1. During the course of investigating a consumer complaint by jlhd32


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									IN THE MATTER OF:             *    BEFORE THE
ADMINISTRATION                *
                              *    INSURANCE
v.                            *
13708 SUMMER HILL DRIVE       *    CASE NO. MIA-2007-09-004
PHOENIX, MARYLAND 21131       *
RPI 162254                    *
                              *    Enf. File No.: PC-9-2007
                        CONSENT ORDER

       The Insurance Commissioner for the State of Maryland (“the Commissioner”) and

Anthony V. Weis (“Weis”) pursuant to §1-101 et seq. of the Insurance Article of the

Annotated Code of Maryland (“Insurance Article”), hereby represent and acknowledge that

they agree to enter into this Consent Order as follows:

                            EXPLANATORY STATEMENT

       1. During the course of investigating a consumer complaint involving Maple

           Leaf Title, LLC (“Maple Leaf”), it was discovered that since January 1, 2001

           Weis has been appointed as the President of Maple Leaf.

       2. Weis’ title producer’s license expired on September 27, 2003.

       3. Weis realized he was no longer licensed with the Administration and

           submitted an application for his title license on February 22, 2007. Weis

           passed the Title Producer’s License exam on February 21, 2007 and his

           license was issued on February 26, 2007.

       4. Weis was not aware that he, as an officer of a limited liability company, was

           required to hold a license to act as a title insurance producer, per § 10-121(3)
          of the Insurance Article. Weis did not conduct any closings or act as a title

          producer during the time he was unlicensed.

      5. Weis admits to the violations described herein, expressed remorse for his

          actions, and has fully cooperated with the investigation by the Administration.

          The Administration believes issuing this Consent Order is in the public


      6. Based upon the results of its investigation, the Administration concluded that

          Weis violated §§10-121(b)(3) of the Insurance Article, and is therefore subject

          to disciplinary action in accordance with § 10-126(a)(1) of the Insurance


      7. Weis has reviewed this Order, and has had the opportunity to have it reviewed

          by the counsel of his choosing.

      8. Weis is aware of the benefits gained and obligations incurred by the execution

          of this Order, and, after careful consideration, Weis executes this Order

          knowingly and voluntarily.


      THEREFORE, pursuant to § 2-204 to the Insurance Article, it is ORDERED by

the Commissioner and CONSENTED TO by Anthony V. Weis as follows:

(1)   Anthony V. Weis, License No. 162254, shall pay an administrative penalty

      simultaneously with his signing of the Consent Order in the amount of Five

      Hundred Dollars ($500.00).

(2)   Nothing herein shall be deemed a waiver of the Commissioner’s right to proceed in

      an administrative or civil action for the violation of statutes not specifically included

      in this Consent Order, nor shall anything here be deemed a waiver of the right of

      Weis to contest such proceeding. Additionally, Weis understands and agrees that

      this Consent Order addresses and resolves only the administrative actions by the

      Compliance and Enforcement Section of the Administration. This Consent Order

      shall not be construed to resolve or preclude any potential or pending civil,

      administrative, or criminal action or prosecution by any other person, entity or

      governmental authority, including but not limited to the Insurance Fraud Division

      of the Administration, regarding any conduct by Weis including the conduct that

      is the subject of this Consent Order.

(3)   For the purposes of the business of this Administration, the records and publications

      of the Maryland Insurance Administration will reflect this decision. It is subject to

      disclosure under the Maryland Public Information Act found in Md. Code Ann.,

      State Government §10-613.

(4)   All administrative penalties should be made payable to the Maryland Insurance

      Administration and sent to the attention of Megan Hayes, Appeals Clerk,

      Maryland Insurance Administration, 525 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, Maryland

      21202-2272. Please include the MIA Order number. Unpaid fines will be referred

      to the Central Collections Unit for collection.

(5)   Failure to comply with the terms of this Consent Order may subject Weis to further

      legal and/or administration action.

(6)   This document contains the ENTIRE AGREEMENT between the parties and

      supersedes any earlier agreement or negotiations, whether oral or written.

      It is so ORDERED this 23rd day of July, 2007.

                                   PEGGY J. WATSON
                                   INTERIM INSURANCE COMMISSIONER

                                   Signature on file with original
                                   P. Todd Cioni
                                   Associate Commissioner
                                   Compliance & Enforcement

                       ANTHONY V. WEIS’S CONSENT

Anthony V. Weis hereby CONSENTS to the representations made in, and terms of, the
above Order.

                                          Signature on file with original
                                          Anthony V. Weis



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