sister by revantajain


									Dear Eli,
I'm so sorry i couldnt get online or lotro at all today. :( The internet was down. i couldnt believe it. Of
course the one freaking time i could get on in the morning and i cant even log onto anything :( I'm
sorry I hope you weren't waiting for me. I really wanted to catch up. I should be getting my lab results
back from the doctor next week so I hope I will find out something useful...i'm really tired of not feeling

I would like to do a rift run but i really dont think it will be possible. My computer is so screwed up one
of the reasons I dont play lys much is bc end game content seems to be terrible for my computer. i
dont know why but it freezes and lags so bad there would simply be no point :( I really want to get a
new computer but i dont think i can afford one.sigh

Paco is doing fine...he's just working all the time still. We are doing problems. His birthday is
coming up August 11th so I need to get him a present and I'm going to buy him a cake even though
he said he doesnt need either. :D And then our 1 year anniversary will be in th emiddle of august but i
dont know if its silly to celebrate that or not. He said we'll just go to dinner or something. How are
you and orit? ar eyou happy? are things going better? Vanessa is not coming :( I was really sad but i
didn't want to make her feel bad about it. her last day at her job is tomorrow and then she starts
school in mid august. she's been very sick too all summer and she just found out she has mono. And
she said seh was so sorry but she simply doesn't have the energy to come which I understand. Sh'es
been exhausted and needs to rest before her school starts. I was really sad about it. Seriously
bummed me out. Lela and I aren't talking anymore. She wrote me a few more really nasty text
messages and I never responded. Im just done. Ive seen a whole other side to her I never knew
would exist with me but it did. So.... good riddance. It kind of makes sad sense now that she has no
friends and why she has such a hard time keeping guys around. My sister said her ex boyfriend Will
thought she was a total nut job. I never met the guy bc they dated this year when I was in CA but my
sister said Lela would scream at him non stop in the car when they would all be driving somewhere
together and that she was insanely verbally abusive to him and after 3 months he broke up with her
and told her he thought she was crazy. sigh. Its strange to me that she was my best friend. I feel like
such a different person now....I'm not sure why I liked her company honestly :/ she's really loud and
obnoxious and just immature. O.O I dont know what I was thinking honestly O.o

well email me back when you can. i am at work all night. :( hugs miss you too!

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