Critical Thinking Competency Rubric by hcj


									                                             Critical Thinking Competency Rubric

                        Fails to Achieve the Standard (1)             Meets the Standard (2)                 Exceeds the Standard (3)
Clearly stated        The writer’s purpose or position is      The writer’s purpose or position is    The writer’s purpose or position is
objective             not clear, and there is little to        clear and is the primary controlling   clear and is the primary controlling
                      indicate the writer’s comprehension      force throughout the paper.            force throughout the paper.
                      of the issue(s) to be addressed.

                      The text fails to address the            The question/problem is addressed.     The question/problem is addressed
                      question/problem.                                                               creatively.

                      A plan of development is not             A clear plan of development is         A creative plan of development is
                      present.                                 implied or stated.                     implied or stated.
Ability to present    The writer provides minimal ideas        The writer presents clear ideas in     The writer fully develops ideas
supporting evidence   in support of the essay’s purpose and    support of the essay’s purpose,        presented in support of the essay’s
                      presents little justifiable evidence.    providing adequate evidence from       purpose, presents ample evidence,
                                                               other sources, including personal      and recognizes the nuances in that
                                                               knowledge and experience.              evidence.

                      The writer shows a poor sense of         The writer demonstrates a sense of     The writer shows a clear sense of
                      context and the failure to distinguish   context and recognizes the             context and consistently
                      between fact, opinion and value          difference between fact, opinion,      distinguishes between fact, opinion,
                      judgment.                                and value judgment.                    and value judgment.

Logical consistency   The writer does not develop her/his      The writer makes an argument           Using an order of development
                      argument logically from claims           following recognized patterns of       appropriate for the topic and purpose
                      through supporting evidence to           organization and does not contradict   of the essay, the writer considers
                      reasoned conclusions.                    her/his major claim or use mutually    different perspectives on the issue
                                                               exclusive statements.                  and/or identifies strong points and
                                                                                                      gaps in those perspectives.

                      Supporting reasons may not be            Supporting reasons are relevant to     The writer comes to well-reasoned
                      relevant to the major claim.             the writer’s major claim.              conclusions. The writer may identify
                      Supporting reasons may rest on                                                  and discuss the implications and
                      unstated assumptions.                                                           consequences of her/his position but
                                                                                                      does so without contradicting the

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