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									I.R.I.S.             National IRR Color Palette
                     48 Energy Saving Color Choices
Technologies, LLC.
Technologies, LLC.

Marble Mist          2911P         Little Lullaby       2974P         Sea Fog              2674P         Indian Sand      2716P

Billowing Sail       2729P         Bamboo               2688P         Almond Sand          2737P         Pueblo           2752P

White Chocolate      2884P         Oak Buff             2905P         Tidal Foam           2597P         Expresso Cream   2766P

Snowbell             3003P         Arcadia              2045P         Sombrero Tan         2738P         Intermittent     2927P

Chamois              2731P         Espana              2046D          Ravin Shadow         2920P         Softness         2885P

Sugar Cookie         2717P         Bryce Canyon         2802D         Allspice             2768D         Legend           2878P

                  The colors on this chart are representations, the actual manufactured products may vary slightly.
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Angora              2794P         Mohawk               2836P         Sandstorm            2899P         White Smoke      2926P

Sussex              3004P         ButterNut            2851P         Phantom              2956P         Old Linen        2689P

Finch              2739D          Hemlock Rose        2194D          Honeysuckle          2047D         Mojave           2906P

Rockslide          2957D          Sonora Sea          3006D          Rock River           2804D         Burnt Bark       2830P

Moccasin Beige     2781D          Sugar Creek         2831D          Sequoia Brown        2769D         Storm            2880D

Vandyke Brown      2839D          Tree of Heaven      2678D          Seclusion            2923D         Burnt Brick      2147D

                 The colors on this chart are representations, the actual manufactured products may vary slightly.
                                                                     I.R.I.S. Synthetic Stucco Textures
              “True-Color” - that lasts a lifetime.

Color is the first and last thing anyone remembers when
looking at coated structures. That first impression of
your home or business can last for years in the publics
eye. It is important that the color you choose maintains
its vibrancy and luster year after year, as faded color
could be perceived as a lack of personal care or pride.

All I.R.I.S. colors are warranted against fading. Exterior
coatings are consistently subjected to ultra violet sun
rays and begin to fade over time. I.R.I.S. coatings use a
proprietary pigment technology called “True-Color”,
that can handle any exterior environment year after
year without any degradation of color.

The purpose of this color chart is to provide the best
representation of the our vast spectrum of coating

This color chart should not be used for the final color
selection as color differences may occur between the
color chart representation and the actual coating.                               Medium
You should always be presented with a sample of your
actual coating for your approval prior to purchase.

Our color technicians can also create custom colors
based on the needs of your project. You can rely on
I.R.I.S. to meet your color requirements every time.

             Your Local I.R.I.S. Representative


                        (Infra-Red Insulation System)
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