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									                          Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010 Programs and Events

Weis Ecology Center
150 Snake Den Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456
Phone: 973.835.2160 / Fax: 973.835.8986
E-mail: / Web site:

HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.                                                    Associate Naturalists:
CLOSED: Mondays and Tuesdays                                           Chuck & Margaret Blewett, Dr. Barbara Brummer,
                                                                                 Debi Davidson, Philip De Rea, Ray Fowlie,
Staff:                                                                Madonna Hayes, Tom Heerema, Laura Hoogstrate,
Karla Risdon, Sanctuary Director                                   David Hulmes, Jerry and Sue Kerns, Gina McLaughlin,
Phaedra Demers, Teacher-Naturalist                                       Penny Nichols Galvany, George Petty, Rick Radis,
Educator, Tom Desiderio                                       Wendy Rhoads, Dr. Lance Risley, JJ Rusher, Suzanne Serafini,
Nancy Morton, Office Assistant                                Mary Jo Sichak, Ellie Sroczynski, Eve Tomczak, Rick Weiman,
Mike Gaeckle, Maintenance Supervisor                                    Don Weise, Bob Weismantel, and Ken Witkowski.

                      Summer 2010 Programs
                                             June through August
 EVERY DAY AT THE                           Program Registration
                                                                                     aged kids and above. Appropriate
                                                                                     footwear is required; bring a lunch
WEIS ECOLOGY CENTER                         Unless otherwise noted, all pro-         and plenty of fluids. Limit: 25.
        Wednesday to Sunday                 grams require preregistration and        Cost: $5 members, $8 nonmembers.
        9:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.              payment in order to reserve your
                                            place. Stop in, mail a check (with       AMAZINGLY AWESOME
NJ Audubon Nature Store: Your
                                            name and date of program), or call       FAMILY FUN DAYS
nearby natural resource for field
                                            973.835.2160 to register with a          Back by popular demand – these six
guides, bird feeders and accessories,
                                            credit card. Programs are held rain      short programs/adventures are
children’s gift items, regional trail
                                            or shine. Directions (if applicable)     designed for families looking to beat
maps, and more. Come see what’s
                                            will be sent upon registration.          the heat and the summertime blues
                                            Refunds are available only if we         with something to do outdoors
                                            cancel the event or another partici-     together. Limit: 25.
Hiking trails: Over 24 miles of
                                            pant can fill the place reserved for     Cost (per program): $5 members,
trails depart from the Weis Ecology
                                            you. Weis Ecology Center also            $8 nonmembers; family (parents and
Center’s private grounds and explore
                                            reserves the right to limit participa-   their children): maximum $15
adjacent Norvin Green State Forest
                                            tion in a program where a partici-       members, $24 nonmembers.
and the surrounding Highlands.
                                            pant poses a safety risk to either
                                            themselves or other participants.        1 – SUMMER SUNSET HIKE
Exhibits: Visit our main building to                                                 Friday, July 9
see our snakes, turtle, and other                                                    7:00 to 9:30 P.M.
seasonal displays.                            Weis ‘Quality Time’                    Join a Weis naturalist for a moder-
                                                                                     ately strenuous interpretive hike to
Butterfly Garden/Model Back-                      Programs                           Wyanokie High Point to watch the
yard Habitat: Stop by to watch the              for Kids and Families                sun set. This hike is best suited for
butterflies and hunt for caterpillars in                                             families with pre-teens and older.
                                           FATHER’S DAY HIKE (Dad hikes
our garden or pick up ideas to                                                       Please wear appropriate footwear,
improve your own yard.                                                               bring water, and a flashlight or head-
                                           Sunday, June 20
                                           9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.                    lamp for the return trip. Severe
Bird-feeding station: Visit our                                                      weather will cancel this hike.
                                           Leave the housework and home
observation deck to view our feeders,                                                2 – HABITAT HUNT:
                                           repairs behind today! Dads and their
which attract a wide variety of birds.                                               A Day in the Life of a Forest
                                           families can spend quality time
                                           together during this special outing.      Friday, July 16,
Aviary: Built by a crew of volunteers,                                               or Saturday, July 17
                                           Led by a Weis naturalist, this moder-
our aviary is home to Weis’s Red-                                                    10:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
                                           ately paced, 2- to 3-mile hike in
tailed Hawk and Screech Owls.                                                        Come explore the Weis woodland
                                           Norvin Green State Forest is recom-
                                           mended for families with elementary-                                     continued
Weis Ecology Center                                                                    Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010    1
habitat with one of our naturalists to        NATURE DAY CAMPS                       TRAIL BLAZERS
find out who lives there, what they         Our day camps give children, enter-      Five days of adventure learning for
“do,” and why they’re important –           ing kindergarten through eighth          youth ENTERING grades 7 and 8.
from the tiniest insect to the biggest      grade, opportunities to discover and     Tuesday, June 29,
bear, this morning is full of nature        explore the wonders of the natural       to Saturday, July 3
activities and games sure to please!        world through fun, hands-on activi-      10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Tues. and
This program is best suited for             ties and adventures. Call the center     Wed.; 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Thurs. for
elementary aged children – younger          at 973.835.2160 or stop in for a         a field trip; 3:00 P.M. Friday to 10:00
siblings are welcome.                       registration packet. Space is limited    A.M. Saturday for an overnight camp-

3 – FOSSIL FANDANGO – New!                  and camps tend to fill up.               out.
Friday, July 23,                                                                     Cost: $180 members,
or Saturday, July 24                        JUNIOR NATURALISTS/                             $225* nonmembers.
10:00 to 11:30 A.M.                         PARENTS AT PLAY**                        *Nonmember rates include an NJ
Learn how fossils are formed and            Three days of fun and learning for       Audubon Family Membership;
how the Earth’s fossil record helps us      children ENTERING kindergarten.          successive children attend at the
to understand our past. Join us for         Wednesday, July 7,                       member rate.
fun-filled activities for studying the      to Friday, July 9
earth and the life forms of the past        10:00 A.M. to noon
(and present). Create your very own         Cost: $35 members,                                 2010
fossil to take home.                               $45 nonmembers.                        Nature Discovery
                                            **Parents at Play: Parents of Junior
4 – SOAKED AND SLIMY                        Naturalists can sign up to take short         Club Adventures
AQUATIC ADVENTURE                           hikes/adventures while their children     AMPHIBIAN ADVENTURES I
Sunday, July 25,                            are attending camp. We’ll begin after     For children ENTERING grades 2
or Saturday, July 31                        they get started and return before        through 5.
Noon to 1:30 P.M.                           they end. Cost (per day): $6 mem-         Wednesday, June 30
Everything needs water to live – and        bers, $10 nonmembers. OR Volun-           10:00 A.M. to noon
some more than others! Armed with           teer this time to work on improve-        Look closely during the summer
dip nets and plastic buckets, we’ll be      ments in Weis’s Native Plant and          and you will see some slimy critters
exploring the Blue Mine Brook to            Butterfly Garden.                         inhabiting our New Jersey forests
look at different organisms’ aquatic                                                  and wetlands. We are talking
adaptations. This program is best           WONDERERS                                 about amphibians, of course!
suited for elementary-aged children –       Five days of fun and learning for         Crawl, hop, and slither your way
younger siblings are welcome.               children ENTERING grades 1 and 2.         over to Weis to learn what makes
5 – New! THE PIRATE’S BOUNTY                Monday, July 12,                          an amphibian so special, and then
An orienteering treasure hunt               to Friday, July 16                        search for these interesting crea-
Saturday, August 7                          10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.                   tures with associate naturalists
10:00 A.M. to noon                          Cost: $90 members,                        Wendy Rhoads and Laura
First learn the basics of using a map              $135* nonmembers.                  Hoogstrate.
and compass and then use your skills        ADVENTURERS                               Cost: $12 members,
to go on a treasure hunt adventure.         Five days of fun and learning for                 $18 nonmembers.
This program is best suited for pre-        children ENTERING grades 3 and 4.         AMPHIBIAN ADVENTURES II
teens and older.                            Monday, July 26,                          For children ENTERING grades 2
6 – SURVIVAL SHELTERS                       to Friday, July 30                        through 5.
Saturday, August 14,                        10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. except Thurs-     Thursday, July 1
or Sunday, August 15                        day, 4:00 to 9:00 P.M. for an evening     10:00 A.M. to noon
10:00 to 11:30 A.M.                         campfire program.                         Haven’t had enough amphibian
Would you know what to do if you            Cost: $90 members,                        adventures yet? Couldn’t come on
were caught in a survival situation?               $135* nonmembers.                  Wednesday? Join associate natu-
Come learn how to build a simple            EXPLORERS                                 ralists Wendy Rhoads and Laura
survival shelter and have a lot of fun      Five days of fun and learning for         Hoogstrate as they explore Blue
too! Led by a Weis naturalist, this                                                   Mine Pond and Blue Mine Brook.
                                            children ENTERING grades 5 and 6.
program is best suited for older                                                      Cost: $12 members,
                                            Monday, August 9,
elementary-aged children and pre-                                                             $18 nonmembers.
                                            to Friday, August 13
                                            10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Mon., Tues.,
 Become a New Jersey Audubon                and Fri.; 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Wed.
 member and enjoy discounts on              for a trip to Sandy Hook; 4:00 P.M. to
 tours, events, and field trips at all NJ   9:00 P.M. Thurs. for an evening
 Audubon centers. Members also get          campfire program.
 a 10% discount at our Nature Stores        Cost (includes field trip):
 (greater discount on optics).              $115 members, $160* nonmembers.                                      continued

Weis Ecology Center                                                                   Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010    2
   Programs for Adults
       and Teens                                 THE WONDERFUL WEIS WHALE WATCH!
                Nature Study                     Saturdays, June 19 & August 21
Saturday, July 10
10:00 A.M. to noon
Have you been thinking about                                                                     7:30 A.M. Saturday
getting into hiking, or are you                                                            to 12:00 A.M. Midnight Sunday
already a hiker and want to know just
a little bit more? Whether you’re
                                                 All the whales in half the time! …of making a weekend trip on
venturing into the woods for fitness,
                                                 your own. Relax during the coach bus ride to and from Ply-
enjoyment, or just to get away from
                                                 mouth, MA where an 80-foot, double-decked boat waits to take
it all, this class is designed to teach
                                                 us on a 4½ hour round trip to Stellwagen Bank – the National
you the basics you should be aware of
                                                 Underwater Preserve, for whale, dolphin, and bird watching.
before you leave home. We’ll be
                                                 Past sightings have also seen many Humpback Whales includ-
covering local trail information,
                                                 ing mothers with calves, Minke and Finback Whales, Northern
equipment you should have, and
                                                 Gannet, Wilson’s Storm Petrel, Basking Shark, and sea turtles.
even how to use a compass! Limit: 20.
                                                 Cost: $85 members, $100 nonmembers.
Cost: $5 members, $8 nonmembers.
                                                                                             BIRDING WALLKILL NWR
  Weis Wyanokie Wanderers (WWW) Club Hikes*                                                  Saturday, July 10
                     Strenuous hikes led by Don Weise.                                       Meets at 8:45 A.M.
  The terrain is steep and the pace is fast – good cardiovascular fitness                    Join SHBO associate naturalist Terry
  required. Participants must wear appropriate hiking footwear and dress                     Carruthers at the Wallkill River NWR
  appropriately for the conditions; bring lunch and plenty of fluids.                        for nesting grassland species and
  Cost: $5 members, $8 nonmembers*.                                                          other passerines. Trip goes in any
 HARRIMAN 7 HILLS HIKE (WWW)                                                                 weather, usually to midafternoon.
 Sunday, May 24 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.                                                       Bring lunch, weather-appropriate
 Dramatic views, a lakeside lunch, and extra-steep terrain make for a fine,                  gear, binoculars, and scopes when
 challenging day. Discover the steep, new route up Ramapo Torne on the                       appropriate. Directions will be e-
 HTS Trail. 9 miles. Meets off-site.                                                         mailed to registered participants a
                                                                                             week before the trip.
 SAM’S POINT TO MINNEWASKA                                                                   Cost: $15 members, $20 nonmem-
 Sunday, June 14        8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.                                               bers, and SHBO volunteers $10, with
 Explore this recently reopened Shawangunk Ridge hike. Highlights include                    no cancellations or refunds.
 the legendary ice caves, large rock formations, sheer cliffs and more. 11-12
 miles. Meets off-site.                                                                      TURNING BAT HABITS
 HIGHPOINT HIKE AND SWIM                                                                     INTO GOOD
 Sunday, July 11 8:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.                                                      Friday, July 23
 Enjoy the cool breezes from the rooftop of New Jersey. Interesting views,                   7:30 to 9:00 P.M.
 rock formations, forests and lakes. 7-8 miles depending on the tempera-                     Maligned and misunderstood for
 ture. Optional swim in a mountain lake. Meets off-site.                                     years, the humble bat is, in truth, a
                                                                                             fascinating and beneficial member of
 ADIRONDACKS HIGH PEAKS WEEKEND (WWW)                                                        society. This program, presented by
 Friday through Sunday, August 20-22                                                         researcher Dr. Lance Risley of William
 The Wanderers return to the Adirondacks High Peaks region for an exciting                   Paterson University, begins indoors
 weekend of mountain climbing! Full-day hikes on Saturday and Sunday.                        with a PowerPoint slideshow on bats,
 Significant mileage (8-12 miles) and thousands of feet of elevation gains                   their adaptations, and their many
 each day. You must be in top shape for this trip. Peaks to be determined by                 good habits. Then, we’ll venture
 early summer. There is an additional fee for this adventure. Meets off-site                 outdoors to look for, and with the aid
 BREAKNECK TO BEACON                                                                         of an electronic bat detector, listen to
 Sunday, September 12 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.                                                 our neighborhood bats. Interested
 Experience America’s favorite day hike: an incredibly challenging (non-                     youth are welcome. Limit: 25.
 technical) rock scramble and hike with truly spectacular views. Require-                    Cost: $5 members, $8 nonmembers.
 ments: must be sure-footed with good cardiovascular conditioning and no
 fear of heights. 9-11 miles. Meets off-site                                                 HACKENSACK MEADOWLANDS
 *You do NOT need to be a member of the WWW to attend these hikes, but card-carrying WWW     Sunday, July 25
 Hiking Club members get guaranteed admittance to the 12 monthly WWW hikes and 2 annual      Meets at 8:45 A.M.
 Challenge Hikes at a flat annual rate of $69. New WWW members are welcomed with a pack      Join Ken Witkowski, a NJ Meadow-
 patch and a Weis trail map T-shirt.
Weis Ecology Center                                                                            Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010     3
                  Weis Ecology Center                                                    CRITTER-CARE
              Summer 2010 Events at a Glance
  Thurs thru Sun, June 3 to 6 ............ Gear Into Summer Sale
  Sunday, June 13 ............................ WWW Hike                                 Weis Ecology Center has a small
  Saturday, June 19 .......................... Whale Watch                              menagerie of critters that visit
  Sunday, June 20 ............................ Father's Day Hike                        schools, scout groups, and
  Tuesday, June 29 ........................... Trail Blazers Day Camp Begins            libraries throughout the year (our
  Wednesday, June 30 ..................... Amphibian Adventures I                       Environmental Edu-critters). You
  Thursday, July 1 ............................. Amphibian Adventures II                can help us defer the expenses of
  Wednesday, July 7 ......................... Junior Naturalists Day Camp Begins        their upkeep (care, feeding,
  Friday, July 9 .................................. Sunset Hike                         checkups, etc.) by becoming a
  Saturday, July 10 ........................... Hiking 101                              Critter-Care Sponsor!
  Saturday, July 10 ........................... Wallkill NWR                            Each sponsorship packet
  Sunday, July 11 ............................. WWW Hike                                includes:
  Monday, July 12 ............................ Wonderers Day Camp Begins
  Friday, July 16 ................................ Habitat Hunt                         ✔ A certificate of appreciation
  Saturday, July 17 ........................... Habitat Hunt                            ✔ A photograph portrait of your
  Sunday, July 18 ............................. Hummingbird Program                       sponsored animal
  Friday, July 23 ................................ Fossil Fandango                      ✔ Natural history information
  Friday, July 23 ................................ Bat Program                            sheet on your sponsored
  Saturday, July 24 ........................... Fossil Fandango                           species
  Sunday, July 25 ............................. Aquatic Adventure
  Sunday, July 25 ............................. Hackensack Meadowlands                  ✔ A Peterson’s First Guide to your
  Monday, July 26 ............................ Adventurers Day Camp Begins                animal’s class (either birds or
  Saturday, July 31 ........................... Hummingbird Program                       reptiles)
  Saturday, July 31 ........................... Aquatic Adventure                       ✔ Two invitations to our Owl
  Friday, August 6 ............................ Hummingbird Program                       Prowl (winter date to be
  Friday, August 6 ............................ Summer Stargazing                         announced)
  Saturday, August 7 ........................ Orienteering Treasure Hunt
  Monday, August 9 ......................... Explorers Day Camp Begins                  Sponsored Animals:
  Saturday, August 14 ...................... Hummingbird Program                        ❏ Kili, the Red-tailed Hawk $40
  Saturday, August 14 ...................... Survival Shelters
                                                                                        ❏ Winky, the Screech Owl $30
  Sunday, August 15 ........................ Survival Shelters
                                                                                        (can substitute a small plush owl
  Fri thru Sun, August 20-22 ............ WWW Adirondacks Weekend
                                                                                        for field guide)
  Saturday, August 21 ...................... Whale Watch
  Sunday, September 12 .................. WWW Hike                                      ❏ Red, the Corn Snake $25
                                                                                        ❏ Eclipse, the Black Rat Snake $25
lands birding expert, to search for         this time of year. If the weather           ❏ Tina, the Box Turtle $20
summer specialties and perhaps a            allows, we’ll be headed outside to
surprise or two. Trip goes in any           scan the skies at the end of this, the      ❏ Classroom Special $180
weather, usually to midafternoon.           longest day of the year. Cost: $5           (includes a classroom visit by
Bring lunch, weather-appropriate            members, $8 nonmembers.                     Weis’s raptor(s) or two reptiles)
gear, binoculars, and scopes when
appropriate. A week before the trip         Birds of New Jersey:                        NAME: _________________________________________
directions will be e-mailed to regis-       RUBY-THROATED
tered participants.                         HUMMINGBIRD                                 ADDRESS: _______________________________________
Cost: $15 members, $20 nonmem-              Sunday, July 18
bers, and SHBO volunteers $10, with         Saturday, July 31                            _______________________________________________
no cancellations or refunds.                Friday, August 6
                                            Saturday, August 14                         DAY PHONE: _____________________________________
SUMMER STAR GAZING                          9:30 to 11:00 A.M.
Friday, August 6                            Emeralds and rubies are never more          EVENGING PHONE: _______________________________
8:00 to 9:30 P.M.                           precious than when they combine to
Come celebrate the summer solstice          form these elegant garden jewels.
                                                                                        This is a gift from: _________________________________
by appreciating the heavens! This           Join a staff naturalist on our outdoor
program is designed to teach inter-         observation deck to learn all about                 Mail with payment to:
ested pre-teens through adults the          the Ruby-throated Hummingbird’s                     Weis Ecology Center
basics of astronomy. We’ll be talking       amazing adaptations, perilous life,                  150 Snake Den Road,
about constellations, meteor show-          and find out how to attract these                    Ringwood, NJ 07456
ers, and what you can expect to see                               Continued on page 5
Weis Ecology Center                                                                     Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010                         4
chittering dynamos to your backyard      ✔ Reception: Friendly folks to meet
habitat and keep them coming back.       and greet center visitors, answer the
Cost (includes handouts):                phones, and/or process Nature Store
$5 members, $8 nonmembers.               sales.
                                         * Programs appropriate for teen/
   WEEKDAY AND                           Service Learning volunteers
   OPPORTUNITIES                         The Weis Ecology Center gratefully
   Your Time Is Valuable to Us!          acknowledges the following people
✔ Gardening: Help keep our facility      for their help and support:
inviting for visitors and our Native     Spring Program and Field Trip
Plant & Wildlife Garden free of          Leaders: Margaret Blewett, Linda
invasive species (at your conve-         DiDonato, Terry Caruthers, Laura
nience – please call ahead).             Hoogstrate, David Hulmes, Wendy
✔ Invasive Plant Removal*: Help          Rhoads, JJ Rusher, Suzanne Serafini,
keep our sanctuary free of invasive      Don Weise, and Bob Weismantel.
species (can be scheduled at your        Program Support Staff: Chuck
convenience, but please call ahead).     and Margaret Blewett, Dave
✔ Nature Day Camp*: Our Nature           Bronovicki, Debi Davidson, Gloria
Day Camps use teen counselors to         Deane, Ray Fowlie, James Fivehouse,
work with the educators and chil-        Madonna Hayes, Tom Heerema,
dren. There is an application process.   Steven Heerema, Laura Hoogstrate,
(July/August)                            Cliff and Jean Huntington, Barry
✔ Public display updating and            Milligan, Wendy Rhoads, Evelyn and
beautification*: Update and/or           Teri Rocco, Paul Saunders, Suzanne
beautify our upcoming events kiosk,      Serafini, Lauren Sidow, Ellie
bulletin board, and our animal           Sroczynski, Bob Weismantel, and
informational displays.                  Don Weise.
✔ Public Programs: Weis wel-             Critter Care Sponsors: Timothy
comes skilled amateur (or profes-        Canali, Bruce and Cathi Darling
sional) naturalists and outdoorsy        Technical Support: Bill
folks to propose classes, walks, and     Boesenberg/Snakes and Scales
workshops they might like to lead.       (, Joe
                                         Hayes, Alan Ligertwood, Mike
  GEAR INTO SUMMER                       Lyncheski/The Harrier Group, Len
                                         Soucy/The Raptor Trust, and Joe
         SALE                            Troy/Green Mountain Tree Experts.
   NJ Audubon Nature Stores              Resource and Display Dona-
       June 3 through 6                  tions: Menshen Packaging USA,
 Take $5 off a $25 purchase,             Suzanne Serafini, Norman Schantz/
 $10 off of a $50 purchase, and          William Paterson University, Isobel
 $25 off of a $100, plus 10%             Wayrick, Rick Weiman.
 member discount! *                      Business Supporters: Prime 15
 *Excludes optics, tripods and plants.   Steakhouse, Rick Weiman and
                                         Waldwick Plastics Corporation. ■
 Participating Centers:
 ✔ Cape May Bird Observatory
 ✔ Lorrimer Sanctuary
 ✔ Nature Center of Cape May
 ✔ Plainsboro Preserve
 ✔ Rancocas Nature Center
 ✔ Sandy Hook Bird Observatory
 ✔ Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife
 ✔ Weis Ecology Center
        DON’T MISS IT!

Weis Ecology Center                                                              Center Focus SEASONS Summer 2010   5

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