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Never Again Rwanda Goings and C


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									      Never Again Rwanda: Goings and Comings for March and April 2007

 Questions or inquiries about any of the information related below, or if you would like
               further details and links, please contact Jed Oppenheim at
  jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to the website www.neveragainrwanda.org
                                       Thank you.


      3 March: 1st Annual Never Again Rwanda Kigali City Debating Competition
      Proudly sponsored by THE OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE

      The 3rd of March 2007 brought sunny skies and inspired minds to the Palace Hotel
      for the first official Never Again Rwanda Debate Competition. In its ongoing
      effort to promote critical thinking, connectivity and peace building amongst
      Rwandan youth and youth in other countries, Never Again Rwanda organized,
      facilitated and delivered, with the financial sponsorship of the Open Society
      Institute (OSI) and iDebate (both American based organizations), a brilliant day
      of intriguing conversations, dialogue and, of course, debate…

      For more information about this event please contact Jed Oppenheim at
      jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to:

      4 March: The Never Again Rwanda Youth Club at Kigali International Academy
      staged a magnificent performance for their school peers and members of Never
      Again Rwanda’s central organizing group. The group performed a drama about
      youth responsibility to be involved in the gacaca (traditional justice) process in
      Rwanda since the genocide. In between each segment different members of the
      group performed dance, song, poetry or comedy. Their leader introduced the
      group and NAR’s Youth Club Outreach Coordinator spoke a few words about the
      aims and objectives of NAR to the whole school.

      For more information about this event or about Youth Club activities please
      contact Jed Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to:

      15-16 March: KURET Regional Child Labour Policy Conference

      At the invitation of the Ministry of Public Service, Skills Development,
      Vocational Training and Labour a member of NAR was able to attend this very
      important child labour policy conference regarding mainstreaming the alleviation
      of child labour legislation into country policy frameworks. KURET (Kenya,
      Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia Together) is a regional anti-worst forms of child
      labour advocacy and action body funded by World Vision, The Academy of
      Educational Development and the International Rescue Committee. The
conference brought together major policy stakeholders from each of the four
beneficiary countries for this two-day conference. There were small group action
planning by countries and larger discussions on best practices and Monitoring &
Evaluation components to ensure the alleviation of the worst forms of child labour
in each of these countries.

For more information about this event please contact Jed Oppenheim at
jed@neveragaininternational.org and to learn more about KURET, please go to:

25 March The Peacebuilding Centre welcomed its first international researcher,
Sanne Bijlsma from Holland. Ms. Bijlsma is conducting research on history
education—or the lack thereof—in Rwanda’s post-genocide context. Her research
is being funded in part by her university in the Netherlands, but also by Unesco
and the International Rescue Committee. She will be in Rwandan until 31 May

For more information about having NAR host your research, please contact Jed
Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to:
http://www.neveragainrwanda.org/research/index.htm. For more information
about Ms. Bijlsma research, please contact her directly at

4 April: Non-Violence and Martin Luther King Jr: A Solution to the
Genocide in Darfur?

NAR Education Programme Coordinator was invited to lead a discussion to heads
of student groups at the National University of Rwanda (NUR), Butare on the 39th
anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. The question being addressed
regarded the possibility of non-violent, peaceful actions that could be taken to end
the horrific genocide in Darfur. By using the examples of King and Gandhi, the
group of leaders worked on solutions and actions that could be taken in Darfur
and outside of Darfur in order to end the atrocities.

The discussion was quite lively, as the Rwandans—many of whom were genocide
survivors themselves—saw the imminent importance of ending the genocide now
and the repercussions the world and Darfur will face with continued inaction by
all the major stakeholders (especially the international community). One idea that
came from the discussion was for the students at NUR to stage a large march/rally
through Butare, inviting national and international media and other major
organizations and stakeholders, and make it very visible that this was an anti-
genocide protest being conducted by those that had lived through genocide. This
plan is currently in the works.

For more information on the talk, the action or NAR’s response to the situation in
Darfur, please contact Jed Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org or go
to www.rebelletters.org to find out how you can get involved.
ANNIVERSARY OF THE GENOCIDE: A Collaboration for Rwanda’s
Future; Umubano wabanyarwanda ejo hazaza
The event that happened on 14th April 2007 at Nsanga was a very important
collaboration of youth from different backgrounds—from Rwanda and other
Great Lakes countries—and from very different socio-economic classes: there
were refugee Congolese youth from Gihembe Refugee Camp in Byumba, orphans
of the Rwanda genocide from Association of the Orphans of Nsanga (AON), and
NAR youth from different levels of social mobility.

The event was meant to bring together all these groups of youth for discussion
and cultural performance meant to show the importance that youth play in making
a better Rwanda and world. Each group of youth shared their views on Rwanda
in the past, Rwanda today, and Rwanda in the future. This was done through
drama, song and poems presented by the youth…

For more a full report of this very important event, please inquire from Jed
Oppenheim. For further questions about Nsanga the event please contact Jed
Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org. For a published article about the
event, please go to:
1&Itemid=1. For more information about Nsanga, go to:

17-26 April: For 9 days NAR hosted/partnered with the Swedish Red Cross to
host a group of 26 Swedish youth (mostly secondary students). NAR coordinated
and implemented activities for the Swedish group included: A visit to Gisozi
Memorial Site and debrief discussion with genocide survivors, a one-day
workshop on “Human Rights Violations and What to do about them in Sweden,
Rwanda and the World,” a two-day visit to Kibuye at Lake Kivu, a visit to and
cultural performance by the NAR Kicukiro Youth Club, a discussion about
secondary school life with NAR Kigali International Academy Youth Club
members, a visit to Nsanga umudugudu to see what life is like for orphan-headed
households in Rwanda and a visit to AVEGA Association of Genocide Widows.

Throughout the 9 days there was extensive collaboration and bonding amongst the
Swedish and Rwandan youth. Connections were made that will continue long
beyond the 9-day visit.

For more information about the visit, please contact Jed Oppenheim at
jed@neveragaininternational.org or Frida Sjostrand, of the Swedish Red Cross at

18-28 April: The NAR Peacebuilding Centre hosted the world-renowned
Darfurian activist and exile, Adeeb Yousif. Mr. Yousif recently completed a
    human rights fellowship at the International Centre for Tolerance Education in
    New York City—the same fellowship that NAR Director of Peacebuilding Albert
    Nzamukwereka had done in 2006—and is not allowed to return to Darfur where
    the genocidal conflict is happening. Mr. Yousif is the founder and director of
    SUDO Sudan (the Sudan Social Development Organization). SUDO was founded
    before the genocide began, but is now the largest national human rights and
    humanitarian organization in Sudan. SUDO provides services to refugees from
    Chad, internally displaced persons in Darfur and others that need social services
    in Darfur.

    Mr. Yousif and SUDO are embedded in the peace movement focusing on
    bringing the rebel leaders of Darfur together to have a single voice against the
    Sudanese government in Khartoum. Mr. Yousif has spent the last 2 months
    traveling East Africa enlisting African NGOs to be more active in the movement
    to end the genocide in Darfur, but also to end all violence and hatred in Africa. In
    Rwanda, Mr. Yousif has met with human rights organizations, government
    ministries and other interested members of civil society (Rwanda has the largest
    African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur). As well he is attempting to learn
    about the Rwandan genocide in order to come up with short-term and long-term
    development solutions in Darfur and elsewhere in Africa.

    For more information about SUDO please go to: www.sudosudan.org or contact
    Mr. Yousif at adeeb@sudosudan.org. For more information about what NAR is
    doing about Darfur or about Mr. Yousif’s stay in Rwanda, please contact Jed
    Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org. To find out more about Mr.
    Yousif’s Rebel Letters campaign, please go to www.rebelletters.org

    29 April: A member of Never Again Rwanda, Jed Oppenheim (acting as an
    individual and not representing NAR), was invited to Kampala, Uganda and talk
    with the leaders of one of the rebel factions in Darfur—the Sudanese Liberation
    Movement/Army (SLA/M). Some of there leaders are in exile in Kamapala,
    where Jed met with them to talk about re-unifying the rebel groups in Darfur and
    creating a united voice that the world can stand by. Jed also hammered down the
    point that civil society, women’s organizations, organization for the most
    vulnerable orphans, children and youth, the Internally Displaced Persons and the
    refugees all need to be a part of the process in order to be legitimate in the eyes of
    the world. Jed also discussed the need for the end of human rights violations by
    all parties; there is a possibility that members of Never Again may conduct a
    training on human rights both for the SLA/M field commanders and for the
    vulnerable communities in Darfur.

    For more information on this meeting, please contact Jed Oppenheim at
    jed@neveragaininternational.org or Adeeb Yousif at Adeeb@sudosudan.org.

Ongoing Outreach NAR is focused on making connections with other
organizations and groups doing similar work to our own. In the past couple of
months we have met with GPUTV, a group of recently graduated Rwandan
secondary school-goers, about the possibilities of making links with/for them as
they wish to focus on volunteerism and community service in vulnerable
Rwandan communities.

As well, NAR members began visiting the Gihembe refugee camp in Byumba that
is home to over 10,000 Congolese refugees. Many of these 10,000 are youth.
They are sorely lacking activities and clubs to keep them motivated and hopeful
to get out of the camp and return to the Congo at some point in the future. NAR
began doing theatre/drama with youth there and is considering starting a very
unique NAR Youth Club there in the near future.

For more information please contact Jed Oppenheim at

Theatre/drama outreach With the arrival of Nandita Danesh and her partnership
with NAR member Amina, NAR has picked up its efforts to enhance its use of
theatre/drama to promote positive messages and raise awareness about pertinent
youth-oriented/influenced issues here in Rwanda. Nandita is doing research on
theatre in post-conflict societies and has been conducting small workshops with
existing NAR Youth Clubs and other groups of youth throughout Rwanda with
the avid assistance of Amina.

Theatre/drama is commonly used by NAR Youth Clubs and other organizations
both for education and entertainment. It is cheap and does not need many
resources, which makes it a powerful and useful way to promote peacebuilding
and human rights ideas amongst the youth and their communities.

For more information about NAR theatre/drama projects and ideas, please contact
Jed Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org, Nandita at
nanditadinesh@gmail.com, or Amina at amina4jc@yahoo.com

Youth Club outreach and creation has picked up in the last two months. At least 3
new clubs have been created: Mukamira Secondary School, near Gisenyi in the
Northern Province, was introduced as were two new university level clubs at
Kigali Institute of Management (KIM) and Kigali Independent University (ULK).

For more information about this or about Youth Club activities please contact Jed
Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to:

“Generation Gran Lacs,” an interactive radio show on Contact FM, and co-
sponsored by Radio La Benevolencija HTF (A Belgian Non-Governmental
Organization), meant to be the voice of youth in the Great Lakes Region. Once
      monthly, NAR youth and facilitator come to the Peacebuilding Centre, and four
      other sites around Rwanda, to participate and discussion around the radio show
      and the weekly theme. The youth have also recently received personal radios so
      they may follow along with the programming on weeks when they do not meet.

      For more information about Generation Gran Lacs or Radio La Benevolencija
      HTF, please contact Albert Nzamukwereka, Director of the Peacebuilding centre,
      at albert.nzamukwereka@gmail.com.

      Baseline Assessment of NAR Youth Clubs. A survey questionnaire has been
      created and translated into French, English and Kinyarwandan so as to gauge how
      youth club members, throughout Rwanda, feel about their activities and the
      impact of the activities on their school, communities, families and local
      authorities. Small sponsorship was found to conduct the assessment, which began
      on 27 February outside of Gisenyi at College Apperel de Bukinanyana—one of
      the first NAR Youth Clubs.

      For more information about the baseline please contact Jed Oppenheim at

In the Works

      NAR is currently working on a proposal to the Open Society Institute (U.S.)
      Women’s Network. The initiative seeks to empower women and girls in
      marginalized settings. NAR’s proposed program revolves around using the radio
      to broadcast shows, dramas and discussion relevant to the human rights issues
      most relevant to women and girls in Rwandan society. Radio in Rwanda is a
      powerful medium that reaches over 90% of the population and is considered
      trustworthy. By using the radio to send these ‘empowerment’ messages, females
      and males will be ‘empowered’ to make Rwanda a more just, equal and anti-
      discriminatory country.

      For more information about this proposal or to provide input please contact Jed
      Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org or Albert Nzamukwereka at

      NAR members are working with two visiting theatre/drama specialists to create a
      learning module/curriculum to enhance the use of theatre/drama within our youth
      clubs and in Rwandan society in general. There will be trainings provided for
      youth club leaders and substantial follow-up in the form of mentoring and steering

      For more information or to provide input please contact Jed Oppenheim at
      jed@neveragaininternational.org, Nandita Danesh at nanditadinesh@gmail.com,
      or Amina at amina4jc@yahoo.com.

      For the 4th time NAR will be partnering with the American based Global Youth
      Connect—this time during June and July. Part of the partnership is a 4-day
      workshop on ‘Human Rights Education and Advocacy.’ If you are Rwandan and
      would like to apply for the workshop, please visit our website at:  .

      For more information about Global Youth Connect, please see their website at
      www.globalyouthconnect.org, or for more general information about the
      partnership (past, present, future), please contact Jed Oppenheim at

      NAR’s 1st annual International Youth Peace Summit, originally planned for July
      of this year, has been postponed. It will now take place from 27 December 2007-9
      January 2008. For application and information, please visit our website at:
      news.php?2006_12_16_12_44_00_72812d782145018c68943c1a55131de9, or
      contact Jed Oppenheim at jed@neveragaininternational.org.

      Congratulations! NAR has recently been approved of for a grant by the National
      Endowment of Democracy in America! The funding will be for NAR-run
      activities meant to increase youth participation in the upcoming elections and to
      increase general understanding of the electoral process in Rwanda.

      For more information, please             contact    Albert    Nzamukwereka       at

      Congratulations! NAR’s Executive Chairperson has now officially been re-
      dubbed a doctor! We introduce our Executive Director: Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza.

      Welcome! NAR has recently hired a full-time, voluntary Administrative
      Assistant: Julius Kwizera. Mr. Kwizera will be helping out with administrative,
      logistics, and coordinating and proposal-writing tasks. He will also be helping out
      with outreach to donors and beneficiaries.

      Welcome back! NAR’s two main leaders, Dr. Nkurunziza and Mr. Albert
      Nzamukwereka, both went on very important capacity building trips in March.
      Dr. Nkurunziza was the Rwandan representative to a 3-week human rights
      workshop and training in Nepal, where he facilitated and participated in many
      modules related to human rights—with a global perspective. While Mr.
      Nzamukwereka recently returned from South Africa where he participated in a
      one-week workshop and training sponsored by ‘Soul City’—a South African
      radio programme and organization promoting human rights through radio
      communication and broadcast.

Much Needed Donations
If you feel like making a donation, or know someone who does (or simply has something
useful that they may throw away), these items are at the top of NAR’s list of needs:

   i. Digital Camera’s to better document our activities and events.
   ii. Multi-media equipment film-editing equipment, DVD player, CD/Tape player.
   iii. Multi-media resources books, films (DVDs), Journal/Magazine Subscriptions
        related to Rwanda, Africa, Human Rights, Conflict
   iv. Printer compatible with PC laptops.
   v. USB Memory Sticks.
   vi. Fax machine.
   vii. Xerox/photocopy machine.
   viii.        Grant Writing Technician Can you write grants? Do you know someone
        that can? Do you want to come to Rwanda? Are you in Rwanda?
   ix. Money donations to contribute to our core funding in order to keep the
        Peacebuilding Centre up and running, but also to sponsor capacity building
        endeavours like our theatre training and leadership workshops.



 Questions or inquiries about any of the information above, or if you would like further
         details, links and how to contribute please contact Jed Oppenheim at
  jed@neveragaininternational.org or go to the website www.neveragainrwanda.org
                                       Thank you.

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