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					                     CHOPWELL AND BLACKHALL MILL
                       COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP

                                   10 March 2003

PRESENT     Councillor Michael McNestry-       Chopwell & Rowlands Gill ward
            Councillor Kevin Bulmer -          Chopwell & Rowlands Gill ward
            Chris Scott               -        Chopwell Tea Dance
            Eileen Bailey             -        Chopwell Community Association
            Elaine Quickfall          -        Blackhall Mill Craft Group
            Tony Gibson               -        Blackhall Mill Craft Group
            Robert Bates              -        Blackhall Mill Community Association
            Jackie Reed               -        Live at Home Scheme
            Helen Neasham             -        Chopwell Residents Association
            Peter Ward                -        Chopwell Primary School
            George Anderson           -        Chopwell Cricket Club
            Terry Armory              -        Chopwell Football Club


            Gary Carr                  -       Gateshead Council
            David Stephenson           -       Gateshead Council
            Elaine Barnes              -       Gateshead Council

 1.   Apologies For Absence

      Apologies for absence were received from Rita Barry (Ladies Group,
      Blackhall Mill), PC Steve Lilley (Northumbria Police), Rev Bennett
      (Blackhall Mill Community Association) and Phil Macari (BCTV Local

 2.   Minutes

      The minutes of the meeting held on 3 February 2003 were agreed
      as a correct record.

 3.   Matters Arising

      There were no matters arising.

 4.   Blackhall Mill Community Facility

      The Partnership was informed that various options were being
      considered as a fallback to the original plan to ensure progress
      could be made. This included exploring pre-fabricated buildings and
      the option of building the upper floor without fitting it out.

     A meeting would take place with the Quantity Surveyor, which would
     enable a timetable for the works to be established, and the
     Partnership was informed that the cost of demolition needed to be
     considered. This may have been incorporated into the original
     feasibility study report. It was noted that to release the SRB funding,
     available for the project, full confirmation would be required of other
     funding and start and completion dates for the works would be
     needed along with a full implementation programme.

5.   Chopwell Community Centre – Funding Update

     The Partnership was informed that the work would start on the hard
     wood flooring on Monday 17 March 2003 and would take one week
     to complete. The money for the work would be released once it had
     been completed.

     Funding had been received from the Coalfield Regeneration Trust
     for the multi-purpose facility and the Chief Executive’s department
     was looking at ways to provide the additional money required. It was
     noted that the works would be ready to go to tender soon and the
     build would start in the summer. The architects would be in contact
     with the school to agree suitable times for the works to take place.

     Gary Carr had spoken to Leisure Services and Economic
     Development with regard to the development and support for the
     Management Committee. It was also suggested that the new facility
     may offer employment opportunities for people from the village.

6.   Derwent Valley Environmental Trust

     The Partnership was informed that the trust had not met since the
     last meeting of the Partnership although it was noted that people
     and organisations were being encouraged to have an input. Some of
     the proposed projects that would have taken place had been
     prevented by the weather. The trust were looking at the contribution
     that it could make to the Rights of Way work being undertaken in the
     borough and also how links could be developed with schools for

     Concerns were raised that none of the SRB funding allocated to the
     Trust has been committed. The trust were reminded that it was
     important to see progress with project spending to ensure funds
     were fully spent by the end of March 2004. The Partnership agreed
     to monitor the situation closely in the upcoming months and further
     lack of progress may necessitate funds being redirected to other
     Partnership priorities.

7.   Opening of Chopwell Community Office

     The Partnership was informed that the opening of the Community
     office would take place on Wednesday 12 March 2003 and all
     members of the partnership were invited to attend the event.

     The aim of the office would be to attract services to Chopwell and
     those services that become available would be advertised in the

     The timetable of usage for the police had been identified although
     no further bookings would be made prior to the launch. The cost for
     the use of the facility, although minimal, would need to be
     established to ensure the operational costs would be covered.

8.   Transport Needs Survey

     Five tenders have been received for the Rural Transport Needs and
     Solutions study and members of the Partnership, who had
     volunteered to be involved in the study, would be consulted on the
     appointment of the consultant. The tenders had identified the need
     for the involvement of local people although the level of this
     involvement varied.

     The Partnership would work in conjunction with the Highfield
     Community Partnership and the tenders would provide the basis for
     the bid to the Countryside Agency.

     The Partnership was informed that there would be a number of
     opportunities for volunteer work although in addition there would be
     some opportunity for paid employment.

     The Partnership was informed that JMP Consultants had submitted
     the lowest tender.

9.   Project Updates

     Chopwell Colliery Wheel

     The works had been delayed due to the problem of galvanising the
     wheel on site although the wheel would be completed by the end of
     April 2003.

     Play Area

     The works on the play area between Lenin Terrace and South
     Terrace would start on 24 March 2003 and would take between two
     and three weeks for completion.

10.   Any Other Business

      Robert Bates was nominated as the representative for the
      Partnership on the Community Empowerment group.

11.   Date and Time of Next Meeting

      The next meeting will be held on Monday 12 May 2003 at 6.00pm
      in Blackhall Mill Community Centre.


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