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					                            Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

MP2 Supports Five-Star                                             "Four Seasons wanted better
                                                                                                    Quick facts
                                                                   control over the process. It
Maintenance Program                                                became hard to track the         > 254 rooms
                                                                   numerous work orders we          > Two swimming pools,
Founded in 1960 by Isadore Sharp, Four Seasons Hotels and          amassed," says Ong Kah             four tennis courts
Resorts is the world's leading operator of luxury hotels           Thiam, chief engineer.           > 13,740 square feet of
currently managing 50 properties in 22 countries. Like its         "In a paper-based system,          meeting space
contemporaries, the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore offers a       maintenance history was
vast array of accommodations and services in addition to the       difficult to monitor and scheduling was confusing."
254 spacious rooms. The facility houses several restaurants,
a full-service business center, reference library, spa services,   The Four Seasons Solution
fitness room, a 66-foot lap pool with whirlpool, as well as        Four Seasons looked at several software systems before
two indoor air-conditioned and two outdoor tennis courts, an       choosing Datastream's MP2. MP2 provides a wide range of
additional rooftop swimming pool and 13,740 square feet of         maintenance features including work orders, purchasing,
state-of-the-art meeting space.                                    and inventory control. The system helps track equipment
                                                                   and monitor maintenance costs with the security and
The maintenance of these                                           reliability of a Microsoft Access database. It is this broad
impressive facilities requires a                                   array of features that attracted Four Seasons to Datastream
skilled staff with the right tools.                                the most.
In 1998, they investigated
computerized maintenance                                           Four Seasons also discovered that the intuitive design of
management systems (CMMS) to                                       MP2 offered them the friendliest user-interface on the
improve their efficiency. Four                                     market. MP2 is Windows based, so most computer users are
Seasons wanted to best its own                                     already familiar with the layout and navigation. "It was
stellar reputation and chose                                       important to the Four Seasons to purchase a system that
Datastream’s MP2 as the tool to help them do it.                   would require minimal computer training," comments Ong.
                                                                   "We operate on strict deadlines and could not allocate
The Challenge of Hotel Maintenance                                 extensive staff time to training."
Maintaining the intricate workings of such an immense
complex is no small task. Four Seasons employs 21                  MP2 provided a variety of solutions for Four Seasons. They
maintenance staff and handles an average of 1700 work              replaced the onerous paper filing system with the
orders per month. They are responsible for the upkeep of all       computerized ease of the MP2 tracking mechanisms.
mechanical and electrical equipment, the interior and              Tracing and filing work orders now take no time at all.
exterior finishes on the building, plus they provide technical     Also, the accuracy of Four Seasons' maintenance records is
support to the other departments within the hotel. They also       improved, as there is little for error with MP2.
coordinate and supervise hotel renovations and attend to
internal and external guest comments.                              Four Seasons found a dependable system for preventive
                                                                   maintenance with MP2. The system
This formidable workload requires a skilled management
team with effective procedures.
                                                                   allows users to set an automatic
                                                                   schedule for preventive maintenance        MP2                 ®
                                                                                               MP2 can be programmed to generate work orders based on
  “I appreciate the simple and uncomplicated                                                   meter readings or by date to establish a reliable preventive
  work order system. Four Seasons found that
                                                                                               maintenance plan. Four Seasons has improved the efficiency
  MP2 facilitates transactions between depart-
  ments, as requests and information can now                                                   of their preventive maintenance program as work orders are
  be filed electronically, which also serves as a                                              now automatically generated for regular tasks such as
    reliable and accurate tracking system of                                                   changing air filters and oiling equipment. This capability
      inter-departmental communication.”                                                       helps Four Seasons keep their facilities in top shape.

                           Ong Kah Thiam
                           Chief Engineer                                                      And all of this occurred within a short amount of time with
                                                                                               MP2’s quick and easy installation requirements and the
                                                                                               services provided by Datastream.
based on dates or meter readings. Four Seasons can also use
the system to efficiently allocate manpower to these tasks. In                                 "We are pleased with the training Datastream provided for
this way, they can garner an accurate reading over time of                                     Four Seasons," Ong says. "Datastream helped us understand
labor and costs associated with preventive maintenance as                                      the multiple functions of the software and its surprising
well as track the history of the equipment.                                                    number of capabilities."

The Results
Four Seasons benefits from the streamlined work-order
process. Work orders are no longer lost in transit between
departments or buried in stacks of paper. With just a few
clicks of the mouse, Four Seasons tracks work orders,
current or completed, and uses this capability to document
their work.

This feature serves them well when handling guest requests.
The maintenance department can prove that they have
received the request and the steps they took to fulfill it.

"I appreciate the simple and uncomplicated work order
system," comments Ong. "Four Seasons found that MP2                                                                    Datastream-SIS Pte. Ltd.
facilitates transactions between departments, as requests and                                                             315 Alexandra Road
                                                                                                                       #05-03 Performance Centre
information can now be filed electronically, which also                                                                    Singapore 159944
serves as a reliable and accurate tracking system of inter-                                                               +65 474 0988 (Tel)
departmental communication."                                                                                              +65 474 9788 (Fax)


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Description: Four Seasons is a world of luxury hotel chains, worldwide hotel and resort management. Four Seasons Hotel by Travel and Leisure magazine and Zagat Guide as one of the world's best hotel group, and received AAA 5 diamond rating.