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									          Semester “Spring 2010”
Assignment No. 01                                              Marks: 20
               “Workforce Diversity”
Suppose you are manager of a multinational operating in UAE, your workforce
constitutes of people from Pakistan, India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and
Belgium. How will you successfully manage this workforce to achieve
organizational goals effectively and efficiently?

Managing diversity is defined as "planning and implementing organizational
systems and practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of
diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized.
 Globalization is having its effect on workforces, which are more and more mixed
in their racial origin. In addition to the rich variety of nationalities, backgrounds
and cultures also add to make an organization more complex.
The manager should do the following things in order to manage the diverse

       • Value cultural difference
   The manager should place a high value on cultural differences; he/she should
   perceive people from other cultures to be different but equally good.
       • Respect all workers
   The manager should gave respect to other culture norms, values, customs and
   traditions because as we all know that we cant motivate the person of another
   culture until the person first accepts you.
       • Participate in cultural training
   The management should arrange the training programs which help the
   employees to understand the beliefs, customs and traditions of another
       • Learn foreign language
   The management should also design some language training program in order
   to avoid the communication barriers.
       • Open book management
   Organizational financial statements should be shared with all employees as it
   helps in motivating them and they consider themselves as an important asset
       • Avoid stereotyping
   Manager should enhance good management practices by preventing
   discrimination on the basis of caste, nationality, ethnicity etc and promoting
       • Build creative culture
Cultivate a creative culture in which every employee feels comfortable to share
his/her ideas. It also facilitates innovation in the organization.
    • Boost morale of all employees
Motivate employees by giving rewards.
    • Work as a team
As the word team stands for
One person may have a brilliant idea but lack the technical skills, practical
planning, or financial know how to make their idea become something real. A
team can therefore accomplish much more than the sum of the individual
members. Good teamwork generates creative energy and problem solving. It
also has the ability to meet the complex challenges they face.

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