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									                                             Where do today’s top students turn
                                             into tomorrow’s business leaders?
                                             Right here

                                             2010 Deloitte National Leadership Conference
                                             July 13 - 16, 2010
                                             Scottsdale, Arizona

                                             Being a good leader is more than being the boss.                        Ready to tackle tomorrow’s business challenges?
                                             It’s about teamwork, vision and strong sense of quality                 Start here. Visit
                                             and integrity in everything you do. The Deloitte National               to complete a candidate profile.
                                             Leadership Conference aims to help today’s best and
                                             brightest students turn into tomorrow’s business leaders.

                                             This multi-day event brings together select students from
                                             several colleges and universities and professionals from
                                             Deloitte to participate in career development workshops
                                             and activities. You’ll hone your leadership, team-building,
                                             interpersonal and negotiation skills in an exciting, dynamic
                                             environment, supported by professionals with keen insights
                                             into what makes a strong and successful leader. All of this,
                                             at no cost to you.

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