Microsoft demos Office, SharePoint on unmarked site by ProQuest


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									       4 | DMNEWS | July 26, 2010 |

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       Microsoft demos                                   MTV rebrands Tr3s with sweepstakes
       Office, SharePoint                                By Shahnaz Mahmud
                                                         : MTV Networks’ Spanish-language chan-
       on unmarked site                                  nel has created an online music contest
                                                                                                           16 to August 29, with the winner teaming
                                                                                                           with Sebastian Krys, a Latin Grammy
                                                         reminiscent of American Idol as a part            Award-winning producer, and Tr3s to
       By Rose Gordon                                    of its rebranding effort. The initiative is       produce the song and video. The video
       : Microsoft quietly launched an unbranded         designed to give Latin American music             will appear first on Verizon’s V Cast
       website last month, working with its direct       hopefuls exposure.                                Video on Demand service, and sub-
       marketing agency of record, Wunderman,               The rebranding of the channel as Tr3s:         sequently run on Yahoo en Español
       to generate awareness for Microsoft Office        MTV, Musica y Mas, aims to embrace the            and Tr3s.The contest was created
       2010 and SharePoint 2010 without mention-         bilingual and multicultural lifestyle of the      in-house among all three partners.
       ing the products.                                 Hispanic audience in the US. Brand agency            The network will also fly the win-
          The software giant used a different strat-     Capacity created the rebranding effort, while     ner of a sweepstakes to Los Angeles to watch         tr3s used a contest
       egy from its usual marketing glitz, events        Hispanic-focused integrated marketing agen-       the filming of the video.                            to rebrand
       and large media buys to engage the savvy          cy Casanova Pendrill created the campaign,           “For us, it gets us cross-platform and allows
       and pitch-weary developer and IT-buyer            “I Feel Tr3s.” The network was formerly           us to leverage our partners’ assets,” said Carol       Entrants can opt to join Tr3’s mailing list
       audience with its latest updates to Microsoft     known as MTV TR3s.                                Snell, VP of trade marketing for Tr3s.               for future initiatives, as well as its database to
       Office and SharePoint. Wunderman’s Blast             Tr3s partnered with Yahoo En Español              The impetus for the campaign was internal         receive e-mail messages from the channel.
       Radius managed the development of the             and Verizon Wireless to launch the “Dame          research that showed its 12-to-24-year-old             The network will measure click-throughs
       site, while Academy designed the creative         un Break” contest as a multitouchpoint ini-       demographic has a high interest in music-            to the site and the number of participants
       work.                                             tiative July 13. Aspiring artists can audition    based initiatives coupled with people achiev-        who upload audition videos, as well as
          Featuring fictional company Allure Bays        online via a Yahoo en Español microsite,          ing fame.                                            the number of consumers who enter the
       Corp., a nod to the decade-old Internet , through August 18.              “It’s a piece of the American Dream,” Snell       sweepstakes, to gauge the effectiveness of
       meme, “All your base are belong to us,” the       The consumer voting period will run August        said of the contest.                                 the program. l
       site offers tongue-in-cheek infomercial-style
       videos and copy. “Easter eggs,” hidden clues
       developers left for visitors to discover, are
       sprinkled throughout the site and the content     Consumer, business e-mail lists see Meredith acquires
                                                         sharp year-over-year price drop     mobile agency
       alludes to the products and their features.
          Jerry Hayek, group marketing manager
       of Microsoft’s US central marketing team,
       said the company wanted to reach a relatively     By Ryan Chatelain                                                                                      By Shahnaz Mahmud
       “jaded” audience, so it tried to speak to them    : The rental prices of consumer and busi-         million to $130 million.                             : Media and marketing company Meredith
       in their own language.                            ness e-mail lists have dropped significantly        Most other sectors were fairly stable, with        Corporation has completed its acquisition of
          “We go through launches on new ver-            from one year ago, according to Worldata’s        the categories of donors, business magazines         mobile marketing firm The Hyperfactory.
       sions of products, it seems like, every year,”    Summer 2010 List Index. Permission-based          and controlled circulation titles, books and         This follows a minority stake the company
       he said. “One of the things we looked at          business-to-consumer e-mail prices fell           CDs and attendees or members seeing mod-             took in the agency last July. Terms were
       is what do we do in terms of innovation?          $8 million to $112 million since summer           est increases.                                       not disclosed.
       We began to look at unbranded activities,         2009, and are down 34.12% over the past             “Consumers will probably be that last                 Meredith decided to fully acquire the
       things that could engage our audiences with       two years.                                        group to level off, but at least we’re starting to   company after deeming its year-long minor-
       something new, something that has a feeling          Ray Tesi, SVP of Worldata, said, “As far as
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