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									Santa Barbara Timeline                        Major Events and Historical Data
                                                                                                                Other info
1953?         CC and Pamela marry                                                                               CC's birthday is supposed to be 9/28 or 10/28                               see eps 45 and 320
1954          Mason Lemont Capwell born           (Mason b. in 1954 per gravestone in ep 359 & 978)             Cruz's birthday is supposed to be 8/25                                      see ep 254
late 1956     CC kicks Pamela out while pregnant with Elena                                                     Cruz Castillo Day is August 22                                              see ep 18
5/10/1957     Elena Nikolas born      birthdate per gravestone
3/15/1959     CC and Sophia marry (per ep 262, it's 3/15/61, but in order for Channing to be born in 1959 (as per ep 363), they'd need to be married in 1959. This works out better for the kids' ages than 1961 does.)
12/11/1959    Channing Creighton Capwell, Jr. and Barnaby Wallace born                          (see eps 349 and 363 - this is the date I'm using to base altering CC & Sophia's wedding date on)
                                                                                                ep 220 - Channing's grave lists his birth year as 1961
6/15/1961     Eden Tyler Capwell born                            Eden's birthday is supposed to be June 15 (1987)
1962          Kelly Capwell born                                 Kelly is supposed to be 7 when Sophia disappears… (ep 43)
1966 or 1967 Ted Charles/Wakefield Capwell born                  Ted's middle name is Charles during Christy's trial; later (marriage to Hayley?) it is Wakefield                                         Ted is 17 in 1984 (ep 35)
1/12/1967     Lily Light (aka Jaquelene Marie) Blake born                         eps 562-563
5/3/1969      Sophia disappears and is presumed dead                              ep 146
8/21/1978     Brandon is born                                                     ep 17, 54
7/30/1979     Channing Creighton Capwell, Jr. killed by Sophia                    ep 1
August? 1979 Eden sent to Europe after Channing's death
post-Aug 1979 Eden meets Robert Barr (yuk)
July 1980     Eden and Cruz meet on the Orient Express in Europe*                 Ep 69 - Eden says she & Cruz have been fighting for 3 yrs (since 1981)
              *ep 1057 - Eden & Cruz argue over whether they met in 1979 or 1980. Eden insists it was July 1979, but that can't be right
              since she was sent to Europe after Channing's death, which would be after July 1979. Let's assume Cruz is correct and it's
              July 1980.
summer 1981 Cruz dates Katie Timmons and Victoria Lane, Katie dies                5 years ago from summer 1986
7/30/1984     Joe Perkins released from prison                                    ep 1
9/28/1984     Eden flies to SB for CC's birthday party                            ep 45
11/12/1984    A major earthquake hits Santa Barbara                               ep 76
2/5/1985      Kelly Capwell and Joseph Perkins married                            ep 134
2/28/1985     Peter Flint is killed                                               ep 151
3/1/1985      Joe Perkins dies in the hospital                                    ep 152
4/16/1985     CC and Gina Blake Demott marry                                      ep 184
5/20/1985     Cruz and Eden's wedding day, interrupted by fire                    eps 208-210
7/17/1985     Steve Bassett rapes Christy Duvall                                  ep 248
5/18/1987     Chip (Channing Creighton Capwell, III) born                         ep 713
6/18/1987     Samantha Eden Capwell born                                          ep 736
4/1/1988      Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo marry                                ep 923
1/1/1989      Adriana Sophia Castillo born        (aired 1/3/89)                  ep 1116
17 in 1984 (ep 35)
                                                                                                Blue - marriage                                  Pink - artificial insemination                             This page updated: 2-Sep-07
                                       CAPWELL                                                  Red - parent/child relationship
                                                                                                Green - affair
               Nathaniel                                                                                                     Michael                                             Jeffrey's first wife: Elizabeth (died)
               Capwell                                      Unknown                                                          Conrad
               d. 1884 in the Amanda
               Lockridge shipwreck                                                                                                                     Jeffrey Conrad               Kelly & Jeffrey married 11/23/87
                                       Emmett                             Unknown                              Pepperidge                                                                                                          Gina and Summer both say (more than
                                       Capwell                                                                 divorced 1957                                                                            Stockman                   once!) their parents are dead and
                                                                                                               1st marriage                 Mason Lemont                                                Demott (died)              they have no other family
                                                                                                                                       Capwell (see marriage below)                                                                Phyllis? Mack?
                                Grant                                           Channing Creighton                                                                                                      1st marriage
                               Capwell                                            "CC" Capwell
                                                                                                                                      Elena Nikolas        6/10/57 - 9/28/87                                       Gina                  Summer           Gina's step?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Blake                  Blake           half? brother /
                                                                                                                                            CC-3rd /4th marriage
David              Madeline              Courtney                                               CC & Sophia's 1st wedding 3/15/1959                                                                                                   killed by Peter     Stan Benson
                                                                          2nd / 5th             Sophia Wayne (presumed                                                                                                                Flint 1/11/1985
Laurent             Capwell                Capwell                                                    d. 5/3/1969)                                                                                                                                        (died)
                  killed 04/86
                                                                            Eden Tyler                              Kelly                         Theodore Charles &/or                                                                                         Hayley
                        Jack Stanfield Lee                                   Capwell                               Capwell                          Wakefield Capwell                                   married 1986 / divorced 1987                            Benson
                                                                            (see 2nd marriage                                                                                                                                                                  d. 1/11/88
                                       Kirk Cranston                              below)                                                                                                                   Lily "Light" Blake
                                           Eden & Kirk married 12/6/85-divorced 1986                                                                                                                       (aka Jacquelene Marie
                                                                                                                                                    Kelly & Joe married 2/5/85                              Blake) b. 1/12/1967

 Glenn                Katie                                                                                      Channing Creighton                                                                                                                                                       Rueben                        Rosa
 Wallace                                                                                                              Capwell, Jr                                                      Marisa                                          John Perkins                                       Andrade
                                                                                                                 aka Barnaby "Brick"                                                                                                    d. 11/13/84
     Barnaby Wallace, aka                                   switched at birth                                          Wallace
     Channing Capwell, Jr.                                                                                     12/11/1959 -                                                          Amythest                 Joseph Evan                  Jade                                             Santana        Danny      Olivia    Gabrielle
    12/11/1959- 07/30/1984                                                                                                        Amy & Brick married 11/13/85                        Perkins                   Perkins                   Perkins                                           Andrade        Andrade    Andrade   Andrade
                                                                                                                                                                                 2/26/1960- 9/12/1986        6/15/58- 3/1/85
                                                                                                                 Prince of
                                                                                                                New Stailand                                 Johnny
Cedric Lockridge (mentioned in ep 24)                                                                                                                        Perkins                                                                                                 Santana & Cruz married 3/18/86-divorced
                                LOCKRIDGE                                                                                                                   b. 5/1985

                   Horatio                                             Amanda                                                                                                                                                                                   Rafael                    Carmen
                  Lockridge                                 (sole survivor of                                                                                                                                                                                   Castillo
                  d. 1884 on the                            the Amanda Lockridge                                                                     Brandon Demott b. 8/21/1978 (adopted by Stockman & Gina)
               Amanda Lockridge                             shipwreck)
                                                                                                                    Frank?                                  Unknown                                      Victoria Gwendolyn                                        Cruz                  Carmen            Ricardo                Hollis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Castillo          (b.
                                       T. (as in Tiger)                           Minx                          Wainwright                                                                                         Lane                                        8/25/***)                 Castillo          Castillo               (died)
                                        MacDonald                                                               (died 1989?)
                                         Lockridge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Eden & Cruz married 4/1/88
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Eden Tyler
   Gus             Caroline                                            Lionel                                     Augusta                                   Julia                                           Mason Lemont                                                                    Capwell
 Jackson            Wilson              Lionel & Caroline             Lockridge                                  Wainwright                               Wainwright                                          Capwell
                   d. 7/1/87             marry 5/26/87
                                                                                 Warren                             Laken                                                                                                          Channing Creighton
  Alice             Jane                                                        Lockridge                         Lockridge                                                         Samantha                                       Capwell III (Chip)                             Adriana Sophia
 Jackson            Wilson                                                                                                                                                             Eden                                             b. 5/18/87                                    Castillo
b. 12/4/1967                                                                                                                                                                         Capwell                                                                                         b. 1/1/88
                                                                                                                                                                                    b. 6/18/87
                                                                        July / August 1984
            Monday                             Tuesday                           Wednesday                           Thursday                             Friday
                        July 30                               July 31                   August 1                            August 2                               August 3
1979 - Channing is shot at a party for
                                                                       Danny goes hang gliding, Rosa CC's goons toss Joe in the
    his equestrian win; 1984 - Kelly & Joe reunites with Jade and                                                                        Joe remembers he had a
    Peter's engagement party, Joe is Marisa, Peter and Kelly arrive on
                                                                       confronts CC about Santana's     water, someone throws a bomb witness who never came
released from prison and takes a bus the yacht, Santana tells Rosa     baby, Joe sees Kelly on the boat into the Perkins' house, Dominic forward, Danny does his stunt
            to SB   episode #1 about her baby            2        3                                       appraoaches Joe    4         for a movie producer 5
                     August 6                            August 7                              August 8                       August 9                   August 10
Joe & Kelly argue on the yacht &                                        Ted delivers food to Janine
Peter comes in with a spear      Ted & Danny arrive in                  Turner, CC has a cocktail party   Kelly reads some of Joe's         Santana hires a private
gun, Santana leaves for          Hollywood, Santana talks to the        and calls Mason Channing, Joe     letters, Jade arrives in          investigator, Augusta offers Joe
Acapulco, Joe meets Dominic      doctor who delivered her baby,         convinces Jade to take a          Hollywood, Santana back from      a job, Joe breaks into the
again   6                           Peter gets hurt at polo    7        vacation 8                        Acapulco       9                  Capwell house    10
                     August 13                         August 14                           August 15                         August 16                        August 17
                                    Cruz in the hospital, Santana                                        Laken & Ted wake up on
Cruz arrives to help with the oil   finds out her investigator is       Peaches gets her purse stolen, Peaches' couch, Cruz goes to      CC has a party on his yacht,
rig fire, Kelly asks Peter if he    working for CC, Dominic             Laken arrives in Hollywood, Joe the Capwell house to rest, Peter Augusta tries to blackmail Peter,
wants to move to NY, Cruz           arranges a meeting for Kelly &      & Kelly meet at the stables, Joe and Augusta chat about old      Joe breaks into the Capwell
blows up the rig    11         Joe 12                                                            13 times 14
                                                                        agrees to work for Augusta                                          house again    15
                     August 20                         August 21                           August 22                         August 23                          August 24
                                                                 Kelly sees Augusta & Joe while           Joe kisses Kelly (replays), Jade
Joe is trapped in the Capwell    Peter wakes up hung-over, Kelly riding her horse - cuts herself on       has a screen test with a sleazy Morning after - Joe & Augusta
house while CC looks for the     helps Joe get out of the house, the fence, Joe kisses Kelly, Cruz        producer, Joe gets drunk and     wake up together, as do Peter &
intruder, Cruz helps Joe but Joe Santana brings CC a birthday    & Santana look at the houseboat          goes to Augusta's, Kelly goes to Kelly, Laken wants to go to
gets caught by Kelly  16       present to give to her son 17 18                                           Peter's   19                      Hollywood        20
                     August 27                     August 28                               August 29                         August 30                        August 31
Augusta follows Joe, Laken          Joe & Santana argue at the                                            Santana gets bitten by a          Danny goes to rescue Jade from
arrives in Hollywood, Dominic       stables, Mason & his secretary      A sarcophagus arrives at the      rattlesnake, CC rescues her and   the sleazy producer, Augusta
tells Joe to stay away from         get it on in his office, Santana    Lockridge house, Santana out      she is taken to the hospital,     cooks Laken's pigeon, Joe gets
Augusta, Joe goes to see            takes one of CC's horses out        cold after falling off a horse,   Jade goes to visit the sleazy     in Dominic's trunk to follow him
Santana     21                      22                                  Lionel arrives in SB         23   producer's house   24             25

                             August 22 is Cruz Castillo Day!
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                                                                       September/October 1984
             Monday                                 Tuesday                               Wednesday                             Thursday                                 Friday
               September 3                             September 4                            September 5                          September 6                              September 7

      Laken upset - goes to the Lionel goes to the Capwell     Ted & Laken leave the Capwell
Capwell house, Dominic goes to house to get Laken, Joe takes a house and go to a motel, at the                       Ted & Laken at a motel, Mason
  the cemetery, Joe figures out gun and goes to meet Dominic warehouse Dominic admits to                             searches the Lockridge house  Kelly and Joe meet at La Mesa
                         26 27
     Dominic is his witness                                                      Joe he is Joe's witness28     29                                          and dance             30
               September 10                             September 11                              September 12                       September 13                          September 14
                                       Joe and Peter fight at Cruz's,     Peter tells Mason that Kelly has
                                       Augusta and Lionel create their    seen Joe a few times, Ted &                Ted & Laken meet their parents at the
                                       circle of truth, David Hasslehoff  Laken return to SB & invite their          snack bar, Peter & Kelly fight and she Kelly missing, Dominic breaks
Kelly and Joe meet at Cruz's           cameo, Kelly goes to see Joe at    parents to the snack bar for a             leaves, Santana tells Cruz she &       into Santana's apt and steals
houseboat, Danny saves Jade            Cruz's and gives him the ring back meeting, Joe sends Kelly flowers           Channing used to meet at the gazebo, her letters, Dominic goes to the
                       31 32
from the sleazy prodeucer                                                        with the ring   33                  Paul Burke starts as CC 34            gazebo        35
               September 17                             September 18                              September 19                       September 20                         September 21
Joe finds Dominic at the               Peter records Mason and                                                       Bidding for the property starts -
gazebo, they find Santana &            Veronica talking in the pres    Auction for the Lockridge                     Mason wins, Dominic and Joe           Kelly goes looking for Joe,
Channing's letters, Lionel             suite, Cruz finds out from Joe  beachfront property starts, CC                each visit the Yucca Dunes            Veronica juggles Lionel, Peter &
watches Augusta & Peter in the         about Santana's baby, Peter has takes Santana for a plane ride,               Motel, Gina & Brandon arrive          Mason, CC offers Cruz a full-
pres suite     36           Ted call Kelly   37         Kelly returns to SB     38 39                                                                      time job on the rigs   40
               September 24                September 25                September 26                                                  September 27                          September 28
Joe takes Kelly to meet                Ginger and her thugs show up at           Kelly's dressmaker turns out to
Dominic, Ted, Laken, Danny,            Peter's and blackmail him, it's           be Ginger, Danny has a soccer
Jade look at renting the motel         revealed Dominic is a woman,              match, Mason says CC slept          Summer's first episode, Joe           CC's birthday, Peter plants
for a hangout, Santana meets           CC and Santana make love                  around a lot before he met          goes to Alaska to find out info       drugs on Joe's bike, Eden flying
Gina & Brandon       41        42                                                Sophia   43                         on Dominic    44                      on her way to SB           45
                     October 1                                October 2                               October 3                            October 4                              October 5
                                       Warren burns some things at a             Cruz tells CC he knows that         Dominic confronts Lionel in his car,
Eden parachutes onto the Lockridge     storage locker and injures his hand,      Santana's baby is Brandon, Ginger   Augusta tries to get Warren to confide Lionel dreams of Sophia/Eden, Joe is
property, CC hears the tape of Mason   the cops find the cocaine on Joe's        tells Joe about Peter's past, C&E   in her about the fire at the pawn shop, presumed killed by sharks,Ted &
trashing him, at the sanitarium in     bike, Veronica denies it's her voice on   meet at the cemetery, Lionel gets   the cops go to La Mesa to arrest Joe, Laken get "married" in class, Warren
Alaska Joe learns Dominic is a         the tape, Kelly moves out of the          drunk and goes to Sophia's grave    Joe later escapes towards the ocean admits to Augusta he stole the things
woman, Eden and Cruz "meet"    46      Capwell house   47                        48                                  49                                    from the Capwell house   50

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                                                                 October/November 1984
            Monday                               Tuesday                         Wednesday                             Thursday                                    Friday
                 October 8                            October 9                       October 10                            October 11                                 October 12
   Mason tells Ted that the things that
were stolen in the robbery belonged to
 Sophia, Lionel leaves things for Eden Kelly meets Dominic, Brandon is                                Brick arrives, Santana calls               Santana goes to LA and CC
  at Sophia's grave, Cruz uses his spy missing and Gina tells Mason    Joe wakes up on a yacht, Danny Brandon and finds out his                  confronts her, someone is
   contacts to search for Joe, Brandon that he was adopted, Joe is     and Ted put a camel in Mr.     birthday and realizes he's her             following Kelly - it turns out to be
                   disappears 51 picked up in a rowboat 52    Bottoms' classroom 53       son 54                                                 Joe     55
                   October 15                      October 16                  October 17                                     October 18                              October 19
                                                                                                            Pamela's birthday, Marisa tells
CC and Santana fight about                                              At the funeral Jade tells Marisa John that Joe is alive, Amy gets Joe and Kelly spend the night in
Brandon, Kelly realizes Joe is       Amy arrives, CC & Santana          Joe is really alive, Jeff breaks up drunk, Peter goes to the pres   the presidential suite and Peter
alive, Joe and Kelly make love       break up, Joe's funeral starts     with Amy, Cruz finds out Joe is suite with a gun to spy on Kelly realizes she's seeing someone,
56                                   57                                 alive   58                          59                                   Peter goes in with a gun  60
                   October 22                          October 23                         October 24                          October 25                              October 26
Charles Bateman's first day as       Mason finds out Gina is in Nice,   Ginger wants Peter to help her    Santana arrives in Nice,
CC, Kelly breaks up w/ Peter,        Ginger breaks into Peter's         kidnap Kelly, Summer gives        Ginger's goons drug Kelly after        Santana babysits Brandon,
Lionel accuses the Capwells of       apartment and decides to use       Warren the wrong coin from Kelly, "knocking out" Ginger, Mason           Mason tells CC Kelly was
sinking the Amanda Lockridge         Kelly to get money out of Peter    Kelly goes to meet Ginger, Lionel gets a ransom call from Ginger         kidnapped, Joe calls Dominic to
61                                   62                                 & Eden meet in the gazebo63 64                                           help find Kelly     65
                   October 29                          October 30                         October 31                         November 1                               November 2
Dominic (Judith McConnell now)       Ginger tells Mason some guys       Mark Arnold's first day as Joe,     Joe visits Kelly at hospital, Eden   Dom tells Joe the things Warren
gets a disguise for Joe so he can    knocked her out and took Kelly,    Peter "saves" Kelly, Halloween      flashes back to when she &           stole were Sophia's - to cover up
go look for Kelly, Amy temps at      Dom confronts Peter about his      at the motel, Joe goes to the       Cruz met, Joe tells Kelly about      Sophia & Lionel's affair, Eden
Peter's office, the cops go to       past with Ginger, Peter meets      hospital to see Kelly, Peter sees   Peter & Ginger, Peter decides to     takes Lionel flying, Mason flies
                       66 up w/ Ginger 67
Ginger's but Kelly is gone                         Joe                          68                          kill Joe   69                        to Nice      70
                 November 5             November 6                                       November 7                          November 8                              November 9
Peter tells Kelly he wants to help   Sophia's "ghost" haunts Lionel     Party for Marisa & John, Peter      Peter shoots at Joe at the           Peter is wounded and Joe is
her find Channing's killer, Mason    at the cemetery, Gina, Brandon,    plants a fake note from Dom to      wildlife refuge, Santana planning    arrested, Ted chases Warren on
arrives in Nice, a minor quake       Mason & Santana fly back from      lure Joe, Ted & Laken planning      to take Brandon to Rio, Peter        horseback, Eden and Lionel at
hits, Lionel goes to the cemetery    France, Lionel thinks Eden is      to spend the night, Joe goes to     and Joe struggle, Ted goes after     the cemetery, Santana and CC
71                                   the ghost   72                     meet "Dominic"   73                 Warren     74                        fight     75

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                                                                   November/December 1984
            Monday                                  Tuesday                              Wednesday                              Thursday                          Friday
              November 12                              November 13                          November 14                            November 15                      November 16
                                                                             Lionel tells Augusta he was with
                                      Santana tells Rueben Brandon is her    Sophia the day she died, there's an
                                                                                                                     Kelly, Joe, Lionel, Augusta      Sophia visits the hospital to
                                      son, John Perkins dies from injuries   explosion at the Andrade's from a gas   rescued but Dominic is gone,     check on Kelly, Warren retrieves
       Earthquake! A major            after the earthquake, Warren saves     leak, Kelly trapped - she and Joe get   Gina arrives from LA, Mason      the coins from the cave, the
       earthquake hits SB...          Ted, Augusta & Lionel trapped at the   "married", it's revealed Dominic is     promises Kelly he'll drop the    Lockridges provide well water for
               Episode 76             bottom of a cliff   77                 Sophia      78                          charges against Joe  79          SB   80
             November 19                                  November 20                           November 21                          November 22                       November 23
Peter goes into cardiac arrest        Lionel follows Dominic to his          Peter tells Kelly he saw Mason in the
but is ok, Eden befriends Matt, a     apartment but finds a woman,           study and then almost dies, Cruz                                         Peter admits to Mason he lied
young boy whose parents are           Peter about to tell Kelly who he       helps Eden & Matt look for his                                           about Mason being in the study,
missing from the quake, Kelly         saw in the study the night of                                         Thanksgiving -
                                                                             parents, Lionel visits Sophia's grave                                    Brandon having nightmares,
goes to see Peter  81                 Channing's murder      82              with the coins    83           Preempted                                                        84
                                                                                                                                                      Matt's parents are found
                 November 26                              November 27                           November 28           November 29                                      November 30
It’s announced on tv that Peter
admitted Joe didn't kill Channing, Mr. Amy learns she's pregnant, CC                                                                            Mason and CC argue and CC
Bottoms arrested but Ted gets him       makes a statement supporting         Peter falls into a coma after he CC overhears Kelly and Mason pulls a gun, Warren tells Lionel
out of it and they call a truce, Sophia Joe, Joe formally exonerated,        and Mason argue, Kelly starts to arguing and throws Mason out, about Channing and the party,
summons Lionel to the cemetery          Brick decides not to leave town,     tell CC what Peter said about    then disinherits him, Jade learns Mason learns Santana is
85                                    Mason & Pater argue     86             Mason        87                         Amy is pregnant      88          Brandon's mother    89
                   December 3                              December 4                            December 5                              December 6                     December 7
                               Eden asks Cruz to teach her to                Summer gets upset during dinner
Amy tells Brick she's pregnant dive, Brick & Amy meet Jeff &                 with Warren at the museum, Santana Amy tells Jeff she's pregnant but Ted & Laken plan to spend the
and they go to SF to see Jeff, stay overnight in SF, Santana &               decides to leave town after Mason  he says it's not his, Lionel finds night on the yacht, they see
Mason confronts Santana about Mason fight and she pulls a knife              threatens to tell Brandon and Gina Eden diving, Mason smuggles        Eden and Lionel together on the
Brandon    90                         on him    91                           the truth   92                                                93
                                                                                                                     Peter out of the hospital        Lockridge boat    94
                 December 10                              December 11                           December 12                          December 13                       December 14
Ted & Laken's evening ends,
Mason takes Peter to a clinic,      Jeff sends Amy a letter offering         Liz Peale arrives, Veronica finds Dominic plants the coins in       Lionel & Augusta take Peter
Dominic breaks into Lionel's        to pay for an abortion, Dominic          out where Peter is, Lionel & Liz Lionel's briefcase, Veronica tells from the clinic, CC tells Eden &
closet to plant the note in the tux puts the note in the tux and             plan to put forgeries on the      Mason she visited Peter, Lionel Ted about Peter's accusation
95                                    knocks Lionel out      96              Amanda Lockridge       97               visits Peter   98                99

ep 89 - Gina and Summer say their parents died and Gina fought to keep Summer from going into foster care
ep 98 - Capwell/Lockridge history/family tree info relating to the Amanda Lockridge
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                                                                 December 1984 / January 1985
             Monday                                Tuesday                           Wednesday                               Thursday                              Friday
               December 17                            December 18                       December 19                             December 20                          December 21
          Gina offers to be CC's                                           Lionel puts the safe back,
   secretary, Summer tells Gina Lionel & Liz go through the safe,          Warren & Lionel publicly dive for Party at museum for opening of
Hank raped her, Amy decides to Dominic plants clippings of                 the safe, Peter has a press       safe, Mason searches the       Mason finds the clippings, Lionel
keep the baby, Lionel & Liz bring Channing's murder in Lionel's            conference & says he couldn't     Lockridge house and finds the  opens the safe and Mason has
                 up the safe 100 desk 101                                  see the killer    102        coins                103                    him arrested     104
                 December 24                            December 25                         December 26                            December 27                        December 28
Mason tells Kelly that Lionel was     Christmas: the Lockridges have       Lionel & Warren discuss Sophia and
arrested for stealing the coins,      Christmas in jail, Marisa & Jade     her death, Mason remembers             Mason tells CC Lionel & Sophia Cruz & Eden both end up at the
Dominic tips off Mason about          surprise Amy with a nursery, Mason   Channing had the ring the day of the   had an affair, Liz gets Augusta museum to look at the log book;
the tux and he finds the note,        searches the Lockridge house again   party, at the bail hearing Mason       bail money, Lionel realizes the Lionel, Warren & Augusta burn
Christmas Eve     105                                    106
                                      and finds Lionel's ring              charges Lionel with murder107 note was in Warren's tux 108 Lionel's tux 109
                 December 31                        January 1, 1985                              January 2                 January 3                   January 4
New Year's Eve: Eden & Cruz
                                                                           Cruz wrestles Eden to the floor
                                                                                                         Jackie Parks arrives, Mason                Dominic/Sophia didn't fall off the
locked in the museum together,
Danny & Jade get stuck in the                                              in her office because she stole
                                                                                                         tells Ted about Lionel &                   train, she follows Lionel to his
snow, Kelly wants Joe to marry                                             the slides he took at the     Sophia's affair, Lionel follows            compartment and is about to
                                Preempted - New Year's
her tonight, Ted is sick, Gina & CC                                        museum, Lionel chases Dominic Dom onto a train but they argue            attack him - Lionel realizes it's
spend the evening together 110 Day                     111                                                        & Dominic falls off    112       Sophia!       113
                      January 7              January 8                                           January 9                              January 10                        January 11
Marcello arrives on the train,                                       Lionel wakes up in a circus van,             Cruz revives Eden, Cruz & Eden    Peter finds out he's dying, Cruz
Peter's doctor tells him he is                                       Det Monroe arrives at La Mesa                look through the desk for the     & Eden destroy the desk, the
sick, Lionel falls off the train      A bum finds Lionel unconscious to investigate, Eden passes out              diary, Lionel confronts Sophia    bum is arrested as Lionel,
after a struggle with Marcello        and switches ID's with him,    after a dive, Peter burns                    on the train but the sheriff      Summer gets in the car with
114                                   Peter kills the waitress   115 evidence 116                                 shoots at him    117          Peter                       118
                    January 14                              January 15                         January 16                            January 17                           January 18
                                                               Gina denies knowing about                          Hank was in jail the night
Summer's body found, Mason     Lionel staying at Veronica's,   Hank's mob activities, Sophia                      Summer was murdered,              Peter's doctor tries to convince him to
hears Laken ask about Sophia's Gina tells Mason about Hank,    dresses as a bag lady & meets                      Summer's memorial service,        take care of himself, Kelly meets with
death and thinks Lionel killed the Contessa Armonti arrives at Ted on the beach, Mason finds                      Monroe asks Cruz to join the      Ms. Carlyle, Peter lures Eden to fetch
Sophia too    119                     the Capwell Hotel         120        Hank   121                             hunt for the killer   122         Joe's toolbox for Kelly   123

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                                                                    January/February 1985
            Monday                               Tuesday                         Wednesday                            Thursday                                Friday
                January 21                           January 22                       January 23                           January 24                             January 25
                                     Lionel goes to the Pres Suite to                                                                        Eden rescued by Cruz and
                                     see Sophia, Cruz joins the force,                                      Eden wakes up and wanders,       taken to the hospital, Ted &
                                     Peter has Eden - they struggle & Eden missing, Peter realizes          writes HELP in the pine needles, Laken talk to Lionel about
Preempted for Reagan's               Eden falls down an                he's the killer, Mason realizes      Cruz talks to Peter's doctor,    Sophia's death, Cruz questions
          inauguration               embankment         124                                    125
                                                                         Veronica's hiding Lionel                                  126
                                                                                                            Peter about to kill Eden            Peter   127
            January 28                                  January 29                         January 30                         January 31                          February 1
                                                                                                       Cruz thinks Peter may have               Eden goes to meet Ms. Carlisle
Veronica's last full day, Eden    Peter kills Veronica & then        Peter's alibi checks out, Ted     faked his alibi, Cruz convinces          and unmasks Sophia, pre-
released from the hospital, Peter returns to the movie, Lionel tells tells Mason the tux with the note Mason that it could have been a          wedding preparations, Kelly &
sets up his alibi at the movies,  Warren that Dominic is Sophia in it was Warren's                     recording of Veronica he heard           Joe invite Mason to the wedding
then goes to kill Veronica128 129                                        130                                131                                 132
                     February 4                          February 5                         February 6                         February 7                         February 8
                                                                         Kelly and Joe's reception,         Kelly & Joe check into the hotel,   Peter passes a lie detector test,
Eden tells Sophia to leave town,                                         Sophia tells Eden she had          Mason announces that Lionel         Warren plans to leave town, Joe
Peter visits Kelly while she's                                           amnesia after her boat accident,   killed Sophia, Mason confronts      and Kelly make it to Palm
                             Kelly and Joe's wedding
getting ready, Laken tells Ted                                           CC announces he and Gina are       Gina about Hank, Peter kills the    Springs and Peter follows them
it's over        133         episode 134                                 engaged     135                    hooker   136                        137
                 February 11              February 12                                      February 13                       February 14                         February 15
Liz helps Warren escape from Mason
                                     Peter takes Kelly to a house,                                           Amy needs to have surgery,         Lionel tells Sophia he was
at the museum and drives him to a    she tries to escape but Peter       Peter rapes Kelly, Warren sends Warren meets with Sophia, Kelly        locked in Channing's room when
barn, Jeff shows up & is pissed when stops her, Amy goes to the          a note to Sophia to try to meet       escapes on foot, finds the       the murder happened, Kelly
he sees Amy is still pregnant, Peter hospital after fighting with Jeff   with her, Kelly gets a knife and abandonned trailer, Valentine's       escapes from the trailer and
shows up and grabs Kelly             and having pains   139              prepares to stab Peter140                                   141 finds an old car 142
                  February 18                          February 19                         February 20                       February 21                  February 22
                                                                Lionel released from jail after
Kelly sets the car on fire & it Amy released from the hospital, Peter's "confession" is found,              Augusta thinks the contessa is    Mason realizes the body isn't
explodes, she is rescued &      Eden and Cruz make love ,       Augusta tries to figure out who             Sophia and sets a trap, a body Peter and that Peter stole a gun,
found by Joe, a woman picks up Peter's "suicide" note is found  the contessa is and how Lionel              washes up on shore but it is not  Peter goes to Kelly's apt and
Peter in her truck   143             144                                 knows her   145                    Peter   146                          then to the Perkins house   147

ep 146 - the date of Sophia's disappearance was May 3, 1969
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                                                                            February/March 1985
              Monday                                  Tuesday                             Wednesday                                  Thursday                                  Friday
                 February 25                              February 26                         February 27                                February 28                                       March 1
                                   Kelly, Joe, and Larry enter the              Peter and Joe in the house                                                       Marcello has a flashback of being with
                                   Perkins' house: Kelly escapes,               together, Warren visits Maggie           Joe is shot and gets thrown             CC during the war when his parents
   Amy tries to call off the party Larry "killed". Maggie (her 1st              and Liz in the hospital, Kelly           through the front window, Peter         were killed, Joe dies in the hospital,
 guests and tips off Cruz; Jackie ep) dresses up like Kelly to lure             sneaks into the house with a             is killed, Kelly goes to the            Cruz puts Maggie on a desk job
and Mason arrive at Amy's      148 Peter out            149                     gun      150                             hospital to see Joe         151    152
                           March 4                                  March 5                              March 6                                    March 7                                March 8
                                                                                 Lionel & Augusta confront Brick about   CC tells Kelly & Eden he's marrying     Augusta tells Laken that Sophia is
                                                                                 him handling the Lockridge finances;    Gina tomorrow, Augusta unmasks          alive, CC tells Gina he wants to adopt
Sophia removes her disguise and          Kelly and Cruz comfort each other at Dr. Renfro appears to take over            Sophia and they catfight, Warren asks   Brandon, Mason tells Lionel he wants
reveals herself to Mason, Marcello       Joe's grave after his funeral, Larry is Amy's care; Eden, Mason & Lionel        Maggie out, CC turns down Eden          the Chinese puzzle box in exchange
hypnotizes Kelly, Ted arranges Joe's     recalled to duty, Liz tells Amy there's pressure Sophia to leave town;          when she suggests she be in charge      for interrupting Gina & CC's wedding,
funeral, Marcello sets up an office in   nothing between her and Brick, Jeff     Augusta has some thugs kidnap           of the new restaurant on top of the     Laken tells Ted his mother is alive
the Capwell hotel   153                                               154
                                         returns & tells Amy he's sterile       Sophia   155                             Capwell hotel   156                     157
                          March 11                                March 12                              March 13                                  March 14                               March 15
                                                                        Gina tells CC she wants to have
                                                                                                                                                                 Sophia & Lionel meet in the
                                     Mason announces Sophia was never children with him, Mason stranded at
Laken tells Ted Sophia is alive      declared dead; CC and Gina's       a sleazy motel with no money, Amy & Sophia picks up a drunk Mason from                   tunnel, Kelly tells Ted and Eden
(replays), CC hits Mason, Eden tells wedding is postponed; Ted sees     Brick pretend to be married so Amy     the bistro, Lionel orders a fake puzzle           she knows Sophia is alive;
Cruz about her plans for the Orient  Sophia; CC has Mason fired and his can find a job, Hank beats up Mason, box to be made, Sophia uses the                     Augusta and Lionel have a food
Express, Mason stops CC and Gina's bank accounts frozen; Laken visits   Kelly having nightmares about her doll tunnel to go the Capwell grounds,                 fight; CC about to declare
wedding   158                            Sophia   159                           160                                                                   161 Sophia dead 162
                                                                                                                         Kelly finds out Sophia is alive

                          March 18                                March 19                              March 20                                  March 21                March 22
Gina tells CC about Hank; the            CC sees it's Sophia, CC &                                                       CC finds the tunnel and chases          CC & Lionel still in the tunnel,
wedding is postponed again;              Augusta overhear Lionel &              CC gets his whip, goes to the            after Lionel, Sophia tries to           then they emerge separately
Augusta brings CC to the                 Sophia & think they've been            Lockridge house, Lionel & CC             reason with CC, but Lionel              and flashback to what each said
presidential suite 2-way mirror          having an affair for 15 yrs, CC        spar, Lionel disappears into the         wants to defend himself against         to the other, Augusta tells Lionel
163                                      goes off to find Lionel   164     basement 165                                  CC   166                                to move out     167
                          March 25                                March 26                              March 27                                  March 28                               March 29
Cruz's mom comes into town,              E&C play off the proposal & later fight,                                        Headline reads "Sophia Capwell          Mason holds an auction of
Brick moves into Amy's, Mason            Marcello hypnotizes Eden on the          E&C have sex in the tunnel,            Alive", Warren buys the SB              Peter's things, Ginger back in
smashes the fake puzzle box,             beach & wants her to bring him CC's Eden fakes being hypnotized                 Sentinel, Cruz finds a letter to        town, Maggie thwarts a robbery
Cruz proposes to Eden in the             medal, Amy gets hired by Jack Lee        again, Amy gets a letter from          Channing from Lindsay in                at the bistro, Cruz meets
hotel lobby   168                        169                                    Jeff stating he's sterile   170          Peter's stuff   171                     Lindsay   172

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                                                                              April 1985
            Monday                             Tuesday                          Wednesday                                 Thursday                                 Friday
                          April 1                           April 2                      April 3                                            April 4                             April 5
                                                                      Marcello threatens Eden atop the
                                   Mason sets up his practice at      hotel, Mason has to go into business                                            Lindsay admits he & Peter
    The puzzle box's diamond is the bistro, Minx & Sophia talk,       for Ginger b/c he doesn't have her   Hank places an ad for CC to                blackmailed Channing about the
    destroyed, Lindsay tells Cruz Maggie moves in next door to        money, Hank threatens Gina - she     meet with him, Cruz plants a bug           affair, CC goes to meet Hank, a
   about his affair with Channing, Lindsay, Eden starts               lies and tells CC she's pregnant     on Maggie, Maggie breaks into              blackout, Gina tries to hit Hank
 Kelly leaves for Bermuda   173 construction on the OE 174     175                                             Lindsay's apartment     176       with her car 177
                          April 8                      April 9                                  April 10                                April 11                               April 12
                                                                      Gina wakes from a coma, Mason
   Gina is in surgery, Cruz tells   Cruz investigates the tunnel,     talks to the DA about Ginger's           Ted moves into Kelly's apartment       Sophia & CC's divorce comes
Maggie he found out that Peter's                                                                                                                      through, Gina's doctor tells her     ep 178 - small
                                    Cruz asks Mason why he's          hookers, Warren tells Sophia             with Mason & Ginger's girls,
  confession of killing Channing                                                                                                                      she isn't pregnant, Cruz gives       scene cut on
                                    working for Ginger, CC's lawyer   Lionel didn't try to kill her that day   Marcello tells Sophia & Eden that                                           my copy, Eden
   was written by someone else      approaches Sophia about the       on the boat, Jack Lee visits             he found Sophia on the beach the       Eden a ring, CC's gun is stolen      talking about
                            178 divorce 179                           Augusta for her dinner party  180        day of her accident    181        182                                       Hank

                        April 15                           April 16                             April 17                                April 18                               April 19
                                                                                                                                                Marcello visits Kelly in Bermuda,
 Gina back home & tells CC she      Cruz tells Eden Brandon is        Cruz stops CC from destroying            Minx tells Cruz that her husband Mason reads Lindsay's letter to
     has called a priest to marry   Channing & Santana's son, CC      the tunnel, Ted & Jackie's               & CC's father built the tunnel,  Channing, Minx & Lionel make a
    them, the cops arrest Ted &     & Gina marry, Mason vouches       arrests make the paper, Eden             Cruz's boathouse searched,       bet, Eden arrives in Bermuda,
   Jackie and some of Ginger's      for Ted & Jackie, Cruz proposes   tells Gina the truth about               Eden pretends to flush her ring Mason decides to take Maggie's
                            183 to Eden 184
              girls at Kelly's                                        Brandon    185                           186                                    case   187
                        April 22                           April 23                             April 24                                April 25                               April 26
                                                                      Kelly & Marcello fly back to SB,                                                Kelly sees "Jack" when he is
                                  Jeff disappears after talking to                                      CC insists he went back for
Mason meets with Lindsay, Cruz                                      Mason makes a video for CC,                                                       supposed to be in Europe,
finds out Marcello & CC were both Brick, Cruz pretends to throw the Lionel gets a job selling           Hans but couldn't find him,                   Santana returns, Ted hears Gina
in Europe during the war, Mason   ring overboard, Mason tells CC mattresses, CC talks of the war,       Marcello "forgives" CC, Cruz                  talking to Hank about the pills,
finds the secret room in the        Maggie is suing for $20 million   Eden says Marcello is Hans, Brick sets a trap to try to catch the               tunnel explosion at end of
tunnel, Hank rapes Gina  188     189                                  finds Jeff's body   190                  killer in the tunnel   191             episode, screen fades to white
                        April 29                           April 30                                May 1                                    May 2                               May 3
                                    Cruz discovers Augusta in a                                                Eden leaves notes for Cruz             Eden and Cruz in the clearing,
                                                                      Cruz, Augusta, Santana                   around town, Gina confronts CC
                                    nearby cavern, Hank is dead,                                                                                      part 2; Nick asks for Cruz's help
                                    Kelly takes Brandon to the park   rescued, the assassin plans to           about Brandon's parentage, Ted         b/c he thinks someone is trying to
tunnel collapse - Gina & Ted        and Nick takes photos of them,    kill Kelly during a search for           sees the tape Mason left for CC,       kill Kelly, Ted comforts Jackie
trapped, Santana and Cruz           Gina & Ted rescued, Brandon       Brandon, Nick finds Brandon              Cruz makes it to the clearing          after she learns Larry is missing,
trapped, Augusta missing193 runs off by himself 194   195                                                      196                                    Nick warns Kelly   197
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site
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                                                                                     May 1985
            Monday                                   Tuesday                          Wednesday                            Thursday                                  Friday
                            May 6                                  May 7                               May 8                                May 9                                May 10
  Augusta realizes she's blind and                                         Jack Lee tells Renfro to induce
   calls her sister Julia in Phoenix,
                                        Mason tinkers with Gina's          Amy's labor, Maggie refuses CC's
Mason finds Gina's pregnancy test,      pregnancy test, Julia visits a     settlement, Cruz questions        Mason and Gina meet in a
     Cruz's mother meets Sophia,        blind Augusta in the hospital,     Marcello about being in the house motel, Sophia thinks it could             Cruz and Eden's engagement
  Jackie learns Larry is dead, Julia    Ted spends the day with Jackie     the day of the murder, C&E decide have been Marcello she saw in             party, opening of Orient Express
                arrives in SB198 199                                       to get married at the OE   200    the mirror and not Lionel 201 ep 202
                          May 13                                  May 14                              May 15                         May 16                                      May 17
Jade meets Christy, the                 Santana watches the tape       Brandon gets into Gina's pills
assassin is dead after being            Mason made for CC, Kelly takes and crawls onto the roof, Cruz           Nick rescues Brandon, Brandon Santana and Lindsay meet at
thrown through the skylight at          Cruz to the house where she    asks Nick to be his best man,            taken to the hospital to have his Mason's apartment, Nick brings
the party after a long struggle         brought the courier's package  Kelly talks to Jack Lee at the           stomach pumped, Julia pours a Eden a polaroid of Cruz while
with Nick    203                        204                                airport    205                       drink on Jack    206                   she waits at the OE       207
                          May 20                                  May 21                              May 22                               May 23                                 May 24
Eden and Cruz's wedding day:            wedding interrupted by fire, E&C at
Eden waiting at the altar, Kelly &                                                                              Cruz refuses to tell Eden what         Cruz searches Marcello's
                                        the altar when Marcello staggers in
CC in the elevator trapped by           to announce the hotel is on fire,   Orient Express evacuated,           Marcello said to him, Marcello         apartment, Marcello leaves the
Marcello, Mason & Gina in the           Mason & Gina discover the hotel is Mason and Gina have sex in the       comes out of surgery, Brick            hospital & breaks into Cruz's
hotel room, special ending credits      on fire and go to the OE, Jack      ambulance, Brick visits his         brings Amy to meet his mom             houseboat and knocks Eden out
208                                     visits Augusta      209            mother     210                       211                                    212
                          May 27                                  May 28                              May 29                               May 30                                May 31
Brick asks Amy to marry him,            Amy gives birth but Renfro         Amy is told the baby died, Gina      Brick visits the nurse, Mason,
Amy goes into labor, Marcello           kidnaps Johnny and tells Brick     learns she is pregnant & Mason       Lionel & Lindsay visit Marcello,       Re-enactment to catch
arrested at Sophia's, Cruz sends        the baby died, Cruz tells Maggie   confesses that he tricked her, a     Brick tells Amy he thinks the          Channing's killer, part one -
out invitations to the re-              and Eden of his plan to re-enact   nurse tells Brick the baby was       baby is alive, Cruz begins             Lionel is "shot", Brick beaten up
enactment party      213                the murder    214                  healthy    215                       reciting the facts   216               by Lee's thugs      217
                           June 3                                   A drunk Warren passes out on
                                                                  June 4                      June          5                              June 6                                 June 7
                                                                    Maggie's couch, Nick tells Kelly            Sophia is booked, Jack Lee tricks
                                 Cruz will announce tomorrow what about Vietnam, Cruz arrests                   Amy into telling him about the
                                                                                                                                                       Gina's in the sanitarium, CC
Re-enactment, part II, Sophia is he plans to do w/ Sophia, Marcello Sophia at Channing's grave, CC              kidnapping, Gina calls Mason to help   promotes Eden, Jack Lee to
revealed as the killer, but CC   is arrested, Julia & Mason 1st     finds out Gina is addicted to the           her but CC has her committed, Cruz     take over the Gillis case, Julia
reloaded the gun, Brick arrested meeting at the Bistro, CC finds    pills and wants to send her to              quits the force, Eden moves out of     agrees to help Mason on the
for drunk driving   218                 Gina w/ the pills   219            rehab     220                        the houseboat   221                    Gillis case   222

stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site                                                  ep 201, 204, 208 - my eps incomplete
ep 218 - my ep mostly complete                                                                                        This page updated: 6-Jul-07
                                                                            June/July 1985
             Monday                             Tuesday                            Wednesday                               Thursday                                  Friday
                       June 10                              June 11                        June 12                                 June 13                                       June 14
                                    Ted & Christy apply for jobs at the   Ted & Laken argue & Ted goes to
     Kelly & Nick go on a date, a                                         the bistro, Kelly & Nick figure that   Ted & Christy start their new    Augusta starts to see light, there             June 14 -
                                    OE, Kelly convinces Nick to stay
    reporter claiming to be a Vet   in SB, Gina gets money from           Jack Lee is behind the plot to kill    jobs at the OE, Kelly & Nick spy is a robbery at the hotel, Nick                could be a
        comes to see Nick, Julia    Mason, Kelly sees Jack smoking,       her, Ted gets Christy a job at the     on Jack, Mason visits Gina,      breaks into Jack's office, Jack                partial pre-
pretends she's spying on Mason      Ted & Laken go to the prom,           OE, Lionel & Augusta dance , Ted       Maggie tells Warren to leave her figures out he's being spied on                empt, flight
              for Jack Lee223       Christy steals from the Lockridges & Laken make up         225       alone 226                                    227                                        hijacked
                       June 17                              June 18                              June 19                                  June 20                                June 21
                                   Kelly & Nick in Renfro's car, get      Renfro tells Nick Kelly is dead,
Augusta's sight is fully restored, taken to a motel, Julia                Amy tells Cruz she saw Kelly,    Nick escapes from the well,                Jack tells Kelly he is an
Kelly & Nick get caught breaking suspicious of Jack b/c he forgot         Nick at a couple's barn, jumps   takes a motorcycle to find the             imposter, Renfro is planning to            Beruit
into Lee's office and are later    the time she threw a glass at          down a well trying to escape the motel where Kelly is, E&C plan             erase her memory, Nick arrives             hostage
kidnapped    228                    him   229                             thugs   230                            to go look for Kelly & Nick 231 as Kelly is strapped in 232                     crisis
                       June 24                              June 25                               June 26                                 June 27                       June 28
Augusta, Lionel & Frank in the
fake Hearst castle, Nick & Kelly     Kelly & Nick stay at the couple's                                           Renfro tells Amy her baby is                                                    Beruit
escape on motorcycle from Jack      barn, Mary invites Christy to      Ted drives Christy to Theda's for         alive & well, Renfro shot, Brick & Gina escapes from the                        hostage
Lee after Kelly's memory is         Theda's for her birthday, Nick & her birthday, Nick & Kelly at the           Amy escape, Steve shows up,        sanitarium, Augusta throws                   crisis -
erased, C&E search for Kelly        Kelly make it to the ghost town ghost town, Brick & Amy hold                 Julia leaves w/ Jack for Vienna Christy out, Kelly takes a bath,                hostages
233                                 234                                   Renfro at gunpoint    235              236                                  Gina takes Brandon        237              freed 6/30
                         July 1                                July 2                                 July 3                                July 4                                July 5

Nick brings Kelly a rabbit, Amy     Gina brings Brandon back,             Brick & Amy arrive in Vienna,
& Brick call Minx for money so      Mason takes Gina to a new             Jack tells Julia they are going to
they can go to Vienna, Mason        clinic, Lionel declares he's                                     Preempt, Wimbledon
                                                                          New Stailand, E&C get stuck in                    Preempt, Wimbledon
finds Gina   238                    impotent on tv   239              Nell Carter's bathroom 240     coverage               coverage
                         July 8                                July 9                        July 10                July 11                July 12
Kelly & Nick dress up in wedding                                                                                 Christy remembers Steve              Laken shaves off Ted's beard, Kelly's
clothes, Steve saves Christy from   Maggie & Warren visit Morgan          Julia smuggles Brick & Amy             assaulting her when she was          fever breaks, Ted refuses to go to
a guy who thinks she's a hooker,    Malone's ex-wife, Amy almost          aboard the train in trunks, Kelly      younger, Steve tries to get Sophia   Harvard, Julia realizes the real Jack is
Julia gets Jack drunk and is sure   gets caught by Jack in Julia's        eats poisonous berries, Amy            to take a plea, Cruz investigating   still alive, Brick fights with Ivan,       7/12: I only
he's a fake, Mason meets Mary       shower, Nell Carter discovers         learns her baby is being called        another hotel burglary, Jack's       Sophia tells CC she's going to plead       have 2nd
241                           her necklace gone 242    the Prince 243                                                              244
                                                                                                                 thugs find Brick & Amy    guilty 245                                            half
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site                                                   ep 230, 233, 235, 238, 239, 241 - my eps incomplete
ep 223, 229: I have poor quality clips only                                                                            This page updated: 2-Nov-06
                                                                           July/August 1985
           Monday                               Tuesday                               Wednesday                                   Thursday                                    Friday
                        July 15                               July 16                         July 17                                           July 18                                  July 19
Ted packs & leaves the house, Eden                                                                                                                     Ted & Laken about to make love
begs Sophia not to plead guilty, Cruz                                      Ted leaves Christy alone at the nack                                        when Maggie shows up, Steve tells
  tells Sophia he'll testify for her, CC                                   bar, Lionel & Augusta have beer &         Mary finds Christy at the snack
                                                                                                                                                       Christy he'll hurt Ted if she changes
    learns he has a brain anuerysm, Christy and Ted fight at the           pizza, Steve rapes Christy, Mary has      bar, Kelly & Nick leave the ghost her story, Ted arrested, Jack's men
   Kelly & Nick "get married", Christy snack bar, Brick & Amy hide in      dinner with Mason and tells him she's     town & go to the farmhouse,       find Kelly but she is knocked         7/15 - some pre-
 throws herself at Ted and they fight Julia's trunks again, Nick & Kelly   a nun, Brick & Amy pose as cooks to       C&E investigate another           unconscious, E&C go to pick up        emption possible
    when he tells her he loves Laken plan to leave the ghost town          get on the yacht to New Stailand          robbery, Christy names Ted as Kelly, Nick finds Kelly but Jack's men on Reagan's
                           246 247                                         248                                       the rapist   249                         knock him out   250                     health
                        July 22                               July 23                                  July 24                                  July 25                                  July 26
                                                                           Brick & Amy see the baby but get
                                  Kelly returns home, Christy released     kicked out of the nursery, Christy
Nick is with Cruz at the police                                            about to tell Mary the truth when         Ted & Mason try talking to Mary at
                                  from the hospital, Steve questions                                                                                                                                  Ted accused of
station, Julia asks Jack to let   Jade, Mason gets Ted out of jail &       Steve arrives, Ted tries to talk to       La Mesa, another robbery at the          Brick & Amy holding Jerry & Jack
                                                                           Christy, Julia follows the fake Jack to                                                                                    Christy's rape, Ted
her meet the baby, Mason &        holds a press conference, Ted's                                                    hotel, Brick & Amy tell the king the     at crossbow, Julia kisses them to
                                                                           the dungeon, Julia dresses as a                                                                                            tries to talk to
Mary argue at the hospital, Kelly arraignment, Nick realizes Kelly                                                   baby is theirs, Julia dressed as a       figure out who is the real Jack, the    Christy at La Mesa, ep 254-my
rescued, Brick & Amy about to doesn't remember what happened at            monk and goes to the dungeon              monk helps the real Jack escape,         Jacks duel, Ted has Jade set a          Ted & Christy pass ep
see the baby    251                  the ghost town   252                  253                                                                   254
                                                                                                                     Ted takes a lie detector test            meeting with Christy   255              lie detector tests  incomplete
                        July 29                               July 30                                  July 31                               August 1         The doctor tells CC Gina won't be
                                                                                                                                                                                     August 2
                                     Ted sees Christy & then goes to       Gina falls (replays), Gina in the         Ted back in jail, CC tells Santana       able to have other children, Mary
The fake Jack Lee is arrested, Laken's after Mary calls the police, hospital, Ted & Laken make love that Gina lost the baby, Cruz                             visits the Monsenior at the
Amy finds out Johnny is the son Gina released from the clinic,        until Cruz shows up looking for    learns the fibers found on Christy                   hospital, at the Capwell house
of the prince, Ted tries to talk to anniversary of Channing's death, Ted, in NS the prime minister pulls don't match Ted's shirt, Amy                         Kelly sketches the ghost town,
Christy at the Perkins' house       Gina falls down the stairs, Ted & a gun on Jack Lee & Julia, Ted     considers staying in NS //                           Mason has a drink with Mary at the 7/31-8/1: My eps
256                                  Laken begin to make love  257         turns himself in   258                    Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS)                OE bar 260                         incomplete
                       August 5                              August 6                               August 7                                 August 8                                  August 9
                                                                                                                     Kelly draws the ghost town,
                                                                         Mason dines with Mary & she tells
Gina leaves the hospital & goes to                                       him she has left the convent, the           Augusta tells Sophia she knows
Mason's, Eden auditions singers at   Santana tells Sophia about          priest tells Augusta Sophia                 about her confession, Mary tells         Jury selection for Ted's trial, Cruz
the OE, Julia has a fever after      Channing & Lindsay, Gina returns confessed to being pregnant w/                 Steve she left the convent,              tries to get Christy to react to the
being shipwrecked with Jack,         to the Capwell house, Augusta       Lionel's child when she married CC,         Santana threatens Mason if he            shirt, Jack and Julia get rescued,
Augusta searches Minx's desk,        meets with Sophia's priest, Julia   Steve hits Mason, Santana learns            doesn’t help her to see Brandon,         Sophia tries to convince Augusta
Gina plots against Sophia &          delirious with fever, Mason goes to Mason & Gina were at rhe motel              Lionel tells Augusta Julia is            not to tell CC about Channing           ep 263 - I have
Santana   261                        the OE to see Mary     262            together   263                            missing.   264                           being Lionel's son    265        2nd half only
                      August 12                             August 13                             August 14                                August 15                                 August 16
                                                                           Lionel thinks he's dying after hearing
                                  CC asks Mason to move back in,           CC's diagnosis and thinking it's his,     Nick arrives at the ghost town, Lionel   Steve takes over the prosecution,
                                  Christy testifies, DA Patterson          Julia has lunch with Jack, Laken talks    tells Frank he's dying, Augusta tells    Kelly & Nick at the ghost town - Nick
Ted's trial starts, Mason records collapses in court, E&C get back         to Christy at the OE, CC asks Jack to     Julia that Channing was Lionel's son,    tells her they "got married", Mason
the opening statements, Jade & together, Steve calls the woman             take Sophia's case, Lionel decides to     Kelly remembers she slept with Nick,     continues his cross of Christy,
Mary testify, C&E have dinner at who bought him the shirt (airdate         have a party, Kelly goes to the ghost     Brick calls Amy in NS, Frank tells       Santana follows Gina & Mason back
the Capwell house           confirmed) 267               town 268                                                    Warren that Lionel is dying   269        to the Capwell house   270
Cruz's birthday is Aug 25 - Santana thinks it's July 25 and brings him a present
         This page updated: 18-Dec-06                                                CC & Sophia got married 3/15/1961 (per ep 262)
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site or Mason Chronicles
                                                                               August/Sept 1985
             Monday                                Tuesday                               Wednesday                                   Thursday                                     Friday
                           Aug 19                                 Aug 20                         Aug 21                                               Aug 22                                   Aug 23
                                          CC catches Gina and Mason, Cruz
    Warren confronts Lionel about him
                                           asks Eden to marry him, CC calls Ted testifies, Mason tells Lindsay
      dying, Kelly & Nick return to SB,
                                         Jack to cut Mason & Gina out of his            CC knows about he and                                                        Party at the OE celebrating Ted's
Santana tries to get CC to find Mason
                                                 will , Julia hears Jack w/ his Channing, Steve badgers Ted on            Christy exonerates Ted in court,            freedom, Morgan brings CC the
& Gina, Kelly tells Eden she slept with
                                         secretary, CC tells Eden he's sick cross-exam, Warren plans to meet             Ted's case is dismissed, C&E get            money back, Lindsay talks to CC
    Nick, Lionel tells Sophia he's dying
    but she figures out the doctor was & doesn't want to be kept alive by        Malone tonight, CC proposes to          ready for the party, Mason meets               but leaves when he learns CC            8/22-8/23:
talking about CC, CC about to walk in machines if he ends up in a coma Sophia, Mason questions Christy                     Morgan Malone, Mason brings               doesn't know, Theda goes to the              airdates
             on Mason & Gina  271                                    272                                      273                Lindsay to meet CC      274            party & confronts Sophia  275           confirmed
                           Aug 26                                 Aug 27                                   Aug 28                                     Aug 29                                   Aug 30
Mason tells CC Channing was gay &
Santana confirms it, Lionel sends CC
Sophia's old audition tape, Gina
learns from Augusta that Channing is                                                                                                                                                                         8/27-29: I
Lionel's son, Steve & Mary look for                                                                                                                                 Mason tells CC Channing wasn't           have Mason
Christy, Sophia convinces CC it      Gina wakes up at the Lockridge            Mason goes to the Capwell                                                            his son (replays), C&E look for          Chronicles
doesn't matter if Channing was gay,  house with a hangover, Steve              house and tells CC about                 CC cuts Mason & Gina out of                 Ted, Mary starts to realize Steve        only - dates
Frank reads Lionel's eulogy, Christy almost hits Mary, Gina tells              Sophia hiding Pamela's letters           the will and the company,                   raped Christy, CC takes a gun            for some
warns Ted her rapist may be after him Mason Channing wasn't CC's               from him, Sophia tells Gina CC           Mason starts to tell CC                     and goes to the Lockridges               scenes
276                                    son but Lionel's   277                  is dying 278                             Channing wasn't his son 279                 280                                      estimated
                            Sept 2                                 Sept 3                                   Sept 4                                     Sept 5                                   Sept 6
                                                                                                                                                          Christy questioned in Steve's
                                       Steve's shooting replays, Ted                                                    Ted questioned in Steve's         shooting, at a Capwell family
CC collapses from a stroke and         and Christy organize their story,                                                shooting by Phylicia Rashad,      meeting Gina asserts that since
is taken to the hospital, Christy      CC in the hospital in coma, Gina                                                 Gina hides CC's will in the stone the new will is missing she's        9/2-3: my
shoots Steve at end of episode         tells Lionel Channing was his                                                    column, Eden tells Cruz she       entitled to 50% of CC's estate if he eps
(airdate confirmed) 281                son 282                                                               283 wants to have kids 284                             dies, Ted & Laken argue    285    incomplete
                            Sept 9                               Sept 10                                  Sept 11                     Sept 12                                                 Sept 13
                                                                                                                        Mary gets hired as CCs nurse. Cruz
                                     Gina has Sophia's stuff moved out of                                               re-enacts the crime scene with
Lionel meets Brandon and spends      the guest house, Mr. Jenkins gives        Augusta tells Julia she's hiring a       Christy and Ted to try to figure out
some time with him, Christy finishes Kelly a job but he tells her he doesn't   private investigator to find out about   what really happened, Mason calls           Ted gets Laken's goodbye letter,
being questioned, Augusta & Gina     want Nick in on it, Augusta and Brick     Brick's past, the lady following Nick    home and talks to Mary and he asks          Mary meets a drunk Mason in the
spar at the OE, Julia & Cruz try to  have an argument over the finances,       breaks into his apartment, Augusta       her to meet her in the gazebo. Laken        gazebo, Gina tells Mason the new will
convince the assistant DA that Ted & CC is brought home to the Capwell         hires Nick to investigate Brick, Brick   tells Ted it's time he tells the truth to   is missing, Nick finds Janice in the
Christy aren't lying, Augusta        mansion, Nick asks Cruz to help him       tries to convince Amy to stay in SB,     her. Gina sees Mary with Mason's            darkroom, Ted & Christy decide to tell
conspires to get Brandon away from find a job, Nick is being followed by a     Santana tells Julia what happened        suitcase. Laken tells Ted it's over.        the truth, Mason crawls into bed with
Gina   286                            woman, Amy returns from NS.  287         when she gave up Brandon.    288 289                                                 Mary   290
                          Sept 16                                Sept 17                                  Sept 18                                    Sept 19                                  Sept 20
                                                                                                                                             Amy tells Brick she's going to NS,
                                                                                                                                             Kelly & Nick work on the book,
                                        Mason gives an interview about                                      Brick & Amy decide to leave town Janice applies for the chauffeur's
                                                                                                                                                                                  9/18-20 - I
Cruz gets a call from Ted, Janice tells Capwell Ent, Kelly learns Nick has                                  and not take Minx's money,       job at the Lockridge house, Eric
                                                                                                                                                                                  have mostly
Nick Dylan is coming to town & hasn't been working as a PI, Mason tries                                     Capwell merger meeting-they      picks up C&E at the yacht and
been in medical school, Gina finds      to take control of Capwell Ent at a                                 have 24 hrs to find Eden for a   flies them back to SB, Eden has to   eps only. Dates
Mary & Mason in bed , Cruz asks         board mtg, Julia & Cruz ask the     Mason and Mary have dinner at vote, Kelly throws a pie in Nick's go to Hawaii for the Walton          for some
Eden to wear her engagement ring        DA to drop the charges against      the OE, E&C arrive on the yacht face b/c she found Janice in his merger, Brick & Augusta in a car     scenes
291                          Ted & Christy 292         and eat lobster & stargaze 293 bed 294                    crash 295                                                        estimated.
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site, Tom Erik or estimated
9/19/85 - some pre-emption possible, Mexico earthquake                                summary for 9/19 - confirmed as a Thursday
        This page updated: 25-Nov-06                                                  Per script, ep 271 aired August 19, 1985
                                                                                Sept/Oct 1985
             Monday                                Tuesday                            Wednesday                               Thursday                              Friday
                           Sept 23                              Sept 24  Gina spies on Mason & Mary 25
                                                                                                   Sept                              Sept 26                                    Sept 27
Brick, Janice & Augusta in the         Eden & Kirk in Hawaii, Cruz plans dining at the OE, Nick finds out                                              Eden has a nightmare about CC,
                                                                         someone at the Lockridge house
hospital after the car accident, Eden to go to HI but changes his mind,                                   Eden and Kirk return from Hawaii,            Amy back in SB, Mason sets up a
                                                                         told Glenn not to come to SB,
flies to Hawaii and meets Kirk on the Nick finds Brick's dad, Augusta                                     Kirk tells Eden he's Jack's son, Eden        dinner for Mary in the gazebo,
plane, Brick's doctor wants his father calls Amy in NS to tell her about Lionel babysits Brandon, Augusta tells Ted & Gina CC didn't want to be        Cruz refuses to go to Miami on
found in case a kidney transplant is Brick's accident, Mason & Mary      & Santana talk about Brandon     kept alive by machines, Lionel gives         assignment, Augusta opens a     9/26 - I have clips
needed    296                          get ready for a date   297            298                                   Brandon a remote-control car299     bank acct in Brick's name 300 only
                           Sept 30                                  Oct 1                                Oct 2                                Oct 3                                Oct 4
Mason & Mary spend the evening
in the gazebo but she gets upset       Mason fakes a flat tire and he and
and runs off, C&E fight after Cruz     Mary spend the evening in the car
tells the commissioner he won't go     on the side of the road, Gina tries
to Miami, Amy is suspicious of         to convince Brandon she is his        Mason searches the house for          Gina Gallego's first day, Mason tells
Augusta, Mary goes later to pick a     mother, Janice moves into the         CC's will, Kelly writes a letter to   Brandon Gina is his mother, Mason & A tarantula threatens Johnny,
drunk Mason up, Brandon hears          Lockridge house, Amy takes Brick      Joe, Eden hires Kirk, Mason           Gina burn one of the wills, Eden      Sophia's hearing - she receives
Gina say she's not his real mother     home, Lionel & Augusta plan to go     about to tell Brandon who his         upset she may have to testify for     a suspended sentence, Kelly &        10/4-my ep
301                                    on a trip   302                       mother is   303                       Sophia (airdate confirmed) 304 Nick make love 305           incomplete
                              Oct 7                                 Oct 8                                Oct 9                               Oct 10                  Oct 11 airdates corrected
                                       Dylan swims ashore, Danny asks
                                       Cruz for help b/c he's in trouble                                           CC taken to the hospital for        Cruz rescues Eden and Kirk
Brick saves Johnny from the
tarantula, Dylan plans to land his     with Angel's gang, E&C play on                                              tests, Julia arranges for Dylan &   from the wine cellar, Danny gets
plane in the water, Eden fires Kirk,   the beach, Dylan has Julia take                                             Nick to meet at the beach, Eden     hurt again, Janice sees Dylan,
Brick is told he'll recover, Julia     him to a motel, Gina tests CC's  Preempted: Baseball                        re-hires Kirk but they get stuck    Gina takes Eden's pink dress
watches Dylan swim in    306           equipment   307                  playoffs (NL Game 4)    in a wine cellar 308                                   309
                           Oct 14                                Oct 15                  Oct 16                                              Oct 17                              Oct 18 airdates corrected
                                       Nick tells Brick that Glenn                                                                                     Eden wakes up at Cruz's but doesn't
                                       Wallace isn't his father, Sophia                                            Kelly & Mason argue at the      remember what happened at the
                                       and Eden arrive for Gina's party,                                           bistro & Dylan hits Mason       party, Dylan & Kelly meet up at the
Preempted: Baseball                    Kelly & Mason argue at the       Preempted: Baseball                        (replays), Gina drugs Eden at a museum, Angel threatens Danny at          10/17 - my ep
playoffs (NL Game 5)    bistro 310                                      playoffs (NL Game 6)                       party at the Capwell house 311 the clinic 312                             incomplete
                 Oct 21                                          Oct 22                  Oct 23                                              Oct 24                              Oct 25 airdates corrected
                                                                                                      Cruz shows Julia the beach house,
                                                                                                      Julia learns Kirk is Jack's son & she
                                                                   Clinic held hostage by Angel; Cruz pours a drink on Kirk, Dylan runs to             Mason asks Mary to the party and
Cruz disarms Angel at the snack Mason shot, Cruz & Mary at the arrests Angel - captain says the date Kelly's apartment to hide from the                has a fashion show for her, Ted
                                                                                                      men following him, Eden makes the                                                     10/23 - a Wed ep
bar and the gang kicks him out, clinic with Angel - Cruz trying to is 10/18 and Eden plans party in 2                                                  hands out Eden's party invitations, even though
Eden asks Kirk's advice on      resolve the situation without the wks, Brick accused of embezzling    cover of Modern Businesswoman                    Kirk learns Cruz is looking into his captain says date
                       313 cops 314
legally pulling CC's plug                                                    money from Minx   315                 316                                 past, Sam arrives in a coffin 317 is 10/18
ep 304, Gina Gallego replaces Margaret Michaels                                                                                                        9/27 Miami Vice 2-hr season premiere
ep 296 is Kirk's first day                                                                                         10/24-I have clips only             Preemptions due to baseball playoffs
ep 306 is Dylan's first day                                                                                                                            stuff in green, I don't have: Summaries from Jim's site or estimated
10/7/85 - some pre-emption possible; PLO terrorists seize Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro                    ep 305 aired 10/4/85 per script
10/10/85 - some pre-emption possible; US fighter jets intercept Egyptian plane carrying the Achille Lauro terrorists
       This page updated: 16-Mar-08
                                                                                    Oct/Nov 1985
               Monday                                 Tuesday                               Wednesday                                Thursday                                    Friday
                           Oct 28
Sam & his coffin get delivered to                                 Oct 29                             Oct 30                                           Oct 31                                   Nov 1
Nick's apt, Cruz goes to the            Brick & Amy plan to elope & go to      Julia pays Brick's bail, CC's             (airdate confirmed) Halloween -          (airdate confirmed) Mason sends
Capwell house looking for CC's          Vegas, Janice comes up with the        birthday, Gina making recordings          Gina setting everything up for plug      Mary out for a spa day, Mason &
will, Eden learns Cruz got the          centerfold idea, Dylan & Sam make      of "CC" saying he wants to die,           pulling, Mason & Mary spend the          Mary dance while Marilyn McCoo
promotion, Eden tries to get the will   a fake map, the police stop Brick      Cruz finds Kirk talking to Eden in        day at the beach, Nick finds Dylan       rehearses, Nick calls Carlo & tells
from Gina but she says she              from getting on the plane (airdate     the bathtub, Brick breaks into the        & Sam on Carlo's boat - they gave        him he's got the real map, Minx
destroyed it   318                      confirmed)   319                       Lockridge house         320               him the fake map    321                  pays Brick's bail   322
                               Nov 4                               Nov 5                                      Nov 6                                   Nov 7                                    Nov 8
                                       Eden puts on the pink dress (replays)   Gina calls Eden at the OE w/ the fake
Cruz shows Eden the beach house,       & goes back to the party, Cruz turns    recording of CC, Kirk drives her to the   Cruz tries to find Eden, Eden talks to   Gina drives back to the hotel &
E&C dance at the party, Gina spikes down the promotion, C&E fight &            Capwells, Nick is shot, Mason & Mary      CC and then collapses and Gina pulls     flashes back to the plug pulling, Mary
Eden's drink and ruins her dress, Nick Eden leaves, Nick meets Carlo at the    in the study, Gina disconnects the        the plug, Kirk takes Eden out of the     & the paramedics revive CC and take
meets Carlo on the yacht, Eden &       pier, Mason & Mary return to the        backup power, Eden enters CC's            room, Mary sees Gina as Eden, Mary       him to the hospital, Kirk drives Eden
Gina put on the pink dresses323         house   324                            room   325                                and Mason try to revive CC  326          to his apt   327
                           Nov 11                                Nov 12                                      Nov 13                                 Nov 14                                   Nov 15
                                     Mary tells Cruz she thought it was
                                     Eden she saw (replays), Brick and
Eden wakes up at Kirk's, Lionel      Amy have pre-wedding jitters,             Gina switches the dresses, Brick
goes to tell Gina about CC, Cruz     Janice learns she got the                 and Amy's wedding, Dylan and              Mark arrives, Eden tells Cruz
shows up at the Capwells & takes centerfold, Cruz goes to Kirk's to            Sam develop the photo of the map          she was with Kirk and she didn't         Eden goes to the station to find
the cloth from the windowsill, Brick see Eden but Kirk won't let him in,       but later Carlo shows up, Cruz            do it, Brick & Amy's honeymoon,          out about the investigation, Kelly
& Amy squabble after he returns      Gina realizes the dress is torn and       goes to Kirk's but Eden is gone, at       Mason tricks Mary into                   goes to the ghost town & Dylan
home from his bachelor party         plans to switch the dresses (airdate      the beach house Cruz asks Eden if         confirming she thought she saw           follows, Pearl breaks into Kirk's
slightly drunk   328                    confirmed)    329                      she did it    330                         Eden   331                               332
                           Nov 18                                Nov 19                                      Nov 20                                 Nov 21                                   Nov 22

                                        Amy goes to work at Buzz's, Cruz       The motorcycle riders reach the ghost     Carlo arrives at the ghost town and
Pearl stuck in Kirk's closet -          trashes the beach house, Pearl         town, Kirk shows Eden & Mason             Kelly runs, Mother Isabel visits Mary, Kelly & Dylan give the map to
steals the shoe and brings it to        sells Kirk an alibi, the               Pearl's statement, Mason tries to         Mark gets drunk, Carlo tortures        Carlo, Nick & Sam find them                11/20-21: I
Cruz, Eden gives Cruz the ring          motorcyclists approach the ghost       break it off with Gina but she thinks     Dylan, Kelly agrees to give Carlo the asleep, Mark tells Mary about               have partials
back   333                              town (airdate confirmed) 334           he's in love with her   335               map   336                                Wendy        337                         only
                           Nov 25                                Nov 26                                      Nov 27                                 Nov 28                                   Nov 29
                                                                      Gina sets up Mason with the                                                                 Cruz proposes to Eden, Sophia
Mary offers to help Mark find Wendy, Eden confirms Kirk's story about pretense of burning the will in order                                                       drives Brandon to camp but               11/25 - I
Amy gets a job at Buzz's, Brandon     the footprint, Nick and Dylan   to get Mary to catch them together,                                                         discovers there is a fire, Mary finds    have clips
hangs out with Lionel, Cruz questions argue, Gina returns from Paris, Sophia tells Cruz she's leaving                                                             Gina & Mason together, Kirk              only; 11/27- I
Kirk about his footprint outside CC's Kirk gives Eden an engagement town, Janice has a photo shoot                       Thanksgiving -                           proposes to Eden and she accepts         have partial
window338                    ring 339                   with a snake 340                                                 Preempted                                341                                      only
ep 321 is Pearl's first day -10/31, he's at Buzz's when Cruz meets Nick
Brick and Amy's wedding confirmed as Wed 11/13. Ep number 330
ep 331 is Mark McMormack's first day > 11/14                                                                             11/12 ep - confirmed by A-Team preview
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site, German site or estimated                                 note: ~10/28 is supposed to be CC's birthday, last year it was 9/28
         This page updated: 4-Feb-07                                                                                     (ep 320/10-30-85 was supposed to air 10-25-85)
                                                                           Dec 1985 / Jan 1986
             Monday                                      Tuesday                          Wednesday                              Thursday                                    Friday
                              Dec 2                                 Dec 3                                 Dec 4                                   Dec 5                                     Dec 6
                                                                                                         airdate confirmed - Cruz races                       Kirk and Eden marry, Kelly and
Brandon rescued, Kirk tells Cruz         Janice & Dylan sort of break up, Gina confesses to Mason's tape to stop Eden and Kirk from                           Dylan land in Santa Rosa but
      that he & Eden are getting         Lionel & Sophia stuck at the     recorder, Lionel & Sophia on   marrying, Kelly & Dylan leave for                    there's only one room available,
married, Mason finds Gina's pills        camp office, Mason wants Gina horseback find a deserted cabin San Francisco, Lionel & Sophia                         Gina edits her taped confession ep 345 - my eps
               and the will 342          to confess 343                         344                                 kiss   345                                346                             incomplete
                              Dec 9                                Dec 10                                Dec 11                                 Dec 12                                     Dec 13
Kelly and Dylan get drunk & make         Mason & Warren find Lionel &           Cruz calls Eden to the station to   Cruz & Pearl plant bugs at Kirk's;
love in the plane, Mason forces          Sophia, Robin Mattson's first day,     make a formal statement, Brick's    Kelly, Nick & Dylan return to SB;         Dylan, Sam & Pearl visit the
Gina to sign over custody of             Dylan tells Kelly he'll leave town,    birthday - Amy gives him a cake,    Julia moves out of the Lockridge          deserted rig, Dylan comes up with 12/10 - great
Brandon to him for Santana,              Mary tells Mason Gina's pills aren't   Channing's birthday - Sophia goes   house to support Augusta who              the casino idea but Kirk says no, Sophia/Eden stuff;
Mason & Warren leave to look for         addictive, Nick meets Kelly &          to his grave, Cruz plans to bug     thinks Lionel & Sophia had sex            Janice's centerfold is published  12/16 - great C&E
Sophia & Lionel      347                 Dylan in San Francisco    348          Kirk's apartment   349              during the fire ordeal   350              but someone is stalking her 351 fight
Kelly & Nick get engaged, Cruz 16                                  Dec 17                                Dec 18                                Dec 19                                      Dec 20
steals the bugs back but Eden            Eden asks Kirk about the night of
catches him, they fight and she          the plug pulling, Mason & Mary         Kirk & Eden move into the           Brick's hospital records are              Kirk questions Brandon and
tells him she pulled the plug but        fight, Dylan pitches his casino idea   Capwell house, Lionel (Don          missing, Dylan & Kelly at the rig         figures out Gina pulled the plug,
                                                                                                                                                                                                12/17-19: I have
Cruz doesn't believe it, Eden            to Eden, Mary helps Mark paint his     Stewart) apologizes to Brick        smash a bottle of champagne,              Kirk sends Gina a note, Mark      partial eps only;
realizes she can't remember doing        apartment, Dylan wins some             about the phony embezzle-ment       Cruz brings Santana a Xmas                and Mason almost fight, C&E       dates for some
it   352                                 money betting but then loses it        charges 354                         tree 355                                  dance at the OE      356                 scenes estimated
                            Dec 23                                 Dec 24                                Dec 25                                 Dec 26                                     Dec 27
Kirk watches Gina burn the wig and                                              Christmas - end of Mason's                                                    Kirksends Eden another blackmail
the dress, Brick finds the wife of the   Christmas Eve - Mason's Scrooge        Scrooge dream & Mason plays         Mary wakes up on Mark's couch,            note to bring the money to the
doctor who delivered him, Gina           dream begins, Frank brings             Santa, Nick gives Kelly a puppy,    Mason plans to propose to Mary,           cemetery, Dylan sets up for Kelly &
knocks out Santana and takes             Augusta presents & Laken returns,      Eden opens the present from the     Cruz & Santana think Brandon              Nick's party, Brick & Nick try to find   12/25, 26, 27:
Brandon, Mason is visited by             Cruz & Santana start to look for       "blackmailer", special ending       was in a car accident, Mason &            out the name of the baby switched        my eps
Channing's ghost    357                  Brandon     358                        credits   359                       Janice sleep together    360              with him   361                           incomplete
                            Dec 30                                 Dec 31                    January 1, 1986                                   Jan 2                                         Jan 3
Dylan & Kelly stranded on the rig,                                                                                  Mason wakes up hungover, Brick
Eden tries to catch the blackmailer at                                                                              ponders his new family tree, Sophia
the cemetery, Brick finds out            airdate confirmed, New Year's Eve -                                        tells Lionel that Gina has taken          airdate confirmed - Cruz and
Channing was the other baby in the       Kelly and Nick's engagement party at                                       Brandon, Augusta holds an estate          Santana find Gina in Las Vegas but
photo and goes to see Minx, New          Buzz's, the "blackmailer" scares                                           sale and upsets Lionel, Brick tells his   Gina has left Brandon with a friend,
Year's Eve party starts, Kirk pretends   Eden in CC's room, Minx tells Brick                                        parents about the switched babies,        Eden upset after sleeping with Krik
to leave for business but hides in       how she switched the babies, Cruz                                          Mary gets upset after seeing              the night before, the "blackmailer"
CC's room as the blackmailer, Nick       and Santana searching for Gina and                                         Mason's New Year's Eve tape, Mark         shreds Eden's lingerie, Mark &       12/30, 1/2, 1/3: I
rescues Kelly & Dylan from the rig       Brandon at motels, Kirk returns from   New Year's Day -                    finds Wendy (Janice) after seeing         Janice sign the divorce papers, Gina have clips or
362                                      his fake trip    363                   Preempted                           her magazine cover   364                  & Santana catfight       365             partial eps only

12/27 - some pre-emption possible, Terrorists kill 20 & wound 110 at Rome & Vienna airports                                                                              This page updated: 18-Apr-08
videos from
GW-should be

videos from
GW-should be

videos from
GW-should be

videos from
GW-should be

videos from
GW-should be
                                                                                        Jan/Feb 1986
             Monday                                    Tuesday                                 Wednesday                                Thursday                                  Friday
                              Jan 6                                     Jan 7                                    Jan 8                                    Jan 9                                  Jan 10
                                                                                     CC (Jed Allan) getting better, Mason
                                                                                      plans to post a guard outside CC's                                              Kelly asks Nick to go to Hawaii, Nick
                                          Cruz & Santana back at her
Janice is surprised & held by the man                                                 room after they find a pillow on the                                           finds that Dylan didn't leave town last
                                          aprartment and then they go out             floor near CC's bed, Santana and
   whose wife died after surgery from                                                                                                                                night, Mason fell asleep at CC's door
 Mark, Santana signs a paper saying
                                          for cheeseburgers, Kirk at the                Julia have lunch, at the museum      Brick tells Lionel he is his son,      & finds CC's IV out, Cruz plans a date
she won't seek custody of Brandon in      clinic after being hit by the                  Lionel unveils an old painting of   Lionel tells Sophia, Kelly wants              with Santana, Kirk & Eden go to           Youtube videos
exchange for Gina returning Brandon       "blackmailer", at a bar Mason             Sophia he kept, Gina steals a syringe    to tell Nick the truth so Dylan              Tahoe, Gina poisons Mason and 1/6-9:my eps from GW-should
     to SB, Kirk fakes a fight with the   meets with the guy who                        and some drugs from Mark's bag       decides to leave town, CC gets              goes to CC's room with a syringe mostly     be whole
                  "blackmailer"366 harassed Janice 367                                                            368 up 369                                                                          370 complete   episodes
                            Jan 13                     Jan 14                                                  Jan 15                                    Jan 16                                  Jan 17
                                          At breakfast Mason accuses Gina of
                                          poisoning him, Kelly plans the
                                          wedding, Mason tells Ted about his
Cruz & Santana on the beach, Mason
                                          plans for the company, CC has Gina                                                                                                                                  1/13: My ep
poisoned - Mary saves him, CC stops                                                 Mason's dinner party is planned for      Mason prepares his dinner party,
                                          bring the family in so he can listen to                                                                                                                             mostly
Gina from injecting him and warns                                                   the next day , CC & Kirk both use        Kelly tells Sophia that she slept
                                          them talking freely, Kirk tells Gina he                                                                                                                             complete; 1/14
her to keep quiet, Eden & Kirk return                                               Gina to find out what Mason is up        with Dylan, Cruz questions Gina        CC upstairs in his tux, Mason's
                                          knows she tried to kill CC so Gina                                                                                                                                  summary: I         Youtube videos
from Tahoe, Kirk tells Gina he knows                                                to, Lionel tells Augusta about           about the "Alta Vista Sedan" ad        dinner party, Nick & Dylan fight,
                                          tells Kirk she knows Eden almost tried                                                                                                                              have partial ep,   from GW-should
she took the syringe from Mark's bag      to kill CC and that's why she married     Brick, Eden asks Cruz about him &        but Kirk covers for her, Kelly tells   CC reveals himself at end of ep           Mason              be whole
371                                       Kirk   372                                Santana    373                           Nick she's going to NY    374     375                                            Chronicles only    episodes
                            Jan 20                                    Jan 21                                   Jan 22                                   Jan 23                                   Jan 24
                                                                          Kirk looks for Eden-she spent the
                                          CC tells Cruz he's not sure who night on Cruz's couch, Santana                     Dylan & Nick argue on the rig &        Pearl & Kelly look for Nick & Dylan
 CC surprises Mason - reveals             pulled the plug, CC meets with  meets with CC, Pearl sets a                        Nick plans to swim to shore,           after they swam off the rig, CC calls a                      Youtube videos
himself to the family, Cruz and           Mason and Sophia and kicks them meeting for Nick & Dylan at the rig,               Eden tells Cruz CC saw her pull        meeting & kicks Gina out of the                              from GW-should
Santana make love, CC sees                both out, Lionel asks Sophia to CC tells Eden he knows she pulled                  the plug, Eden & Kirk fight b/c        house and tells her she can take                             be whole
Ted, Kirk, and Kelly     376              come with him on his yacht    377         the plug   378                           she hid her letters   379              Brandon, Gina strips   380                                   episodes
                          Jan 27                                      Jan 28                                   Jan 29                                    Kelly tells Eden she slept Jan 31
                                                                                                                                                         Jan 30                     with
Gina strips (replays), Kirk picks up                                                CC tells Mason to get out & asks                                     Dylan, Eden buys Kirk a car,
Gina and takes her to a motel, Cruz                                                 Mary to move into the guest        CC holds a press conference,      Sophia returns from her trip with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Youtube videos
talks to CC about the plug pulling,                                                 house, CC meets with Minx,         Cruz & Santana argue, Mary        Lionel, Gina blackmails Kirk for                                        from GW-should
Brick comes to the house after CC                                                   Sophia & Lionel kiss on the yacht, dines with CC, a man is following some money & he wants her to      1/29 - I only                         be whole
tells everyone Brick is Sophia's sonChallenger explosion -                          CC lets Dylan continue with the    Brandon, CC gives Kirk money leave town, Cruz & Pearl spy on        have 30                               episodes
381                                 Preempted                                       casino (some preemption) 382       for Brandon 383                   Kirk 384                          mins                                  (except ep 382)
Nick is drunk, detectives     Feb 3                   Feb 4                                                      Feb 5                                    Feb 6                                   Feb 7
investigating the plug pulling, Kirk                                                                                 CC forces Gina to give up custody              Hayley arrives, Dlyan & Nick fight
tells Gina he wants repayment,            Kelly doesn't go thru with telling        Gina wrecks the card game, Kelly of Brandon, Mason wakes up at                  at the hospital, Kirk tells Eden he
Cruz shows Pearl the pink dress,          Nick, the casino opens, CC &              falls overboard and Nick rescues Janice's, Gina stabs Mason's                   wants children, CC tells Santana
                                          Lionel start a card game, Dylan                                                                                                                                                        Youtube videos
the casino is about to open, Kelly                                                  her, Eden tells Cruz she's happy cardboard double, everyone at the              she can have Brandon if she               2/6 - I only from GW-should
starts to tell Nick about Dylan           tells Nick he slept with Kelly            for him and Santana, CC serves   hospital finds out Kelly will be ok            marries, Cruz shows Eden the              have Mason be whole
385                                       386                                       Gina with papers   387                   388                                    dress   389                               Chronicles   episodes
stuff in green, I don't have: Summaries from Jim's site or estimated                                                         1/31 - summary missing from Jim's site, copy of ep from Ingrid
Some preemption on 1/29 for continued coverage of Challenger explosion
Per script, ep 384 was to air Jan 30 > actually aired Jan 31 due to preempt on Jan 28
Summary for 388 taken from Mason Chronicles - missing from Jim's site
       This page updated: 21-Apr-08
Confirmation of pre-empt on 1/28/86:
TV News archive of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
NBC showed special programming from 10:42am CST unitl 5:30pm
Headline: Challenger Explosion
                        Jan 28, 1986 (Tuesday)
Network:                NBC
Broadcast Type:         Special Program
                        Segment Type: News
Program Header          yes
Program Length
                        407:00 (Entire broadcast)
Video Begin             :: am
Record Number:                             659601
Begin Time:             10:42:00 am
End Time:               05:29:00 pm
Duration:                                 6:47:00
                                                                               Feb/Mar 1986
            Monday                                   Tuesday                         Wednesday                                  Thursday                                   Friday
                           Feb 10                              Feb 11                         Feb 12                                            Feb 13                               Feb 14
  Hayley & Ted go jogging, Mary's                                           Kelly moves in with Nick, Kirk tries
      birthday - Mason brings her a     Kelly denies sleeping with                                                  Cruz tells Angel he can protect
                                                                               to find Eden who went to LA on
 horse, Mason agrees to represent       Dylan; Pearl, Mason, and            business, Hayley applies for a job
                                                                                                                    him & calls Pearl, Hayley meets Cruz pretends Angel was shot &
        Augusta in the divorce, Kirk    Augusta break into Lionel's              at the Capwell's, Cruz & Julia     CC & gets the job, Kirk goes to     killed at the motel, Mason &
switches Eden's birth control pills &   basement; Nick & Dylan fight at    discuss Angel's case, Cruz catches       the motel where Cruz has Angel Mary have dinner at the OE, Kirk
 finds Eden's letters to Cruz 390 the casino 391                                        Kirk following him  392 393                                                         has a gun...394
                           Feb 17                              Feb 18                                    Feb 19                                 Feb 20                               Feb 21
                                                                           Santana finds Kirk at Cruz's, E&C at                                             Kirk turns on the propane, Julia
Pearl wakes up in the morgue &          Eden and Cruz arrive at the        the cabin-on horseback, Mark and
                                                                                                                    Julia & Pearl go on a date,
enlists Julia's help to write notes     cabin, Cruz realizes Pearl set                                              Brandon depressed without               & Pearl continue their date,
                                                                           Mary arrive at the cabin, Mary gets
to C&E, C&E leave for the               them up and tells Eden, she        upset & runs off, Lionel & Augusta try   Gina, Mary & Eden talk, Kirk            Dylan & Sam argue, the cabin
cabin, Mark sends Mason a box           runs off but he chases her and     to stop Warren betting everything he     arrives at the cabin, sees E&C          explodes (airdate confirmed)
of rats   395                           they kiss    396                   has (airdate confirmed)   397            together 398                            399
                           Feb 24                              Feb 25                                  Kirk takes photos of the ripped 27
                                                                                                      Feb 26                      Feb                                                Feb 28
                                Eden in the hospital-gets released Mason & Mary spent the night at     pink dress & shows Gina the scrap
Cabin explosion, ambulance      & Cruz takes her home, Mason       the hospital, Kirk steals Eden's    of material, Pearl and Julia having                  Mary and Mark get married in
takes C&E, M&M to SB hospital, consoles Mary at the hospital while engagement ring & empties Cruz's their date tonight, Mason helps                         the hospital, Kirk tells Gina Eden
Kelly asks CC to replace her at Mark is taken to surgery, Janice   bus locker, Kelly goes to see Dylan Mary set up the wedding,                             knows she pulled the plug, Mark
the casino (airdate confirmed) warns Mason about Mark (airdate for the $ he owes Nick, Janice          beginning of Mary and Mark's                         goes into surgery, Eden leaves
400                                     confirmed)   401                   visits Mark at the hospital   402        wedding   403                           for Hawaii   404
                            Mar 3                               Mar 4                                    Mar 5                                    Mar 6                                Mar 7
                                    A letter from Laken arrives, Cruz is
Santana asks Mason to marry her, depressed, Santana tells Rosa &
Augusta returns from Haiti with the Danny she's marrying Mason, on         CC & Sophia get rescued off the          In Hawaii Cruz tells Eden it's
                                                                           ferry, Cruz flies to Hawaii, Gina                                                                                     3/3: excellent
divorce papers, CC learns that      the ferry CC tells Sophia Eden's                                                over, Eden chases after Cruz at Dylan rigs the roulette wheel so
                                                                                                                                                                                                 episode! Lots
Eden is pregnant & tells Cruz,      pregnant, Gina searches Eden's         calls Hawaii to talk to Eden but         the airport, Gina tells Brandon   Warren loses, Cruz plans to                of good acting
Mason & Santana tell Cruz & CC      room for the evidence Kirk says        Cruz answers (airdate                    he's going to live with Santana & leave SB, Mason visits Mary at             and funny
they're getting married   405           she has   406                      confirmed)     407                       Mason     408                           the hospital   409                   Mason stuff.
                           Mar 10                              Mar 11                                    Mar 12                                 Mar 13                               Mar 14
                               Ted finds Mason at the Orient
                               Express passed out after the
                               rehearsal dinner fiasco, Mason calls
                               off a sale of Lionel's paintings to an
                               art dealer, Julia tells Pearl she
                               purposely lost a case in Phoenix
Mason gets drunk at the        because the mob threatened her, at
                                                                           Madeline and Courtney arrive,            Mason waits at the altar while Cruz     Mason's wedding guests have a
rehearsal dinner for he &      the boathouse Kirk threatens to shoot       Mason wakes up hungover on               tries to persuade Santana to call off   scavenger hunt after the aborted
Santana's wedding, Gina & Kirk Gina if she doesn't kill Eden, Cruz         the roof, Kelly learns Nick took         the wedding, Eden returns from HI,      wedding, Cruz tells Eden she is    3/10: I have
rehearse killing Eden at the   asks Santana to marry him instead of        money from Dylan for the book            Santana tells Mason she's marrying      pregnant, Santana tells Cruz she's Mason
boathouse    410                        Mason   411                        (airdate confirmed)   412                Cruz (airdate confirmed)     413        decided to marry him    414          Chronicles only
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                                                                                March/April 1986
            Monday                                 Tuesday                                Wednesday                                Thursday                                   Friday
                 March 17                                March 18                                March 19                                 March 20                                  March 21
                                       Mark can't perform when he and                                                                                           Kirk tells Eden she lost the baby, Kirk
Cruz & Santana go to Mexico, Kirk      Mary try to have sex, Cruz and             Eden in the hospital, Kirk finds                                                    tries to convince Eden not to tell
& Gina practice for the boathouse,     Santana get married, Gina and                 out she was pregnant, Kirk Angel finds Gina on the beach,                   anyone about Gina, Mary fantasizes 3/18-19 airdates
Eden gets "Cruz's" note to meet at     Eden struggle in the boathouse,            plants the typewriter at Gina's, Sophia calls Cruz and he &                   about Mason, Dylan figures out Kelly confirmed; 3/21 -
         the boathouse, Courtney       Eden crashes her car & is taken to        Dylan fires Pearl and gets Buzz Santana arrive at the hospital                 bought all of Nick's books, Cruz asks my ep mostly
                            415 the hospital 416
          apologizes to Pearl                                                                 to fire him too417 418                                                   Eden about the accident 419 incomplete
                       March 24                               March 25                                  March 26                                  March 27                             March 28
                                       Ted gets a call from Laken,              Cruz searches Gina's apartment,                                             Gina's funeral continued, Gina
Cruz tells Eden he married             Brandon moves in with Santana,           Eden comes home from the                CC hires Pearl as a chaffeur,       pops up out of the bathtub and
Santana, Eden tells Cruz and CC        Hayley learns Gina may be dead,          hospital, Gina sends Angel to get       Gina's funeral starts - Gina        gives Kirk a heart attack, Mason
about Gina trying to kill her after    Cruz gets a report on some of the        her checkbook, Gina presumed            sneaks in and then goes to the learns Lionel's paintings are
Kirk tried to get her to keep quiet,   evidence and Pearl thinks it looks       dead, Eden goes to the boathouse        Capwell house, Dylan lures Kelly forgeries, Pearl drives Madeline to 3/25 - my ep
Mark and Mary fight     420            like Eden tried to kill Gina   421       & finds Kirk's wiring   422             to the rig 423                      the bungalow 424                    incomplete
                       March 31                                       April 1                             April 2       Dylan torments Kelly before her 3 Kelly runs off on her wedding day4
                                                                                                                                                  April                                April
                                                                                                                        wedding day tomorrow, Brandon       to Nick but comes back to tell Nick
Kirk at the hospital, Hayley                                                                                            runs away but Cruz finds him,       the truth, Pearl drives Madeline to
retrieves the tape recorder from                                                                                        Mark picks up Bobbie, a hooker, the bungalow & later finds her          3/31 - my ep
Kirk's hosp rm, Kelly and Dylan                                               Kirk being airlifted to                   but hits her when he can't perform, after she was attacked, Lionel      incomplete;
fight b/c he stole Nick's books                                               Stanford, Brandon runs        Bobbie goes to Mason for help  learns CC bought his art collection 4/2 - I only
425                                                                     426 away from Santana's 427 428                                    429                                 have 5 mins
                           April 7                                    April 8                       April 9                       April 10                        April 11
Kelly tells Nick she slept with                                                 Joseph Bottoms' last episode as Kirk,   Kelly begs Nick to take her back and    Day Halley's comet comes closest to
Dylan and the wedding is                                                        Courtney tells Pearl about the          forgive but he can't, Mason and         earth, Lionel on the beach with
canceled, Pearl is brought in for                                               cigarette she saw and that she saw      Bobby agree with Mark to forget about   telescope, Dylan proposes to Kelly,
suspicion of attacking Madeline,                                                someone that looked like David          the incident, Kelly talks to a          Courtney tells Cruz she thinks David
Madeline is alive but brain-dead,                                               outside the bungalow,                   psychologist about Nick and Dylan,      killed Madeline, C&E remember the      4/11 - my ep
Courtney pays Pearl's bail 430                                       431        Cruz and Eden in the gazebo432          Dylan proposes to Kelly   433           proposal   434                         incomplete
                         April 14                                April 15                                April 16                                  April 17                              April 18
Eden finds out Kirk bought the                                                                                          Warren robs the casino ferry,           Warren holds a gun on Sophia
speaker wire she found in the                                                                                           Cruz and Eden re-enact the              at the boathouse after she
boathouse, Kelly having                                                                                                 night at the boathouse, David           figured out he's the robber, Julia
flashbacks of Peter - leaves the                                                                                        arrested - airdate confirmed            agrees to represent David          4/18 - my ep
house     435                                                            436                                    437 438                                         439                                incomplete
stuff in green, I don't have: Summaries from Tom Erik, Jim's site, the German site or Mason Chronicles
4/18/86 - confirmed as episode 439, copy of script                                                                      4/17-18 airdates confirmed
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                                                                               April/May 1986
            Monday                                Tuesday                            Wednesday                                 Thursday                                      Friday
                        April 21                               April 22                      April 23                                  April 24                                           April 25
                                                                                                                                                         Lionel tells Minx about that they lost
                                                                              CC tells Lionel he knows Warren                                              the house to CC, Eden tries to talk
                                                                                is the robber & wants Lionel's      Lionel begs CC for a truce but CC CC out of taking the Lockridge house,
                                                                                  house, Kirk thanks David for     wants to take the house tonight,         Nick meets Justin at Buzz's, Eden
                                                                                   Madeline's heart, Pearl tells   Augusta asks Mason for help,         tells Cruz that they should pretend to
                                       Kirk (Robert Newman) comes               Courtney his real name under       Nick visits Kelly but Dylan shows           have an affair to get Kirk, Minx
                                       home from the hospital & back                  hypnosis, C&E learn Kirk     up, Lionel packs up the house,     refuses to leave the house and shoots
                              440      to the Capwell house 441                        borrowed a rifle 442 Warren tries to stop Lionel 443                                                   444
                                                                                                                                                                                          at CC
                        April a
Minx shoots CC in the butt with 28                               April 29 Kirk collapses at the Capwell 30
                                                                                                   April                               May 1                                                May 2
pellet gun when he tries to evict      Warren leaving town to go into a house and goes back to the                                                             Mason & Mary kiss at the stables,
the Lockridges (replays), Eden         clinic for compulsive gambling,    hospital, Sophia tells Mary she                                                      Eden and Cruz at the cabana
realizes Kirk has been spying on       Kirk tries to get the tape of his  found a lump in her breast,                                                          while Kirk watches from outside,  4/28-my ep
her from his room, Lionel &            confession from Gina, C&E plan to Sophia's birthday, Mary talks to                                                      Ted & Hayley go on a date, Dylan incomplete;
Augusta spend the night together       trap Kirk at the cabana , Sophia   Mother Isabel about an anullment                                                     breaks into Kelly's apartment ,   4/29 - airdate
445                                    finds a lump in her breast   446     447                                                                     448        Mary goes to the convent 449 confirmed
                           May 5    Mason searches for Mary, May 6
                                                                Mark                                   May 7                                      May 8                                     May 9
                                    visits Mary at the convent, Eden        Pearl's ferry explodes after Kirk
Mary calls Mark and tells him       avoids having sex with Kirk,            planted a bomb, trying to kill Gina and airdate confirmed - Gina turnsairdate confirmed - Cruz sets Gina
she's at the convent, Mason         Sophia asks Mason to draw up her        the jeweler who provided the fake       up in Mexico claiming amnesia,up in the pres suite, Kirk brings
interrupts Kirk entering the cabana will, Cruz questions the jeweler ,      alibi, Lionel remembers his meetings Cruz brings her back to SB,      Santana to the cabana to see C&E
with a gun, Kelly remembers Peter Mason learns Mary is at the               with Madeline, Gina leaves for Mexico Mason dresses up as a priest at are having an affair, Sophia learns
and stabs Dylan   450                  convent   451                        452                                    the convent              453                she has cancer       454
                         May 12                                 May 13                               May 14                                   May 15                                       May 16

                                       Sophia tells Brick she has cancer,                                                                           Mason walks Mary back to the
                                       Cruz explains to Santana that the                                                                            convent, Mason goes back to the
                                       cabana was an act to set up Kirk,                                                                            Capwell house where Mark hits him,
                                       Mary confesses to Mason in the                                                                               Eden tells Cruz about the blackmailer,           5/12, 13, 16 -
                                       confessional atthe convent, Mark calls                                      airdate confirmed - Dylan finds  Eden tells Gina she thinks she's                 I have
                                       Mary at the convent, Mary agrees to Mason takes Mary out of the             Kelly's notes to Nick, Mason and faking amnesia because she's afraid              Mason
                                       come home in a few days, Kirk gets     convent to the tent, they make       Mary spend the day at the tent,  of Kirk, Gina goes to the Capwell                Chronicles,
                                       angry with Eden and she runs off       love, Kelly tells Dylan she and      Sophia has surgery to remove her house looking for Brandon after being            Sophia clips,
                            455 456                                         Nick are back together    457          breast lump           458                   threatened by Kirk   459              or part only
                         May 19                                 May 20                               May 21                                     May 22                                     May 23
                                                                                                                   Gina drives off in Eden's car - drives
Mason and Mary back in SB, Mary        airdate confirmed -Dylan gets        Mark rapes Mary, CC kicks Kirk         off a cliff, Kirk comes in with a gun but   Kirk chases Eden around
tells Mark she wants an                pushed out the window (replays),     out, Gina finds Eden at the cliff      Eden knocks him out and runs out,           Aqualand, Mason and CC see            5/19-22: I
annulment, Nick trying to find Kelly   dies, Kirk follows Gina out of the   house and plays the tape for her       Cruz makes it to the cliffhouse but         Kelly at the sanitarium, Kirk         need better
and Dylan, Dylan gets pushed out       hotel to find Eden, Mark starts to   of Kirk's confession, Cruz arrests     Eden is gone, Eden makes it to              about to throw Eden to the            copies of
the window (end)     460               force himself on Mary 461            Kelly 462                              Aqualand     463                            sharks (end) 464                      these
stuff in green, I don't have: Summaries from Jim's site, the German site, Tom Erik or Mason Chronicles
Some pre-emption possible week of April 28 for continued coverage of Chernobyl accident (4/26)
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summary for
5/13 - could
be 5/12

5/19, 22 - my
                                                                                      May/June 1986
              Monday                                 Tuesday                                  Wednesday                                Thursday                                 Friday
                            May 26                                  May 27                            May 28                                           May 29                                May 30
                                                                                                                                             Julia and David wake up together,
                                                                                                     Eden begs CC to let Gina off and he   Kelly's hearing - she is found unfit to
                                 Gina knocks out Kirk who has a                                      agrees, Mason offers Julia a plea for   stand trial and is taken back to the
Rawlings medicates Kelly, Eden gun on C&E, C&E flee - Cruz         Cruz almost drowns Kirk but lets David but she turns it down, Courtney sanitarium, Kirk pleads guilty, Keith is
gets away but Kirk catches her, shot, Nick turns over Justin's         him live, Kirk arrested, Gina finds Pearl's secret room, David asks  the new DA, Justin sneaks into the Aqualand
Kirk throws Eden to the sharks - tapes of Kelly's sessions, Sheila    confesses to pulling the plug, Julia to spend the night with him       sanitarium, Gina watches the tape conclusion this
    Cruz jumps in after her    465 in town            466                            Pearl meets with Sheila      467 468                                                                       469 week
                                                                                                                                                                           and realizes its value
                            June 2                                    June 3                                   June 4                                    June 5                              June 6
                                                                                                                           Mason gets a search warrant for
                                          Mary tells Sophia that Mark raped her,                                           Sheila's hotel room and Cruz
                                          Ted auditions for KUSB and meets         David's trial starts, Mason and Julia's searches it, Keith & Santana get
                                                                                                                                                                                                        6/2-4-my eps
                                                                                                                                                                   The PI & Courtney testify, Sheila    slightly
Mason & Julia spar during pre-            Jane, CC tells Eden about Sophia's       opening statements, Courtney goes to locked in the courtroom together,
trial/jury selection, David brings Shelia cancer, Mary threatens to tell the       see Sheila, Cruz testifies, Ted's first Eden fills the house with daisies for
                                                                                                                                                                   takes the stand & testifies she &    incomplete;
her lipstick that was left in his hotel   church Mark raped her if he protests     day on air at KUSB, Gina visits Kelly CC & Sophia, Mason & Mary make            David had an affair, Julia           6/6-I have
rm, Sophia urges Mary to tell Mason the anulment, Cruz & Santana argue             at the sanitarium, Courtney tells       love, Mason serves Sheila with a        subpoenas Lionel, Mason tells        Mason
what's upsetting her, Lionel tells CC and Cruz follows Eden home, Mason            Mason about a letter she saw at         subpoena & then figures out Julia &     Julia he knows about her and         Chronicles
about Sophia's cancer       470          proposes to Mary at the OE  471           Sheila's   472                          David are sleeping together473    David 474                                  only
                            June 9                                 June 10                                   June 11                                 June 12                                June 13

Julia planning to resign from David's
case but then decides not to, Sheila's   CC almost arrests Lionel for being at     Gina steals Rosa's cookie recipe                                                David punches Mason in the
testimony continued, Cruz suspicious     the Lockridge house, CC awards final      and makes cookies, Pearl and                                                    courtroom, Danny arrested for
of Keith, Pearl plots to enter the       custody of Brandon to Santana, Eden       Lionel testify, Brick meets with David testifies, CC and Sophia                 DUI, Julia re-calls Sheila to the    David
sanitarium, Lionel & Augusta break       visits Kelly, Gina follows Keith and      Grant, Pearl and Eden break      visit Kelly, Mary finds out she's              stand, Mary tells Mason she's        Laurent's trial --
into the empty Lockridge house475        Santana to the beach house  476 into Rawlings' office 477      pregnant 478                                               pregnant   479                       this week
                          June 16                                  June 17                      June 18                                              June 19                                June 20
                                                                                   The verdict comes in - David            Julia finds the bloody dumb bell        Keith and Cruz spar at KUSB,
Mary tells Mason she's pregnant Pearl tells Courtney he's going                    acquitted, Santana confronts            in David's bag at the cabin,            Gina switches Santana's pills        6/16-I have
(replays), Mary & Mason have    into the sanitarium, M&J                           Eden at the Orient Express,             Mason drunk after the verdict,          again, Julia hides the dumb bell     Mason
dinner at the OE & Mason taunts practice closing statements                        Julia heads up to the cabin             Lionel plots with Grant against         in the fireplace, Pearl enters the   Chronicles
Julia   480                              481                                       482                                     CC      483                             sanitarium 484                       only
                          June 23                                  June 24                                   June 25                                 June 26                                June 27
                                                                    Sheila and David accuse each
                                                                                                                                                                   Mason meets with Grant &
                                 David breaks into the bathroom     other of Madeline's murder at the                      Mark back in town, CC and Grant
airdate confirmed - Julia locks                                                                                                                                    Lionel on Lionel's boat, CC &
                                 with an axe, Julia excapes out the ranger station, Mary tells Mason to                    spar, Ted and Hayley planning to
herself in the bathroom at the                                                                                                                                     Sophia have dinner on the
                                 window - goes to the ranger        forget the annullment because the                      move in together, Julia upset after
cabin, Cruz finds Santana on the station, Keith and Santana have    church will have to talk to Mark,                      learning David & Sheila left town       beach, Gina suggests to Cruz
                                                                                                                                                                                                          This week-My eps slightly
roof of the hotel taking off her sex on the beach, Ted and Hayley David and Sheila are arrested but                        together, Mary slips and tells Mark     that Santana is having an affair      incomplete; 6/26 missing 5
clothes 485                      sleep on the beach 486             then let go 487                                        she's pregnant 488                      489                                   min; 6/27 missing 5-10 min
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 This week-My eps slightly
incomplete; 6/26 missing 5
min; 6/27 missing 5-10 min
                                                                                       July 1986
             Monday                                 Tuesday                             Wednesday                                 Thursday                               Friday
                        June 30                                  July 1                                    July 2                                 July 3                                July 4
    beg - Mark tells Mason he and
  Mary slept together, Mason gets    Mason wants Mary to press
    drunk and goes to see CC but     charges against Mark, Mason                   4th of July - party at Capwell
   then decides not to help Grant,   hits Mark, CC & Sophia visit                  house, Pearl and Kelly have
 Mary tells Mason Mark raped her,    Kelly, Courtney visits Pearl                  "fireworks" in the sanitarium
 CC & Sophia make love     490 491                                                                           492 Preempt for Wimbledon Preempt for Wimbledon
                         July 7                                  July 8                                    July 9               July 10               July 11

4th of July - day 2, Mary goes to Pearl in trouble b/c of the party,          Gina films her commercial on            Pearl tells Courtney he found
the Orient Express to talk to     Mark arrested for rape, Julia               the hotel roof, Kelly stalls            Brian's letters, Mark's trial about Mark and Mary go to the roof to
Mark, Mary decides to divorce     hears Mary's side - decides to              Rawlings so Pearl can break             to start - Mark & Mary practice     talk, the C falls on Mary at end
Mark    493                          throw the case        494        into his office 495                             testimony, Ted visits Kelly 496 of ep 497
                        July 14                               July 15                                     July 16                             July 17                                 July 18
                                     Mary's memorial service, Courtney        Mason working on his revenge, invites                                        Mason "shoots" Mark, threatens Julia
                                     tries to get Pearl to leave the          Mark to the OE, Eden at Keith's /                                            at the courthouse, visits CC with the
                                     sanitarium today, Kelly tells                                                Daytime Emmy Awards                      gun, Kelly visits CC - begs him not to
                                                                              locked in the smuggling van, Mason
                                     Rawlings under hypnosis that she         about to shoot Mark, Pearl takes the(aired on NBC)                           send her back to the hospital but
Mary's death       498               killed Dylan    499                      gang to Buzz's for dinner   500     preempt                                  Rawlings shows up      501
                      July 21                                   July 22                                   July 23                July 24                                            July 25
Mason tells Cruz he killed Mark,     Mason wakes up at the Capwell            Keith and Santana spend the             Keith and Santana wake up at the
then reveals he got Mark to                                                   night in the pres suite, Pearl                                                CC & Sophia get engaged, Keith
                                     Hotel, Gina brought him there after he                                           hotel, Cruz pissed Santana stayed out
confess to raping Mary and           was drunk at the bar, end - a woman      brought back to the sanitarium,         all night, Kelly calls Eden b/c she's and Santana take a drive & hit
locked him in a closet on the        in white drags a drunk Mason out of      Ted finds out Gina is Hayley's          worried about what Rawlings might do Eden with the car in the fog
roof   502                           the church   503                         aunt   504                              to Pearl   505                       506
                        July 28                                 July 29                                   July 30                             July 31                                   Aug 1
                                     Eden tells Cruz about the
                                                                       Julia arrested for drunk driving,
                                     accident, Gina tells Eden Keith                                                  Kelly rescues Pearl from Rawlings
                                                                       Mark taunts Julia (his last day),
                                     and Santana broke up, Ted has a                                                  & they escape with Owen, Julia
                                                                       Keith fixes Santana's head light
Eden's accident replays, she is      date with Roxanne, Hayley DJ's at                                                represents Gina in trouble b/c of
                                                                       before she can confess to Cruz,
taken to the hospital, Santana       KUSB, Cruz has Eden leave town Rawlings about to perform shock                   the poisoned cookies, CC &
realizes she hit Eden      507       508                               treatment on Pearl 509                         Sophia plan their wedding   510                                       511

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                                                                                August 1986
            Monday                                Tuesday                          Wednesday                                Thursday                                   Friday
                            Aug 4                                Aug 5                              Aug 6                                     Aug 7                                  Aug 8

                                                                                                                                                            end - Santana's hearing ends, arrested,
                                                                                                                                                            Owen tells Rawlings they're in Pearl & Kelly
                             512                                   513                                514                                      515                           Mexico 516 on the run
                          Aug 11                                Aug 12                             Aug 13                                   Aug 14                                 Aug 15
Pearl & Kelly on the boat get                                                                                                                            CC convinces Kelly to leave the
                                                                          Pearl & Kelly wake up in the file
questioned by Mexican police,  Eden & Cruz kiss, Eden plans to                                                E&C spend day at the beach,        country rather than be arrested,              airdates &
                                                                          room, Eden & Cruz meet at the
Santana breaks a window at the leave town, Pearl & Kelly get              beach and make love, Augusta        Keith finds Santana's pills in her Santana goes to the snack bar                 episode
police station, cuts herself   locked in Rawlings' ex-wife's file         kidnapped, Santana signs custody of jewelry box, Santana sneaks out with the gun (airdate confirmed)                 numbers
(airdate confirmed)   517      room              518*                     Brandon over to CC   519       of the hospital 520        521                                                        confirmed
                        Aug 18                                  Aug 19                            Aug 20                     Aug 21                                                Aug 22
                                                                                                                Jane is unmasked as Roxanne, CC                                                8/20-22: I have
Kelly packs and leaves, Santana        Mason arrives & convinces                                                gives Lionel the money for Augusta's
                                                                                                                                                         Lily Light appears at the tent
has a gun at the beach snack           Santana to give herself up,      Mason tells Ted about finding           ransom & she is rescued, C&E set         meeting (replays), Santana gives
                                                                                                                                                                                               eps only; dates
bar, Gina is shot, holds Eden at       Santana tells Cruz goodbye,      Lily, Lionel tries to rescue            off the fire sprinklers at the OE,       Cruz Eden's ring, Augusta             forsome
gunpoint, CC & Sophia go to the        Keith realizes Gina has the tape Augusta, Hayley sees Jane as            Mason brings everyone to the revival     leaves, Lily moves into the guest     scenes
hotel    522                           of Dylan's death   523             Roxanne    524                        tent, Lily Light appears   525      house 526                                  estimated
                          Aug 25                                Aug 26                             Aug 27                                    Aug 28                                Aug 29
                                                                          Lily's followers throw a rock
                                                                                                                Rawlings arrives with a gun (replays),
                                                                          through Brick's window, Lily & Nick                                            Eden moves in with Cruz, Pearl
                                                                                                                Brick goes on KUSB accusing Lily of                                            this week - I
Cruz gives Eden her ring back,                                            both visit Santana at the hospital,                                            returns to the sanitarium to
                                                                                                                harassing him, Paul & Cruz go to the                                           have
Eden asks Mason about the           Alice tells Pearl that Rawlings       E&C have a crab dinner, Pearl         sanitarium, Keith visits his dying       report Rawlings' arrest, Keith
stewardess pin, Brick starts work killed Brian in a church, Lily          starts to break down the brick wall   grandmother and we learn about           pretends Gina is his fiance for       eps; dates for
at the casino, Lily protests at the pretends to faint at a casino         but Rawlings arrives with a gun       Katie's death, Rawlings is arrested &    his grandmother, Keith's              some scenes
casino   527                           protest   528                      529                                   Pearl learns Brian escaped    530 grandmother dies 531                         estimated
                           Sept 1                               Sept 2                              Sept 3                                   Sept 4                    Sept 5
                                                                                                                                                         Cruz & Tori each remember the past,
                                                                                                                                                         Lionel tells Minx he bought the house
Brick & Lily debate about the casino                                                                                                                     back, Mason tells Eden Cruz crashed
                                                                                                                                                         his motorcycle chasing Tori, Keith    this week - I
on KUSB, Gina brings the marriage                                                                                                                                                              have
portrait to CC & Sophia, Cruz offers   CC catches Lionel, Pearl, Alice,                                                                                  plans to bug Cruz's phone, Eden
                                                                                                                                                         asks Tori about Cruz's accident but   clips/partial
Keith his sympathy about his           Jane & Julia at the Lockridge                                                                                                                           eps; dates for
grandmother's death, Tori calls Cruz   house, Tori visits the beach                                                                                      she didn't know it had happened       some scenes
& asks him to meet her    532          house and meets Eden     533                                     534 Lily & Gina fight 535                        536                                   estimated

around ep 525 - Lily's first episode
*ep 518 is confirmed as 8/12/86 - photo of script                         around ep 532 - Tori's first episode
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                                                                                    Sept/Oct 1986
             Monday                                Tuesday                                Wednesday                                   Thursday                                     Friday
                            Sept 8                                 Sept 9                         Sept 10                                     Sept 11                                          Sept 12
                                          Party at the OE continues - Eden
      Opening night of Tori's play,      wears the earrings, Lily's followers
                                                                                        Cruz questions Gina about Brick quits the casino, Amy and
       Eden has a second earring         harass Amy at Buzz's, Cruz learns          switching Santana's pills, Tori Buzz at Buzz's when protestors                                                              9/8-/910
       made, Courtney depressed          Gina's name was found in Angel's           crashes her car at the airport, show up, Hayley throws the can - Hayley throws cans at Buzz's -                          summaries:
      about Pearl, party at the OE       contact book, Amy asks CC to fire          Lily's followers throw bricks at explosion (airdate confirmed) explosion replays, Amy dead in                                  dates
       after the play begins 537                                    538
                                                 Brick from the casino                  Brick & Amy's house 539                               540                    the fire 541                              estimated
                           Sept 15                               Sept 16                                    Sept 17                                  Sept 18                                   Sept 19
                                                                                                                          Ted plans to give his statement            Lily & Mason sleep together, Mason     this week - I
                                                                                                                          against Hayley but changes his mind,       gets drunk, Gina asks Angel for more   have clips or
                                                                                                                          Gina seduces Angel after he says           drugs then pretends to get drunk at    partial eps.
                                                                                                                          he's going to tell Santana the truth,      the OE, Angel tells Santana Keith      Dates for some
                                                                                                                          power outage, Lily starts to seduce        bought the drugs from him-not Gina,    scenes         9/19 - my ep
                              542 Amy's funeral 543        Hayley's arraignment 544                                       Mason   545                                Gina goes to Keith's   546             estimated      incomplete
                           Sept 22                 Sept 23                  Sept 24                                                                  Sept 25                                   Sept 26
                                      Gina tips off Cruz to search Keith's                                                Cruz gets the results on the pills he
Gina plants the pills at Keith's,     for the drugs, Julia tries to                                                       found at Keith's, Ted refuses to testify
Tori tries to talk to Keith, Cruz &   convince Brick not to hurt Lily, Ted                                                against Hayley and is held in              Lionel finds fossils, at the beach
Tori tell Eden part of the Katie      is subpoenaed to testify against                                                    contempt, CC enlists Courtney to           Tori remembers Katie, Courtney
story, Gina pretends to be drunk      Hayley, Cruz finds the pills at                                                     bring Kelly to SB for the wedding,         smuggles Kelly into SB, Gina
still, Cruz remembers Katie           Keith's, Lily goes to Brick's (airdate                                              Gina arranges for Angel to tell Cruz       throws bachelor parties for CC &
547                                   confirmed)   548                                                           549      Keith bought the pills   550               Sophia (airdate confirmed)    551
                           Sept 29                               Sept 30        Keith resigns as DA & Mason Oct 1         Tori tells Cruz Keith has theOct 2                                      Oct 3
                                                                                plans to be DA, Tori comes                earring (replays), Lionel & Jane           A minor earthquake, Mason is the
                                                                                looking for Cruz & Eden takes             ask CC for permission to dig on            temp DA & asks Lily to move out,
Gina & Sophia catfight (replays),                                               Cruz to Anacapa Island for a              his property, Keith tells Gina about       CC & Sophia rehearse for the
Eden & Cruz have a private                                                      "honeymoon", Courtney confronts           Katie's death, C&E return to SB.           wedding, Brick hits CC & later
ceremony in a church (airdate                                                   Keith about his affair with               Keith takes Tori to the beach              goes to see Lily, CC finds Gina in
confirmed)   552                                                     553        Madeline, Tori finds Cruz    554 555                                                 the bathtub   556
                             Oct 6                                  Oct 7                                     Oct 8                                      Oct 9                                  Oct 10
                                      Gina tells CC she has the original        Cruz tells Eden the truth about Katie's
Caroline calls Jane - she's           tape and will give it up if he                                                      CC & Sophia's wedding                      Tori & Cruz planning to tell Keith
                                                                                death, CC planning to go ahead with
coming to SB, Brick almost            marries her, Mason draws up a                                                       continues but then Sophia calls            the truth about Katie's death,
                                                                                the wedding, Mason tries to seduce
strangles Lily but Mason stops        marriage contract, CC agrees to           the tape out of Gina for CC,              it off, Mason & Keith draw up the          Sophia leaves the house, Lily
him, Gina shows CC the tape           sign the contract but then changes        CC&Sophia's wedding starts as Gina        marriage contract and CC &                 tells Gina she is her daughter         airdates
but then sets it on fire    557       his mind   558                            sits on the balcony   559                 Gina sign it   560                         561                                    confirmed

                                                                                Caroline's first ep is 557
stuff in green - I don't have, summaries estimated                                                                                  This page updated: 29-Aug-06
                                                                                    Oct/Nov 1986
              Monday                                    Tuesday                           Wednesday                                    Thursday                                Friday
                             Oct 13                                  Oct 14                        Oct 15                                            Oct get
                                                                                                                         Lily tells Mason she'll help him 16                           Oct 17
                                           Eden crashes her car at the              Gina tells Lily she wanted her       the tape from Gina if he helps her
                                        airport, Gina tells Lily her baby            baby and refused to have an                 get her following back, Cruz
Tori tells Keith a lie about Katie's died, Lily shows Gina the sweater            abortion, Eden leaves for Monte            leaves for Monte Carlo, Mason        Eden in Monte Carlo - meets
 death, C&E argue at the airport,      she was wearing when she was                 Carlo, Mason believes Gina's         sets up a phony hearing on Amy's Martin Ellis, Cruz flies & arrives
      Lily tells Gina her birth date   bought, Gina realizes Lily is her           story and brings her to see Lily         death to try to get the tape from in Monte Carlo, Brick tries to get           10/16 - I've
                               562                             daughter563                                    564                                    565
                                                                                                                                                  Gina                   Hayley to confess    566        only got clips
                             Oct 20                                  Oct 21                                 Oct 22                                 Oct 23                                   Oct 24
Mason suggests Hayley & Ted get                                                Ted & Hayley's wedding night, Lionel      C&E at the chateau - then plan to    E&C return from France, Marty
married to avoid forcing Ted to testify,                                       & Jane digging in the Capwell atrium,     return to SB, Courtney summons       tells Tori he's taking her back to       C&E at the
C&E in Monte Carlo & then arrive at                                            C&E at the chateau, Martin in SB &        Keith to the bungalow, Julia tells   LA, Keith blackmails Gina with her       chateau in
the chateau, Lily moves in with Gina,                                          thinks Pearl is Tori's boyfriend, Alice   Lionel she's planning to have a      confession about Santana's pills,        Nice, Hayley
Hayley & Ted decide to get married                                             remembers the cop who shot her            baby, Keith drugs Gina and tapes     Cruz rescues Tori from Marty             & Ted get
567                                        Ted & Hayley get married 568        father, Marty hits Tori   569             her confessions   570                (airdate confirmed)     571              married
                             Oct 27                                  Oct 28                                 Oct 29                                 Oct 30                                 Oct 31
                                                                                                                                                              Tori rescues Eden from the ocean,
Keith plays Gina's confession &            Lily "heals" Gina at her bridal                                          Minx's birthday, Cruz confronts           Keith tries to get the tape from
tries to blackmail the Capwells,           shower, Ted & Hayley return from    Cruz & Marty fight & Marty is        Eden about Marty, Brick hires an          Gina at the dentist's, Lily "heals"
Tori decides not to press charges          their honeymoon, Tori figures out   hurt, Brick confronts Lily after     actor to be "healed" by Lily, Julia       another actor, Sophia kidnaps
against Marty, Eden plans to tell          Eden met Marty in Monte Carlo,      Gina's "healing", Keith goes to tells Mason she wants to have a                Gina on CC's plane, Julia asks      10/29, 31: my
Cruz the truth but Marty comes             Marty tells Cruz it was Eden who    Julia for legal help with his affair baby, Eden & Tori fight & Eden            Brick to father her baby but he     eps
looking for Eden    572                    called him    573                   with Madeline     574                     runs into the ocean   575            says no   576                            incomplete
                              Nov 3                                   Nov 4                                  Nov 5                                   Nov 6                                  Nov 7
                                                                                                                         Santana plans to kidnap Brandon,
                                                                               CC rescues Sophia & Gina from             Tori takes Cruz from the wreckage    Lily takes the tape from Gina's hiding
                                           Cruz takes the boat out in the      the downed plane, Cruz & Tori             to the lighthouse, Pearl gets info   spot in the boar's head, everyone
Sophia plans to fly Gina to a              storm to search for Sophia's        fight the storm on the boat, Keith        on Sybil - the writer who may know   goes to the beach bar in the fog -
deserted island but they get               plane, Tori stows away on the       hears Courtney talking in her             where Brian is, Lily has a press     Gina shot?, Cruz and Tori have sex in
caught in a storm and Sophia               boat, Sophia & Gina spar in the     sleep about Madeline's death,             conference, Gina tells Lily where    the lighthouse (airdate confirmed)     11/3 - I have
crash lands the plane 577                  downed plane    578                 Cruz's boat is swamped      579           the tape is   580                    581                                      clips only
                            Nov 10                                  Nov 11                                 Nov 12                                 Nov 13                                  Nov 14
                                           Lily stole the tape the night in                                                                                   Gina hitchhikes back to SB, CC &
Gina missing - apparently shot at the
                                                                     Gina wakes up to Air Supply in
bar, Mason has Brandon sleuth to find the fog, Cruz wakes up but                                                         Santana ties up Gina in the pig      Sophia prepare to marry, Cruz            Gina missing,
                                      doesn't remember what          the barn, Hayley walks in on                        sty, Cruz & Tori rescued and         confronts Tori about what happened       CC & Gina's
out who had an alibi then re-enacts
the events, end - Gina revealed to be happened, Tori gives Cruz more Cruz and Tori in the lighthouse                     taken to the hospital, CC waits      in the lighthouse, Lily agrees to give   non-wedding
alive   582                                drugs   583                         584                                       at the church for Gina    585        Brick the tape    586                    this week

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                                                                                 Nov/Dec 1986
             Monday                                Tuesday                            Wednesday                               Thursday                                Friday
                             Nov 17                              Nov 18                        Nov 19                                      Nov 20                                Nov 21
                                                                                                                                                         Gina visits Keith for sex, Jane
 Gina back, Brick gets the tape Brick gives Santana the tape so                                                      CC & Sophia try to meet at the         upset b/c Lionel & Caroline
and holds CC at gunpoint, Eden     she can have Brandon, Keith                    Eden and Cruz argue at the            guesthouse, Courtney finds        spent the night together, Tori 11/19: I'm
gets Cruz to admit he slept with   helps Gina get the tape back                    lighthouse, CC and Gina's         Brian, Lionel digging for fossils admits to Cruz she knew he was missing most           airdates
                            Tori587                                 588                           wedding    589                                 590             thinking of Eden 591 of this ep             confirmed
                             Nov 24                              Nov 25                                   Nov 26                           Nov 27                                Nov 28
                                       Mason & Julia sign the baby                                                                                      Keith decides not to press
Eden tells Keith about Tori's part in
                                      contract, on the beach Keith           Gina and Lily have Thanksgiving                                            charges against Tori for Katie's Mason &
Katie's death, Mason picks up Eden's
stuff at Cruz's, Mason & Julia agree gets Tori to confess what               dinner alone, the Capwells have                                            death, Mason & Julia make love Julia baby
to the baby contract terms, Keith     happened the day Katie died            dinner with Sophia in the guest       Thanksgiving -                       at the cabin, Tori goes to the   contract
follows Tori to the beach    592    593                                      house    594                          Preempted                            hotel roof 595                   starts
                              Dec 1                                Dec 2                                   Dec 3                                Dec 4                              Dec 5
                                                                                                                                                  Julia looks at baby names, Kelly
Danny has til midnight to get          Cruz shoots Danny, Pearl &            Angel hits up Gina for money, Ted Alice's birthday, Caroline visits  sends E&C flowers & both have
Angel his coke money, Pearl            Brian get trapped in a cave in,       and Hayley visit Danny in the     Gus in jail, Cruz arrests Angel at flashbacks of when they met in                             12/6/86
chases Brian, Brian crashes his        Gina tips off Cruz that Angel is      hospital, Mason takes Tori to the the powerhouse & takes a leave Paris, Brian & Pearl back in SB,                12/2: I only   Soap Opera
car, Mason and Tori meet               at the OE, Angel gets away            convent, Cruz chases Angel to the of absence, Mason remembers Mason visits Tori at the convent                   have 2nd       Digest
596                                    597                                   powerhouse     598                    Mary   599                           600                                   half           Awards
                               Dec 8                               Dec 9                                  Dec 10                            Dec 11                               Dec 12
                                       Mason picks Tori up from the                                              Brick plans to buy Buzz's, CC tells
                                       convent, Eden gives Cruz her ring     Hayley & Ted move back to the       Sophia about the kidnapping plan,      Tori plans to leave town, Alice has
                                       back but he returns it to her, more   Capwell house, Tori tells Pearl     Brian plans to figure out who killed   nightmares about Gus shooting the
Preempted: Iran Contra                 E&C Paris flashbacks, Julia learns    she's pregnant, Caroline tells      Madeline, Jeffrey arrives and          cop, Mason tries to convince Cruz
committee hearings                     she's not pregnant & Tori learns      Lionel Gus is Alice's father, Mason saves Sophia from the collapsing       to come back to work, Lionel visits
special report                                                     601
                                       she is, Brian decides to stay         plans Kelly's kidnapping     602      roof at Buzz's   603                 Gus in jail   604
                 Dec 15                                          Dec 16                                   Dec 17                            Dec 18      Mason tells Tori she doesDec 19
                                                                             Jeffrey staying at the Capwell        Courtney is revealed to be           him of Mary, Eden, Ted & Hayley
Caroline tells Lionel Alice is her     Courtney asks Pearl to stop Brian's   house, Caroline learns Gus has        Madeline's murderer (replays) but it help Brick rebuilding Buzz's,
daughter, Tori leaves & goes to        book about Madeline's murder,         been paroled, Brian and Pearl set     was self-defense, Gus released on Sophia enlists her driver (Kevin
LA, M&J rendezvous at the              Gus's parole hearing today, Mason     Courtney up to get her to confess     parole, Julia tells Lionel Mason is Sorbo) to help her convince Gina
hotel, Cruz gets a Xmas tree           visits Tori in LA & is late meeting   to killing Madeline, Courtney         the father-to-be, Mason goes to      she & CC are going to Antigua
605                                    Julia back at the hotel   606         admits to killing Madeline    607     see Tori again in LA   608           together   609

                                                                             12/8/86 pre-empt verified against NBC News Archives
          This page updated: 21-Jun-06
                                                                               Dec 1986/Jan 1987
             Monday                                   Tuesday                            Wednesday                            Thursday                                Friday
                           Dec 22                                 Dec 23                          Dec 24                                    Dec 25                              Dec 26
                                           Hayley gets upset that Ted didn't
Gina goes to the airport trying to       tell her about the fake Antigua trip,  Tori learns her manager left with                                      Christmas Day episode: Gina's dream
catch CC & Sophia, Cruz visits                 Gina finds Mason at the guest all her money, Julia's doctor thinks         Christmas Eve episode -               continues, ends; Capwells &
Eden to tell her he loves her, CC            house in bed with a teddy bear, she should have some tests done,             beginning of Gina's It's a      Lockridges serve dinner at Buzz's; 12/22: I have
& Sophia spend a romantic                    Alice gets freaked out by Paul's CC meets with Kelly's "kidnapper"       Wonderful Life dream, Julia in         Kelly calls from Europe (airdate a few clips
evening at the guest house   610                               badge 611                                   612 the hospital having tests 613
                                                                                         (airdate confirmed)                                                              confirmed) 614 only
                           Dec 29                                 Dec 30                                Dec 31           January 1, 1987                                           Jan 2
                                                                               Gina planning a New Year's Eve
Tori comes back to SB to see Mason
after her agent stole all her money,   Mason takes Tori to the hospital party, CC and Ted going fishing,                                               New Year's Eve ep: CC has a         New Year's
Eden tells Cruz she knows they're too & learns she is pregnant, Alice
                                                                        Santana visits Brick & Cruz at                                                 cold, Julia goes to see Mason       Eve ep: aired
different, Tori collapses at the beach moves in w/ Gus, Jane tells      the construction of Johnny's                New Year's Day -                   but he's with Tori at the hospital, 1/2/87 due to
bar   615                                Brian about Roxanne     616     617                                        Preempted                          party at Purgatory    618             12/8 pre-empt
                              Jan 5                                Jan 6                                  Jan 7                               Jan 8                                Jan 9
Ted starts work at the stables &
meets Jake, Gus temps at the OE          Gus is charged after Eden             Jeffrey hired as the Capwell         Cruz convinces Eden she's not      Pearl upset to find Mason with        Jan 5 is the
but gets upset when Eden won't           identifies his voice as that of the   chauffeur, Keith summons Gina        sure Gus was the robber, Zack      Tori, Pearl & Sophia talk to Kelly    date of the
hire him, Eden is robbed at the          robber, Julia takes Gus's             to the pres suite, CC supposed       plants evidence at Gus's           in Switzerland, Eden tells Mason      OE robbery
OE, M&J make love in his office,         defense & Mason is the                to go to NY for a stockholder's      apartment, Mason & Tori watch      she doesn't think Gus was the         per Gus's
Gus is arrested    619                   prosecutor   620                      meeting   621                        movies together   622              robber   623                          trial
                            Jan 12                                 Jan 13                               Jan 14                               Jan 15                              Jan 16
Party for the opening of                                                       Keith sets up bugging equip in       Gus's pre-trial hearing, Cruz &
Johnny's, Cruz chases Zack out Jane learns Caroline is Alice's                 the Capwell wine cellar, Mason       Eden find Zack's ski mask, the     Gus's trial starts, Eden testifies,
of Johnny's, Keith trying to get mother (replays), Cruz wounds                 calls Kelly b/c tomorrow is her      judge denies a continuance &       Gina & Keith make a phony call
pictures of he & Gina in bed     Zack, party at Johnny's                       birthday, Jane visits Gus in jail    Gus's trial is to start tomorrow   to Sophia to try to get her to call
624                                      continues    625                      626                                  627                                Kelly    628
                            Jan 19                                 Jan 20                               Jan 21                               Jan 22                              Jan 23
Gus's trial-day 2, Cruz testifies, Gus   Zack holds C&E & Alice
found guilty, Gus ecapes custody, the
                                                                               Jeffrey on a plane to Zurich,        Zack shoots Lionel (replays) &     Kelly and Jeffery hide out in a
                                         hostage, Zack leaves with Alice,      Zack holding Lionel, Caroline &      he's presumed dead, Gus            church and a candy store, Keith
real robber, Zack, goes to Alice's and
C&E follow, Pearl & Jeffrey switch
                                         C&E get free, Zack holds Alice,       Alice hostage, K&J meet and          sneaks into the Lockridge house    & Gina hear Mason on the
places on the way to the airport         Lionel & Caroline hostage             escape out the window, Lionel        & fights with Zack, Gus shot,      phone about Kelly, Mason
(airdate confmd)   629                   630                                   shot   631                           Lionel alive   632                 resigns as DA 633

Dec 26 - Jan 23: airdates confirmed                                            Dec 27 - SOD Awards, repeat?
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I've only got
about 15
                                                                                     Jan/Feb 1987
            Monday                                  Tuesday                               Wednesday                             Thursday                             Friday
                           Jan 26                                  Jan 27                          Jan 28                                     Jan 29                              Jan 30
                                                                                                                   E&C & Pearl on the OE, C&E get
      Eden & Pearl plan to go to            E, C, & Pearl in Zurich, K&J                                                a couple back together & the         E&C with Pearl on the Orient
 Switz, Kelly tries to lose Jeffrey,          flew overnight in boxes and            K&J in the moving van, Tori power goes out, C&E remember             Express & Pearl pretends to be
Jeffrey learns Kelly is wanted for       arrive in NY, Keith back as DA,            picks up a drunk Mason from when they met on the OE, Gina &           sick so C&E can be alone, K&J 1/26, 29, 30:
      murder, K&J make it to the         K&J hide in sarcophagi-end up            Johnny's, Brick gives Gus a job Keith hack into CC's bank account             in the van set up separate   my eps
                      airport 634                  on a moving van 635                  (airdate confirmed)     636                               637                       "rooms" 638 incomplete
                            Feb 2                                    Feb 3                                    Feb 4                             Feb 5                              Feb 6
K&J make it to SB and hide at the                                        C&E & Pearl return from SB, Cruz
                                                                         learns Keith is DA again, Sophia             C&E & CC & Sophia get the guest
museum, CC has Tori's house
                                       K&J at the musem, Hayley          plans to draw Kelly out at the               list for the party to figure out what Masquerade party continues,
searched, C&E make love & then get
                                       sprains her ankle while riding    masquerade party, Mason & Tori               K&J will wear, Masquerade party Julia about to tell Mason she's
a telegram that Kelly is back in SB,
Kelly is recognized at the museum,     with Jake, Mason & Tori have      have dinner, Eden moves back to              begins, John Tesh cameo, CC           pregnant but he thinks she's
Pearl "marries" C&E on the OE ,        breakfast, CC tells Ted that Tori the beach house, Pearl thinks                suggests Mason should marry Tori breaking off their affair, Mason
Mason & Tori kiss   639                is pregnant   640                         Julia is pregnant    641             642                               proposes to Tori    643
                            Feb 9                                  Feb 10                                    Feb 11                           Feb 12                              Feb 13
                                                                                                     C&E visit K&J at the stables,
Mason tries to convince Tori to Mason & Julia both apply for the Kelly finds Jeffrey's ring, C&E     Keith & Gina get off the rig, CC CC "dies", CC's funeral, CC
marry him, K&J try to make it to same job, Tori babysits Johnny, lure Keith and Gina to the oil rig, fakes a heart attack, Tori tells alive at the end of the episode - 2/11: My ep
the Capwell house, then hitch a C&E figure out K&J went to the Kelly visits the graveyard            Mason she'll marry him but then after Keith pricks him with a pin, missing
ride to the stables 644          stables 645                     (airdate confirmed) 646             they argue 647                   K&J in the wine cellar 648        teaser
                          Feb 16                                   Feb 17                                    Feb 18                           Feb 19                              Feb 20

                                       Lionel confronts Caroline, Gina           Mason tells CC & Sophia he's
K&J run from the wine cellar and                                                                              Julia tells Eden about Mason &
                                  setting up Keith for the embezzlement marrying Tori, Keith releases Cruz                                      Mason sets up a quickie wedding but
drive a tour bus, then make it to but Keith erases the bank records,    from jail, K&J attend music auditions
                                                                                                              Tori, Eden and Tori call a truce, Tori calls it off, K&J dream of each
the college, Keith arrests Cruz Tori accepts Mason's proposal, Julia & class at the college, CC baits Gina K&J hide in the research lab         other in the sensory deprivation tanks,
649                                                                  650
                                       gets a new job (airdate conf'd)           with a phony stock   651             652                               Ted buys Hayley a horse   653
                          Feb 23                                   Feb 24                                    Feb 25                           Feb 26                              Feb 27
                                       Hayley plans to sell her horse to Jake,
K&J kiss (replays), C&E find                                                     (airdate confirmed) Mason &          Mason & Tori's real wedding,
                                       Mason & Tori decide to get married
K&J and swap places in the                                                       Tori's fake wedding at the           Amy's birthday, Brick fights with Kelly arrested, Jeffrey taken to
                                       tomorrow, Cruz comes up with the
deprivation tanks, Sophia visits       fake wedding idea to see Kelly, Ted       chapel continues, the family         Hayley, K&J surrounded, Kelly the hospital, CC has Gina
Tori, a doctor at the college          gets promoted over Jake, the fake         sees Kelly, Julia learns Mason       surrenders, Jeffrey is shot       arrested, Hayley attacked (end     2/27: some
helps K&J    654                       wedding starts   655                      really is getting married    656     657                               of ep) (airdate confirmed)   658 preemption

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                                                                                     March 1987
            Monday                                 Tuesday                               Wednesday                              Thursday                              Friday
                        March 2                           March 3                                March 4                                March 5                                  March 6
                                                                                                                                                             Cruz gets his badge back, Ted
      Hayley's rape > Julia finds        Kelly gets a letter from Jeffrey,             Gina in the hospital after                                             goes after Jake, Hayley visits
Hayley on the beach & takes her           Gina in jail, learns of Hayley's       pretending to OD, Gina sneaks            Jeffrey in the hospital, then in Cruz to give her statement, Kelly
 to a clinic, Kelly & Gina spar in         rape & pretends to overdose                out to see Hayley (airdate        jail, Gina finally hands over the released & posts bail for Jeffrey 3/3: some
                         jail 659                                  660                          confirmed) 661          tape (airdate confirmed) 662                  (airdate conf'd) 663 preemption
                        March 9                               March 10                                March 11                             March 12                             March 13
                                                                                                    Kelly is formally cleared, Gina &                    Jake released on bail, Jeffrey tells
                                                                Julia tells Hayley she's            CC's divorce is final, Kelly                         Kelly Pamela is dead, Jeffrey gets
Jake breaks into Hayley's room, Jake's arraignment, Cruz asks representing Jake, Ted accuses        confronts Jeffrey about Pamela &                     hired as a lab asst, Hayley plans
Gina moves in with Keith, Jake Julia to represent Jake, Jeffrey Hayley of knowing Jake was the      he tells her he is Mason's half-                     to go to a rape counselor, Mason
arrested, K&J have a candlelit  moves into a sleazy motel, Jake rapist, C&E learn Julia is pregnant brother, Cruz gets sent to                           brings Julia windchimes for her
dinner   664                           passes a polygraph     665              (airdate confirmed)    666                                     667
                                                                                                                      Montana, Lionel's birthday         new house    668
                      March 16                                March 17                                March 18                             March 19                             March 20
Mason takes the job as partner in                                                                              M&J move into their new office at
the law firm, Keith pesters Julia at   Eden and Ted set a surprise             CC & Sophia's wedding part 2, the law firm, Jake meets Tori at            Ted tries to keep Dottie from
Johnny's to make Jake take a           wedding for CC and Sophia,              reception, Dr. Nikolas shows up Mason's office, Kelly vistis Jeffrey      alibi-ing Jake, Mason & Julia
plea, Brandon tells Gina about the     wedding begins, Gina gets               & remembers Pamela, K&J get at the lab but gets stuck in the              stuck in a storm at her house,
wedding tomorrow, CC & Sophia          sprayed by her skunk (airdate           stuck in the elevator (airdate  storm, Mason goes to Julia's              Tori attacked by the rapist
fight about Hayley   669       confirmed) 670                confirmed) 671                                           house   672                        (airdate confirmed)    673
                      March 23 Kelly hung-over, CC &March 24
                                                    Sophia                                            March 25                             March 26                             March 27
                                       have their honeymoon at the             CC& Sophia return home, Cruz &
Tori gives her statement to            hotel, Minx tells Lionel she lost all   Julia go to their first lamaze class                                   Brick arrested for the rapes;
Keith, Jake re-arrested at the         their money, Alice enrolls at           but miss Mason, Tori visits            Mason gets a death threat, Alex Gina tells Hayley she was
airport, Jeffrey gets Kelly drunk      college, Alex working on the            Hayley, Hayley moves out, Julia        shares some of his research     raped; Cruz, Eden & Julia bump
as part of Nikolas' experiment         serum and asks Jeffrey to keep it       tells Mason the boot print from        with Kelly, Julia hires a PI to into Mason & Tori at lamaze    3/24: I have
674                                    secret   675                            Tori's attack wasn't Jake's 676        keep an eye on Mason 677        678                            clips only
                      March 30                                March 31                                    April 1                              April 2                             April 3
                                                                     Julia tells Mason that Pearl is her
Lamaze class confrontation         Sophia visits Brick in jail, Eden baby's father, Ken the bartender &               Mason learns Jeffrey is            Mason about to be shot but Tori
replays, Julia defends Brick,      visits Hayley at Gina's, Ted goes Lionel brawl, Tori tells Cruz her                Pamela's son by Michael            shows up, Nikolas has a
C&E plan to get pregnant, Julia to the rape counselor & then         baby is Mason's, Julia finally                   Conrad , Jeffrey tells Mason       reception, Jeffrey saves Mason
tells Mason he's not the father of Brick, Kelly & Jeffrey in the lab admits to Mason he is the father                 Pamela killed herself, someone     from getting shot, Tori and Eden
her baby   679                         w/ guinea pigs     680                  681                                    about to shoot Mason 682           get hit by a car 683

3/27: Gina tells Hayley she was raped when she was 13 by a stranger (Lily's father) and says again her mother is dead
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                                                                                       April/May 1987
             Monday                                  Tuesday                                   Wednesday                                 Thursday                                      Friday
                           April 6                                   April 7                            April 8                                           April 9                                   April 10
                                                                                                                                                                        Jeffrey & Kelly both start work at Delta,
      Eden & Tori brought to the Cruz tells Eden he wants to get                     Gina & Alex have lunch, Gus &           Hayley visits Brick in jail,                M&J work all day & he stands Tori up
hospital, CC posts bail for Brick, married in Utah, Brick's hearing-                    Alice leave for Chicago, CC      Hayley's horse gets sick, CC                      for dinner, Eden plans to go to Utah
the nurse informs Cruz & Mason he gets held over for trial, Eden                     visits the rape counselor, Gina   buying Delta Pharmaceuticals                            alone ahead of Cruz, Cruz has a
   that Eden miscarried (airdate finds out she can still have kids                      gets her toe stuck in the tub which is where Jeffrey's new job                     nightmare, Elena makes a shadowy  airdates
                confirmed)   684                                       685                                  faucet686                                       687
                                                                                                                                                           is                                appearance 688 confirmed
                         April 13                                  April 14                                   April 15                                  April 16                                    April 17
Eden packing for Utah, Cruz has         Eden tells CC & Sophia she and             Jeffrey has the flu, Julia gives         Eden told she has to pilot the              Elena pushes Eden off the cliff
to go to Cabo San Lucas for             Cruz are having a private                  Mason back the money for the             charter plane, Eden picks up                (replays) Eden wanders in the
work, Mason deposits $5k for            ceremony, it's announced CC is             college fund, Elena follows Eden         Elena hitchhiking, Elena pushes             snow and falls down another cliff,
Julia's baby, the rapist tries to       the new Chief Operating Officer            to Utah, Pearl flies to Cabo to          Eden off the cliff (airdate                 Ken attacks Jane, Elena blows      airdates
attack Caroline   689                   of Delta 690                               bring Cruz back      691                 confirmed)      692                         up Eden's plane 693                confirmed
                        April 20                                   April 21                                   April 22                                  April 23                                    April 24
Cain takes Eden through the                                                        Ken breaks into Brick's house, Brick
                                                                                                                                                                        Eden's memorial service, Cain
snow, Jane tells Cruz and Pearl Kelly, Cruz & CC in Utah, Eden                     released from jail, Cain takes Eden to Cain takes Eden out of the                    tries to get Eden to move her
Ken is the rapist, Kelly tells Cruz wakes up at Cain's, Cruz takes                 a hospital, Ken attacks Jane at Brick's hospital and back to the cabin,              feet, Elena lurks at the memorial 4/22-23: my
about Eden; Cruz, Kelly & CC a helicopter to the crash site and                    house, the doctor tells Cain Eden is    Brick finds Jane, Cruz arrests               service, Eden tries to write Cruz's eps
go to Utah    694                       puts a rose in the snow     695            paralyzed   696                          Ken and then gets drunk        697          name 698                            incomplete
                         April 27                                  April 28                                   April 29                                  April 30                                       May 1
                                        CC asks Kelly to join Capwell              Hayley moves into the guest house,
                                        Enterprises, Jeffrey tells Alex he         Lucy tells Hayley she's done with                                                    Cruz finds the champagne
Eden talks to Cain, Elena in SB,        doesn't want to conspire against the       therapy, Jeffrey goes back to            CC tells Cruz he wants to make a            (replays), Cain washes Eden's hair,
Cruz bings Eden's clothes to the        Capwells, Mason tells Alex he wants        Mason's & tells him about the letters,   trust in Eden's name, a little girl stops   Cruz arrested for molesting a little
Capwell house, Brick bought a           to invest in the vaccine, Pearl tries to   Caroline interviews Alex, Tori learns    at Cruz's, Cain sets a fire, CC denies      girl, Lucy tries to kill herself on the
motorcycle, Jane & Brick have a         get Brick & Jane together, Jeffrey tells   she's having a boy and about the will,   getting Pamela's letters but later          roof of the hotel & Cruz goes there,
picnic, Cruz gets drunk, Julia &        Kelly Mason ignored Pamela's letters       Lionel tells Caroline he loves her       burns them, Cruz finds the                  Cain tells Eden she is believed
Mason argue at Johnny's    699   700                                               701                                      champagne Eden left     702                 dead   703
                           May 4                                      May 5                                      May 6                                     May 7                                       May 8
Cruz almost falls off the roof, Cain        Iran Contra hearings begin May 5… many partial or whole episode preempts….
burns the newspaper after telling                                                  Cruz & Mason recover from their
Eden SB thinks she is dead, CC                                                     drunken night, Cruz tells Julia he's     Eden's will reading, Lucy tells Cruz                                                    5/8: I have
learns Eden left a will, Mason & Cruz                                              going to leave town, Mason tells         about her stalker, Elena breaks into  Kelly & Jeffrey kiss & have Chinese               clips only;
drunk on the beach, Elena watches                                                  Jeffrey that CC burned Pamela's          Cruz's, Cruz tells the Capwells he is food, Cruz asks Keith for an arrest               dates for some
Cruz on the beach (airdate confirmed)   Preempted for first day                    letters, Lucy sees her stalker and       leaving town, Cain gives Eden a bath warrant for Lucy's stalker Addison,                scenes
704                                     of Iran Contra hearings                    asks Cruz for help   705                 (airdate confirmed)   706                   Addison poisons Cruz's tequila    707       estimated

         This page updated: 18-Nov-06                                              Pre-empt on May 5 confirmed by May 4 preview of live coverage
                                                                                     May/June 1987
             Monday                                     Tuesday                              Wednesday                               Thursday                                  Friday
                              May 11                                  May 12                          May 13                                         May 14                                May 15
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts
                                             CC & Sophia have dinner with Alex,
                                              Tori has stomach pains, Eden tells
                                           Cain she's decided to let SB think she                                                                           Lionel asks Alex to help Caroline,
       Gina visits Alex at the lab, Cain          is dead, Cruz drinks the tequila Elena delivers Cruz back home                                           M&J leave for Eureka, K&J take a            5/13-14: I have
   leaves Eden alone during the day,       (replays), Elena saves Cruz and he is and tells him about the incident                                         boat out, Ted & Hayley fight, Laken          clips only;
 Tori convinces Cruz to pull out of his         in the hospital, Brick visits Amy's with his IV, Cruz sets a trap for Cruz tries to rescue Elena, Cruz returns, M&J get stuck in Eureka, Tori          dates for some
depression, Cruz drinks the poisoned       grave, Cain builds Eden a wheelchair Addison but he takes Elena as a shoots Addison, Cain puts Eden            goes to Julia's looking for Mason &          scenes
                            tequila                                      709
                                                        (airdate confirmed)                              hostage710                 in the wheelchair 711                        goes into labor 712   estimated
                              May 18                                  May 19                                 May 20                                 May 21                                 May 22
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts
                                                                                   Tori learns Mason named the           Mason moves out of the apartment,
In Eureka Julia tells Mason she fell in    Pearl finds M&J at Cruz's, K&J get      baby Channing Creighton Capwell       Cruz tells Tori he checked her baby's
love with him, K&J make love on the        "rescued", Tori at the hospital, Eden   III, Mason wakes up hungover at       records & learned he's not the father,
island, Cruz delivers Tori's baby, Cain    asks Cain to take her to the city,      Johnny's, Caroline asks Jane to       Hayley &Ted try to make love but
is attacked by a bear, Eden tries to       Mason alters Chip's records, Sophia     be her maid of honor, Kelly tells     she's not ready, Caroline collapses,     Jeffrey dresses up in a suit
get into Cain's trunk, M&J arrive at       tells Kelly about Jeffrey's scheme w/   Cruz she found out Jeffrey lied to    Cruz decides he's going to Utah          of armor to win Kelly back           5/22: I have
Cruz's to find Tori gave birth 713         Alex   714                              her 715                               716                                      717                                  clips only
                              May 25                                  May 26                                 May 27                                 May 28                                 May 29
Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts

                                                                                                                                                                  Cruz opens the detective agency,
Cruz and Kelly re-trace Eden's last  Cruz at Cain's cabin, Cain holds Mason gets another call saying                     Carmen comes to SB, Lionel steals      CC turns down Elena's offer to buy 5/27 - I have
steps in Utah, Chip & Tori come      a gun on Cruz, Cruz and Eden Eden's alive and sends Tori to stay                    the serum, Jeffrey tells CC he's       the OE, Elena applies for a job at Mason
home from the hospital, Mason gets a miss seeing each other,          with her mother, Tori calls home &                 leaving town to avoid CC telling Kelly Cruz's agency, Caroline injects    Chronicles
call saying Eden is alive    718    Caroline & Lionel marry 719                    Julia answers   720                   about Elizabeth's death   721            herself with the serum   722     only
                             June 1                        June 2                                             June 3                                June 4                                  June 5
Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts

Laken throws a beach party where                                                                                         Cain gives Eden crutches, Pearl and
Elena "saves" Carmen from thugs she Cruz checks Eleanor's                          Jeffrey tells Kelly about        Elena have sex, Cain gets angry and Mason tapes one of the phone calls
hired, Cain tells Eden about his name, references, Elena finds Jeffrey,            Elizabeth, Ted & Laken deliver a locks Eden in the cabin, Tori           and plays it for Kelly, Gina steals the
Mason gets a phone call saying Eden Mason tells Kelly about the                    foal, Keith & Gina break into    confronts Julia about her baby's father serum from Lionel, Kelly learns she
isn't dead   723                           phone calls   724                       Nikolas' lab 725                 being Mason 726                         looks like Elizabeth 727
                              June 8                                   June 9                               June 10                                June 11                                 June 12
Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts: Fawn Hall testifies this week
Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts: Fawn Hall testifies this week
                                          Cain doesn't remember what he told
                                          Eden last night, Cruz sends Pearl &
                                            Eleanor off together, Alex gets an
                                         anonymous note from Gina, Alex has                                                                              Hayley and Ted argue, Cruz meets
Julia finds Mason slept in his office   Cruz call off the search for the serum,                                                                          the girl who got Eden's scholarship,
drunk last night & asks Cruz to talk to       Jeffrey asks Kelly to elope, Cain
                                                                                  Minx gives Lionel & Caroline her      Keith tells CC he has Alex's
                                                                                                                                                         Carmen gets offered pot on the
him, Eden uses the crutches, Cain       shows Eden the whirlpool he built her,    blessing, Pearl hung-over &               stolen serum, Johnny is      beach, Hayley tells Jake they
tells Eden about Soo-Li, Mason gets           Marsha from Toddlers Inc. visits    Elena goes to visit him, Kelly        kidnapped, Julia falls after a   shouldn't see each other anymore,        6/8: I have
more calls about Eden being alive,         Keith, Cruz upsets Pearl & he gets     has to go to NY, Tori & Mason    fight with Tori, CC spends some       Brick goes to The Last Resort for help   clips/
Tori and Julia argue   728                                         drunk 729 sleep together      730                             time with Chip   731 finding Johnny 732                          partial only

June 8: mostly preempted by Iran Contra hearings except for about 10 minutes
      This page updated: 27-Apr-08
                                                                                     June/July 1987
              Monday                                  Tuesday                               Wednesday                                   Thursday                                Friday
                           June 15                           June 16                                June 17                                     June 18                                     June 19
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts
                                       Elena spent the night at Cruz's, Julia
  Eden's birthday: Cain makes a cake    asks Mason about the phone calls,              Eden practices with the crutches,                                                                                  June 15-my
  but then gets drunk, Elena follows a Cain tells Eden she has to stay with        Alex falsifies his data so Keith steals           Paul Marshall eyes Chip, Kelly        Kelly reads Elizabeth's diary, copy inc (one
    lead on Johnny and gets trapped- him and she wouldn't be happy if she            the wrong info, Cruz & Elena find a        arrives back from Scotland, Jeffrey Mason visits Julia in the hospital set of scenes
        Cruz saves her, Julia answers    left, the kidnappers take Johnny to                   bomb in a van used by the             has a party, Julia gives birth to and then leaves town to meet the          cut by
                   Mason's phone                                      734
                                                                Chicago                                         735
                                                                                                       kidnappers                                Samantha736                           Indian   737      preemption)
                           June 22                                June 23                                   June 24                                  June 25                                June 26
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts
Mason arrives in the desert and gets     Mason gets knifed when he tries to       Mason being tortured by Indian-calls       Cruz & Elena meet a baby broker,      Eden alone in the cabin-spills the
jumped by the Indian, Elena has          escape, Eden shoots wide & Cain          Julia, K&J find a snake in the van &       Cain in SB meets an old buddy from water Cain left for her, Cruz & Elena
some thugs beat her up, Cain tells       grabs the gun, K&J leave to find         the van breaks down, Brick goes on         Vietnam, CC brings Gina the $ for the meet another broker, Hayley tells Ted
Eden he loves her, Eden shoots at        Mason, Elena breaks into K&J's           TV appealing for Johnny's return,          serum, Cain trashes Cruz's house      she wants a divorce, Cain ready to    airdates
Cain, Mason tries to run 738             house, Cain leaves for SB 739            Paul visits Tori   740                     741                                  shoot Cruz on the beach   742         confirmed
                           June 29                                June 30                                      July 1                                   July 2                               July 3
Iran Contra hearings - many partial episode preempts

Cain starts to shoot at Cruz but stops
when he has Vietnam flashbacks,          Daytime Emmy Awards (aired on
Eden passes out, Cruz and Eleanor        ABC) // Tori stops Paul before he can    Ted moves out of the guest
pose as potential parents at Toddlers    steal Chip, Kelly is burned by the
                                                                                  house, The Indian drugs Jeffrey
Inc, the Indian tampers with Kelly's     defective hair dryer, Caroline dying,
hair dryer, Gina gets hired by the                                                in a bar and turns on the
                                         Cain tells Eden she's never leaving,
kidnappers, Brick goes to the morgue     Keith & Gina try to figure out what to   propane in the van while Kelly
to ID a boy but it's not Johnny, Cain    do about Toddlers Inc, Tori finds        sleeps, Mason continues to
returns to the cabin, Paul attempts to   Paul's baby list, Cain locks Eden in     refuse to sign the paper,
steal Chip   743                         the closet   744                         Caroline dies      745                     Preempt for Wimbledon Preempt for Wimbledon
                             July 6                                  July 7                                    July 8                        July 9               July 10
Iran Contra hearings - many partial/whole episode preempts
The serum is recalled, CC asks Keith
for his money back, Jane tells Brick
she's going to Georgia for Caroline's
funeral and plans to stay there,
Carmen goes undercover at Toddlers,
Inc., Julia agrees to have Sami
photographed, Elena has a dream the
Capwells are dead & then gets drunk Preempt - Oliver North Preempt - Oliver North Preempt - Oliver North Preempt - Oliver North
at Cruz's    746                    testifies                testifies              testifies              testifies
                            July 13                  July 14                July 15                July 16                July 17
Iran Contra hearings - many partial/whole episode preempts
Iran Contra hearings - many partial/whole episode preempts
                                                                                                                       Tori hysterical after shooting Paul,
                                                                               Cain has Eden tied up, she tries to     Kelly in the hospital after the crash,
                             Preempt - Last day of                             steal his knife, Kelly crashes the van, Eden tries to convince Cain she
Preempt - Oliver North       Oliver North testimony,    Preempt - Poindexter   Elena kills a PI looking for the real   wants to stay with him, Paul in          7/17 - I have
testifies                    Robert McFarlane testifies testimony starts       Eleanor, Tori shoots Paul   747         surgery    748                           clips only

       This page updated: 28-Apr-08

Pre-empts in blue checked against NBC News Archives
                                                                                         July/Aug 1987
              Monday                                    Tuesday                                Wednesday                                     Thursday                                     Friday
                            July 20                                    July 21                         July 22                                               July 23                                   July 24
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial/whole episode preempts (Poindexter July 15-22, Shultz July 23 and 24)
                                                                                                                                  Hayley tells Ted she filed for divorce,
                                                                                                                                       Jane returns from Georgia, The           Eden walks with one half-crutch,
                                                                                     Kelly still in the hospital, Cruz & Elena      Indian follows Kelly to a cave, Paul Jeffrey shoots at the Indian (replays)
                                                                                                                                   tells Keith Tori tried to kill him, Jane and causes a cave in, Keith arrests
 Ted and Hayley each lament the end                                                         stuck on the island but then get
  of their marriage, Paul briefly wakes                                              rescued, Alex has a press conference               gives Keith a photo from Paul's Tori, Kelly rescues Jeffrey from being
                                                                                                                                     camera that implicates Keith in the    trapped in the cave in but still thinks
 up in the hospital, Julia and Tori wait                                             about the stolen serum, we learn Alex
                                                                                                                                      baby ring, Marsha gives Keith old       he is the one trying to kill her, Cruz
     for Paul to wake up again, Hayley                                                  is Elena's father and Pamela is her
moves in with Gina, Carmen arranges                                                        mother, Eden walks on two half-        racy photos of Tori and Paul, Jeffrey babysits Chip, Eden knocks Cain out
to take Cruz & Elena to an island and                                                 crutches, Kelly sneaks away from the             shoots at the Indian in the cave & locks him in the closet and escapes
        then strands them there 749 Preempt                                                                   hospital750                                        751                                       752
                            July 27                                    July 28                                    July 29                                    July 30                                   July 31
  Iran Contra hearings - many partial/whole episode preempts
Cain wakes up in the closet, Eden
travels across the woods, Tori's arrest                                              Cruz tells Carmen he's thinking of
makes the paper, at Tori's hearing                                                   Eden, Eden takes a bus to SB, Elena
the judge orders her to undergo                                                      takes Cruz on a picnic, Eden visits the
psychiatric evaluation, Mason calls                                                  beach house & the detective agency,                                                                                               7/29: I have
Julia   753                                Preempt                                   Elena tries to seduce Cruz   754            Preempt                                   Preempt                                     clips only
                              Aug 3                                      Aug 4                                      Aug 5                                       Aug 6                                     Aug 7
Iran Contra hearings - last
                                                                                     At the beach Elena fakes a knife
                                                                                                                                                                          The Indian shows Mason the
                                           Cain drags Eden out of the Capwell        wound from Cain, Alex tells Gina he
                                                                                                                                                                          newspaper saying Eden is alive,
                                           hotel and takes her to the stables, CC    knows she sold the serum to CC,             Elena tries to kill Cain at the hospital
Eden sees Cruz and Elena                                                             Eden rescued, Cain is shot, Eden                                                     K&J on their way to NM, Jeffrey              8/3-8/4:
                                           tells Sophia Eden is alive, K&J                                                       but is interrupted, Eden tries to get
together, goes to the OE, K&J              questioned by the police, Hayley tells    taken to the hospital, the doctor tells     Cruz to leave her alone, Tori returns leaves Kelly a tracking device                  airdates
escape after pushing the Indian            Ted she doesn't want alimony and          Eden she probably won't walk again,         home from the psych hospital, Jane       and goes to find the Indian, at a            confirmed.
down a well, Cain drags Eden               gives him her rings back, Cain meets      Elena goes to Cain's hospital room          goes to see Keith for info on Johnny gas station the Indian holds                     8/6 - my ep
out of the OE with a gun     755           Elena on the beach   756                  757                                         758                                      Jeffrey 759                                  incomplete
                            Aug 10                                     Aug 11                                     Aug 12                                      Aug 13                                    Aug 14
At the hospital more specialists say
Eden will never walk again, Kelly                                                                                                Jane threatens Keith about
looks for Jeffery who is being held by     At the Capwell house Eden tells Cruz                                                  Johnny's kidnapping & he gives           Elena found Johnny and has him
the Indian at the gas station, Elena       to leave her alone, Cruz fires Elena,                                                 her a lead which she gives to            brought back to Brick, Eden &
learns Cain has amnesia and Eden is        Eden visits Cain, Eden & Elena spar Julia & Eden ask CC to give Tori                  Elena, K&J break down a wall but         Elena have words & Eden slaps
paralyzed, Eden returns to the             at the hospital, Cruz brings Eden a   Chip back, Eden falls out of her                Mason is gone, Cruz saves Chip           her, Cruz tells Elena to stay away
Capwell house, Elena visits Eden at        check for the inheritance she'd left  chair while alone with Chip and                 from choking & takes him to Tori         from him but re-hires her after he           8/11: I have
the house   760                            him   761                                 he starts to choke     762                  763                                      learns she found Johnny        764           clips only
                            Aug 17                                     Aug 18                                     Aug 19                                      Aug 20                                    Aug 21
Elena admits to Alex she knows she
                                           Cain moves into the Capwell house,        Jeffrey proposes to Kelly, the              Elena tries to shoot Cain at the
is CC's daughter, K&J return from the                                                                                                                                                                                  8/18-8/20: I
desert, Kelly & Eden fight about Eden      Tori tries to get Paul to sign a          Indian tortures Mason, Hayley               gazebo, Cain gets drunk on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       have clips only,
pushing Cruz away, the letter from         confession but he knows the gun is a      visits Eden, Eden tells Cain                beach and has Vietnam                    Funeral for Jake's father, Gina              dates for some
Mason arrives, Tori goes to Paul's         prop, Elena tells Alex about the letter   about the cabin, Capwells have              flashbacks, Jake's father dies           kicks Keith out, Keith arrests               scenes
with a prop gun 765                        she got from Pamela    766                a party for Eden 767                        768                                      Gina    769                                  estimated
Aug 17 - great episode, great scenes with Eden and Kelly
summaries in green are estimated - I don't have these episodes
Per an Another World site, 7/21, 7/22, 7/23, 7/28. 7/30, and 7/31 were all days AW was pre-empted; however, it appears some eps of AW [and SB]
never aired in some time zones (resulting in skipped episodes).
      This page updated: 28-Apr-08                                                Preempts in blue checked against NBC News Archives
                                                                                      Aug/Sept 1987
             Monday                                 Tuesday                                  Wednesday                                   Thursday                             Friday
                            Aug 24                                  Aug 25                           Aug 26                                             Aug 27                            Aug 28
    Carmen overhears Elena asking                                                      Mason calls Tori while being held,                                           CC learns Grant gave Ted the
about Cain's medication, Cruz makes        Cain collapses after taking the pills     Kelly & CC fight about CC not liking
                                                                                                                              Elena sees a psychiatrist & tells winery, Laken cozies up to Jake at
         the beach house wheelchair         Elena switched, E&C's date at the        Jeffrey, Tori's trial for shooting Paul- him about her real father, Eden the Beast photo shoot, K&J try to
 accessible, Keith & Gina work at the     beach house ends, Cruz asks Rosa                she asks Julia to represent her,         takes Cain to the OE & he         elope but CC stops them, Tori ep 773 - I have
soup kitchen, Cruz picks up Eden for          about Cain's pills but Elena has       Brandon ran away from camp to see recognizes Alex from a hospital              learns Paul is impotent & Julia some clips &
                          a date 770       already switched them back  771                                       Gina 772                  after the war 773                   confronts him 774 ep in French
                            Aug 31                                   Sept 1                                     Sept 2                                   Sept 3                            Sept 4
                                        Cruz sets up the gazebo for a              The Indian tells Elena Mason    Tori & Julia plan to take the babies to
Keith drops the charges against Tori romantic evening, Casablanca                                                  Summerfest, Paul is still in town, CC
                                                                                   won't sign the paper, Cruz
& tells Paul to leave town, E&C fight fantasy, CC tells Gina he's going to                                         serves Gina with a restraining order, E&C go to Summerfest, Tori &
after she has feeling in her foot, Cain keep her away from Brandon, Cain
                                                                                   proposes to Eden in the gazebo, Keith tells Gina they should get        Julia enter the babies in a photo
remembers the cabin, CC picks up        remembers that he was in love with         Jake signs the Beast contract   married but Gina says no, CC gets a contest, Jake does another
Brandon from Gina's   775               Eden   776                                 777                                        call from Mason   778                Beast photo shoot    779
                            Sept 7                                   Sept 8                                     Sept 9                                 Sept 10                            Sept 11
Summerfest - Paul kidnaps Chip &                                                   Cruz in the hospital, Eden                 Eden arranges the hospital           E&C wake up in the hospital rm,
Samantha, Eden gets upset and       (beg) Elena shoots at Cain at                  dreams Cruz dies, Alex asks                room, E&C romantic evening in        then go back to the beach
leaves party, Cruz gets knocked     the beach, Eden saves Cruz                     Elena if she was involved in the           the hospital room, Tori & Julia      house, Elena shoots at Cain at
out by Paul, Elena prepares to kill from the garage, Keith saves                   shooting at the beach, Cain at             get drunk after having dinner w/     the winery, Gina & Keith at the
Cain at beach (end)      780      Chip from Paul 781         the winery 782                                                   Keith & Gina 783                     soup kitchen   784
                          Sept 14                    Sept 15                                                  Sept 16                                  Sept 17                           Sept 18
Cain isn't hurt - he left the winery                                               Ted works on his wine coolers, Keith                                          (airdate confirmed) Cruz gets he &
before Elena got there, Ted brings                                                 tells Gina Pamela killed herself in NY     Elena gets rid of the gun she used Elena stuck in a meat locker, Cain
Cain to a cabin, some thugs jump                                                   but her body was never found, Kelly        to shoot at Cain; Mme Arcana       remembers he was in a psych ward &
Jake at Johnny's, Cain & Eden try to    Preempted for first day of                 tells Jeffrey she doesn't want to elope,   holds a séance with K&J, Tori &    the mystery woman had sex with him,
remember if Elena was the woman         Bork confirmation                          Madame Arcana approaches Tori              Julia; Cruz feeds Elena a false    Arcana ttells Tori Mason is dead
who hurt them   785                     hearings                                   786                                        lead (airdate confirmed) 787         788
                           Sept 21                                 Sept 22                                    Sept 23                                  Sept 24                           Sept 25
Pearl lets Cruz & Elena out of the
                                       Cain remembers Eleanor's name was
meat locker before Elena can                                                                                                  Gina thinks she's pregnant, Brick
                                       Elena Nikolas, Gina thinks Pamela is        (airdate confirmed) Cruz tells the
confess, Tori gets hit by a car after                                                                                         saves Keith from choking, Elena at   Elena lures Cruz to the laser
                                       still alive, Alex tells Elena to leave      Capwells he has a plan to trap Elena,
seeing Mme Arcana "channel" Mason,
                                       town or he'll go to the police, K&J look    Elena begins to prepare for the end,       Alex's bungalow, prepares for the    palace, is shot, dies in CC's
, K&J find the tape with Mason's voice for Arcana w/ Julia, Cruz threatens         Pearl loses her at the airport, Cain       end, knocks Cain out and leaves      arms, K&J and Julia find Mason excellent week
789                        Elena 790               finds her at the beach 791 792                       793                       of episodes!
An Another World site indicates no AW episode on Sept 15
summaries in green - I don't have these episodes   Ep 774: was supposed to air 8/24 but did not because of preempts beginning 7/21
      This page updated: 27-Jan-07                 Ep 773: was supposed to air 8/21 but did not because of preempts beginning 7/21
Confirmation of pre-empt on 9/15/87:
From Vanderbilt TV News Archives
Headline: Bork Supreme Court
Confirmation Hearings
                          Sep 15, 1987 (Tuesday)
Network:                  NBC
Abstract:                 First day coverage of
                          Robert Bork hearings.
Broadcast Type:           Special Program
                          Segment Type: News
Program Header            yes
Program Length
                          180:00 (Entire broadcast)
Video Begin               :: am
Record Number:                               659666
Begin Time:               01:00:00 pm
End Time:                 04:00:00 pm
Duration:                                   3:00:00
Subjects:                 Bork, Robert
                          Supreme Court
                                                                            Sept/Oct 1987
              Monday                           Tuesday                            Wednesday                                 Thursday                                Friday
                         Sept 28                           Sept 29                        Sept 30                                            Oct 1                                 Oct 2
                                                                                                                 Mason returns home to Tori, Keith
         Elena dies in CC's arms          Mason goes looking for the       Keith finds Cruz's shirt at Elena's     proposes to Gina, Julia admits to      airdate confirmed - Elena's
   (replays), Mason rescued and       Indian and kills him, Keith asks     and receipts for the cufflinks she    Lionel she's in love w/ Mason, K&J     funeral, Gina learns she's not
      taken to the hospital, Keith      CC about Elena's last words,            supposedly gave him, Keith       show Keith the paper Elena forced pregnant, Cruz is arrested, Cruz
  implies Cruz killed Elena, Gina         Alex tells CC Elena was his       questions Cain & Carmen, Cruz          Mason to sign, Brick's first day at asks Julia & Eden asks Mason
        thinks she's pregnant794                       daughter795           thinks he's being framed 796                 the police academy  797                  to defend Cruz   798
                            Oct 5                             Oct 6                                  Oct 7                                   Oct 8                                 Oct 9
                                     Cruz's hearing, the judge                                                   Carmen & Pearl visit the laser       Alex tells Mason Elena was his sister,
Cruz arrested (replays), Cruz     orders a trial and denies bail,                                                palace, Kelly tries on her wedding   Mason visits Elena's grave as does a
booked, Hayley goes to the        Hayley wakes up, Cruz refuses                                                  dress, the beach house is            woman in black, Cruz gets beaten up
                                                                                                                                                                                               10/8: I
hospital with appendicitis, Angel to say he killed Elena in self- Preempt for baseball                           vandalized & Eden decides to         in the prison yard, Cruz's cellmate is   have clips
taunts Cruz in jail 799           defense 800                     playoffs                                       move to the Capwell house  801       stabbed and dies   802                   only
                          Oct 12                             Oct 13                                Oct 14                                  Oct 15                                Oct 16
                                                                                                                                      Mason & Eden still at the courthouse
                                     Brick arranges for Eden to see Gina finds Pamela (replays),      Tori meets with Mel, Cruz stops in the morning, Tori walks in on M&J
                                     Cruz, Jake brings Hayley home, Cruz in the hospital, Cain brings Cain before he can say anything while Julia is changing, Keith agrees
                                     Gina finds Pamela in SB, Cruz a gun to the hospital - wants to about breaking him out, Eden      to sequester Cruz but he won't have
Preempt for baseball                 stabbed, CC makes a blackmail break Cruz out, Keith bugs         chains herself to courthouse    visitors, Mel offers Tori cocaine
playoffs                             payment   803                       Cruz's room   804                       805                                  806
                          Oct 19                             Oct 20                                Oct 21                                  Oct 22                                Oct 23
                                  (Some preemption-news                  Pamela staying at a new expensive
Jane & Brick arrange for Eden to bulletin) Sophia goes to                hotel, Brick gets tossed out of the
                                                                                                                 Cruz's trial starts, Tori            Carmen trying to find the veiled
see Cruz, E&C make love in the Pamela's hotel rm but finds               police academy, M&J learn of the        subpoenaed, trial opening            woman; Pearl Carmen, Alex, CC            10/23 -
laundry closet, Pamela visits the Gina, E&C get caught, Cruz's           veiled woman who was seen at the        statements, coroner and              testify; Julia goes to meet              great
same spa as Sophia      807          continuance hearing   808           laser palace, M&J kiss 809              Eden testify 810                     Pamela    811                            episode!
                         Oct 26                             Oct 27                                 Oct 28                                  Oct 29                                Oct 30
Pamela reveals her name to Julia
(replays); Tori, Kelly, Eden testify,                                    Mason brings Jeffrey to see                                                  Keith finds Mason at the hotel &
                                      Pamela & Mason talk, Mason         Pamela, Julia begs Pamela to
                                                                                                                 An officer, Tori, Cain               tells Tori, a guard beats up Cruz,
Julia slaps Keith in court, Jane &
Brick leave town, Mason goes to       doesn't want Pamela to testify,    testify, Alex finds out CC is           testify, Mason has Pearl             Julia convinces Pamela to
see Pamela , Cruz attacks Keith in Tori goes to Mel's for more coke,     keeping watch over Elena's              move Pamela to a new                 testify, Eden gets to see Cruz in airdates
court812                    Kelly's bridal shower 813                    grave   814                             hotel 815                            jail 816                           confirmed
Los Angeles/Northridge earthquake - Oct 1
Elena's death date is incorrect on her gravestone                        Elena's grave reads 6/10/57 - 9/24/97
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                                                                          Nov/Dec 1987
            Monday                             Tuesday                          Wednesday                                    Thursday                              Friday
                           2-Nov                              3-Nov                                 4-Nov                                  5-Nov                                 6-Nov
                                                                             Tori is convinced that Mason is
                                                                         sleeping with Julia after he slept on
    Pamela bribes Gina to keep        Pamela testifies, collapses on her couch, Keith & Gina try to find out
      quiet about her testifying;           the stand, continues her where Pamela's money came from,                                                   Everyone waiting for the verdict my copy of
     Sophia, Mr. Jenkins testify,     testimony, Alex visits Pamela,        Pamela tells Alex that she was Keith calls Gina, CC, Pamela to
                                                                                                                                                          which finally comes in, Cruz 819 has a
   Pamela enters the courtroom              Mason gets drunk, Pearl supposed to meet Elena at the laser the stand, Keith's and Mason's                  found guilty, CC pushes Gina local pre-
                             817                 babysits Chip 818                                   819
                                                                       palace the night she was killed                                      820
                                                                                                                            closing arguments                                     821 empt
                           9-Nov                            10-Nov                                11-Nov                                 12-Nov                                13-Nov
                                                                                                                                      Julia asks Tori if she's using coke,
CC pushes Gina (replays), Alex      Scott tells Gina the blindness is M&J ask for bail for Cruz b/c Cruz's sentencing: Cruz           Mason buys Pamela a house, Cruz
tells Pamela he followed Cruz to    probably temporary, Cain agrees they're trying to find the man  sentenced to life in prison, Eden asks Eden to put his affairs in order,
the laser palace & then ran after   to help Eden try to walk, Mason Pamela saw, Mason walks in on asks Cain for help to break Cruz Tori asks Pamela for money to cover
he saw Elena shot, Scott's first    drunk, Mel offers Julia cocaine Tori doing the nude scene, CC out of jail , Tori buys coke from what she took for the coke, Cain                     airdates
day, Gina wakes up blind  822 823                                      visits Gina   824                         Mel   825                            scopes out the garden   826      confirmed
                         16-Nov                             17-Nov                                18-Nov                                 19-Nov                                 20-Nov
Eden tells CC & Sophia about        Gina moves into the guest                                                    Eden tells M&J about the
the plan, Kelly asks Keith to let   house, Pamela has a dinner         Jeffrey sets up a romantic                escape plan, Tori gets upset
                                                                                                                                                pre-wedding, Kelly arrives
Cruz come to the wedding, CC        party, Cruz saves Keith's life &   dinner for Kelly in a moving              when Mason won't confide in herin the carriage, Kelly and
agrees to Gina's settlement         he agrees to let Cruz go to the    van, TJ gets the lease for                and takes Chip away, Cain sets Jeffrey's wedding starts   airdates
terms   827                         wedding   828                      the Lair 829                              up the garden    830           831                        confirmed
                         23-Nov                             24-Nov                                25-Nov                                 26-Nov                     27-Nov

                                    Mason and Julia make love in                                                                                      Cruz ok - escapes from the
 K&J's wedding continues, the cave after Keith kicks them M&J wake up in the cave,                             bounty hunter and makes it
Cruz escapes on           out of the car during the hunt for Cruz pursued by a bounty                          to the grotto, Eden joins     airdates
horseback 832             Cruz 833                           hunter 834               Thanksgiving: Preempt    Cruz at the grotto 835        confirmed
                 30-Nov                             1-Dec                       2-Dec                    3-Dec                         4-Dec
                                K&J honeymoon in Maine and             Julia upset Mason stopped her             Keith tells Pearl Eden died in the   K&J move in with Pamela, Keith
K&J leave for their honey-moon, deliver puppies, CC meets              transfer, Mason visits Pamela in          tunnel explosion and lures Cruz      bugs Gina's, Cain & Cruz find
C&E at the grotto, Keith finds  Pamela in the boathouse and            the hospital, Tori leaves Chip            back, Tori ends up in the            the Japanese symbol at Elena's,
Gina with Scott, Alex burns     she faints, Julia tells Mason          alone, Keith finds the tunnel &           hospital from some bad coke but      E&C break into Dr. Schotz's     airdates
Elena's address book 836      she's going to Boston 837 blows it up 838                                          runs off   839                       office 840                      confirmed
stuff in green - I don't have: Summaries taken from Jim's site
11/3/87 voted best episode of the year by SOD                                                                    ep 837 confirmed ep# & date per script
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                                                                                 Dec1987 / Jan 1988
             Monday                                   Tuesday                                Wednesday                                  Thursday                                    Friday
                             7-Dec                                      8-Dec                                   9-Dec                                    10-Dec                                 11-Dec
      Julia takes Rita's case, C&E               C&E wanted for Schotz's
                                                                                Julia quits & sets up her office at Kirk sets a trap at Alex's apt to Alex shot, Mason takes the case
     learn CC was Elena's father,            murder, C&E wear Annie Hall
                                                                            Johnny's, C&E learn the samurai cult taunt C&E, Alex goes to Elena's             against Rita & Julia, Julia
   flashbacks of Elena, Tori asks          disguises & go to the university was a suicide cult, Pamela tells Cruz    grave with a gun, Pamela and        rescues Tori from Mel's party,
       Scott for help, C&E find Dr.          archives, Sophia leaves town      Alex was at the laser palace, Kirk   Alex struggle for the gun and it C&E visit Alex & he confesses                              airdates
       Schotz shot--he dies   841                                        842      makes a shadowy appearance     843                                        844
                                                                                                                                                     goes off                      to killing Elena845        confirmed
                           14-Dec                                     15-Dec                                  16-Dec                                     17-Dec                                 18-Dec
Alex says Elena's death was an
accident, Tori gets a DUI, Alex Kirk ties up C&E & reveals        Kirk douses C&E with gasoline,                             Cain brings Keith to find C&E,    Mason gets drunk at the Lair
gives Keith a statement, Kirk   Elena killed herself, one of CC's Mason tells Pamela she owns                                Kirk exonerates Cruz, Keith tells opening and Ted hits him, Tori
takes Eden, Cruz finds Eden     rigs has a fire, Tori leaves for  one of CC's rigs, Cruz breaks                              Cruz he's free, C&E go to the     leaves Chip with Julia and
with Kirk   846                          rehab   847                              free and duels with Kirk      848 grotto to celebrate                849      enters rehab 850
                           21-Dec                                     22-Dec                                  23-Dec                                     24-Dec                                 25-Dec
                                                                 Sophia & Pamela spar at the
Keith brings Gina a tree,        Tori leaves the rehab clinic &  charity auction, Keith gives Gina Christmas Eve, special opening Christmas, M&J wake up at Kris
Kathleen's first episode, E&C in goes to Julia's, M&J interview  the 12 days of Xmas, Kris K       theme, M&J go to look for Kris Kringle's cabin, Kris gives
Hawaii, Gina starts to get her   Kris Kringle, Pearl gets mugged arrested, Cruz is asked to rejoin at his cabin, Keith arrests Scott everyone special dreams
sight back   851                         852                                      the INID    853                            854                                      855
                           28-Dec                                     29-Dec                                  30-Dec                                     31-Dec                           Jan 1, 1988
                                   Marj Dusay as Pamela, Scott's
Scott's father shows up, Pamela birthday, Ben Clark asks Pamela                   Julia tries to hide a sick Chip            New Year's Eve, party at the Lair,
wants Jeffrey to work for her on about his brother Hal, Julia hears Tori          from Mason, Scott & Gina                   C&E in a car accident in Hawaii-Cruz
the oil rig, Cain & Kathleen go    say she's thinking of ending her               babysit Chip, M&J plan to go to            taken to the hospital but released,
out, a thug tries to extort $ from marriage, Mason looks into divorcing           the Lair party together, C&E               M&J go to the Capwell hotel & make       New Year's Day:
the Lair 856                             Tori   857                               sightsee in Hawaii     858                 love, Cruz passes out    859             Preempted
                             4-Jan                                      5-Jan                                    6-Jan                                      7-Jan                                 8-Jan
CC finds M&J at the Capwell Hotel,       Thopmson, the guy Sophia hired           C&E return to the hotel, the spill clean   Andrea arrives to help with the animal   Tori tells Pamela about rehab, C&E in
Cruz back in the hospital-gets the       plants a bomb on Pamela's rig-there's    up continues, Pamela tells Keith she       rescue, Tori leaves the clinic &         HI planning to return to SB, Cain &
microchip implanted in his head, Julia   an explosion, fire, & oil spill; Pearl   thinks CC sabotaged her rig,               returns home, Rita has a hearing with    Andrea visit Pamela & CC, Julia
tells Mason where Tori is & he           starts work at Johnny's; Cain & Pearl    Thompson asks Sophia for $20k, TJ          M&J, Gina tells Sophia she knows         meets w/ the Liptons, Gina
confronts her at rehab, Keith learns     help the animals injured in the spill    comforts Sophia then Thompson              about her & Thompson & she wants         photographs Sophia w/ Thompson
Gina has her sight back   860            861                                      knocks him out 862                         Brandon back   863                       864

1/7/88 - great M&J stuff
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                                                                            Jan/Feb 1988
            Monday                              Tuesday                          Wednesday                              Thursday                                     Friday
  Cain hosts a benefit party at the                            12-Jan                     13-Jan                                        14-Jan                                  15-Jan
   Lair for the animal rescue work,
Jake proposes to Hayley, Hayley                                                                                                                      Jeffrey flies to NY to find Kelly,
   is hit by Carmen's drunk date &           Hayley's ghost appears,      Pearl is shot, Gina finds out            Gina calls Kathleen a slut,       Scott learns Gina can see, Rita
 dies in Jake's arms, Tori finds an     Hayley's memorial service not Scott has dinner with Kathleen,           Sophia gives Gina custody of          goes into labor during the trial,
old vial of cocaine but doesn't use     shown, Kelly confronts Sophia Tori sets up a romantic evening           Brandon, Pearl in the hospital        Carmen is worried about C&E      Hayley's
                           it                  about Thompson     866                    for Mason   867                      recovering   868                                     869 death
                         18-Jan                                19-Jan                             20-Jan                                21-Jan                                  22-Jan
                                      C&E back in SB, Eden and                                        M&J spend their first full day                Laken leaves town, Cruz places a
                                      Andrea have a reunion, Rita is    Mason leaves Tori and goes to together, Mel tells Tori to get a             phony ad to lure Harry, Ben leaves
                                      willing to die for her baby and   Julia's, Sophia pawns her     lawyer, Cruz tells Eden why he                Hal's money clip at the OE bar
SOD Awards aired on                   Mason asks the Liptons to drop    wedding ring to pay Thompson, joined the INID, C&E find a                   and Pamela finds it & calls CC,
NBC - preempt          their suit 870                                   TJ & Sophia kiss    871              hooker that knows Harry     872        the hooker is in trouble   873
                25-Jan                                         26-Jan                             27-Jan                                28-Jan                                  29-Jan
Thompson tells Sophia he wants                                                                               Tori & her lawyer serve Mason
$10k a week, Sophia tells TJ                                            Andrea drugs Cain and                papers at Julia's, CC goes to the      Mason tells Julia he has to
about the oil rig, Alex leaves town, Tori overhears CC saying that      photographs the blueprints, Tori     boathouse and remembers hitting        move out, CC dives & brings up
Cruz finds the hooker dead, Eden M&J slept together while she           tells Mason she wants $5mil, Cruz    Hal who fell in the water, Cruz puts   Hal's skull, Harry tells Cruz he is
puts on a wig to meet Harry, Betty was in the clinic, C&E have a        tries to catch Harry at a theater,   Harry's picture on TV, Andrea          looking for the Fox, an assassin,
White cameo   874                     scene with Betty White   875      Betty White at the theater   876     bugs Cain's phone   877                Harry is shot     878
                           1-Feb                               2-Feb                                 3-Feb                              4-Feb                                    5-Feb
CC & Pamela bury Hal's skull,         Brandon hits up Sophia, CC &      Ted finds a bone at the                                                     Keith asks Gina to marry him;
Keith asks Cruz questions about       Ted for money, Andrea stakes      boathouse, Mason tells Mel he'll Cruz is ok after the bomb                  Cruz is tracked to the hospital;
the picture he put on TV, Cain        out the banquet room at the       invest in the movie if he sleeps exploded, Cain finds the bug in            Scott removes Cruz's chip in the
starts to suspect Andrea is the       hotel, Mel & Tori finish their    with Tori, Richard leaves a      his phone, Cruz learns he has              elevator, then it plummets to the
Fox   879                             screenplay   880                  bomb with Cruz   881                 chip implanted in his head  882 ground 883
                           8-Feb                               9-Feb                             10-Feb                                11-Feb                                  12-Feb
                                  Thompson meets with CC and
                                  Sophia later tells CC Thompson        Sophia tells CC the truth about      Kelly & Jeffrey find CC at             The political meeting is moved to
Scott, Eden, Cruz, and Cain are was lying, Cain bugs Andrea's           the oil rig spill and they fight,    Pamela's with a hangover, the day      a tv station, Cain sees Andrea with
ok after the elevator crash, Cruz apartment and then gets drunk         M&J go to Kris Kringle's cabin,      of the political meeting, Eden         a rifle and tackles her but she gets
tells Cain about the Fox, Cain    and goes to the beach with his        Andrea is ordered to kill Cain but   follows Richard to the airport & he    away, Tori & her lawyer show up
                    884 gun 885
thinks Andrea is the Fox                                can't do it 886                                      boards a plane to Mexico   887         at Kris' cabin   888
*bloopers for the Jan 28 episode indicate this is ep 877

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                                                                           Feb/Mar 1988
           Monday                               Tuesday                         Wednesday                            Thursday                               Friday
                          15-Feb                             16-Feb                      17-Feb                                     18-Feb                              19-Feb
  Tori, her lawyer, M&J spend the
 night at the cabin, Andrea & Cain
   hold each other at gunpoint but      Sophia sees Pamela and CC                                           C&E on a cruise ship - Andrea         Cruz, Eden, & Cain shot at on
she escapes and boards a boat to        together and then goes to TJ     At Kris K's cabin the porch roof has Cain held captive, they think            deck (replays), Andrea in
 Mexico, Cruz, Eden & Cain follow        and they make love, Andrea       collapses on Mason, Rita tells Andrea is the Fox, Cruz, Eden,           custody, Mason brought to the  airdates
                             889 kidnaps Cain on the boat 890                Pearl she likes Jake  891           & Cain shot at (end)  892            hospital for surgery 893 confirmed
                          22-Feb                      23-Feb                                    24-Feb                              25-Feb                              26-Feb
Andrea shot at by the Fox, C, E      Cruz looking for Cain, Eden &
& Cain realize Andrea's telling      Andrea who have been               Cruz fights with the pilot and    Kathleen has hostages, Pamela         Mason agrees to go to the island
the truth, Mason in a coma,          kidnapped, finds them on a         Eden lands the plane, Mason       tries to blackmail TJ about his       with Tori, Cruz gets wounded
Kathleen is the Fox - escapes to     plane - Cruz fights with the pilot wakes up, Keith asks Gina to      affair with Sophia, CC walks in       but the hostages get safely      airdates
Mexico      894                      895                                live with him 896                 on TJ & Sophia in bed       897       away 898                         confirmed
                          29-Feb                              1-Mar                              2-Mar                               3-Mar                               4-Mar

Kathleen is shot & killed but tells
Andrea she didn't kill her father, C&E have a fiesta in Mexico, CC Julia arrives on the island, E&C       Tori, Mason & Julia return to SB, E&C return from Mexico, CC hits
Tori & Mason arrive at an island tells Kelly he and Pamela slept go hiking in Mexico & have a             Keith & Gina steal Scott's keys TJ then flashes back to hitting           airdates
for a quickie divorce    899     together       900                    ceremony       901                 to Ben's house      902               Hal   903                           confirmed
                           7-Mar                              8-Mar                              9-Mar                              10-Mar                              11-Mar
                                                                                                     Cruz gets the bust of Harry in the
                                                                                                     mail, gives it to Andrea but Cain
                                                                                                     breaks it, Cruz's mark on the bust
Richard escapes from custody                                                                         matches the bullet that killed Andrea's Keith questions an old maid
from the plane, TJ in the            Tori's mom in town, Tori's lawyer                               father, Mason is concerned about Tori from the hotel where Pamela
hospital, Gina & Keith follow        tells her Mason hasn't made the Cruz's mom arrives in town, Ted when he finds her at the rehab clinic and Hal went, Scott asks Cruz            airdates
Pamela and CC           904      first settlement payment 905 tells Kelly TJ was a gigolo 906 907                                               for help   908                      confirmed
                          14-Mar                        15-Mar                         16-Mar                                       17-Mar                              18-Mar
                                                                                                          Kelly and Jeffrey make up, M&J spar
                                                                       Mel's funeral, Kelly decides to    in court over CC and Pamela's plan to Cruz's bachelor party, Eden and
                                                                       have an abortion but can't go      build a country club, Richard dies and Julia crash the party, Mason
Keith questions Pamela, Cruz   Kelly finds out she's pregnant,         thru with it just as Jeffrey comes tells Andrea that Cruz killed her father gets drunk (airdate confirmed)   airdates
questions CC, Kelly faints 909 Mel dies 910                            in to stop her 911                 912                                      913                              confirmed

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                                                                                Mar/Apr 1988
           Monday                                 Tuesday                             Wednesday                              Thursday                             Friday
                        21-Mar                                  22-Mar                         23-Mar                                     24-Mar                             25-Mar

                                                                                E&C drive to Pebble Creek -
  Cruz tells Andrea he didn't kill                                            series of flashbacks, Kelly has    E&C spend the day at Pebble Cruz dreams he and Eden grow
 her father but Richard probably                                               pains while painting the living Creek planning for the wedding  old together, end - Eden says           airdates
                       did 914              Eden's bridal shower   915                           room 916                                917 she can't move her legs 918               confirmed
                        28-Mar                                  29-Mar                                 30-Mar                             31-Mar                              1-Apr
                                     M&J drive to Pebble Creek, E&C
                                     learn about the Capt & Amelia,
Dream Episode: Cruz dreams           Gina & Keith arrive at PC, Eden CC arrives at PC, Sophia &                    Cruz goes horseback riding,                                        E&C
Eden dies and they go to             loses her dress on the cliffs   Kelly drive to PC, Cruz leaves                Jeffrey arrives at PC, wedding     E&C's vows, wedding reception wedding
heaven 919                           920                             notes for Eden 921                            starts 922                         923                             week
                          4-Apr                                   5-Apr                                  6-Apr                              7-Apr                             8-Apr
                                     Andrea and Cain go to Virginia to visit
E&C start their honeymoon,           Cain's family but end up in a cave,
Eden sets up a crib in the                                                                                                                             E&C back in time day 2, Gina
                                     Mason wakes up hungover in his
stables, Andrea visits her           office and then gets drunk, Julia is     Tori starts work as a candy          E&C go back in time, Julia starts gets drugged and kidnapped by E&C
father's grave, Sophia asks TJ       appointed assistant district attorney to striper, CC tells TJ to get out of   work in Keith's office, Cain visits a cult, Chip is kidnapped    honeymoon
to move in with her   924            get dirt on Keith   925               his house    926                        his family      927                 928                          week
                        11-Apr                                  12-Apr                                 13-Apr                             14-Apr                             15-Apr

                                                                 Tori remembers giving birth     Wilma has Chip in a motel then                       Wilma surrenders and Chip is
E&C make it back to the present Cruz questions Wilma's sister, while waiting for word on Chip, sets a fire and goes to the pier,                      safe, Cain goes to his army
and return home, Cruz helps     Keith rescues Gina from the cult Wilma shows up at Cruz's office Gina dives for Hal Clark's bones                     reunion and sees Major          airdates
Tori in finding Chip 929        930                              without Chip        931         932                                                  Hamilton 933                    confirmed
                        18-Apr                                  19-Apr                                 20-Apr                             21-Apr                             22-Apr

                                                                           Cruz finds the bones and hides          Cruz tells Eden about the bones,
                                                                           them in Pearl's apartment but           Pearl and Cruz discover the        Pamela & CC go over to Gina &
                               Eden comes home after having                Keith & Gina steal them, Kelly          bones are missing, Phillip         Keith's for dinner, M&J find out 4/21-my ep
CC has the boathouse blown up, the mumps, Cruz dives for the               thinks about going to work for          arrives in SB and offers Andrea    Hal had a kid with him the day of slightly
Cain's reunion day 2 934       bones (airdate confirmed) 935 Armonti                   936                         a job 937                          his disappearance 938             incomplete

Per Kerstin, ep 921 aired 3/30/88 and ep 924 aired 4/4/88

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                                                                                Apr/May 1988
            Monday                                Tuesday                             Wednesday                                 Thursday                               Friday
                          25-Apr                               26-Apr                          27-Apr                                           28-Apr                               29-Apr
       Heather arrives, Keith has                                                     CC tells Mason Hal died                                                     Cain steals the skull from
   separate meetings set up with      Keith tells CC Pamela signed a              accidentally after a struggle, Cruz has Cain follow Pamela,                Pamela, Scott remembers the
    CC and Pamela, Cruz & Julia       statement saying CC murdered                 Scott undergoes hypnosis - Kelly's first day at Armonti, Cain             struggle in the boathouse and
  find out Scott was with Hal that        Hal, E&C bring Scott to the            remembers the car accident      sees Pamela dig up the skull                  that Pamela came back and
                      night 939                     boathouse 940                                           941                                   942                        shot Hal 943
                           2-May                                3-May                                   4-May                                   5-May                                   6-May
                                                                                                                                                          Kelly & TJ end up at a motel after
Scott remembers Pamela shot Hal       Phillip sends Tori flowers, Kelly     Keith gets the skull & bones sent        CC enlists Cruz to find out whose    their plane emergency landed, the
(replays), Eden tells Mason about     tells Sophia about Hal's death and    from Cruz, Mason sets up a               bones were in the water, Sophia      ID bracelet belongs to Mark,
Pamela killing Hal, Mason stops CC    Pamela, Cain & Andrea send C&E        romantic dinner for Julia on the         has the flu so TJ plans to go to     Pamela tries to kill herself, C&E
from shooting Pamela, Cruz learns     a Mexican siesta, CC tells Kelly      beach but gets stuck in the              Chicago with Kelly, Cain finds an    find the skull in Keith's office,
the bones from the water aren't Hal's he's going to try to get Sophia       elevator at the office, Tori & Phillip   ID bracelet that may belong to the   Mason has flashbacks of Mary &
944                                  back   945                             go on a date   946                       bones   947                          Mark   948
                           9-May                              10-May                                   11-May                                   12-May                              13-May
                                                                                                                                                          Kelly tells Jeffrey & Eden about the
Pamela ok, Cruz learns the skull     TJ & Kelly hitch a ride after their    Kelly & TJ find a stable and             Gina gets the idea to go on          miscarriage, Ben goes to CC's with a
is Mark's, Scott tells Tori Chip     car stalls, CC & Sophia have           Kelly starts having pains, Chip's        Wheel of Fortune, Cruz visits        gun, Keith gets evidence against
has a bone marrow disease,           dinner, Cruz has the bone marrow       operation is a success, Sophia           Chip in the hospital, Kelly loses    Mason, Mason tells Julia he was
Tori tells Cruz Chip is his son      test and it's a match for Chip, Cruz   finds out TJ took money from             the baby, Keith finds Pamela &       drunk for weeks after Mary's death &
949                                  tells Eden about Chip   950            her 951                                  holds her 952                        doesn't remember a lot   953
                         16-May                               17-May                                   18-May                                   19-May                               20-May
                                                                                                                     Cain & Andrea go to Bangkok,
Sophia confronts TJ about the                                           Andrea learns Soo Li had Cain's              Keith learns the blood on the        TJ visits Kelly, Mason tells Julia
money, Ben has CC & Pamela           Mason gets wounded, Sophia         daughter, Pamela wants Jeffrey to            glove was Mason's, Cruz is           he'll get help for his drinking,
hostage in the wine cellar,          tells TJ to leave her alone, Keith go to England with her, Keith gets           knocked out while trying to trap     Cruz is put on a boat & lands on
Mason attempts a rescue & the        learns the gun that killed Mark    a glove-more evidence against                the person following Mason at the    an island but can't remember
gun goes off 954                     was registered to Mason 955            Mason   956                              Capwell house   957                  who he is 958
                         23-May                               24-May                                   25-May                                   26-May                              27-May
                                  Gina & Keith on Wheel of Fortune                                              Mason arrives at the mission in
Gina & Keith on Wheel of          (day 2), Cain & Andrea find Ming          Mason dresses up as a drunk to      Goleta & meets Michael, Kelly             Kelly in the hospital after having
Fortune, Eden goes on TV          Li, Ted finds a medallion, M&J go         go undercover, Phillip helps in the goes back to work, Soo Li's sister        pains, Andrea has Ming Li but
pleading for Cruz's return, Dr. W to a mission where Mary worked,           search for Cruz, Cruz learns Dr. W tells Phillip Soo Li didn't love him,      Cain is missing for a while, Eden
tells Cruz he looks forward to    Mason decides to go undercover            hunts people, Cain talks to Soo     Cain meets Ming Li but is grabbed         goes to the island and finds Cruz
playing his game   959               at the mission   960                   Li's sister   961                        by Phillip's goons   962             but he doesn't know her     963

May 24 - Gina & Keith on Wheel of Fortune per TV Guide
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                                                                                     June 1988
             Monday                               Tuesday                             Wednesday                                    Thursday                               Friday
                           30-May                               31-May                                   1-Jun                                     2-Jun                                3-Jun
                                                                                 C&E make it to a cave & make      Ming Li ditches Cain & meets w/ Keith searches Julia's house, Gina
 Mason at the mission, visits the Mason hides in the confessional             love, Mason talks to Sister Sarah, the Major, Sylvia recues C&E from hands out wedding invites, Julia &
  convent and sees Sarah, Julia            when Gina arrives to talk to         CC & Sophia go to the island to         Dr. W, Keith gets evidence Mason make love in the belltower,
 comes to the mission, Eden on          Michael about marrying her &              find C&E, Heather tells Jeffrey            against Mason from an Tori plans to go to LA, Michael gets
  the island - gets brought to the Keith, Eden gets caught with Cruz,         Kelly needs therapy to deal w/ the   anonymous source, Keith gets a upset when he finds Mason talking
                     house 964            Dr. W starts the hunt 965               miscarriage, Dr. W finds C&E         warrant for Mason's arrest    967                          to Sarah968
                            6-Jun                                 7-Jun      Mason is almost killed in the 8-Jun                                   9-Jun                               10-Jun
Ted throws a going-away party for Gina tries to get the Capwells to          belltower, Eden checks into a          Michael learns who Mason really
Tori at the Lair, Eden visits Scott go to her wedding, Mason tells           hospital for tests, Tori is taken to   is, Andrea & Ming Li fight, Sarah        Michael denies killing Mark &
for tests to see if she can get        Julia he plans to lure the killer out surgery after the crash, Mason         gives Mason the key to Michael's         knocks Mason out, the church
pregnant, Eden asks Sophia to go after himself, Tori & Chip wisit            stops Sarah from jumping off the       office & he finds a gun, Eden waits      catches fire after a gas explosion,
to LA with her for her fertility tests Cruz before leaving for LA, Tori      belfry, Cruz takes Chip home           for the results of her tests & then      Eden learns she may not be able to
969                                   crashes her car   970                  971                                    returns home to Cruz & Chip     972      conceive   973
                           13-Jun                                14-Jun                                15-Jun                                    16-Jun                                17-Jun
                                                                                                                                                      Gina blames Keith for Mason's death,
Mason escapes during the fire at      Everyone waits for word of the ID                                                                               Eden makes her reservations for Paris,
the church, Tori tells Julia she      on the body found in the church,                                                                                Michael invites Cruz to meet Sarah but
wants Chip to be with Cruz, Cruz      Phillip learns Ming Li isn't Soo Li's                                                                           really it's Agatha impersonating her,
tells Tori's mother he's keeping      daughter, Pamela blackmails TJ, Sophia tells Kelly that Mason                 Julia collapses, Cruz goes back Ming Li & Cain have picnic inside during
Chip while Tori is in the hospital,   Keith says the dental records         died in an explosion, Julia             to the convent looking for Sarah, a storm, Sarah escapes from the
Julia learns of the fire in the       match and that Mason is dead          hysterical, Pamela tells Jeffrey        Heather visits Michael (her       convent and leaves a note for Julia
church   974                          975                                    about Mason        976                 brother), Mason's funeral      977 978
                           20-Jun                                21-Jun                                22-Jun                                    23-Jun                                24-Jun
Ted tells Tori Mason is dead, Eden                                           Julia meets Sarah at the convent,                                               Cruz looking for his brother Ric, TJ
going to Paris for the surgery to allow                                      Carmen in SB after Cruz's brother      Eden arrives in Paris, Kelly taken to    visits Kelly who is in a coma
her to have kids, Julia leaving for the                                      lost her house, Ted hosts a            the hospital, Cruz visits Tori in the    (Kimberly McArthur), Keith
convent, Kelly & TJ get drunk on the Kelly goes to Cruz's after              summer solstice beach party in         hospital, Gina tries to explain sex to   questions Jeffrey about Kelly's      6/21: I have
beach and kiss, Heather & Michael       spending the night with TJ on        honor of Mason, Pamela poisons         Brandon after learning he called a       poisoning, Julia searches Michael's a few clips
have lunch   979                      the beach    980                                                    981
                                                                             Kelly's drink, Kelly collapses         porn hotline   982                       desk (airdate confirmed) 983         only
                           27-Jun                                28-Jun                                29-Jun                                    30-Jun                                  1-Jul

                                      Pamela agrees to pay Keith &
                                                                             Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS) -
Eden in Paris, Gina blackmails        Gina $1mil to Keith if they arrest
Pamela, Jeffrey arrested, Pamela
                                                                             SB wins! /// TJ arrested, Kelly
                                      TJ & release Jeffrey, Pamlea
plants the poisoned glass in TJ's     plants the pills on TJ & gives her
                                                                             wakes up from the coma, Scott
car, Pamela anonymously calls         statement to Keith, , Julia talks to   gets he & Heather "stranded" on                                                                                       6/29 - I have
Cruz to implicate TJ, Sarah           Sarah - Sarah writes Mason's           an island and they make love                                                                                          partial/ clips
collapses at the convent   984        name 985                               986                                    Preempt for Wimbledon Preempt for Wimbledon                                    only

stuff in green - I don't have, summaries estimated
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                                                                                 July 1988
           Monday                              Tuesday                            Wednesday                                Thursday                                Friday
                           4-Jul                                5-Jul                                  6-Jul                                7-Jul                                  8-Jul
Sophia visits TJ in jail, Gina &         Mason's will reading, Eden in       Jeffrey finds TJ with Pamela's
Keith get the $1mil from Pamela,         Paris, Tori picks Chip up from    needle, Julia & Heather discuss
Kelly awake, Tori is released from     Cruz's, Kelly asks Cruz for help    Sarah's condition, Kelly goes to
the hospital & agrees to move in         with TJ's bail & he's released, the roof of the hospital to meet TJ
w/ Phillip, CC & Sophia have          Pamela goes to Kelly's room with      but Pamela is there with a gun                                                                                   7/6: my ep
dinner at the Capwell house 987                         a needle988                                    989               Pamela's last day? 990                                    991 incomplete
                          11-Jul                              12-Jul                                 13-Jul                               14-Jul                                 15-Jul

                                                                        At the party, Darlene steals some
                                                                        jewelry, Ming Li tries to seduce Cain,
                                                                                                                 Keith & Gina take Brandon
                                                                                                                                                     Cruz brings Eden to the new house
                                     Party/auction at the museum,       Arthur and Michael spar at the party,    fishing, Sophia fires TJ, Cruz      he wants to buy, Brandon asks CC &
                                     someone chases Sarah to the        Julia argues with Michael about          returns early from Paris and        Sophia to come to Gina & Keith's
                                     belltower, Arthur makes a grand    Sarah, Darlene arrested, Brandon ok      plans to surprise Eden with a       wedding, Julia takes Sarah out of the
                            992      entrance at the party 993          after a school bus crash   994           new house 995                       convent     996
                          18-Jul                              19-Jul                                 20-Jul                               21-Jul                                 22-Jul
                                     Julia gets Keith to close the                                         Cruz talks to Julia about Chip's          Phillip tells Cruz Tori has gone
Cruz & Eden sign the                 Mark McC. case, Keith & Gina       Tori brought to the hospital after custody, Eden visits Tori in the          to a clinic, Eden & Andrea hang         Democratic
papers on the new house,             trying to decide on where to       Philip's party, Eden tells Cruz    hospital, Scott tells Tori she            out, CC sets up a romantic              Nat'l
Sarah at Julia's house               honeymoon, Tori & Phillip have     they should file for joint custody needs to go to a rehab clinic             dinner for Sophia but she               Convention
997                                  a dinner party 998                 of Chip 999                        1000                                      doesn't go 1001                         in Atlanta
                    25-Jul                                    26-Jul                                 27-Jul                               28-Jul                                 29-Jul
                                                                        Gina dishes gossip to Lydia, Lydia
Sophia goes to see CC but            Julia & Sarah go to the      starts her story on CC, Brandon   C&E move into their new house, Gina & Keith both get waylaid on
she's not ready to get back          beach, Keith & Gina try to   asks everyone to come to the      Keith brings Sarah in for      their way to the wedding, Gina
together, Cruz rescues Chip          stay cool during a heat wave wedding, C&E spend the last night questioning, Gina & Brandon    delivers a baby, Frank holds
from Phillip's 1002                  1003                               in the beachhouse     1004      have a picnic 1005                           Keith at gunpoint   1006
                          1-Aug                                2-Aug                              3-Aug                                   4-Aug                                  5-Aug
                                                                                                                 Sarah says Mason killed Mark but
                                     Eden & Lydia get arrested,                                                  Julia refuses to believe it, Gina
                                     Sarah tells Julia & Michael about Ming Li's birthday, Keith & Gina          dreams she gets held up in Hawaii   Agatha goes to Julia's
                                     her nightmares, Keith & Gina      in Hawaii, in the belltower Julia         by some gangster looking for the    with a gun but Sarah
Gina & Keith's wedding               rush to catch a plane to Hawaii tries to get Sarah to remember coins they found in the hotel room               grabs it and it goes off
1007                                 1008                              who shot Mark 1009                1010                                        1011

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                                                                                     Aug/Sept 1988
             Monday                                  Tuesday                                Wednesday                                 Thursday                                      Friday
                             8-Aug                                   9-Aug                                   with Lydia
                                                                                       CC's new romance 10-Aug                                        11-Aug                                    12-Aug
                                              Cain & Andrea read the Kama             makes the front page, Michael                                                   Eden & Cruz tell Kelly & Ted that
   Gina & Keith return from from            Sutra, Eden has a James Bond               visits Agatha in custody, Zack                                                Mason may be alive, Gina & Keith
                                                                                                                                Michael tells Julia Mason may be
    HI, Keith comes down with a              fantasy, Michael gets Julia free              interviews for the OB/GYN                                                       plan to look for Mason, CC &        8/12-my ep
                                                                                                                                  alive, Jeffrey meets a singer at
 rash, Scott meets Zack, Cruz &            from Agatha, CC & Sophia have             position, Michael tells Cruz what         Johnny's, Gina has a Casablanca       Sophia's anniversary, Julia & Cruz          has some
  Michael go looking for Agatha,                dinner, Agatha tells Michael           Agatha told him about Mason             fantasy, Julia & Michael go to the    start looking for Mason, TJ follows        local news
            Sarah & Julia 1012 Mason didn't die in the fire 1013                                               1014                  burned-out church  1015                   Kelly to Santa Fe 1016         pre-emption
                           15-Aug                                  16-Aug                                    17-Aug                                   18-Aug                                    19-Aug
                                        Michael arrives to get Cruz & Julia out                                                                                      Cruz gets the custody hearing set for
                                        of jail; Keith & Gina arrive at the       Jeffrey in the hospital, Kelly and TJ   Cruz and Chip build sand castles,          tommorow, Gina & Keith go to Palm
Julia & Cruz get a lead on Mason,       circus;Julia, Michael & Cruz get in a     make love, Gina gets shot out of a      Heather asks Scott to move in with         Springs to look for Mason, Julia &
Keith & Gina arrange for Julia & Cruz brawl at the biker bar; Tori leaves         cannon at the circus, Tori hysterical   her, Michael moves out of the              Michael leave for Vegas after seeing
to be arrested in Hemet, Keith & Gina rehab and goes to see Chip; Jeffrey         and Scott tries to convince her to go   convent, Cain & Andrea argue about         a photo in the paper that looks like
go to a biker bar and learn Mason       gets shot; TJ and Kelly start to make     back to the clinic, Cruz goes back      her job, Tori & Cruz meet to discuss       Mason, Julia & Michael get robbed       1018, 1019-
went off with a circus, Kelly & TJ play love; Michael, Julia & Cruz arrive at     home, Michael & Julia fix a flat tire   Chip's custody but she flips out           and stranded on the way to Vegas        my eps
tennis and have dinner   1017           the circus   1018                         and decide to go home    1019    1020                                              1021                                    incomplete
                           22-Aug                                  23-Aug                                   24-Aug                                    25-Aug                                    26-Aug

Michael & Julia tied up in an old gas
station in the desert, Scott gets sent
to run the neighborhood clinic, C&E                                               Julia & Michael make it to Vegas,       Keith, Gina, Michael & Julia
planning to go to a hearing on custody Tori takes Chip out of town but            Keith & Gina dress up as                work together to try to find
of Chip but then hear Chip is missing, later returns him to C&E, Keith &          maid/bellhop, CC offers $1mil for       Mason, Gina gets stuck in                  Ted learns Kelly slept with TJ,
Julia & Michael get free get an old    Gina arrive in Vegas looking for           info on Mason, Sonny/Mason in           Sonny's room, 2 goons grab                 Gina finds Sonny and frees him
motorcycle started   1022       Mason 1023                                        the Vegas hotel    1024                 Sonny 1025                                 from the goons 1026
                         29-Aug                                    30-Aug                                    31-Aug                                      1-Sep                                    2-Sep
                                                                                                      Gina & Sonny wake up together, CC                              CC, Cruz & Eden celebrate her
Sonny & Gina make it to a motel                                                                       gives Tori a job at the country club,                          new job at the Country Club party,
after driving all night thru the Cruz knifed (replays), Keith finds Scott's father in the hospital    Cruz is offered a job, Eden meets                              Gina tells Sonny Keith is her
desert, Cruz looks for a kid who Gina, Gina tries to get Sonny      after disconnecting himself from Zack after she films a story on                                 brother when he finds them in bed
stole Eden's earrings, Cruz gets into bed to see his birthmark,     dialysis, TJ parades his new girl runaways, Eden accepts a job at KSB                            together, Julia finds Mason's flask
knifed   1027                           Sonny hits Keith     1028                 in front of Sophia    1029              TV   1030                                  & gets drunk   1031
                             5-Sep                                   6-Sep                                     7-Sep                                     8-Sep                                    9-Sep
Keith & Gina keep Sonny locked in                                                 At the dentist Mason remembers
the basement, Julia hungover,           Eden starts her new job at the            who he is & leaves, Mason visits        M&J spend a happy day                      Critter attacks Eden live on the
Gina tries to convince Sonny to         TV station, Cruz & Julia start            the Capwell house & Julia's, C&E        together, Cain & Phillip fight,            air, Gina learns Mason is back
impersonate Mason, Kelly gets in        work on the gang issue, Gina              argue because she won't tell him        Critter is arrested at the meeting         and kidnaps him, Gina knocks
a fight at Johnny's and gets            makes Keith apologize for                 where Critter is, M&J reunite           Eden set up and he vows                    Mason out until Sonny finally
arrested   1032                         insulting Sonny 1033                      1034                                    revenge on Eden 1035                       returns 1036
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this week
                                                                                Sept/Oct 1988
            Monday                               Tuesday                              Wednesday                               Thursday                              Friday
                          12-Sep                               13-Sep                         14-Sep                                        15-Sep                               16-Sep
                                        Scott's father dies, Andrea tells
   Cain returns to his cabin and      Eden about Cain and leaves town,       Boswell lets Critter go, Eden
 Andrea follows him there, Julia                                            gives a speech on TV saying
                                                                                                             Eden's rape, Gina asks Eden wakes up on the beach &
                                          Eden starts getting harassing                                                                                                                      Eden's rape
       & Michael look for Mason,      phone calls, Sonny breaks his toe that Critter faked his confession     Heather about multiple returns home, Cruz takes Eden                           this week -
Scott's father taken into surgery               & then returns to Julia's on the air, a drunk Cain goes to   personalities, Tori sees    to the clinic, Phillip beats up                     wk before
                            1037        pretending to be Mason   1038                         see Eden 1039 Sonny kissing Gina 1040                       Cain 1041                          Olympics
                          19-Sep                               20-Sep                               21-Sep                   22-Sep                            23-Sep
                                   Cruz goes after Critter (replays),          Jeffrey searches TJ's office for   TJ knocks out Jeffrey & tries to Keith returns, Jeffrey rushed to the      episodes
 Cruz takes Eden to the Capwell      Lydia convinces Boswell to let               the tapes, Eden visits Julia, make it look like a robbery, Sonny    hospital, Julia tells Sonny about      aired in 30-
  house, Sonny comforts Eden, Cruz go after he attacked Critter,                    Cruz cleans up the house,     remembers details from one of his birthmark, Zack tells Eden she           min formats
    Cruz goes after Critter at the Heather asks Scott not to move              Sonny calls Gina for legal help     Mason's old cases, Eden tells is pregnant but the rapist could be         during
                 station 1042                            out 1043                                        1044            Cruz she's pregnant  1045               the baby's father 1046      Olympics
                          26-Sep                               27-Sep                                  28-Sep                               29-Sep                               30-Sep
                                                                                                                                                           C&E take Wendy back to her
       Gina & Keith tell Sonny his Eden doesn't recognize Critter's                                                                                         apartment to talk to Boswell,    episodes
  birthmark is a tattoo they gave voice on the tape & won't press             Heather visits Eden & counsels Eden goes on a TV show to talk                Michael comes to talk to M&J      aired in 30-
      him, Boswell asks TJ about charges, Boswell bullies Eden,                   her, Cruz visits Cain, Eden about the rape and criticizes a           about their wedding preparations,    min formats
         Jeffrey's accident, Arthur   Keith tells Cruz about Gina's                decides to press charges      soap called General Clinic,             Wendy & Cruz get videos of the      during
       operates on Jeffrey 1047                         rape 1048                      against Critter 1049         Wendy is raped 1050                                     rapes    1051    Olympics
                            3-Oct                                  4-Oct
                                      Julia calls Gina looking for Mason                                    5-OctThe security system installer 6-Oct                                 7-Oct
Sonny sets up a dinner with CC,       while Keith dumps Sonny at                                                 scares Eden, C&E go on a picnic,      Eden has stomach pains, Michael
Jeffrey comes out of his coma,        Julia's, Ted tells Cruz about Cain's   Phillip gets the gun from Eden and Gina tells Sonny he should give up     tries to counsel Sonny, Keith sets
Eden does a broadcast from the        erratic behavior, Eden & Phillip get   she thinks he's the rapist but then drinking for Julia, the attorney      the evidence room on fire with
police station but faints, Tori tells stuck in the elevator at the station   changes her mind, Sonny gets        general's guy takes Keith's files,    Julia inside, Cruz goes back to
Julia she saw Mason kissing Gina, & she pulls a gun, M&J fight               drunk at the Lair, Eden gets        the rapist leaves Eden another        work as a cop, the rapist tells
the rapist calls Eden 1052           1053                                                               1054
                                                                             another call from the rapist           video 1055                         Eden Cruz is dead   1056
Zack tells Eden to take it easy,                                11-Oct                                 12-Oct                               13-Oct                             14-Oct
Michael rescues Julia from the       Keith's indictment makes the            Mason & CC get drunk in the wine                                          Heather helps Michael work on his
fire, the rapist watches C&E         paper, Kelly brings a catatonic         cellar, Keith asks Gina to go to                                          new parish, Kris Kringle visits
program their new security           Jeffrey home, Sophia back in            Rio, a woman accuses Cain of        Keith gives Gina a romantic           M&J, C&E try to figure out how the
system, the evidence against         town, TJ hires a nurse to look after    rape, Keith has visions of his dead evening before he leaves town,        rapist got in the house, Gina &
Keith wasn't destroyed in the fire   Jeffrey, Gina locks Sonny & CC in       parents , the rapist leaves a       Brandon rescues CC and Mason          Brandon learn Keith is gone, the      Keith's
1057                                 the wine cellar   1058                  mannequin at C&E's    1059             from the wine cellar   1060        rapist goes to see Eden   1061        departure

stuff in green - I don't have; summaries taken from Jim's site                  10/12 - really, really funny stuff with CC & Mason
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                                                       ep 1057 - C&E argue about what year they met, 1979 or 1980
                                                                                    Oct/Nov 1988
             Monday                                  Tuesday                             Wednesday                           Thursday                              Friday
                            17-Oct                                   18-Oct          Mason starts work at Capwell
                                                                                                          19-Oct                             20-Oct                             21-Oct
   Eden shoots at the rapist at the        Julia is made DA and is asked to      Enterprises, Eden tells the family                                    CC & Sophia scare off the rapist
  house, Boswell finds Cain on the          look into Keith's disappearance,    she's pregnant, Lydia working with    Bunny arrives and rents a room     at Kelly's, Lydia spies on Cain,
 beach after the rapist fled, Mason            Sonny & Mason make a deal          Boswell on the rape case & she     from Brandon, Michael frightens     Carla goes to the hospital after
    tells Sonny that Sonny was his         about Julia, Brandon turns Gina's     meets with Cain, E&C make love off Carla-a girl wanting to have an having a back-alley abortion, C&E
invisible friend as a kid, Cruz finds          house into a bed & breakfast         for the 1st time since the rape abortion, the rapist goes to K&J's  trace the rapist's call and find a 10/17: my ep
  the rapist's video camera 1062                                      1063                                   1064             and grabs Kelly 1065                shrine to Eden 1066 incomplete
                            24-Oct                                   25-Oct                              26-Oct                              27-Oct                            28-Oct
Eden having nightmares, Gina              Sonny tries to get Julia to ease up
gets a subpoena, Michael tells the        on Gina, Kelly makes a statement      Brandon suggests a Halloween
                                                                                                                                                      Lydia & Boswell think Cain is the 10/26: I only
bishop he plans to leave the              on the attempted rape, Sonny &        party to CC & he plans to trap the Cain decorates his house for     rapist & plan to watch him at the   have 10
preisthood, Julia presses Sonny/-         Bunny meet, C&E dine with Zack        rapist, Sonny shreds a file for    Andrea's return, Scott returns   party, Halloween party begins,      mins -
Mason to set a wedding date, CC           & Heather, the rapist leaves a        Gina, Lydia gets Cain's criminal   from London, the rapist leaves a Andrea is attacked on the beach     coming from
investigating the rapes   1067            rose at C&E's hotel room   1068       record 1069                       skull on C&E's patio 1070           1071                              Ingrid whole
                           31-Oct                                    1-Nov                               2-Nov                               3-Nov                               4-Nov
Halloween party continues,                                                                                                                  Cain's apartment is searched and
Andrea is murdered, Phillip is     Opening party at Michael's parish, Cain catches Lydia spying on      Phillip plants a bloody towel in    the towel is found, Sonny tries to
discovered over Andrea's body      TJ questioned in Andrea's death, him at Andrea's grave, Cruz         Cain's apartment, Eden feels the come up with money for the poker
with the knife that killed her, Phillip
                                   Cain hits Boswell, Sonny has a     goes to see an imprisoned serial baby kick, Cruz asks Eden to have debt, the towel found is Eden's         11/2, 3: I
accuses Cain of being the rapist   wedding fantasy, Eden reviews the rapist, Zack encourages Eden to the amneo for paternity testing,       from the night of the rape, Sophia have clips
1072                               party guestlist 1073               have an amneo 1074                Sonny loses big at poker 1075       is attacked at the hotel 1076        only
                          7-Nov                                8-Nov                              9-Nov                           10-Nov Cruz asks Cain about the11-Nov ski
                                   Cain waives his right to an        Cain is charged with murder, Zack E&C learn the phone message         mask, Gina hits Julia, Cain tries to
Sophia is attacked but the rapist attorney, Sophia spends the night asks Heather about the rapist's     was Cain's voice distorted by       hang himself in his cell, Sonny
flees without hurting her, Cain is at the Capwell house, Cruz         profile, CC & Sophia go to Pop's  Boswell, Boswell finds more         tells Julia they shouldn't have sex
wounded & goes to see Eden,        questions Cain, Augusta is         Place to look for the rapist, the planted evidence, Cruz asks Ted until the wedding night, the rapist
Augusta returns, Cain is           suspicious of Mason & Gina's       rapist calls Eden and leaves a    to keep an eye on Phillip, C&E find calls C&E from Cain's hosp rm
arrested   1077                           relationship 1078                     message on the machine   1079     a ski mask in Cain's car   1080     1081
                           14-Nov                                  15-Nov                               16-Nov   Cain fires his new lawyer17-Nov
                                                                                                                                           who                                18-Nov
                                          Cruz tries to figure out how         Mason asks Julia to marry him     wants him to plead guilty, CC &      M&J's rehearsal dinner, Lydia
CC & Sophia go undercover at              someone got into Cain's hosp rm, tonight but Sonny calls it off, Eden Sophia set up M&J's rehearsal         helps Cain escape from the
Pop's & dance, Boswell stops              Michael hears confession again       falls after thinking she sees the dinner, Gina gets a photo of Keith   hospital, the rapist knocks Michael
Cain's release when he finds out          from someone violent & lifts a print rapist at the hospital, Michael   with another woman, Julia finds      out & leaves a video clearing       11/14, 16: I
the call's origin, Eden tells Zack        off the chair, Augusta tells Julia   sends Cruz the print lifts and    Gina's note in Mason's pocket        Cain, Gina & Sonny set up Julia to have clips
she'll do the amneo    1082               she saw Mason & Gina dancing          agrees to help   1084             1085                                see them together   1086           only
Presidential election Tue 11/8
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11/2 -
coming from
Ingrid whole
                                                                                   Nov/Dec 1988
            Monday                                 Tuesday                              Wednesday                               Thursday                                  Friday
                          21-Nov                                 22-Nov                         23-Nov                                         24-Nov                                 25-Nov
                                                                                                                                                               Gina bails out Bunny & Augusta,
  M&J's wedding day, Lydia & Cain                                                                                                                             Michael's chapel is trashed, Scott
on the run and end up surrounded,         Julia stops the wedding, Cruz Thanksgiving, Keith sends Gina                                                        tells Mason he thinks the Capwell
     Michael gets a footprint at the       ends the stand-off with Cain, a live turkey, Julia kicks Mason                                                    oil rigs are causing cancer, Eden's
chapel, the wedding starts but Julia      Cain is cleared and leaves for       out, Bunny & Augusta get                                                           amneo test, Eden falls, Julia is
                  speaks up 1087                           Utah 1088 arrested for gravedigging 1089                       Thanksgiving: Preempt                 kidnapped by the rapist  1090
                          28-Nov                                 29-Nov                                30-Nov                                   1-Dec                                   2-Dec
                                       Michael receives a tape of Julia                                              Michael rescues Julia, Eden            Julia and Michael make love, Ted
Julia is held by the rapist in a       being held, Eden still in the
                                                                               TJ threatens Jeffrey who can          fantasizes about giving Cruz a son,    learns Phillip framed Cain, Zack
warehouse, Eden in the hospital        hospital, the rapist has Crystal        talk again, Zack meets Diane,         Mason tries to tell Julia about        claims he saw the rapist, C&E get
after falling, Sophia meets            dress up like Julia and go to           Michael figures out where Julia       Sonny but Gina interrupts, Diane       the amneo results but they are
Crystal/Celeste while she & CC try     Michael, Sonny learns Gina hired a      is by watching the video of her       gets a call from the rapist, Michael   inconclusive because the rapist
to catch the rapist   1091             PI to find Keith 1092                   1093                                  & Julia kiss   1094                    switched them 1095
                              5-Dec                                6-Dec                                 7-Dec                                  8-Dec                                   9-Dec
Mason sees Julia and Michael           Tori alibis Phillip for Wendy's rape,   CC plans a surprise wedding for
together (replays), Cruz rescues       Scott tells Julia about his oil         Sophia tonight, Cruz tells Julia                                        Bunny electric shocks Sonny to
CC & arrests Phillip, Sonny            rig/cancer theory, Phillip admits       about the amneo results, Scott        Sophia refuses to marry CC;       try to learn where the files are,
pretends to be Mason with Gina to      framing Cain, Augusta moves in          jokes that Heather might be           Julia breaks it off with Michael; Cruz learns the rapist is limping,
see if she really does like Mason      with Julia, Cruz finds a footprint on   pregnant, Julia delivers CC a         Gina, Brandon, and Bunny go to Eden gets amneo results from
better   1096                          the beach 1097                          subpoena   1098                       Mexico to look for Keith 1099          the rapist 1100
                          12-Dec                                 13-Dec                                 14-Dec                                 15-Dec                                  16-Dec
                                                                               C&E learn the two sets of amneo
Michael brings Julia a Xmas tree,                                              results were both faked, Crystal      C&E in the hospital try to lure        Jack is arrested & questioned,
C&E meet Chelsea-an orphan        Samantha's baptism - Heather                 picks up Sonny, Brandon donates       the rapist there, Brandon is           Eden's surprise baby shower,
whose father was a murderer,      and Scott are godparents,                    his Christmas presents to the         knocked out by Jack the bum,           Brandon faints while decorating
Eden shows Cruz the faked amneo Bunny looks for the files in                   orphans, Bunny & Gina break into      Cruz pulls a gun on Jack at the        the Xmas tree, Jack says he's
results the rapist sent her1101        Mason's office 1102                     Sonny's office   1103                 hospital 1104                          guilty 1105
                          19-Dec                                 20-Dec                                 21-Dec                                 22-Dec                                  23-Dec
                                                                               (some pre-emption) Christmas          Christmas Eve continued, Mason         Christmas Eve continued, special
                                       Michael talks to Jack in jail,          Eve, Kris comes to SB for the party   visits Brandon in the hospital,        opening theme, Brandon's dream
                                       Sonny comforts Gina at the              at Michael's church, Kris brings      Brandon has a Christmas-               continues, C&E deliver presents,
                                       hospital, Cruz & Michael don't          Mason out & he visits Julia &         Bethlehem fantasy dream, Kris          M&J spend the evening together,
Jack confesses, Brandon                think Jack is the rapist, C&E go        Samantha, Kris sprains his ankle      arranges for C&E to deliver            Brandon wakes from the coma
lapses into a coma 1106                to Kris Kringle's cabin   1107          1108                                  presents in his place   1109           1110

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12/21/88 - Pan Am flight explodes over Scotland
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                                                                              Dec 1988/Jan 1989
            Monday                                    Tuesday                           Wednesday                           Thursday                               Friday
                          26-Dec                                 27-Dec                         28-Dec                                       29-Dec                              30-Dec
 Crystal is arrested for soliciting &    Jack says the rapist wore scrubs,                                                                     E&C are helicoptered off the train but
        Michael bails her out, Cruz      Scott visits his dad's house, Zack Julia discovers Mason broke into                                     emergency land at a cave, Michael
discredits Jack's confession, Gina        & Diane sleep together but Zack       her office, Gina pretends to be  New Year's Eve party on the      Feinstein sings on the train, Zack
   agrees to pretend to be Bunny's           disappears for a bit while she       Bunny's fiancee for his uncle   train, Eden goes into labor,      rapes Diane, Scott proposes to
 fiance, under hypnosis Jack says              sleeps, Jack is murdered, it Mario, Zack can't perform when he Michael buys Celeste some new       Heather, Jeffrey pushes TJ off the
       he knows who the rapist is             appears Zack is the rapist...     & Diane try to have sex    1113                     clothes   1114        train, special end credits1115
            January 2, 1989             Eden gives birth to Adriana3-Jan
                                                                    in the                                4-Jan                               5-Jan                                6-Jan
                                        cave, Diane goes to the hospital,     CC & Sophia spend the day                                               Mason/Sonny visits with Julia and
                                        C&E return to SB, the Capwells        together, Michael helps Celeste                                         Samantha, Scott tells Heather he
                                        visit C&E & Adriana in the hospital   get a job at the clinic, Diane gives Heather agrees to marry Scott,     dated Celeste in high school,
                                        , CC & Sophia spend the night         Cruz her statement, the new          Sophia breaks it off with CC,      Boswell questions Zack, Ted &
Preempted:                              together (airdate confirmed)          paternity test confirms Cruz is the Jeffrey signs the divorce papers    Wanda make a movie about
Football/parade                         1116                                  father   1117                       and leaves for Zurich   1118        Adriana   1119
                            9-Jan                                 10-Jan                              11-Jan                               12-Jan                                13-Jan
Kelly tells Mason Jeffrey left town,                                                                                                               Julia returns with evidence against
TJ stil alive, Zack kidnaps                                                   Bunny calls his uncle for romantic Cruz has Zack under surveillance, CC, a hooker Celeste knows visits
Adriana, Gina returns from looking Zack leaves Adriana with the               advice, Cruz gets a call from the the nurse gives Eden photos of     the clinic, Augusta hires TJ to spy
for Keith, Zack delivers Adriana to nanny, Celeste visits Scott at            rapist, Diane suspects Zack and    Adriana, Cruz talks to Heather    on Mason & Gina, CC & Sophia
a nanny, Eden learns Adriana is      the house he wants to buy, Ted           tells Cruz, Bunny & Gina go on a about the rapist being impotent & record a public plea for Adriana's        airdates
gone 1120                               & Sophia comfort Eden 1121            date   1122                         Michael talks to Celeste   1123     return   1124                        confirmed
                          16-Jan                                  17-Jan                              18-Jan                                 19-Jan                              20-Jan

                                        Augusta & TJ find Gina stealing       Gina in jail, Augusta stops
                                        the files at Julia's, Cruz breaks     Sonny's search for the files with Julia's birthday, Augusta invites
                                        into Zack's apartment, Cruz           a gun, Cruz & Michael learn       Michael, Bunny kisses Gina,
Preempt for Soap Opera                  notices a foot near Adriana in        Zack has no alibi for Adriana's   Celeste visits her mother's grave   Preempt for George
Digest Awards                           Ted's video   1125                    kidnapping 1126                   1127                                Bush's inauguration
                 23-Jan                                           24-Jan                              25-Jan                                 26-Jan                  27-Jan
Eden leaves the hospital,               Celeste invites Zack to her room      Celeste acts as a decoy to trap                                         Cruz chases Zack across town,
Celeste proposes she acts as a          and sees he has a scar like the       the rapist, Mason tells Julia he Cruz unmasks Zack but he               Michael asks Julia to visit Zack's
decoy to trap Zack at the               rapist, Augusta tells CC Mason        knows about her and Michael and escapes, Cruz tells Eden the            sister with him, Cruz finds Zack in Jan 25-27:
hospital, Phillip and Victoria          & Gina are working against him        wants the memos or he'll go to   rapist is Zack, Julia tells Mason      a motel, Mason steals the memos my eps
leave SB 1128                1129                      Lydia with the story 1130                                  how to steal the memos      1131 1132                                    incomplete
stuff in green - I don't have, summaries estimated or from Nicolas
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                                                                                 Feb 1989
            Monday                              Tuesday                           Wednesday                              Thursday                                  Friday
                            30-Jan                            31-Jan                                 1-Feb                                2-Feb
                                                                                                                Julia thinks Mason is sick & asks                            3-Feb
                                                                         Mason buys a country bar for Gina,          CC for help, the car accident     CC sues Gina for custody of
                                    Gina & Mason hide the memos at the motel Zack tells Cruz about                replays & Cruz is saved by two Brandon, Mason proposes to Gina
Mason blackmails CC for $10mil in the Capwell cellar & sell them his incestuous relationship with his             bikers before the car explodes, as a way for her to keep Brandon,
 for the memos, Julia & Michael to CC, Sophia finds CC burning sister, Brandon meets Anisa, Zack              Heather & Scott fight, Cruz chases   Zack falls from a cliff and before
  meet Zack's sister, Cruz fights them, Eden worries about where          causes a car accident and            Zack to a house & finds Adriana's     dying tells Cruz that Adriana is 1/30: my ep
      with Zack at a motel 1133                          Cruz is 1134       prepares to shoot Cruz    1135                         clothes 1136     dead, Bunny visits Julia 1137 incomplete
                             6-Feb                              7-Feb                                8-Feb                               9-Feb                                  10-Feb
                                                                         Adriana's funereal ceremony, Gina                                           Cruz finds a stone with Adriana's
Bunny continues telling Julia                                            dreams of being on a talk show                                              birthmark on it in the cave, Julia is
about Mason's split personality,     Scott comforts Celeste, Eden        with Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gina tells Lyle tries to kill Mason, CC            questioned about the missing
Gina thinks about marrying           doesn't want to see her family,     Sonny she'll marry him, Chip        suggests Eden go to Paris to            evidence, Lyle tries to kill Mason
Sonny, Cruz tells Eden Adriana       E&C mourn, Michael prepares         comes home, the nanny gives         rest, Cruz has visions in the cave      again, Eden & Kelly leave for Paris 2/7: my ep
is dead   1138                       for Adriana's service 1139          Adriana to her new mother  1140      where Adriana was born     1141 1142                                           incomplete
                            13-Feb                            14-Feb                              15-Feb                                16-Feb                                  17-Feb
                                     Julia asks Heather about            Sandra tells Cruz she had visions                                           Julia plans to get Mason back
Sandra arrives, Gina wants           schizophrenia, Bunny kidnaps        of Adriana alive, Gina saves Mason                                          before the wedding, Sandra feels
Michael to marry her and Mason,      Mason, Heather stays in Celeste's   and asks Bunny to leave the        Wanda dances at Mason's                  the baby who is dead is not
Dr. Morrissey studies Cruz's         shadow at Scott's school reunion,   house, Scott tells Celeste about a bachelor party & Mason is again          Adriana, Gina marries Sonny but
dreams, Mason escapes from           Cruz wants to join Eden in Paris    letter where he had asked her to   drunk, Sandra has visions of             Lyle shoots at him and Mason falls
Lyle's shots again   1143            1144                                marry him   1145                     Adriana and the nanny     1146         unconscious    1147
                            20-Feb                            21-Feb                              22-Feb                                23-Feb                                  24-Feb
                                                                       Brandon runs away, Celeste finds
                                     Michael tells the bishop he slept Scott's letter at her father's home,   Cruz & Sandra back from the
Sonny is shot (replays), Cruz &      with a woman, Mason meets         Mary tells Mason she is his            desert, Mason tells Gina Sonny is
Sandra go to the nanny's house       God in heaven and is sent to      guardian angel and pushes him to       dead, Mason tells Cruz he doesn’t
in the desert, Mason is at the       Mary's cloud, Celeste vistis her go back to Julia, Mason wakes up        think Adriana is dead, Brandon
hopital in the coma 1148             dad   1149                          from his coma   1150                 returns home 1151                                                    1152
                            27-Feb                            28-Feb                                 1-Mar                               2-Mar                                    3-Mar
                               Lisa & Emily arrive in SB, party at
                               the Lair, Brandon tells Julia where                                            Mason & Julia spend the evening        Bunny & Gina on an island, party
Katerene is murdered, Gina     Mason is, CC admits he was wrong                                               together, CC tells Ted he's going to   for CC's retirement, Ted gives CC
kidnaps Mason to try to get    about the oil rig sickness and                                                 retire and goes out with him and       the idea to write his memoirs,
Sonny back, Celeste buys a new makes a settlement to the families                                             Wanda, Cruz questions TJ about         Bunny is told he has to marry Lyle's airdates        3/2: my ep
dress for the Lair party 1153        1154                                                            1155     Katerene's death   1156                granddaughter 1157                   confirmed       incomplete

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries from Nicolas
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                                                      need a copy of the episode to verify ep date/summary
                                                                                      March 1989
             Monday                                    Tuesday                           Wednesday                            Thursday                                        Friday
                             6-Mar                                    7-Mar                               8-Mar                                    9-Mar                                    10-Mar

                                                                                                                            Gina wants Brandon back in           Laura arrives & slaps Michael at the
                                             Mason wants Julia to be his                                          exchange for the annulment, Bunny's            church, someone breaks into Cruz's
                                        partner in a law firm, Celeste has                                         uncle threatens him, Julia moves out           house to attack Sandra, M&J move 3/7 - I have a
                                        a job interview, Sandra tells Cruz                                           of the DA's office after being fired,          into their new office, Celeste quits few clips only;
                                               she thinks Adriana is alive                                        Ethan is the new DA, Scott & Heather           from the clinic, Lisa applies for a job 3/10 - airdate
                             1158                                     1159                                1160                             fight1161                            at M&J's office 1162 confirmed
                           13-Mar                                   14-Mar                              15-Mar                                16-Mar                                        17-Mar

                             1163 Megan arrives? 1164                                                     1165                                  1166                                           1167
                           20-Mar                  21-Mar                                               22-Mar                                23-Mar         Eden & Kelly (Carrington 24-Mar
                                                                                                                                                             in Paris, Mason explains to
                                                                                                                                                             Brandon who his parents were,               Tea Leoni
                                                                                                                                                             Ethan lifts Cruz's suspension,
                                                                                                                  Brandon's custody hearing,                 Sandra being held captive, Eden             playing
                                                                                                                  Brandon hears Gina say she's               visits Cruz's brother's house               Lisa this
                             1168                                     1169                                1170    not really his mother     1171    1172                                                 week
                           27-Mar                                   28-Mar                              29-Mar                               30-Mar E&C's anniversary, Eden 31-Mar
Kirk is holding Sandra captive, Eden                                                                              Julia returns from Phoenix, Scott &        convinces Sandra to stay in town,
                                        Mason in jail after being arrested for   Eden and Kelly arrive back in
sees Ric's baby Charisse, Mason &                                                                                 Heather break up (replays),                Lisa covers for Mason's drinking,
                                        DUI, Cruz asks Sandra about the
CC fight about Brandon, Celeste in                                               SB, Cruz tells Eden he thinks    Sandra sees E&C making love &              Scott springs Celeste from the
                                        man who held her captive, Kirk goes
the hospital, Mason pulled over for     to the Lair for a drink, Bunny &
                                                                                 Adriana is alive, Megan calls    attempts suicide, Vanessa hits             hospital, Cruz goes to see Kirk in 3/28 - my ep
drunk driving, Cruz finds Sandra        Vanessa make love, Cruz & Sandra         Greg, Heather & Scott break up Bunny after seeing him with Gina             prison but the prisoner isn't Kirk inc; airdates
1173                                    fight   1174                             1175                             1176                                       1177                               confirmed
                             3-Apr                                    4-Apr                               5-Apr                                    6-Apr                                      7-Apr
                                                                                                                  Kirk forces Gina to go fetch
Scott brings Celeste home from the                                                                                Sandra while he has Brandon,               Heather takes a pregnancy test
hospital, Cruz learns Kirk escaped      Gina finds Bunny with Vanessa, Kirk                                       Eden returns home, Gina tells              and it's positive, C&E & Sandra
from prison 6 months ago and sends      gets away & escapes wounded to                                            C&E where Kirk is, C&E hear Kirk           arrive at the ski lodge in Canada
Eden out of town, Mason gives Julia     Gina's, Scott & Celeste have a picnic,                                    talking to the woman who has               where Kirk is, M&J work on
glass slippers, Sandra pulls a gun on   Gina finds Kirk in the basement                                           Adriana, M&J fantasize about their         wedding invitations, masquerade
Kirk 1178                               1179                                                              1180    wedding    1181                            party at the ski lodge      1182

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                                                                                        April/May 1989
             Monday                                    Tuesday                                Wednesday                                Thursday                                  Friday
                            10-Apr                                     11-Apr                          12-Apr                                           13-Apr                                 14-Apr

    Cruz grabs Kirk but the woman he                                                                                                                           M&J on opposite sides in Wanda's
 was meeting gets away, Lisa takes a                                                                                                                         case against TJ, Michael tries to talk
  drunk Mason to an AA meeting, Kirk         Michael & Laura still in the file                                               Heat wave, C&E return to SB, a    Heather out of having an abortion,
tells Cruz about Adriana's kidnapping       room, Sandra walks in on C&E                                                         hooker who knows Celeste      Cruz brings Sandra back after she
   plot, Michael & Laura get stuck in a     in bed, M&J visit a church they                                                      comes into the clinic, CC & ran off, Celeste waits at the hospital
file room, Kirk is arrested, the French          want to be married in, the                                                  Megan have a romantic dinner          while the hooker is in surgery
        woman has Adriana    1183           French woman is gone        1184                                     1185                                    1186                                   1187
                            17-Apr                                     18-Apr                                   19-Apr                                  20-Apr                                 21-Apr
                                                                                                                            Mason tries to get TJ to settle with    Sophia arrives in NH and visits Greg,
Heat wave in SB continues, Mason                                                     Celeste tells Scott she had an
                                          Heather didnn't go through with the                                               Wanda, Michael and Laura go             Bunny buys the Lair from TJ and
goes to an AA meeting but walks                                                      abortion once, Sophia asks TJ to
                                          abortion but keeps it a secret, Emily                                             jogging, Heather tells Michael she      hires Wanda, Eden tells Cruz about
out, Scott learns Heather is                                                         help her find info on Megan,           didn't have the abortion, Sophia
                                          tries to tutor two punks but they pull a                                                                                  Sandra "being" with them when they
pregnant & plans to have an               knife & Ethan & Michael disarm             Sandra tells Cruz about a fake         plans to go to NH, Celeste learns she   make love and Cruz throws Sandra
abortion, Eden and Sandra argue           them, Kelly & Sophia search Megan's        vision, Sophia meets with              may not be able to have children        out, CC brings Paris to Megan, TJ     4/19: my ep
1188                                      stuff and find a NH address   1189         Megan    1190                          1191                                    leaves town 1192                       incomplete
                            24-Apr                                     25-Apr                                   26-Apr                                  27-Apr                                 28-Apr
                                                                                                                            Mason drunk on the beach while          Anniversary of Laura's son's death,
Bunny calls off the wedding with          Mason asks Ted to be his best              Eden has more visions & Cruz tests     Julia waits at the engagement           Mason tells CC he's an alcoholic &
Vanessa, Sandra overdoses                 man, Megan tells CC last night             her for psychic ability, M&J's         party, Eden realizes her dreams         CC says his own father was an
again, Eden has visions, CC &             was a mistake, preparations at             engagement party starts, Eden visits   are of Paris (replays), Megan tells     alcoholic also, Eden asks Carmen &
Megan make love (airdate                  the Lair for M&J's engagement              Sandra at Heather's, Mason leaves      CC about Greg, Eden tells Cruz          Cruz about Ric, Laura is attacked at   4/25: my ep   4/27: airdate
conf'd) 1193                              party   1194                               the party & gets drunk   1195          Adriana is at Ric's house   1196        school   1197                          incomplete    confirmed
                             1-May                                      2-May                                    3-May                                  4-May                                   5-May
                                                                              Julia discovers Mason & Lisa lied                                                     Cruz is drugged & later learns Mr.
CC goes to NH to find Megan and           Michael asks Julia to be his lawyer about their whereabouts and later             Cruz in San Francisco                   Han doesn't know where Adriana
meets Greg, Laura in the hospital,        after being arrested by Ethan, Lisa finds them at a rehab clinic,                 impersonating Kirk & finds the          is, Ethan and Laura fight about her
Scott & Celeste make love, Michael        tells Celeste she's an alcoholic,   Heather faints, Cruz meets with               babysitter, Cruz & Sandra get           work at school, Heather gets in a
tries to figure out who hit Laura,        Ted throws Mason a bachelor         the gang that hit Laura, Eden lies            cornered by Mr. Han, M&J at the         car accident, Eden and Kelly arrive
Sandra tells Eden to follow her           party, Gina spends the night alone to Cruz and goes to Paris,                     clinic in Palm Springs, CC tells        in Paris and Eden is hired to work 5/4: my ep
visions to Paris   1198                   fantasizing 1199                           1200                                   Sophia he loves Megan    1201           at Ric's 1202                       incomplete
Heather sees Scott at the hospital                                      9-May                         10-May
                                                                             Michael thinks Missy never learned                                      11-May                                     12-May
                                                                                                                                                                    M&J's wedding is postponed b/c of
& convinces Ethan to help her                                                to read, Augusta helps Julia                   Cruz looks for Eden, M&J arrive at      CC's heart attack, Celeste wants
escape, Vanessa and Gina both             Greg arrives in SB, Celeste helps prepare for the wedding, M&J                    the rehearsal dinner, Gina starts       to tell Scott Heather's still
want to sing at the Lair, Celeste         Heather hide her pregnancy,        make love in the elevator on their             pretending to sing at the Lair, Kelly   pregnant, Eden tells Cruz she
learns Heather is still pregnant,         M&J's last day at the clinic, C.C. way to the rehearsal dinner, Cruz              overhears Ric making a deal, Cruz       thinks Charisse is Adriana, Eden
Cruz learns Eden is in Paris              invites Greg to spend the summer arrives in Paris & searches for                  arrives at Ric's, CC has a heart        sneaks out to spend time with      5/10:my ep
1203                                      at his house   1204                        Eden 1205                              attack (airdate confirmed) 1206         Cruz 1207                          incomplete

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                                                                               May/June 1989
             Monday                                   Tuesday                         Wednesday                                Thursday                                      Friday
                           15-May                               16-May                        17-May                                           18-May                                  19-May
                                                                                                                                                                  Ric tells Kelly he knows she is
Scott learns Heather didn't have the       Kelly follows Ric & sees him Cruz avoids getting caught in Ric's               CC comes home from the                  spying on him, Megan in New
  abortion, E&C spend the evening           picking up some diamonds, room, Ric and Hollis invite Cruz to                hospital, Hollis catches Ric          Hampshire and tells Greg C.C. is
    together and dance at the Eiffel     Michael teaches Missy to read,      dinner, Mason finds Lisa at a              kissing Kelly, Cruz finds the           his father. Cruz, Eden and Kelly
Tower, CC awake, Megan & Sophia             Cruz searches Ric's but Ric   motel, Vanessa tells Bunny that             doctor that removed Adriana's            confront Ric with the proof about
         argue at the hospital               comes home early 1209 Gina is pretending to sing 1210                                 birthmark 1211                                  Adriana. 1212
                           22-May                               23-May                                 24-May                                  25-May                                  26-May
                                    Cruz discovers Hollis made up the        Ted and Wanda invite M&J for a                                                   The Capwells see Adriana. Ric is
Hollis and Adriana are kidnapped, kidnapping. Cruz, Eden, Kelly and          picnic, Sophia finds out that C.C.                                               forced to leave France & decides
Greg decides to return to SB, Ethan Ric find Hollis when she's just          Greg's father, Hollis gives C&E      C&E have Adriana baptized in                to go to SB, Benoit tells Ric that
supports Heather in her custody     planning to escape to London.            Adriana after admitting she bought Paris, the Capwells have a                    Hollis left him nothing, Megan tells
case against Scott, while Julia     Laura and Ethan are make plans           her after her real baby died. Hollis ceremony for Adriana in SB                  Greg that Sophia knows C.C. is
defends Scott.   1213                  for a cruise   1214                   falls in the river and drowns.        1216                                       his father.   1217
                           29-May                               30-May                                 31-May                               1-Jun
                                                                                                                  Ric meets a fence named Johnny                                           2-Jun
Michael learns Leo Mitchell is         Michael tells Laura about Leo                                              Navarro, M&J prepare for their
coming to SB to find him, Ethan        coming to town, Scott tells Celeste   Sandra has visions about coming wedding day, Mason thinks of he                  (Some preemption re Tiienanman
gives Cruz a promotion but Cruz        his mother was a prostitute and       danger, party at C&E's for M&J's and Julia when they're old, Ric &               Square) Special opening theme,
wants to spend more time with the      Celeste tells Lisa that she was a     wedding, Ric arrives in SB, Kelly is Sandra meet and end up in bed               Michael tries to protect Laura from
kids, Celeste decides to tell Scott    hooker, M&J plan the wedding          upset CC is going with Megan to and Cruz finds them together                     Leo & they kiss, Mason & Julia's 5/29: I only
about her past 1218                    1219                                  the wedding   1220                    1221                                       wedding 1222                        have 10 mins
                             5-Jun                                6-Jun                                  7-Jun                                    8-Jun                                 9-Jun
                                                                                                                                                              Kelly tells Mason somebody wants
M&J's reception, C&E plan to go to     Navarro gets arrested & Ric is        A mysterious woman makes Julia        E&C arrive in Acapulco, an agent           to take over Capwell Enterprises
Acapulco, Megan catches the            questioned, Carmen & Eden talk        better, Mason realizes it was Mary    is interested in Gina's singing, Leo       so Mason leaves for Tokyo,
bouquet, Emily & Greg argue,           about Rafael, Michael tells Cruz      who is watching over him, Kelly       is looking for Michael and Laura           Michael & Laura get Leo to a
Carmen tells Eden where Rafael         and Laura he's leaving town, M&J      finds Ric with Sandra, Michael        tries to warn him, Cruz's cousin           prison in Mexico, Eden convinces
may be, M&J parachute for their        honeymoon on an island but Julia      discovers that Leo is on his way to   babysits, Eden sees Rafael                 Rafael to meet Cruz, but he is
honeymoon    1223                      gets sick   1224                      SB   1225                             disguised as a magician      1226          kidnapped      1227
                           12-Jun                               13-Jun                                 14-Jun                                   15-Jun                                    16-Jun
Ric discovers that C&E are looking                                           Heather and Celeste try to find                                                  CC realizes Greg really is his son,
                                                                                                                   Leo Mitchell has been killed, Greg
for Rafael, Lisa turns out to be       Ric arrives in Acapulco,              Michael before Mitchell does. Leo,                                               Eden and Ric look for Cruz and
                                                                                                                   decides to leave town, Heather has
spying for the person who wants to     Sophia's birthday party at the        Heather, Celeste, Michael, Ethan                                                 Rafael but get stuck at Mephisto's,
                                                                                                                   stomach pains, Boswell and Julia are
have a hostile takeover of Capwell     Lair, E&C&Ric search for              and Laura are wandering in the        thinking that Mitchell is still alive as   Mason calls from Tokyo with bad Summaries
Enterprises, Leo escapes from          Rafael, Cruz finds him and gets fog. Then a gun shot is heard.              Mitchell's body is gone, Greg tells CC     news about the takeover, Robert for 6/12-15
prison   1228                          trapped 1229                    1230                                        he is his son   1231                       and Renfield arrive in SB   1232 are estimated

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
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UCLA TV/Film Archives:
Santa Barbara
(Television program :
1984-1993). 1989-06-
 Santa Barbara. [1989-
...: Originally broadcast
on NBC.
 Program number

rec'd, not
watched yet

rec'd, not
watched yet

rec'd, not
watched yet
                                                                              June/July 1989
            Monday                                 Tuesday                           Wednesday                                 Thursday                            Friday
 Sophia, Ted, and Kelly 19-Jun
                         are upset                                20-Jun                      21-Jun                                          22-Jun                        23-Jun
about Greg, Eden bribes a corrupt                                                                                   Eden & Ric get the upper hand on
police officer who wants to get Ric                                                                                       Mephisto & find Cruz in the
          deported. Mason realizes                                                                                  dungeons, M&J & Scott & Heather
        someone has been looking                                                                                        meet with a judge, Laura tells                                6/19-20:       1233-1236
    through his desk. Kelly goes to        Capwell Zone episode                                                      Michael she's still in love with him                             airdates not   rec'd, not
                   Mexico.  1233                           1234                                           1235              (airdate confirmed) 1236                          1237    confirmed      watched yet
                          26-Jun                         27-Jun                                         28-Jun                                29-Jun                        30-Jun
                                                                           Eden & Mason go to see Robert
                                                                           who is with Gina, Ric kisses Kelly
                                                                           trying to steal some papers from
                                                                           her, Eden visits CC to see what he
                                                                                                                Preempted: Daytime                                                                   1237-1241
                                                                           knows about Robert, Laura and        Emmy Awards - SB                                                                     rec'd, not
                             1238                                  1239    Michael kiss   1240                  wins!                                                         1241                   watched yet
                             3-Jul                                 4-Jul                                  5-Jul                  6-Jul                                        7-Jul
                                       Ted thinks Megan is the spy, CC
                                       confronts Robert about the
                                       takeover, Julia represents Michael
                                       in jail for Leo's murder, Kelly hires                                                                                                                         1242-1244:
                                       Ric to find out info on Robert, 4th Megan leaves town for a few                                                                                               rec'd, not
                             1242      of July fireworks   1243            days   1244                              Preempt for Wimbledon Preempt for Wimbledon                                      watched yet
                            10-Jul                                11-Jul                                12-Jul                       13-Jul                14-Jul
Mason & Eden agree to work
                                                                                                                    Mason follows Lisa, Robert &
together to save Capwell Enterprises,
Ethan follows Laura to Michael's                                           Megan tells CC & Greg she's dying,
                                                                                                                    Gina have dinner, Lisa tells off
apartment, Bunny sends Robert a                                            Julia gets Michael released from jail,   Robert, Emily comforts Greg,
hobby horse's head, Ethan urges       Megan returns, Greg gets the         Ric gives Kelly the idea to scare        Sandra tells Ric Lisa is the spy &                                               1245-1247:
Boswell to get evidence against       blood test results that confirm he   Robert with Donald Trask, Micahel        Ric tells Kelly who tells M&J      Laura and Michael make love                   rec'd, not
Michael   1245                         is CC's son 1246                    thinks Laura stole his gun   1247 1248                                           1249                                     watched yet
                            17-Jul                                18-Jul                                 19-Jul                                20-Jul                       21-Jul
The Capwells plant a false rumor
that Daniel Trask is helping them      CC tries to stop Megan from
fend off Robert's takeover, Celeste    leaving, but she says goodbye &
gets hypnotized to remember the        leaves, Cruz back from
night Leo was killed, Ethan gets       Acapulco with Rafael, Ethan                                                                                                                    7/17/89 -
the gun that killed Leo, Megan tells   asks Laura if she's sleeping w/                                                                                Lane Davies last day?           airdate        7/18 - I have
Sophia she's leaving town    1250      Michael   1251                                                     1252                                   1253 1254                            confirmed      clips only

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                                                        July/August 1989
         Monday                     Tuesday                    Wednesday                   Thursday              Friday
                   24-Jul                      25-Jul                          26-Jul                 27-Jul              28-Jul
                                                            CC & Sophia celebrate the
                                                        merger of Capwell-Armonti and
                                                        have a party, Ted leaves to find
                                                           Mason, Michael breaks into                                              7/26 - airdate
                    1255                        1256             Ethan's house 1257                    1258                1259    not confirmed
                   31-Jul                      1-Aug                           2-Aug                  3-Aug               4-Aug

                     1260                       1261                            1262                    1263                1264
                    7-Aug                      8-Aug                           9-Aug                  10-Aug              11-Aug

                    1265                        1266                            1267                    1268                1269
                  14-Aug                      15-Aug                          16-Aug                  17-Aug              18-Aug

                    1270                        1271                            1272                    1273                1274
                  21-Aug                      22-Aug                          23-Aug                  24-Aug              25-Aug

                    1275                        1276                            1277                      1278             1279

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 5-Aug-06
                                                             August/September 1989
        Monday                         Tuesday                                Wednesday                                Thursday                                   Friday
                  28-Aug                              29-Aug                          30-Aug                                         31-Aug                                     1-Sep
                                                                                                                                                     Charity fundraiser party at the country
                                                                                                                                                      club, Cruz & Rafael in jail, Scott tells
                                                                      Cruz learns Ondine was stolen from       C&E fight over the broken statue,        Heather he'll drop the custody suit,
                               Robert tells Eden she stole Ondine     a museum on Las Sirenas, Michael         Cruz goes to Sirenas, Emily visits   Eden remembers helping Robert cheat
                              for him, Arthur asks Sophia to go to             convinces Jerry to fund his   Celeste at the bar, Michael & Laura          at poker, Cruz goes to Eden's old
                             Jerry's party on Friday, Cruz breaks        renovation of the old church as a       talk at the country club, Cruz &   house on Sirenas, Laura & Gina realize
                           into Robert's office and steals Ondine       community center, C&E fight and      Rafael get caught at the abandoned          they went to high school together airdates
                    1280                                 1281               Cruz breaks Ondine    1282                           casino 1283                                     1284     confirmed
                   4-Sep                                5-Sep                                    6-Sep                                 7-Sep                                    8-Sep

                    1285                                1286                                     1287                                   1288                                     1289
                  11-Sep                              12-Sep                                   13-Sep                                 14-Sep                                   15-Sep

                    1290                                1291                                     1292                                   1293                                     1294
                  18-Sep                              19-Sep                                   20-Sep                                 21-Sep                                   22-Sep

                                                                     Cruz escapes from prison. C.C.
                                                                     needs a computer password to
                                                                     use Barr's disc. Julia learns that
                                                                     C.C. has had contact with
                    1295                                1296         Mason. 1297                                                        1298                                     1299
                  25-Sep                              26-Sep                                   27-Sep                                 28-Sep                                   29-Sep

                    1300                                 1301                                     1302                                    1303                                   1304

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site, Museum of Broadcast Television or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                         October 1989
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                    2-Oct                      3-Oct                       4-Oct                      5-Oct                6-Oct

                                                     Preempt: baseball
                                                     playoffs on NBC (AL,
                    1305                       1306 game 2)                                           1307                 1308
                    9-Oct                     10-Oct                  11-Oct                         12-Oct               13-Oct

Preempt: baseball
playoffs on NBC (NL,
game 5)                                        1309                        1310                       1311                 1312
                 16-Oct                       17-Oct                      18-Oct                     19-Oct               20-Oct
                                                                                                                                   some pre-
                                                                                                                                   emption this
                                                                                                                                   earthquake in
                                                                                                                                   San Francisco
                    1313                       1314                        1315                       1316                 1317    on 10/17
                   23-Oct                     24-Oct                      25-Oct                     26-Oct               27-Oct

                    1318                       1319                        1320                        1321                1322
                   30-Oct                     31-Oct                      1-Nov                       2-Nov               3-Nov

                                                                                                                                   Halloween -
                                                                                                                                   of murder on
                    1323                        1324                       1325                           1326             1327    yacht

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 25-Nov-06
                                                       November 1989
        Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                        Thursday                    Friday
                   6-Nov                      7-Nov                      8-Nov                                9-Nov               10-Nov

                    1328                       1329                       1330                                1331                  1332
                  13-Nov                     14-Nov                     15-Nov                              16-Nov                17-Nov

                                                                                 The pursuit of Robert, Kelly, and the
                                                                                 train full of explosives comes to a
                                                                                 climax involving Curz and Gina.
                                                                                 Michael has to contend with an
                    1333                       1334                       1335   abandoned infant   1336                            1337
                  20-Nov                     21-Nov                     22-Nov                              23-Nov                24-Nov

                    1338                       1339                       1340 Thanksgiving                                         1341
                  27-Nov                     28-Nov                     29-Nov                              30-Nov                 1-Dec

                    1342                       1343                       1344                                 1345                 1346
                   4-Dec                      5-Dec                      6-Dec                                7-Dec                8-Dec

                    1347                       1348                       1349                                 1350                1351

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site, Museum of Broadcast Television or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                              December 1989/January 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  11-Dec                      12-Dec                 13-Dec                          14-Dec               15-Dec

                    1352                        1353                       1354                        1355                 1356
                  18-Dec                      19-Dec                     20-Dec                      21-Dec               22-Dec
                                                                                                                                   Possible pre-
                                                                                                                                   emption this
                                                                                                                                   week due to
                                                                                                                                   standoff in
                    1357                        1358                       1359                        1360                 1361   Panama
                  25-Dec                      26-Dec                     27-Dec                      28-Dec               29-Dec

Christmas - Cruz's It's a
Wonderful Life dream
1362                                           1363                        1364                       1365                 1366
        January 1, 1990                        2-Jan                       3-Jan                      4-Jan                5-Jan

Preempted: New Year's
Day                                            1367                       1368                        1369                 1370
                8-Jan                          9-Jan                     10-Jan                      11-Jan               12-Jan

                    1371                        1372                       1373                           1374             1375

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 23-Sep-06
UCLA TV/Film archives:
Santa Barbara
(Television program :
1984-1993). 1989-12-22.
 Santa Barbara. [1989-12-
...: Originally broadcast
on NBC.
 Program number 1361.
                                                 January/February 1990
        Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                  Thursday                    Friday
                  15-Jan                     16-Jan                  17-Jan                       18-Jan                    19-Jan

 SOD Awards - aired on
    NBC: SB wins big!                         1376                      1377                       1378                      1379
                22-Jan                       23-Jan                    24-Jan                     25-Jan                    26-Jan

                   1380                       1381                      1382                        1383                      1384
                  29-Jan                     30-Jan                    31-Jan                      1-Feb                     2-Feb

                    1385                       1386                      1387                       1388                      1389
                   5-Feb                      6-Feb                     7-Feb                      8-Feb                     9-Feb

                    1390                       1391                      1392                       1393                      1394
                  12-Feb                     13-Feb                    14-Feb                     15-Feb                    16-Feb

                                                                                                                                     Pebble Creek
                    1395                       1396                      1397                      1398                      1399    E&C reunion

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 20-Sep-07                    eps 1393 and 1395: airdates confirmed per UCLA TV/Film Archives
                                                        ep 1388 aired 2/1/1990 per script
UCLA TV/Film Archives:     UCLA TV/Film Archives:
Santa Barbara              Santa Barbara
(Television program :      (Television program :
1984-1993). 1990-02-       1984-1993). 1990-02-
08.                        12.
Originally broadcast on    Originally broadcast on
NBC.                       NBC.
Program number
1393.                      Program number 1395
                    ...:                    ...:
                                                    February/March 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   19-Feb                     20-Feb                 21-Feb                          22-Feb               23-Feb

                     1400                       1401                       1402                        1403                 1404
                   26-Feb                     27-Feb                     28-Feb                       1-Mar                2-Mar

                     1405                       1406                        1407                       1408                 1409
                    5-Mar                      6-Mar                       7-Mar                      8-Mar                9-Mar

                     1410                       1411                       1412                        1413                 1414
                   12-Mar                     13-Mar                     14-Mar                      15-Mar               16-Mar

                     1415                       1416                       1417                        1418                 1419
                   19-Mar                     20-Mar                     21-Mar                      22-Mar               23-Mar

                    1420                        1421                       1422                           1423             1424

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 8-Oct-06
                                                       March/April 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   26-Mar                     27-Mar                 28-Mar                          29-Mar               30-Mar

                    1425                       1426                        1427                       1428                  1429
                    2-Apr                      3-Apr                       4-Apr                      5-Apr                6-Apr

                    1430                       1431                       1432                        1433                 1434
                    9-Apr                     10-Apr                     11-Apr                      12-Apr               13-Apr

                    1435                       1436                       1437                        1438                 1439
                   16-Apr                     17-Apr                     18-Apr                      19-Apr               20-Apr

                    1440                       1441                       1442                        1443                 1444
                   23-Apr                     24-Apr                     25-Apr                      26-Apr               27-Apr

                    1445                        1446                       1447                           1448             1449

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 30-Dec-06
Ep 1429 aired 3/30/90 per script
                                                             May 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   30-Apr                      1-May                      2-May                       3-May               4-May

                     1450                       1451                       1452                        1453                 1454
                    7-May                      8-May                      9-May                      10-May               11-May

                    1455                        1456                       1457                        1458                 1459
                  14-May                      15-May                     16-May                      17-May               18-May

                    1460                        1461                       1462                        1463                 1464
                  21-May                      22-May                     23-May                      24-May               25-May

                    1465                        1466                       1467                        1468                 1469
                  28-May                      29-May                     30-May                      31-May                1-Jun

                    1470                        1471                       1472                           1473             1474

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 7-Oct-06
                                                            June 1990
           Monday                    Tuesday                 Wednesday                     Thursday                       Friday
                          4-Jun                 5-Jun                      6-Jun                       7-Jun                        8-Jun

                           1475                  1476                      1477                         1478                         1479
                         11-Jun                12-Jun                    13-Jun                       14-Jun                       15-Jun

Cruz is bitten by a scorpion,
Lionel's memorial service, end-
Lionel is revealed to be alive and
driving Augusta's limo   1480                    1481                      1482                         1483                         1484
                          18-Jun               19-Jun                    20-Jun                       21-Jun                       22-Jun

                           1485                  1486                      1487                         1488                         1489
                         25-Jun                26-Jun                    27-Jun                       28-Jun                       29-Jun

                                                                                   Daytime Emmy Awards (aired
                                                                                   on CBS): SB wins its last
                                                                                   Emmy for Outstanding Drama
                           1490                 1491                       1492    Series 1493                                      1494
                           2-Jul                3-Jul                      4-Jul                          5-Jul                     6-Jul

                                                                                Preempted for                     Preempted for
                           1495                 1496                       1497 Wimbledon                         Wimbledon

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 8-Oct-06
                                                            July 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                     9-Jul                     10-Jul                     11-Jul                     12-Jul               13-Jul

                    1498                        1499                       1500                       1501                 1502
                   16-Jul                      17-Jul                     18-Jul                     19-Jul               20-Jul

                    1503                        1504                       1505                       1506                 1507
                   23-Jul                      24-Jul                     25-Jul                     26-Jul               27-Jul

                    1508                        1509                       1510                        1511                1512
                   30-Jul                      31-Jul                     1-Aug                       2-Aug               3-Aug

                     1513                       1514                       1515                        1516                 1517
                    6-Aug                      7-Aug                      8-Aug                       9-Aug               10-Aug

                    1518                        1519                       1520                           1521             1522

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                  August/September 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  13-Aug                      14-Aug                 15-Aug                          16-Aug               17-Aug

                    1523                        1524                       1525                        1526                 1527
                  20-Aug                      21-Aug                     22-Aug                      23-Aug               24-Aug

                    1528                        1529                       1530                        1531                 1532
                  27-Aug                      28-Aug                     29-Aug                      30-Aug               31-Aug

                     1533                       1534                       1535                        1536                 1537
                    3-Sep                      4-Sep                      5-Sep                       6-Sep                7-Sep

                    1538                        1539                       1540                        1541                 1542
                  10-Sep                      11-Sep                     12-Sep                      13-Sep               14-Sep

                    1543                        1544                       1545                           1546             1547

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                 September/October 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  17-Sep                      18-Sep                 19-Sep                          20-Sep               21-Sep

                    1548                        1549                       1550                        1551                 1552
                  24-Sep                      25-Sep                     26-Sep                      27-Sep               28-Sep

                    1553                       1554                        1555                       1556                 1557
                    1-Oct                      2-Oct                       3-Oct                      4-Oct                5-Oct

                    1558                       1559                         1560                      1561                 1562
                    8-Oct                      9-Oct                      10-Oct                     11-Oct               12-Oct

                    1563                       1564                        1565                       1566                 1567
                   15-Oct                     16-Oct                      17-Oct                     18-Oct               19-Oct

                    1568                        1569                       1570                           1571             1572

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07                   Ep 1560 aired 10/3/91 per script
                                                 October/November 1990
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday            Friday
                   22-Oct                     23-Oct                  24-Oct                         25-Oct            26-Oct

                    1573                       1574                        1575                        1576              1577
                   29-Oct                     30-Oct                      31-Oct                      1-Nov             2-Nov

                     1578                       1579                       1580                        1581              1582
                    5-Nov                      6-Nov                      7-Nov                       8-Nov             9-Nov

                    1583                        1584                       1585                        1586              1587
                  12-Nov                      13-Nov                     14-Nov                      15-Nov            16-Nov

                    1588                        1589                       1590                        1591              1592
                  19-Nov                      20-Nov                     21-Nov                      22-Nov            23-Nov

                    1593                        1594                       1595 Thanksgiving                            1596

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                            December 1990
             Monday                      Tuesday              Wednesday        Thursday            Friday
                             26-Nov                27-Nov             28-Nov              29-Nov            30-Nov
Eden while looking for Robert comes
across both Robert and Quinn. Kelly
in a wheelchair pulls a gun on them.
Keith back in town, holding Cruz,
gets punched in the face. Gina
walks in and Cruz gets away. Father
Michael goes to get answers on
Sister Angelique. Quinn gets the gun                                                                                 11/29: some
and holds it on Robert. Michael visits                                                                               preemption
with Minx and wants to know how                                                                                      due to
she knows Sister Angelique. Eden                                                                                     Persian Gulf
shoots at Robert or Quinn.    1597                   1598               1599                1600              1601   War news
                              3-Dec                 4-Dec              5-Dec               6-Dec             7-Dec

                               1602                  1603               1604                1605              1606
                             10-Dec                11-Dec             12-Dec              13-Dec            14-Dec

                               1607                  1608               1609                1610              1611
                             17-Dec                18-Dec             19-Dec              20-Dec            21-Dec

                               1612                  1613               1614                1615              1616
                             24-Dec                25-Dec             26-Dec              27-Dec            28-Dec
                     1617                       1618                       1619                        1620           1621

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Mitch, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 11-Jul-07
                                                          January 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                  Friday
                  31-Dec                       1-Jan                       2-Jan                      3-Jan                   4-Jan

                                                                                                                                      1/4: Some
                                                                                                                                      preemption re
                          Preempted: New Year's                                                                                       Persian Gulf
                    1622 Day                                               1623                       1624                    1625    War news
                    7-Jan                 8-Jan                            9-Jan                     10-Jan                  11-Jan

                    1626                       1627                        1628                       1629                    1630
                   14-Jan                     15-Jan                      16-Jan                     17-Jan                  18-Jan

                                                     SOD awards - aired on                                  Preempted: Gulf War
                    1631                       1632 NBC                                               1633 news coverage
                   21-Jan                     22-Jan                  23-Jan                         24-Jan                 25-Jan

Preempted: Gulf War
news coverage          floating preempt                floating preempt                               1634                    1635
                28-Jan                        29-Jan                      30-Jan                     31-Jan                  1-Feb

                    1636                        1637                       1638                           1639                1640

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                         February 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                    4-Feb                      5-Feb                       6-Feb                      7-Feb                8-Feb

                     1641                       1642                       1643                        1644                 1645
                   11-Feb                     12-Feb                     13-Feb                      14-Feb               15-Feb

                     1646                       1647                       1648                        1649                 1650
                   18-Feb                     19-Feb                     20-Feb                      21-Feb               22-Feb

                     1651                       1652                       1653                        1654                 1655
                   25-Feb                     26-Feb                     27-Feb                      28-Feb                1-Mar

                     1656                       1657                        1658                       1659                 1660
                    4-Mar                      5-Mar                       6-Mar                      7-Mar                8-Mar

                    1661                        1662                       1663                           1664             1665

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                       March/April 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   11-Mar                     12-Mar                 13-Mar                          14-Mar               15-Mar

                     1666                       1667                       1668                        1669                 1670
                   18-Mar                     19-Mar                     20-Mar                      21-Mar               22-Mar

                     1671                       1672                       1673                        1674                 1675
                   25-Mar                     26-Mar                     27-Mar                      28-Mar               29-Mar

                    1676                       1677                        1678                       1679                 1680
                    1-Apr                      2-Apr                       3-Apr                      4-Apr                5-Apr

                    1681                       1682                       1683                        1684                 1685
                    8-Apr                      9-Apr                     10-Apr                      11-Apr               12-Apr

                    1686                        1687                       1688                           1689             1690

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                         April/May 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   15-Apr                     16-Apr                  17-Apr                         18-Apr               19-Apr

                    1691                       1692                       1693                        1694                 1695
                   22-Apr                     23-Apr                     24-Apr                      25-Apr               26-Apr

                    1696                       1697                        1698                        1699                1700
                   29-Apr                     30-Apr                      1-May                       2-May               3-May

                     1701                       1702                       1703                        1704                 1705
                    6-May                      7-May                      8-May                       9-May               10-May

                    1706                        1707                       1708                        1709                 1710
                  13-May                      14-May                     15-May                      16-May               17-May

                    1711                        1712                       1713                           1714             1715

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07
                                                      May/June 1991
        Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday                   Thursday               Friday
                  20-May                    21-May                 22-May                         23-May               24-May

                    1716                      1717                      1718                        1719                 1720
                  27-May                    28-May                    29-May                      30-May               31-May

                    1721                       1722                      1723                       1724                 1725
                   3-Jun                      4-Jun                     5-Jun                      6-Jun                7-Jun

                    1726                      1727                       1728                       1729                 1730
                  10-Jun                    11-Jun                     12-Jun                     13-Jun               14-Jun

                    1731                      1732                       1733                       1734                 1735
                  17-Jun                    18-Jun                     19-Jun                     20-Jun               21-Jun

                    1736                      1737                       1738                      1739                 1740

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07                   ep 1724: airdate confirmed per UCLA TV/Film Archives
UCLA TV/Film archives:
 Santa Barbara. [1991-05-30].
...: Originally broadcast on NBC.
 Show no. 1724.
                                                      June/July 1991
        Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday
                  24-Jun                    25-Jun                 26-Jun                         27-Jun                    28-Jun

                                                                               Daytime Emmy Awards
                    1741                      1742                       1743 (aired on ABC) 1744                            1745
                    1-Jul                     2-Jul                      3-Jul                  4-Jul                        5-Jul

                                                                               Preempted for               Preempted for
                    1746                      1747                       1748 Wimbledon                    Wimbledon
                    8-Jul                     9-Jul                     10-Jul                    11-Jul                    12-Jul

                    1749                      1750                       1751                      1752                      1753
                   15-Jul                    16-Jul                     17-Jul                    18-Jul                    19-Jul

                    1754                      1755                       1756                      1757                      1758
                   22-Jul                    23-Jul                     24-Jul                    25-Jul                    26-Jul

                                                                                                                                     Eden's last
                    1759                      1760                       1761                      1762                      1763    week?

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 17-Feb-07                   Ep 1750 aired July 9, 1991 per script
                                                       Ep 1762: airdate confirmed per UCLA TV/Film archives
UCLA TV/Film archives:
Santa Barbara. [1991-07-25].
...: Originally broadcast on NBC.
 Show no. 1762.
                                                          August 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   29-Jul                      30-Jul                     31-Jul                      1-Aug               2-Aug

                     1764                       1765                       1766                        1767                1768
                    5-Aug                      6-Aug                      7-Aug                       8-Aug               9-Aug

                    1769                        1770                       1771                        1772                 1773
                  12-Aug                      13-Aug                     14-Aug                      15-Aug               16-Aug

                    1774                        1775                       1776                        1777                 1778
                  19-Aug                      20-Aug                     21-Aug                      22-Aug               23-Aug

                                                                                                                                   Possible pre-
                                                                                                                                   emption this
                                                                                                                                   week: coup in
                    1779                        1780                       1781                        1782                 1783   Russia
                  26-Aug                      27-Aug                     28-Aug                      29-Aug               30-Aug

                                                                                                                                   Possible pre-
                                                                                                                                   emption this
                                                                                                                                   week: coup in
                    1784                        1785                       1786                           1787             1788    Russia

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 11-Aug-07
                                                       September 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                    2-Sep                      3-Sep                      4-Sep                       5-Sep                6-Sep

                     1789                       1790                       1791                        1792                 1793
                    9-Sep                     10-Sep                     11-Sep                      12-Sep               13-Sep

                    1794                        1795                       1796                        1797                 1798
                  16-Sep                      17-Sep                     18-Sep                      19-Sep               20-Sep

                    1799                        1800                       1801                        1802                 1803
                  23-Sep                      24-Sep                     25-Sep                      26-Sep               27-Sep

                    1804                       1805                        1806                       1807                  1808
                  30-Sep                       1-Oct                       2-Oct                      3-Oct                4-Oct

                    1809                        1810                       1811                           1812             1813

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 11-Aug-07
Ep 1808 - Airdate confirmed as 9/27/1991 per script
                                                 October/November 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                   Friday
                    7-Oct                      8-Oct                       9-Oct                     10-Oct                   11-Oct
                                                                                                                                       Possible pre-
                                                                                                                                       emption this week
                                                                                                                                       for Clarence
                    1814                       1815                        1816                       1817 floating preempt            hearings
                   14-Oct                     15-Oct                      16-Oct                     17-Oct                   18-Oct

                                                                                                                                       Possible pre-
                                                                                                                                       emption this week
                                                                                                                                       for Clarence
floating preempt                               1818                        1821                       1822                     1823    hearings
                   21-Oct                     22-Oct                      23-Oct                     24-Oct                   25-Oct

                    1824                       1825                        1826                       1827                     1828
                   28-Oct                     29-Oct                      30-Oct                     31-Oct                   1-Nov

                     1829                       1830                       1831                        1832                    1833
                    4-Nov                      5-Nov                      6-Nov                       7-Nov                   8-Nov

                    1834                        1835                       1836                           1837                 1838

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 11-Aug-07
                                                November/December 1991
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  11-Nov                      12-Nov                 13-Nov                          14-Nov               15-Nov

                    1839                        1840                       1841                        1842                 1843
                  18-Nov                      19-Nov                     20-Nov                      21-Nov               22-Nov

                    1844                        1845                       1846                        1847                 1848
                  25-Nov                      26-Nov                     27-Nov                      28-Nov               29-Nov

                     1849                       1850                       1851 Thanksgiving                                1852
                    2-Dec                      3-Dec                      4-Dec                       5-Dec                6-Dec

                     1853                       1854                       1855                        1856                 1857
                    9-Dec                     10-Dec                     11-Dec                      12-Dec               13-Dec

                    1858                        1859                       1860                           1861             1862

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 10-Aug-07
                                              December 1991/January 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  16-Dec                      17-Dec                 18-Dec                          19-Dec               20-Dec

                    1863                        1864                       1865                        1866                 1867
                  23-Dec                      24-Dec                     25-Dec                      26-Dec               27-Dec

                    1868                        1869                       1870                       1871                 1872
                  30-Dec                      31-Dec                       1-Jan                      2-Jan                3-Jan

                                                     Preempted: New Year's
                    1873                       1874 Day                                               1875                 1876
                    6-Jan                      7-Jan                 8-Jan                            9-Jan               10-Jan
                                                                                                                                   Jan 10 - 8th
                                                                                                                                   Annual SOD
                                                                                                                                   awards; aired
                                                                                                                                   in prime time

                    1877                       1878                       1879                        1880                 1881
                   13-Jan                     14-Jan                     15-Jan                      16-Jan               17-Jan

                    1882                        1883                       1884                           1885             1886

Stuff in green, I don't have - summaries estimated, from Jim's site or from Francisco's character guide
        This page updated: 11-Aug-07
                                                  January/February 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                   Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday
                   20-Jan                      21-Jan                  22-Jan                        23-Jan                     24-Jan

                    1887                        1888                        1889                      1890                       1891
                   27-Jan                      28-Jan                      29-Jan                    30-Jan                     31-Jan

                     1892                        1893                        1894                      1895                         1896
                    3-Feb                       4-Feb                       5-Feb                     6-Feb                        7-Feb

                     1897                        1898                        1899                      1900                       1901
                   10-Feb                      11-Feb                      12-Feb                    13-Feb                     14-Feb
                                                                                                                                           Olympics: this
                                                                                                                                           week and

                     1902                        1903                        1904                      1905                       1906
                   17-Feb                      18-Feb                      19-Feb                    20-Feb                     21-Feb

                                                                                                               Mason and Julia's           wedding is ep
floating preempt            floating preempt            floating preempt                                  1907 wedding day 1908            1909??

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                                                    February/March 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   24-Feb                     25-Feb                 26-Feb                          27-Feb               28-Feb

Mason & Julia's wedding                                                                                                            wedding is ep
continues 1909                                  1910                        1911                       1912                 1913   1909??
                   2-Mar                       3-Mar                       4-Mar                      5-Mar                6-Mar

floating preempt                                1914                       1915                        1916                 1917
                    9-Mar                     10-Mar                     11-Mar                      12-Mar               13-Mar

                     1918                       1919                       1920                        1921                 1922
                   16-Mar                     17-Mar                     18-Mar                      19-Mar               20-Mar

                     1923                       1924                       1925                        1926                 1927
                   23-Mar                     24-Mar                     25-Mar                      26-Mar               27-Mar

                    1928                        1929                       1930                           1931             1932

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                                                            April 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                   30-Mar                     31-Mar                       1-Apr                      2-Apr                3-Apr

                    1933                       1934                        1935                       1936                 1937
                    6-Apr                      7-Apr                       8-Apr                      9-Apr               10-Apr

                    1938                       1939                       1940                        1941                 1942
                   13-Apr                     14-Apr                     15-Apr                      16-Apr               17-Apr

                    1943                       1944                       1945                        1946                 1947
                   20-Apr                     21-Apr                     22-Apr                      23-Apr               24-Apr

                    1948                       1949                       1950                        1951                 1952
                   27-Apr                     28-Apr                     29-Apr                      30-Apr               1-May

                                                                                                                                   Los Angeles
                                                                                                                                   riots this
                    1953                        1954                       1955                           1956             1957    week

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                                                             May 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                    4-May                      5-May                      6-May                       7-May               8-May

                    1958                        1959                       1960                        1961                 1962
                  11-May                      12-May                     13-May                      14-May               15-May

                    1963                        1964                       1965                        1966                 1967
                  18-May                      19-May                     20-May                      21-May               22-May

                    1968                        1969                       1970                        1971                 1972
                  25-May                      26-May                     27-May                      28-May               29-May

                     1973                       1974                        1975                       1976                 1977
                    1-Jun                      2-Jun                       3-Jun                      4-Jun                5-Jun

                    1978                        1979                       1980                           1981             1982

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                                                        June/July 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                Friday
                    8-Jun                      9-Jun                 10-Jun                          11-Jun                12-Jun

                     1983                       1984                        1985                       1986                  1987
                   15-Jun                     16-Jun                      17-Jun                     18-Jun                19-Jun

                                                                                                                                    meetings this
                     1988                       1989                        1990                       1991                  1992   week
                   22-Jun                     23-Jun                      24-Jun                     25-Jun                26-Jun

                     1993                       1994                       1995                           1996              1997
                   29-Jun                     30-Jun                       1-Jul                          2-Jul             3-Jul

                                                      Gina and Lionel's
                    1998                        1999 wedding 2000                  Preempted: Wimbledon Preempted: Wimbledon
                    6-Jul                       7-Jul                      8-Jul                    9-Jul               10-Jul

                                                                                                                                    convicted this
                    2001                        2002                       2003                           2004              2005    week

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                                                       July/August 1992
        Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                       Friday
                   13-Jul                     14-Jul                     15-Jul                     16-Jul                       17-Jul

                    2006                       2007                       2008                       2009                         2010    this week
                   20-Jul                     21-Jul                     22-Jul                     23-Jul                       24-Jul

                    2011                       2012                       2013                       2014                         2015
                   27-Jul                     28-Jul                     29-Jul                     30-Jul                       31-Jul

floating preempt                               2016                       2017                       2018                         2019
                   3-Aug                      4-Aug                      5-Aug                      6-Aug                        7-Aug

                     2020                      2021                       2022                        2023                         2024
                   10-Aug                    11-Aug                     12-Aug                      13-Aug                       14-Aug

                    2025                       2026                       2027                       2028                         2029

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        This page updated: 11-Nov-07                                               ep 2015 aired 7/24/1992 per script
                                                  August/September 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  17-Aug                      18-Aug                 19-Aug                          20-Aug               21-Aug

                    2030                        2031                       2032                        2033                 2034   this week
                  24-Aug                      25-Aug                     26-Aug                      27-Aug               28-Aug

                                                                                                                                   Andrew this
                    2035                        2036                       2037                        2038                 2039   week
                  31-Aug                       1-Sep                      2-Sep                       3-Sep                4-Sep

                     2040                       2041                       2042                        2043                 2044
                    7-Sep                      8-Sep                      9-Sep                      10-Sep               11-Sep

                    2045                        2046                       2047                        2048                 2049
                  14-Sep                      15-Sep                     16-Sep                      17-Sep               18-Sep

                    2050                        2051                       2052                           2053             2054

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                                                 September/October 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday
                  21-Sep                      22-Sep                 23-Sep                          24-Sep               25-Sep

                    2055                        2056                       2057                       2058                 2059
                  28-Sep                      29-Sep                     30-Sep                       1-Oct                2-Oct
                                                                                                                                   10/1: Possible
                                                                                                                                   preemption -
                                                                                                                                   Ross Perot
                    2060                       2061                        2062                       2063                 2064    candidacy
                    5-Oct                      6-Oct                       7-Oct                      8-Oct                9-Oct

                    2065                       2066                        2067                       2068                 2069
                   12-Oct                     13-Oct                      14-Oct                     15-Oct               16-Oct

                    2070                       2071                        2072                       2073                 2074
                   19-Oct                     20-Oct                      21-Oct                     22-Oct               23-Oct

                    2075                        2076                       2077                           2078             2079

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                                                 October/November 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday            Friday
                   26-Oct                     27-Oct                  28-Oct                         29-Oct            30-Oct

                     2080                       2081                       2082                        2083              2084
                    2-Nov                      3-Nov                      4-Nov                       5-Nov             6-Nov

                     2085                       2086                       2087                        2088              2089   Election week
                    9-Nov                     10-Nov                     11-Nov                      12-Nov            13-Nov

                    2090                        2091                       2092                        2093              2094
                  16-Nov                      17-Nov                     18-Nov                      19-Nov            20-Nov

                    2095                        2096                       2097                        2098              2099
                  23-Nov                      24-Nov                     25-Nov                      26-Nov            27-Nov

                    2100                        2101                       2102 Thanksgiving                            2103

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                                                        December 1992
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                     Friday
                  30-Nov                       1-Dec                      2-Dec                       3-Dec                      4-Dec

                     2104                       2105                       2106                        2107                       2108
                    7-Dec                      8-Dec                      9-Dec                      10-Dec                     11-Dec

                    2109                        2110                       2111                        2112                       2113
                  14-Dec                      15-Dec                     16-Dec                      17-Dec                     18-Dec

                    2114                        2115                       2116                        2117                       2118
                  21-Dec                      22-Dec                     23-Dec                      24-Dec                     25-Dec

                    2119                        2120                       2121                        2122                      2123
                  28-Dec                      29-Dec                     30-Dec                      31-Dec                      1-Jan

                                                                                                               Preempted: New Year's
                    2124                        2125                       2126                           2127 Day

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                                                          January 1993
         Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                            Friday
                    4-Jan                      5-Jan                       6-Jan                      7-Jan                                8-Jan

                    2128                       2129                       2130                        2131                                 2132
                   11-Jan                     12-Jan                     13-Jan                      14-Jan                               15-Jan

                                                                                                                 Final episode: BJ & Warren get       US Airstrikes
                                                                                                                 married, Connor stops an             against Iraq
                    2133                        2134                       2135                           2136   assassin from killing Kelly   2137   this week

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