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A Visit to Teledyne Continental Motors


TCM recently acquired proven Jet-? or diesel fuel reciprocating engine technology through a strategic purchase. Johnny Doo says, "This was a clear-cut technology purchase and transfer." As to the source of the technology, TCM only stated it came from an unnamed European company.

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									 Recip Technology

                          A Visit to Teledyne
                          Continental Motors
                          Lightweight engines, FADEC, diesel engine technology,
                          and alternative fuel research were a few items discussed.

                              n May a group of aviation journalists were        operational, and customer support practices,
                              invited to spend the day at the Teledyne          into the business of producing and supporting
                              Continental Motors (TCM) headquarters             their aircraft engines. TCM reported there are
                          in Mobile, AL. The TCM leadership team                some 80,000 active aircraft flying today with
                          explained the TCM organization and present-           100,000 to 120,000 TCM engines.
                          ed information on some of the latest research            Mike Gifford, director of factory servic-
                          and development taking place at TCM. A                es, reported the TCM Customer Call Center
 By Ronald Donner         short factory tour was given where we were            and Technical Support receives approxi-
                          able to see first hand                                                mately 10,000 inquiries per
                          machining of engine                                                   week by both telephone and
                          parts and assembly of                                                 the internet/email. Gifford
                          several engine types.         TCM feels that one of the biggest       explained that about one-
                             Rhett Ross, president         challenges facing the general        third of the inquiries come
                          of TCM, welcomed the                                                  from aircraft/engine owners
                          group and provided             aviation industry is the potential     and two-thirds come from
                          a high-level overview                                                 distributors. He went on to
                          of the current TCM
                                                         change to unleaded (UL) Av-gas.        say, “Our goal is to answer
                          organization. Ross                                                    inquiries within 24 hours.”
                          explained that in recent                                                 Ken Suda, senior vice
                          years several of the senior leadership positions      president of Operations, stated that TCM has
                          at TCM have been filled with people from              a strong commitment to North American
                          the automobile industry — himself included.           including the Alabama locations. “We plan to
                          TCM feels this has brought new production,            keep work in Alabama,” says Suda. He went
                                                                                on to say that current production levels, which
                                                                                include new and remanufactured engines,
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