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Title:                                                                                                Local Government Insurance Trust
Dept.                                                                                                             Presents
Contact:                                                                                              National Safety Council

Local Government:
Address:                                                                                                    Driving


Fax:                                                             Mission Statement

Email:                                                The Local Government Insurance Trust will
                                                   provide coverage and risk management services at
LGIT Member - $20.00                                    stable and competitive rates through an
Non-Member - $ 60.00 Total ______                    organization that is owned and managed by its
(Please make check payable to LGIT)                           local government members.

  6/18/2010       2K-9084         ________

Registration forms and cancellations must be
received two days prior to the class.

Registrants who fail to cancel will be billed a
$30.00 handling fee.                                                                                           Kent County
                                                                                                            Community Center
Please complete online registrations at:                                                                    10041 Worton Road
http://lgit.org/training/registration.htm or fax                  Founding Organizations                     Worton, MD 21678
registrations to Michelle Yannone at
                                                                                                            Friday, June 18, 2010
If you have any questions, please contact                                                                   8:30 a.m.— 2:30 p.m.
Larry J. Bohlen, Loss Control Training
Coordinator at 800-673-8231 or
lbohlen@lgit.org.                                                                                          Lunch will be provided.
About the Program                                        Seminar Schedule                  Driving Directions

This seminar offers a series of training     8:30 a.m.    Registration                     Take US-301 N./US-50 E. to Bay Bridge.
sessions that educate drivers on how to                   Coffee and Doughnuts             Turn left at MD-405 N./Price Station Rd.
prevent motor vehicle collisions and de-                                                   Slight left at MD-19 W./Walnut St.
                                             Sessions                                      Turn right at Main St./MD-19 W.
velop safer driving habits. The classes
                                                                                           Turn right at Church Hill Rd/MD-213 N.
will also address how safe driving can                                                     Continue to follow MD-213 N.
                                             # 1 It’s All About Choices
increase productivity, create better com-                                                  Turn left at MD-297 N./Worton Rd.
                                                   Course introduction
munity relations and maintain on-time                                                      Destination will be on the right.
                                                   Collision prevention formula
efficiency.                                        How do you drive?
                                                                                           End at: Kent County
Fact:                                        # 2 Ready For The Road                                Community Center
                                                   Who’s on the road?                              10041 Worton Road
Every 11 minutes, someone in the
                                                   Emotional/mental conditions & actions           Worton, MD 21678
United States dies in a vehicle accident.          Conditions you can’t control

                                             # 3 Don’t Add Insult To Injury
Who Should Attend?
                                                   Impaired driving
This program is intended to teach safe             Distracted driving
                                                   Aggressive driving
driving habits to individuals who operate
vehicles while working on behalf of the      Lunch Break
local government. It will be of benefit to   12:00 p.m.— 12:30 p.m. Lunch (provided)
all local government employees.
                                             #4   Success On The Road
                                                   Drive to survive                        Note:
Speakers                                           Six most unsafe driving behaviors       Participants will receive the National
Lawrence J. Bohlen                                                                         Safety Council’s certificate for
                                             # 5 Collision Proofing                        successfully completing this course,
   Loss Control Training Coordinator               DDC collision prevention formula        (written exam 70% or higher). This
Richard A. Furst                                   Recognize the hazard                    certificate may enable the attendees to
   Senior Loss Control Manager                                                             receive a discount on their personal
                                             #6    Driving For Life                        automobile insurance. If your local
Jeff Perkins                                       What are you willing to do?             government has more than 15 drivers
    Loss Control Associate                                                                 interested in taking this course, please
                                                   Review/Written Exam
Vance Petrella                                                                             contact Larry Bohlen at 800-673-8231 to
  Loss Control Manager                       2:30 p.m.    Adjourn                          arrange a dedicated class at your facility.

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