, stop time.
  2. Second overtime period – sudden death, stop time.
  3. No sudden death in Championship Games. All overtime periods will be three (3) minutes, stop time. The
      game ends, when at the end of any overtime period, the score is not tied.

Home Team:
  1. Bottom of bracket and Flyer teams will always be home.
  2. Choice of baskets.

  1. Signed waivers from all players must be submitted to respective Tournament Coordinators prior to the start
      of the team 1st game.
  2. All medical expenses of any player participating in the Flyers Tournament will be the responsibility of the
      team they represent.
  3. Each team is responsible for its own insurance coverage.
   1. All protests will be addressed by the respective Tournament Division Coordinators.

   1. A player displaying unsportsmanlike behavior (physical contact, trash talking or taunting) can be given a
      technical foul without warning.
   2. The opposing team will be given two (2) free throws and possession of the ball.
   3. A player with two (2) technical fouls in the same game will be automatically rejected from that game and is
      ineligible to play in the next game.
   4. Any fighting during the tournament or any tournament function will disqualify the player or coach for the
      remainder of the tournament and/or jeopardize being invited to future tournaments.

  1. Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.
  2. Awards will be limited to 10 players.

Any team not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, will forfeit the game.


Foster City Flyers Tournament Committee

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