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					                            Facilities Management: Accounting and Personnel
                                            Program Review

The Accounting and Personnel sections of Facilities Management provide budget, financial, personnel,
and payroll services to all units of Facilities Management. Our goal is to do this in the most timely,
efficient, and accurate manner possible and in compliance with state rules and regulations and University
policies and procedures. In doing so, we assist Facilities Management in its goal of coordinating the
planning, design, construction, maintenance, repair, and operation of university facilities and

The program review process involved the following tasks: The program review team defined and
documented our functions and service levels and determined what evaluation methods we wanted to
use. Since Facilities Management is our prime customer, we sent an accounting survey to budget
managers and a personnel/payroll survey to all personnel supervisors. The surveys addressed such
issues as knowledge, accuracy and timeliness of reports, services, communication, and customer
service. We also asked two University employees from Budgets and Internal Auditing to review our
operational processes and make recommendations for improvement in terms of efficiency and cost
effectiveness. In addition, we surveyed peer institutions for service levels and comparative statistics.
And finally, we made statistical comparisons based on benchmarking studies using models from
professional organizations as guides for analysis.

The Facilities Management in-house surveys indicated that both the Accounting and Personnel areas
were rated highly in terms of knowledge, assistance, accuracy, timeliness, and courteous service.
Analysis of peer institution statistics was complicated by the fact that each university is unique in terms
of it organizational structure. When comparisons could be made, we found that we provide a higher
level of service with fewer FTEs, particularly in the areas of training and financial reporting. The
benchmarking studies backed up these findings and showed that both our Accounting and Personnel
costs peer employee are very low. Based on comparisons with benchmarking studies, our Accounting
area is in compliance with good fiscal planning and management practices as recommended in studies
by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and by the Association of Higher Education
Facilities Officers. The review of our operations by OBIA and Internal Audit were favorable with
some suggestions for implementing greater use of technology as it becomes available.

Based on the program review evaluation, the Accounting and Personnel areas of Facilities Management
will continue with or implement the following:

1.      Continue with training for supervisors in budget, accounting, personnel, and payroll related
        matters and communication of changes in these areas. Training includes bringing in speakers to
        the department’s supervisors meetings, in-house classes, or written and oral communication and

2.      Continue with the development of accounting and personnel supervisor manuals and one-page
     procedure “cheat sheets” sheets. Work with Computer Services to place these items on a
     Facilities Management intranet when it becomes available.

3.   Use technology as it becomes available to create on-line access to common reports and to
     automate reports that are currently being prepared manually.

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