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									                                                PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                            Control Number: WhomeverISD

 Partnership Agreement Between ______WHOM EVER ISD_____ and
          South Plains Community Action Association, Inc.

This Collaborative Partnership establishes an agreement between South
Plains Community Action Association, Inc. (SPCAA) and WHOM EVER ISD to
provide Head Start services to age and income eligible children per the guidelines
established by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Texas
Education Agency (TEA). This agreement provides funding for the period of
March 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010 under DHHS Grant No. H-5487.

Each entity will carry out activities as defined in this document with WHOM
EVER ISD referred to as the Partnering Agency and SPCAA hereinafter referred
to as the Grantee.

The approved federal funding will support the work of the Partnering Agency.
Funds will be dispersed according the billing and payment processes. Funds
availability are based on grant approval of 2009-10 funds from the Department
of Health and Human Services to South Plains Community Action Association,

All activities by this agreement will be performed in accordance with the terms of
the federal Head Start Grant, including, but not limited to the approved work
program operations plan, the approved budget plan and the terms of this
Collaborative Partnership.

The use of Head Start funds provided under this Collaborative Partnership
will be restricted to the provision of services under Grant #06CH5487 and the
Partnering Agency is prohibited from:

      a.) Using or transferring funds provided under this agreement for
          purposes other than for authorized Head Start activities.
      b.) Using any property acquired with funds provided under this
          agreement as collateral for loans.
      c.) Using any funds provided under this agreement for payment of
          principal or interest on any loans.

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                                                      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                  Control Number: WhomeverISD

Partnering Agency Responsibilities:

The Partnering Agency shall, in a satisfactory manner as outlined in the Head
Start Performance Standards and if applicable the Texas Department of Family
and Protective Services (TDFPS) Childcare Licensing Regulations or the Texas
Education Agency School Readiness Integration Program (SRI) provide
appropriate educational and supportive services to ensure services that address
the needs of children and enable them to be prepared as successful learners.

1, Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Attendance and Enrollment (ERSEA)

Partner agency personnel will work with the Family Support Worker, Team Leader
and other SPCAA program staff on the following items:
    Develop and implement a system to increase program participation of underserved
     populations of eligible children. Follow age and income eligibility guidelines;
    At recruitment and enrollment, require income information and other documents to
     determine eligibility of Head Start children and children with greatest need
    Upon achieving full enrollment, maintain full enrollment and active waitlist. Share
     attendance records to address below 85% attendance and to validate full enrollment on
     a timely basis;
    Provide attendance information daily to the FSW be inputted into the Child Plus
     Tracking system;
    For classes serving predominately four year old children, who turn 5 during the year,
     the average class size of that group must be between 17 and 20 children with no
     more than 20 children in any one class; See 1306.32(2)(3) and
    For classes serving predominately three year old children, who turn 4 during the year,
     the average class size of that group of classes must be between 15 and 17 children
     with no more than 17 children enrolled in any one class. See 1306.32(2)(3)
2. Education
    Provide qualified, lead teacher and assistant teacher for each class/group of children
     during all activities; and when possible have a third person, such as a volunteer to
     ensure children are supervised all times, and child/staff ratios are compliant;
    Maintain ongoing communications for continuity of developmentally appropriate curricular
     objectives aligned with the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework and Texas Pre-K
     guidelines, and for shared expectations for children's learning and development as the
     children transition to school (Inclusive of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical
     competencies for school readiness);

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                                                        PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                    Control Number: WhomeverISD

    Link the services provided in Head Start with educational services, including services
     relating to language, literacy, and numeracy so that children are prepared for public
    Provide paid release time for Head Start staff to attend staff development; including
     transition-related training for school staff and Head Start staff. Partners will provide a
     calendar of dates available for training; inclusive of no less than 12 hours in a
     calendar year for group trainings. Additional individual staff training will be scheduled
     intermittently with the partner administrator as identified via on-going monitoring and local
     self assessment;
    Provide training to parents and staff on prevention, identification and reporting child
     abuse and neglect;
    Permit teaching staff to complete at least 2 (two) home visits to each family and
     schedule home visits per 1304.40(i)(2), 1304.21(a)(2)(iii); (one in the Fall and one in
     the Spring)
    Permit teaching staff to complete at least 2 (two) parent conferences with each family
     and schedule conferences per 1304.40(e)(5), 1304.21(a)(2)(iii); (one at enrollment and one
     in the Spring.)
    Complete Quick Screen, Articulation Screen and ASQSE (Ages and Stages Questionnaire
     – Social Emotional) within 45 days of each child’s enrollment; 1304.20(B)(1)
    Teachers complete LAP-3 On-going Assessments for all children three times a year,
     even if the classrooms are participating in the TEEM program; 1304.21(c)(2)
    Teachers annotate Anecdotal Observations three times a year; 1304.21(c)(2)
    Teachers submit daily Lesson Plans monthly to the Education Manager/Assistant; (Plans
     include: individualization, mental health, nutrition, health, and safety activities);
     1304.21(c)(1)(i), 1304.21(c)(1)(iii);
    Complete Bus/Pedestrian Safety Training within 30 days of enrollment for children and
     parents plus two additional training sessions - one in December and another in April;
     1310.21(a)(c)(2) and
    Help parents understand the instructional and other services provided by the school in
     which their child will enroll after participation in the Head Start program.

3. Family and Community Services
    Support ongoing channels of communication between Head Start staff and partner
     agency counterparts (including teachers, social workers, local educational agency liaisons
     designated under section 722(g)(1)(J)(ii) of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
     (42 U.S.C. 11432(g)(1)(J)(ii)), and health staff) to facilitate coordination of programs;

    Help parents (including grandparents and kinship caregivers, as appropriate) to
     understand the importance of parental involvement in a child's academic success while

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                                                       PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                   Control Number: WhomeverISD

       teaching them strategies for maintaining parental involvement as their child moves from
       Head Start to elementary school;

    Work with SPCAA personnel to develop and implement family outreach and support
     program, in cooperation with entities carrying out parental involvement efforts under title
     I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 6301 et seq.),
     and family outreach and support efforts under subtitle B of title VII of the McKinney-
     Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 11431 et seq.), taking into consideration the
     language preferences of families and children;
    Encourage parents to attend parent meetings and ensure active participation in share
     governance and the Policy Council; 1304.40 (a)(4)&(5) and 1304.40 (b)(1)
    Encourage and provide opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classrooms or other
     areas at the school/facility; 1304.40.40(b)(1)(iii)
    Establish local procedures for recruiting, training, and using volunteers consistent with
     applicable local, state and federal guidelines and provide this information to parents;
    Conduct monthly Parent Committee meeting and assist with the election processes for a
     parent representative to the Policy Council; 1304.40(d)(2)
    Collaborate with local service agencies to ensure appropriate referrals and access to
     services for children and families;
    Encourage families to take part in family goal setting process (known as the Family
     Partnership Agreement) and work with families and other service providers, including the
     FSW, to help families achieve their goals; 1304.40(a)(2)
    Help parents of limited English proficient children understand the instructional and other
     services provided by the school where their child will enroll following Head Start and if
     needed provide the information to parents of limited English proficient children under
     section 3302 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965; (20 U.S.C. 7012)
    Provide parents with a handbook on child student policies; consistent with positive child
     development measures such as: not using food as punishment or reward, no corporal
     punishment for children ages 4 or younger, limited timeouts and positive redirection and
    Work with SPCAA for a systematic procedure for transferring, with parental consent,
     Head Start program records for children to the school the child will enroll to support
     transition to school.

4. Transportation Services
    Inform parents of transportation policies, procedures and services, if available during
     recruitment and prior to enrollment;
    Document preventive maintenance on buses or alternate vehicles, as needed and provide
     information for review; 1310.13(b)
    Validate CDL driver’s license, meeting FTA requirements and background checks for bus
     drivers; 1310.16(a)(1) & 1310.16 (b)

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                                                      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                  Control Number: WhomeverISD

    Equip buses with the following items and document monthly checks of: First Aid Kit,
     Seat belt cutter, Fire Extinguisher and signage; 1310.10(d)(3) & 1310.10(d)(4)
    Daily pre-trip inspections completed by the drive and documentation available for review;
    Alternate routes mapped out and updated as needed in case of hazardous conditions;
    Children are released only to parent or legal guardian, or other individual designated in
     writing; Current list of children is kept up to date. 1310.10(g)
    Conduct driver training and, at least 3 times a year drills on bus evacuation (the first
     within the first 30 days of enrollment and information forwarded to the SPCAA HS –
     Transportation); 1310.21(b)(5)
    Conduct routine maintenance and safety checks on vehicles and provide records for
    At least annually, bus drivers complete classroom and behind the wheel training in:
     loading and unloading children, stopping at crossings, other driving maneuvers,
     administering basic first aid in case of injury, handling emergency situations and
     operating special equipment such as wheelchair lifts, assistance devices, or special
     occupant restraints; 1310.17(b)(1), 1310.17(b)(2), 1310.17(b)(3), 1310.17(b)(4),
     1310.17(b)(5), 1310.17(b)(6) & 1310.17(b)(7),
    Partner designee completes and documents annual evaluation of bus drivers which
     includes onboard observation of road performance; 1310.17(f)(1)

5. Health/Nutrition
Partner agency personnel will work with the Family Support Worker, Team Leader
and other program staff on the following items:
        Within 90 calendar days from entry into program an initial physical exam and dental
         exam is complete for every child; 1304.20[a][1][i]
        Develop and implement a follow-up plan for any condition identified for treatment
         from the physical or dental exams and lead and T.B. questionnaire; 1304.[a][iv]
        Treatment plans will start soon as possible after identified;
        Within 45 calendar days of enrollment, each child will have a vision and hearing
         screening completed; 1304.20[b][1]-
        Tooth brushing occurs at least once a day in conjunction with meals; 1304.23[b][3]
        Space and procedures are in place for child toothbrushes to be labeled with first
         and last name and stored in a sanitary manner that avoids cross contamination;
         (Classroom staff role model dental hygiene. Tooth brushing supplies are provided by
         SPCAA and toothbrushes are replaced every 3 months.)

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                                                         PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                     Control Number: WhomeverISD

         Provide nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack daily; (Parents are encouraged to
          share food choices and efforts are made to include parent suggestions into menus.
          Classroom activities support developing healthy food choices and eating habits.)
         Medically-based diets or other dietary requirements are accommodated with written
          directions from the health care provider; 1304.23[c][6]
         Staff and children, including volunteers, eat together incorporating family style features
          and share the same menu; 1304.[c][4] (Food service at meals or snacks will include
          children helping with as many of the following as possible: preparing the food,
          setting the table, self-serving, or clean-up.)

6. Mental Health and Services to Children with Disabilities
         Permit teachers to attend Mental Health workshops or individualized training as
          needed to meet the needs of children in their classrooms; 1304.52(k)
         Assist SPCAA staff (grantee) in providing on-going mental health services for parents
          and children as needed;
         Identify, recruit and enroll children to ensure a minimum of 10% enrollment
          opportunities per location are filled with children with diagnosed disabilities; 1305.6(c)
         Facilities are accessible and compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.
          Facilities monitoring for compliance with ADA, is completed annually by SPCAA and
          the checklist is posted at all sites;
         Invite Head Start Mental Health and Disability Manager or Assistants to ARD
          meetings for Head Start and potential Head Start children with suspected or
          diagnosed disabilities; 1308.4(j)(i)
         Develop IEP within 30 days of determining that a child needs specialized services.
         Work with SPCAA staff to conduct outreach to parents and elementary school (such
          as kindergarten) teachers to discuss the educational, developmental, and other needs
          of individual children; including children with special needs.
7. Fiscal
Conduct fiscal aspects of the program compliant with the requirements set in and detailed in the
2008 Head Start Monitoring Tool; inclusive of:
 An effective accounting system and efficient policies to provide effective control over federal
 Qualified finance personnel;
 Allowability, allocability and reasonableness of costs;
 Allocation plan that best measures the relative degree of benefits to all benefiting functions;
 Claimed cost sharing and matching contributions are verifiable;
 Written code or standards of conduct for employees, consultants, and Board members;
 Written procurement procedures and processes;

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                                                        PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                    Control Number: WhomeverISD

 Notifying SPCAA of budget changes and obtain approval in advance;
 Maintain a signed copy of this partnership agreement with all addendums;
 Insurance coverage for transportation, general liability, and property as required for partner
  agency by state or federal laws;
 Maintain property records and perform inventory on all equipment purchased with federal
 Personnel costs, not to exceed the compensation of Executive Level 2 for any one
  individual paid by program funds, time records for personnel, wage comparability data,
  allocation and use of COLA funds; and
 Completing and submitting, as applicable, reports to partner agency Board, IRS single audit
  cleaning house and USDA.

8. Program Design and Management
Human Resources
Partner agency personnel will work with the SPCAA Human Resources personnel and other
designated administrators to ensure the following is completed per ACF-PI-08-02 (Background) and
ACF-PI-08-04 (Criminal Background Checks)

 Criminal Background Checks
      1. The Partner agency conducted a criminal background check prior to employment on
           all Head Start employees, the background check meets or exceeds the State of
           Texas requirements for background checks pursuant to TEX. EDUC. CODE § 22.083,
           or if applicable the State child care licensing requirements;
      2. The Partner agency provided SPCAA the computer list to the state confirming the
           names of all Head Start employees who have undergone criminal background
      3. The Partner agency reviewed the criminal background checks and has removed from
           employment with Head Start any of the employees with a criminal history detrimental
           to the health and safety of Head Start children;

 Personnel Actions
      1. The Partner agency has employment applications on file for full-time, part-time and
          temporary personnel working with Head Start children;
      2. The Partner agency conducted interviews prior to employment;
      3. The Partner agency verified the personal and employment references provided by
          such individuals;
      4. The Partner agency has provided to each employee the information on required
          health exams (including screening for tuberculosis) and periodic reexaminations (as
          recommended by Health care provider or mandated by State or local laws (the
          Partner agency personnel/HR departments will work with SPCAA to ensure

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                                                       PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                                   Control Number: WhomeverISD

Program Operations
     As applicable for partner agency designation, maintain a governing Board with legal and
       fiduciary responsibilities and provide information to the Board on a regular basis;
     Provide program services using federal and locally identified non-federal resources;
     Ensure parents are not charged fees;
     Participate in developing operational and management plans; including annual updates
       and/or development of new items; (Community Assessments, Strategic Planning, policies,
       procedures, and Annual report to the public, etc.)
     Provide office space for Family Support Worker and work with SPCAA to provide
       telephone, fax, copier and internet services to the extent possible within the available
       resources of the partner agency;
     Work with the SPCAA Technology Assistant on key Head Start software programs; such
       as Child Plus, palm pilots, etc.;
     Communicate with Team Leader, Associate Director of Operations, and other SPCAA
       administrative personnel on an on-going basis to address problems, issues and concerns
       and facilitate high quality outcomes for children and families;
     Coordinate with SPCAA to promote continuity of services and effective transitions,
       including providing assistance to families and other partner agency administrators and
       teachers to enhance educational and developmental continuity and continuity of parental
       involvement in activities between Head Start services and elementary school classes;
     Facilitate the annual Local Self Assessment process, routine monitoring activities and the
       tri-annual federal review; and
     Participate in the development of improvement and training and technical assistance plans
       to address and correct areas not compliant with requirements and to address individual
       staff development needs.

9. Non-Federal Share
The Partnering agency will contribute at least 25% in non-federal resource fund
or contributions to the program funds. Such contribution can be in cash dollars
or as materials, supplies, space, personnel, etc. The amount of non-federal
resource funds or contributions specified is based upon the total allocations of
funds provided by the agreement under the terms of the Grant. Any additional
funds provided to the Partnering Agency will increase the amount of non-federal
resource funds or contributions required to be paid by the Partnering Agency.

The Partnering Agency will make available all records related to other funding
sources when the services of those funding sources share space, staff,
administration, etc. This is to ensure that there is equitable cost sharing in the
deliverance of the total program.

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                                                PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                            Control Number: WhomeverISD

The nonfederal share report is due monthly by the 10th of the following month.

10. Reports and Records
Attached to this document is the list of reports required from partnering
agencies. The Partnering Agency will prepare and submit reports to the Grantee
Agency as may be required by the terms of the Grant or by the Grantee including
but not limited to, financial reports, inventory reports which describe the
equipment and other items acquired with funds under this agreement and/or
their disposition, as well as all other reports that describe the services for each
the individual Head Start content service areas.

The Partnering Agency further agrees to permit inspection of all records and
reports as required by the terms of the Grant and to permit inspection of all such
reports and records by the Grantee Agency or by persons designated by the
Grantee Agency. The Partnering Agency will submit the reports and records in
accordance with Attachment A.
11. Training and Technical Assistance Partnering Responsibility

a. Training Plan - The Partnering Agency will be responsible for preparing and
submitting to the Grantee Agency a yearly training plan that specifically sets out
the dates, times, places and types of training that will be conducted for the staff
throughout the grant period. In developing and carrying out its training plan, the
Partnering Agency will utilize as much as possible, the resources that are
available to it through the Grantee Agency. The Partnering Agency will ensure
that every staff person undergoes training in at least one (1) Child Abuse &
Neglect session on a yearly basis and CPR/First Aid as prescribed by law. The
training plan shall include information from the Self Assessment, Program
Information Reports and the annual Program Improvement Plan that include
updated community information.

b. Self -Assessment and Program Information Reports - The Partnering
   Agency will be responsible in assisting in the coordination and completion of
   the annual self-assessment.

c. The Partnering agency will assist and comply with the annual submission of
   the Program Information Report (PIR).

d. Program Improvement Plan – Following any evaluation activity
   (previously approved by the Grantee Agency) the Partnering Agency will be
   responsible for preparing and submitting a program improvement plan that
   identifies strategies and activities to correct program deficiencies and for
   providing documents to verify the improvements were completed.

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                                                  PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                              Control Number: WhomeverISD

12.) Schedule of Payments
Partnering agencies can expect to receive reimbursement for approved cost
categories on a monthly basis. Subject to receipt of a billing statement from the
partnering agency and availability of funds from HHS, the Grantee Agency agrees
to reimburse the Partnering Agency for authorized expenditures.

         a. Reimbursement - The Partnering Agency will report monthly all
         expenditures in compliance with the Grantee Agency's accounting
         procedure by the tenth of the following month for the prior month. Within
         ten (10) business days after the receipt of such report, the Grantee
         Agency will approve or disapprove the reports. If disapproved, the reports
         will be returned to the Partnering Agency with a written explanation of the
         reasons for disapproval. The monthly reimbursement will be delayed until
         the Partnering Agency satisfactorily complies with the Grantee Agency's
         concerns. If the reports are approved, the Grantee Agency will make a
         payment equal to the amount expended by the Partnering Agency. In no
         case will the sum of the payments made to the Partnering Agency exceed
         the total amount of the Grantee Agency's agreement with Partnering

         b. Child Insurance- At the end of each School Year, the Partnering
         Agency must reimburse the Grantee Agency $3.75 per child insurance
         coverage, unless the Partnering Agency carries their own insurance for
         children. A copy of the children insurance policy must be sent to the Head
         Start Administration office, Attn: Fiscal Manager at the beginning of each
         school year and no later than September 30th in order for the grantee to
         acquire appropriate child insurance in an appropriate time.

13.) Cancellation or Termination
This partnership may be terminated at any time upon the occurrence of any or
all of the following:

   a.)      By mutual agreement of the two parties

   b.)      In the event of fraud or misrepresentation by one of the parties

   c.)      By Grantee for cause: cause will include, but not be limited to:

            1) Failure for any reason of the Partnering Agency to fulfill in a timely
               manner its obligation under this agreement, including, but not
               limited to; implementation of corrective actions at the Grantee
               Agency's direction and compliance with the terms of the Grant,
               Program Performance Standards, other regulations, and HHS

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                                      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                  Control Number: WhomeverISD

   directives as may become applicable to the Grant or the Grantee
   Agency at any time.

2) Submission by the Partnering Agency to HHS or the Grantee
   Agency of reports that are incorrect or incomplete in any material

3) Excessive and repeated failure to submit financial and progress

4) Failure to submit annual audit report in a timely manner.

5) Ineffective or improper use of funds provided under this agreement
   which includes, but is not limited to, use for other than Head Start

6) Suspension, reduction, or termination by HHS of the grant or the
   portion thereof pertaining to the Partnering Agency. The Grantee
   Agency will promptly notify the Partnering Agency in writing of such
   termination and reasons there of, together with the effective date
   of termination. The Grantee Agency may assign or transfer its
   rights and responsibilities under this Agreement when necessary to
   comply with any statute, regulation, HHS directive or other
   requirement that may be legally imposed on the Grantee Agency.

   30-Day Written Notice
   The Partnering Agency may terminate this agreement by giving a
   30 day written notice to the Grantee Agency signifying the effective
   date of such termination, or the Grantee Agency may exercise its
   right to terminate by giving the Partnering Agency a 30 day written
   notice of its intent to terminate the agreement.

   Breach of Agreement
   The failure of either of the partners to perform any of their
   obligations under this agreement will constitute a breach of this
   agreement. Any Breach of agreement by either partner, without
   legal excuse, will relieve the other party of its obligation and give
   rise to terminate this agreement.

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                                               PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                           Control Number: WhomeverISD

             Termination Liabilities
             In the event that termination of this agreement should occur
             because of a breach of agreement by either party, both parties
             agree that they will be entitled to those remedies listed.

14.) Arrangements and Disposition of Property
In the event of any termination, the Grantee Agency will require the Partnering
Agency to insure that adequate arrangements are made for the transfer of the
Partnering Agency's activities, equipment, and materials to the Grantee Agency
or another Partnering Agency chosen by the Grantee Agency.

15.) Equipment and Materials
All equipment documents, data, studies, records, and reports purchased
prepared or otherwise received by the Partnering Agency under the Agreement
will be maintained in a responsible and accountable manner unless specified in
the terms of this agreement. The Partnering Agency must maintain an inventory
of all equipment and materials purchased under this agreement. The inventory
list must be provided on an annual basis to the Grantee. The Grantee staff will
reconcile during the Annual Local Self Assessment (LSA). The Partnering Agency
in addition may be required to submit the inventory list during completion of the
annual fiscal audit or tri-annual review known as the PRISM.

In the event of termination, the Partnering Agency agrees to prepare and submit
to the Grantee Agency an up-to-date inventory of all equipment and materials
purchased with funds under this agreement within 30 days of termination.

16.) Monies
The Partnering Agency may be entitled to compensation for any reimbursement
expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in connection with the satisfactory
performance of this agreement within the approved funding level specified on
page one of this document. In the event of termination all monies unexpended,
if any, under this Agreement will be released to the Grantee Agency.

17.) Disputes, Protests or Appeals:
A decision to terminate this agreement by the Grantee Agency can be appealed
to the Office of Head Start Department of Health and Human Services, Region 6
Office, Dallas, Texas.

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                                                 PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                             Control Number: WhomeverISD

18.) Additional Funding Possibilities
Periodically other types of funds may become available, including, but not limited
to: cost of living funding, specified one-time funding, program improvement
funding or discretionary funding. Pass through of these funds from the Grantee
to the Partnering Agency is not automatic.

Should any of the above-mentioned types of funding become available, the
Grantee Agency will give proper written notice to the Partnering Agency of
funding opportunities.

After notices are sent to the Partnering Agency of the availability, the Partnering
Agency will have to submit a request for funding within the timeline and in the
format specified by the Grantee Agency. The written funding request will be
reviewed by the Grantee Agency and Policy Council as appropriate prior to

After the independent assessment by SPCAA and the Policy Council (as
appropriate) of all needs and request by Partnering Agencies the Grantee Agency
will decide within the available monies whether a Partnering Agency will receive
additional funds and the amount of that award. Only those requests for funding
that are selected by the Grantee Agency will be funded.

19.) Changes
South Plains Community Action Association Incorporated (SPCAA) will follow the
HHS guidance on any programmatic or budget changes as required by the terms
of the Grant. The Grantee Agency may request changes in the scope of the
services of the Partnering Agency to be performed within the scope of this

Where a change in circumstances occur which affects the need for change of the
Partnering Agency's services, including but not limited to modification of the
agreement or any significant increase or decrease in the anticipated number of
children to be served or the time period of such services by the Partnering
Agency, the Partnering Agency agrees to negotiate in good faith with the
Grantee Agency to reach an appropriate and mutually satisfactory modification of
this agreement. Any changes in the scope of services to be rendered by the
Partnering Agency or other modifications of the agreement, including any
increase or decrease in the amount of payments to be made to the Partnering
Agency, which are agreed upon by and between the Grantee Agency and the
Partnering Agency must be incorporated in written amendments to this
agreement and are made subject for approval by HHS as required by the term
and condition of the Grant.

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                                                 PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                             Control Number: WhomeverISD

 20.) Monitor and Evaluation
The Grantee Agency will monitor, evaluate, and provide guidance and direction to
the Partnering Agency in the conduct of activities performed under this
agreement. The Grantee will provide guidance, direction and assistance and will
not relieve the Partnering Agency of any liability to the Grantee Agency for failure
to comply with the terms of the Grant, or the terms of this Collaborative
Partnership. The Partnering Agency agrees that the Grantee Agency will
conduct monitoring and evaluation activities (announced and unannounced) to
include at a minimum at least one program evaluation and at least one financial
audit of the expenditures under the Collaborative Partnership Agreement
during the period of service. The Partnering Agency will effectively insure the
cooperation of its employees and governing personnel in such efforts as per
attachment B Monitoring Tool for Partners. The Partnering Agency agrees that the
Grantee Agency may utilize the assistance of outside evaluation and monitoring
review tools and personnel, including, but not limited to the Program Review
Instrument for Systems Monitoring (PRISM) conducted by the Administration for
Children and Families (ACF), and the technical assistance provided by Technical
Assistance Support Center (TASC). The Partnering Agency further agrees to
implement such specific procedures and program changes or modifications as the
Grantee or HHS, or any monitoring and/or technical assistance group may direct
in writing. Such directions include, but are not limited to, any modifications of
program requirements as amended by HHS, or the implementation of corrective
actions prescribed by the Grantee Agency and/or its representatives, as a result of
their finding from either program monitoring or a financial audit review.

21. In addition, Partner ISD will provide:

     Highly qualified Special Education teacher(s)
     Support personnel as stated in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
     School Principal
     School Superintendent
     Cafeteria Personnel
     Custodial Personnel
     Other necessary full or part-time staff such as business office personnel,
      office secretary, librarian, migrant staff, and counselor
     The school environment that is safe and appropriate for children; space
      provided for meal preparation/service, classrooms, playground,
      restrooms, library, parent meetings and other approved activities in a
      manner that meets standards set by state and Head Start
     All other support services offered to elementary students at WHOM EVER

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                                               PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                           Control Number: WhomeverISD

    The processes and funds to support the necessary criminal background
     checks of volunteers and contractors to comply with local and state
     school requirements and federal laws.
    Develop and train appropriate personnel, volunteers and parents on an
     emergency response plan.
    Appropriate personnel to participate in partner meetings (usually bi-

SPCAA Responsibilities:

1.) Notice of Deficiency
If at any time, as a result of reviewing the monthly reports, evaluation
Reports and/or any other reports or during routine monitoring, the Grantee
Agency determines that the Partnering Agency is not in compliance with
performance standards or with any terms or conditions of the Agreement, it will
notify the Partnering Agency, promptly in writing of the deficiencies and of the
specific time within which the deficiencies must be corrected. The Partnering
Agency agrees to submit a written response detailing its effort to correct the
deficiencies, within 30 days from receipt of such notice. If the Agency determines
that it is unable to comply with the Head Start Performance Standards or with
the terms and conditions of this agreement within the specified time given in this
notice, it will include within its written response, a specific description of the
uncorrectable deficiencies and the reasons thereof. If insufficient funding is
included as a principal reason for inability to comply with performance standards,
the written response will specify the exact amount, and base for, the funding
deficit and the efforts made to obtain funding from other sources. The non-
compliance of services by the Partnering agency due to insufficient funding does
not guarantee an automatic increase in funding by the Grantee Agency nor will it
serve to relieve the Partnering Agency from complying with the duties under this
Agreement. The Grantee Agency may, if it deems justified, extend the time for
compliance of the deficiencies of the performance standards. The time for an
extension will not exceed 30 days.

2.) Training and Technical Assistance
The Grantee Agency will provide training and technical assistance to Partnering
Agency based upon evaluation reports and assessments.

   a. Types of Training and Technical Assistance -Training and technical
   assistance will be delivered in the form of presentation of training materials
   and techniques through in service workshops and any other method that will
   provide the Partnering Agency with information on the successful operation of

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                                               PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                           Control Number: WhomeverISD

   b. Support Team - The Grantee Agency will be responsible for providing a
   training and technical assistance support team that will serve to assist the
   Partnering Agency to identify and address their individual needs. This Support
   Team will be made up of a designated Team Leader and content service
   managers in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Disabilities/Mental Health, Family
   Services, Transportation, Education and Volunteers and Community

   c. Grantee Evaluation - The Grantee Agency will be responsible for
   conducting on-going evaluation of the Partnering Agency's Program and
   coordinating any other monitoring evaluation as deemed necessary in
   cooperation with the Partnering Agency.

3.) Audit
A separate audit must be completed if the Partnering Agency receives more than
$300,000.00 in Federal Funds.

4.) In addition, SPCAA will provide
    Grantee management personnel, including Executive Director, Finance
       Officer and Program Director,
    Support personnel, including Associate Director, Finance manager and
       managers for Health Services Mental Health and Disability, Family
       Support, Volunteer /Community Advocacy, Education (including Mentors)
       Transportation, and monitors and other personnel necessary to complete
       the required documents and forms per DHHS/Office of Head Start.
    LAP-D assessment
    Funding support to provide services for all eligible children
    Administrative training for all necessary reports and requirements
    Child insurance policy for accidents and injuries during program sponsored

In addition Partner ISD and SPCAA will:
    Co-fund one (1) highly qualified Teacher
    Co-fund one (1) highly qualified Teachers Assistant
    Follow all policies in handbooks and content service plans
    Follow school policies as approved by the Board or otherwise required to
      meet local, state and national statutes
    Follow the arbitration agreement
    Provide necessary staff development, including pre-service
    Work together to assure family access to Family Support Services

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                                          PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                      Control Number: WhomeverISD

 Share responsibility and commit appropriate personnel to link families to
  health services, track progress and assure timely provision of services.
  Techniques will support services provided via identified medical homes.
 Provide resources to assure an approved curriculum, both in Spanish and
  English, as needed to address local needs.
 Collaborate on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom
  (field trips or special assemblies) that are age appropriate and meet the
  Head Start Performance Standards and grant procedures for Policy Council

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                                             PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                         Control Number: WhomeverISD

The following attachments are part of this document and agreement.

Attachment A – Required Reports for Head Start Partnership
Agreement between SPCAA and Partner ISD for the March 1, 2009
through February 28, 2010.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The Grantee Agency and the Partnering Agency have
executed this MOU as of this ___________ day of ___________    __ 20__.

Partnering Agencies:                  Grantee Agency:

WHOM EVER ISD                   South Plains Community Action
                                     Association, Inc.
Address                              P O Box 610
Street Location                      411 Austin
Town and zip                         Levelland, Texas 79336

_____________________ _____           _____________________ ______
CFO name              Date             W. D. Powell, Jr.    Date
Title                                 Executive Director

                                      Head Start Division
                                      410 Houston
                                      P.O. Box 610
                                      Levelland, Texas 79336
                                      (806) 894-2207

                                      _____________________ ______
                                      Irma Guerra            Date
                                      Division Director

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                                              PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT
                                          Control Number: WhomeverISD

Attachment A Required Reports for Head Start Partnership Agreement
between SPCAA and Partner ISD for the March 1, 2009 through
February 28, 2020.

              Report                                 Due Date
Program Information Report (PIR)   June 1st Annually
Non-Federal Share Report           30th of the following month (monthly)
Fiscal or Financial Report         30th of the following month (monthly) The
                                   Partnering Agency will be responsible for
                                   preparing and submitting to the Grantee
                                   Agency monthly Financial reports that
                                   specifically describe the amount of monies
                                   spent under each specific budgeted line item
                                   listed in the approved budget plan.
Attendance Report                  5th of the following month (monthly)
Enrollment Report                  Recruitment report due by June 10th for the
                                   following year.

                                   Initial enrollment report due by August 5th
                                   for the upcoming year.

                                   Once the fall semester starts, weekly
                                   enrollment reports will be due on each
                                   Tuesday for the first six weeks.

                                   Thereafter based on achieving and
                                   maintained enrollment, reports will be due
                                   monthly by the 10th for the preceding mo.
Inventory                          June 1st Annually
Annual Training Plan               October 31st Annually

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