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NANO tech Team Wish List


									                               NANO tech Team Wish List

Instructions: Please Type your name first. Under your name list out those materials that
you would like to have access.

Elbert Yeh
All of the members of our team would like a short video intro into each of your labs (~10
– 15 minutes each; longer is okay too!). The following are questions that may help in
creating the video:
         1. Who are you?
         2. What is the goal of your research?
         3. What could be some future applications of the project you are working on?
         4. What are some barriers that you may have run into during the course of your
             research (content knowledge, limit of current laboratory equipment, etc)?
             What have you done to overcome these barriers?
         5. What is the difference between engineering research and research conducted
             by a pure scientist?
         6. What does your lab look like?
I imagine this video to begin with the researcher standing in front of the door to their lab
or sitting behind their desk answering the introductory questions. Then the researcher
invites the camera into their lab and provides a brief narrated tour of the facility, showing
off all the cool things that are done in your labs. This is basically a PR video, so feel free
to add anything that you feel is appropriate. Thanks!

Elbert Yeh
There are several of us who would also like to have a small sample of the silver particles
to use for observation of Brownian motion. Eight samples should be sufficient (Michael,
Mike, Gloria, Orlando, Theresa, Lana, Lara, myself). Thank you.

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