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					                               LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY
Client (last, first)                                                     CreditAnswers™ Client ID:

Co-Client (last, first)

As the Principal(s), hereinafter known as the CLIENT(s), have the right and as such appoint
CreditAnswers™, LLC, hereinafter known as ATTORNEY IN FACT, with full power and authority to
perform each and every act which may be necessary or convenient to connect with the following tasks, as
fully, and for all intents and purposes as CLIENT(s) might or could do if personally present, hereby
ratifying and confirming all that CLIENT(s) said ATTORNEY IN FACT shall lawfully do or cause to be
done in CLIENT(s) name or behalf:

To intercede on behalf of CLIENT(s) and negotiate, mediate/arbitrate and institute settlement of all of the
accounts that CLIENT(s) have entered into agreement with including, but not limited to, including
unsecured debt, claims, suits, judgments and/or disputes.

Be it further known and understood that CLIENT(s) consider the failure of any creditor, third party agent
(collection agent or member of the bar) to recognize this power of attorney to interfere with CLIENT(s)
prospective contractual advantage, which may be legally actionable. CreditAnswers, LLC may designate
one or more third parties to assist it in negotiating these settlements.

      •     This limited power of attorney is effective upon signing of this Agreement and specifically
            authorizes ATTORNEY IN FACT the same rights under the “equal dignity rule” as required by this
            Power of Attorney including, but not limited to; disclose, discuss, communicate regarding or
            pertaining to CLIENT(s) accounts, and to otherwise provide and disclose ATTORNEY IN FACT
            any and all information otherwise provided to CLIENT(s) concerning any payable, debt, account,
            lien, suit or judgment for which CLIENT(s) is/are responsible.

      •     This limited power of attorney, whether by original, photocopy or facsimile, authorizes said
            ATTORNEY IN FACT to act on CLIENT(s) behalf.

      •     In accordance with the section 805(B) of the Fair Debt Collection Act, 15 U.S.C. 1692c, I/we
            hereby authorize all future communications from any or all government agencies, creditors,
            collection agents, attorneys, credit bureaus, or any other third parties to be directed to the
            ATTORNEY IN FACT, stated above.

ATTORNEY IN FACT:                  CreditAnswers™, LLC
                                   15305 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 1000
                                   Addison, TX 75001
                                   972-759-2300 phone
                                   866- 655-3069 fax

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 Co-Signature                                                                Date

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