10 lock-down policy by yearfour


									   St Aidan’s Primary School

Lock-Down Policy and Procedures

            October 2009
Any person in the School, on noticing potential dangers in or around the school,
should immediately notify the office. If this occurs during the school breaks
(morning/recess/lunch) the teacher/s on duty should then notify the office
immediately. The staff and students will be alerted to follow the Emergency Lock-
Down Procedure by the sounding of the signal, “LOCKDOWN”, via the school
intercom system.

Procedure for before and after school, morning tea and lunch breaks.
 On hearing the signal, “LOCK-DOWN” the teachers on duty in the playground will
  instruct the students to move quietly to the undercroft.
 The teachers will then collect the students from the undercroft and take them to
  their classrooms, where they will be instructed to sit at their desk.
 Classroom doors and windows are to be closed and locked.
 Teachers are to immediately conduct a roll call. The office is to be advised
  immediately, via the class phone, when classrooms have been successfully
  Locked-Down and of the number of students in attendance.
 All students and staff are to remain in “Lock-Down” until the all clear signal, is
  given over the intercom system.
 The Principal or delegate, on hearing the alarm, will go at once to the school office
  and await reports from each teacher.
 All “Lock-Down” situations will be managed from the office and any special
  instructions to classes will be disseminated via the intercom system.

Procedures for in class lockdown
         Classrooms will be advised of lockdown via the internal PA system.
         Teachers are to check doors are locked from the outside and windows
            are closed.
         Teachers take a roll call and advise the office via the classroom phone,
            that they are in lock-down and of any unaccounted students.
         Specialist teachers are to conduct lockdown with the groups of
            students they have in their teaching rooms and notify office.
         Students in the Library and Computer Room are to be in lock-down in
            these areas. A full school set of class lists are available in the holder
            adjacent to the door.
         Students in toilets or in corridor will be taken into the Administration
            area for lockdown by the Principal or Admin Staff. Their classroom
            teacher will be notified by phone of their whereabouts.

Procedures for parents on the premises at Lockdown
    If Lock-Down occurs when there are parents on the playground or anywhere
     in the school, the principal will call parents over the microphone and direct
     them to the nearest room where they will stay until the Lock-Down is lifted.

The police will be notified as soon as possible after any potential dangers have
been identified in the school and the Lock-Down Procedure have been
Defined responsibilities:

Principal                   to call for Lockdown
                            manage lockdown
                            liaise with classroom teachers
                            liaise with emergency services.

Administration Staff:       to call for lockdown
                            liaise with classrooms via phone
                            to record unaccounted students
                            call police

Classroom staff             to call for lockdown
                            to manage lockdown in playground or classroom
                            to maintain absolute supervision of students in their care
                            to notify office via phone of unaccounted students

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