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									"REMARKABLE GLASS" - 18 JUNE - 17 JULY 2010
Artists are invited to submit work for a show of outstanding glass at the prestigious venue
of Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
This exciting collaboration between two forward thinking organisations offers a unique
opportunity to be part of a NEW European initiative.

The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) is widely regarded as the foremost organisation in the
UK for promoting and encouraging cutting edge glass and glass-makers within the wider art world.

Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA) is a charitable organization renowned for promoting the best
in British Applied Art since 1948. The gallery represents over 300 artists across the disciplines of
Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Furniture, Metal, Paper, Silver, Textiles & Wood in its large central
London gallery. CAA is the premier exhibition and retail venue for learning about, appreciating and
purchasing contemporary craft. The organization offers dedicated exhibition space across two
floors with a changing programme of shows and associated events.

“CGS is committed to equality of opportunity for all and positively values diversity.”

Information for Applicants
Remarkable Glass is aimed at established artists living in Europe. Submissions are
preferred from artists who have been working professionally for at least seven years.
Artists who have been working for less than seven years will not be excluded, but should be
aware that the CGS/CAA are looking for a maturity of style and aesthetic and a
demonstrated commitment to practice.

Emerging Artists: There will be a separate category within the show for emerging, or early
career, artists. These must be within three years of graduating from their BA degree or
Diploma (not MA).

Deadline & Application
The deadline for Remarkable Glass is Friday 15th January 2010. All applications should be
submitted with the form below.

Selection Criteria
The jury panel will be looking for outstanding work that demonstrates innovation, originality
and creative expression within glass making techniques.

Selection will take place during February 2010, when a panel will meet to view the entries.

All selected artists will be contacted by early March 2010. The documentation for rejected
submissions will not be returned before the end of March 2010.
CAA will deal with all sales and commissions and agreements of work during the course of the
exhibition. This includes agreements on mark ups and display of the work.

Please note we do not guarantee that all submitted work will be displayed.

CGS/CAA will consider work in the medium of glass, or with the predominant use of glass.
Selection will be based on existing work only.

Work must have been made since January 2009.

Artists should submit up to 3 images. This can be EITHER three images of one piece
of work, or three images of three different pieces of work, but no more than three
images in total. Selection of exhibitors is soley by reference to the material supplied, so
the quality of the visual images and documentation of work is very important.

Please indicate any special requirements for displaying work (e.g. needs to be blacked out,
very heavy for hanging etc.) on a separate page if necessary.

All pieces on display must be for sale. The wholesale price must be indicated on the
application form.

 Image Specifications

         Submissions should be as PC compatible, digital files.
         Images should be submitted in 300 dpi at 20cm x 20 cm actual size, and should
          be saved as JPEG format.
         Each image should be clearly labelled with your name, title, year made, size and
          any photo credit. E.g. Pam Reekie, Boat, May 2009, 10cm x 6cm, photo V.
          Burley. These titles should correspond with form below.
         Images not correctly formatted and labelled correctly may not be able to be
          viewed or used for subsequent press and publicity.

Further Information
A contract will be issued to all successful applicants.

A catalogue will be produced to document and promote the exhibition, so please ensure
your images are good enough for this purpose.

The pieces selected for the exhibition must arrive at CAA by Monday 14 June 2010 by prior

Exhibition dates: Thursday 17th June 2010 to Saturday 17th July 2010.
The official opening will be on Thursday 17th June at 1-2pm, and all participating artists
are expected to attend.
All work will be insured during the exhibition but not in transit to and from the venue.
All pieces will be on sale at a retail price with CAA taking 55% commission plus VAT on all
retail sales and orders made during the show.

The exhibition will be taken down on 18 July 2010. Unsold pieces must be collected from CAA by
20 July 2010.

It is the artists’ responsibility to deliver and collect work.

All enquiries/queries should be directed to: Pam Reekie, CGS c/o Broadfield House Glass
Museum, Compton Drive, Kingswinford, West Midlands DY6 9NS. Tel: 01603 507737
Email: Web:

All submissions should include the following items:

      CD/DVD with jpeg images, and electronic copies of your CV and Artist’s Statement.
       Please ensure that you have submitted your images in the correct size and
      Completed submission form
      Current CV
      Artists Statement about the work, not more than 200 words
      Large stamped addressed protective envelope for return of submitted material. The
       documentation will not be returned unless a SAE and correct postage is enclosed.
      Optional stamped self-addressed envelope/postcard for confirmation of receipt of

Application / CD/DVD posted to:
CGS – Remarkable Glass 48 Earlham Green Lane, Norwich, NR5 8HE

Remarkable Glass - Submission Form
**CLOSING DATE 15th January 2010

Name                                               Tel

Address                                            Mobile



Postcode                                           Website

I enclose 1-3 image of my recent work on CD/DVD, labelled with my surname, title, year
made, size and any photo credits, as in the list below:

Name                         Name                                Name

Title                        Title                               Title

Date                         Date                                Date
Size                         Size                                Size

Photo credit                 Photo credit                        Photo credit

Wholesale price              Wholesale price                     Wholesale price

Description of work          Description of work                 Description of work

     I also enclose:
⃞ CV (plus an electronic copy on my CD/DVD),
 ⃞ Artist’s Statement, 200 words (plus an electronic copy on my CD/DVD),
  ⃞ Stamped SAE for return of Images
   ⃞ Stamped SAE for receipt (optional)

I can confirm I own the copyright of these images or have written consent from the photographer
for the use in any press and publicity / catalogues of this nature.

I hereby declare that the information given on this submission form is accurate:

Signed: _______________________________________ Date: ______________
Print Name: _______________________________________________________

Post to: CGS – Remarkable Glass 48 Earlham Green Lane, Norwich , NR5 8HE

Please note that CGS Ltd cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged
submissions. Please submit duplicate rather than original material and make sure that all
documentation is clearly labeled and securely packaged. Please ensure adequate postage
and wrapping for the return of material.

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