World-class People Management for a 21st Century NHS by Levone



World-class People Management for a 21st Century NHS
      ESR eliminates the need for manual effort when sending
      information to and receiving information from other
      systems and organisations, thereby improving accuracy
      and reducing the time spent in processing queries

      ESR provides interfaces that send information to and from other NHS organisations, external bodies and
      local systems. This all happens ‘behind the scenes’, either when an individual action takes place, or in
      batches, typically overnight. In many cases, these interfaces automate transactions that were previously
      collated manually, which decreases the potential for error and hence reduces the time taken in processing
      queries and making corrections. Because ESR provides consistent interfaces, the external applications
      can run more efficiently and produce reports that are consistent both regionally and nationally.

      All the interfaces are shown in the diagram below. Note that some are two-way and others one-way.


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Interface Descriptions

Inland Revenue                                       Ledger and Financial Reporting                sickness, maternity absences and
This interface allows Works Number                   Systems. It delivers payroll-related          professional registrations.
updates and P14s to be sent to the                   financial information in the format                      This improves data quality and
Inland Revenue. In the other direction,              and structure required by the local                     increases the accuracy of reports.

P6 and P9 details are provided to ESR.               system, including local account
Future developments will include the                 codes. ESR provides five standard
transmission of P45 and P46 details.                 interfaces, but if none of these meet
                                                                                                   Time, Attendance
                                                     the needs of the local financial systems
          This reduces the effort required to
          manage Inland Revenue returns and
          the generation of standard forms.
                                                     then a specialist team is in place to         and Rostering
                                                     develop the appropriate software.             This provides generic interface to
                                                               This improves the quality
                                                                                                   external Time and Attendance and/or
                                                               and consistency of financial         Rostering systems. Such systems may
BACS                                                           information. The effort needed
                                                      to produce Board Reports and to reconcile    provide details on payroll Elements such
This interface sends information                      differences is greatly reduced.
                                                                                                   as on-call, overtime, enhancements and
from ESR to the Banker’s Automated
                                                                                                   bonuses to an employee Assignment
Clearing System (BACS) in order
                                                                                                   within ESR (see the Payroll factsheet
that the pay of NHS Employees can                    e-Recruitment
                                                                                                   for an explanation of these terms). In
be credited to their bank accounts                   This interface allows information
                                                                                                   addition, absence information can
on a weekly or monthly basis.                        about a vacancy to be posted onto
                                                                                                   be uploaded to ESR directly from a
          This reduces the potential for errors
                                                     NHS jobs from ESR, and application
          and provides improved audit control
                                                                                                   spreadsheet or suitable file, using a
                                                     data received through e-Recruitment
          because there is visibility of the trail                                                 web-based utility. In the other direction,
 from calculation to payment.                        to be passed into ESR, where it
                                                                                                   the external system can be kept up-
                                                     forms the basis of the employee
                                                                                                   to-date with new joiners, leavers and
                                                     record. NHS organisations are able
                                                                                                   other relevant changes made on ESR.
NHS Pensions Agency                                  to post job vacancy advertisements
                                                                                                             This yields significant reductions in
This interface sends details of new                  directly onto the NHS jobs website,                     the amount of manual data entry and
joiners and leavers, and changes in                  allowing prospective applicants                         calculation for each payroll run.

pension terms and conditions to the                  to view job details and apply for
Agency’s system, as well as a year                   the post. The applications can
end return, allowing it to report                    be short-listed on e-Recruitment
up-to-date and accurate employee                     before their details are forwarded
                                                                                                   Contact, formerly NHS Directory, provides
details. In the other direction, ESR                 to ESR’s Recruitment module.
                                                                                                   a web-accessible electronic directory of
receives National Insurance (NI)                                This significantly reduces the
                                                                manual data entry needed           the NHS organisations, together with
and Superannuation Division (SD)                                when staff join an organisation,   key employee contact information.
details from the Agency system.                       as well as decreasing the effort needed
                                                      to manage the recruitment cycle.             ESR will deliver an interface to Contact
           This eliminates the manual effort                                                       that will provide relevant data that is
           for returns to the Pensions Agency
           and reduces the number of queries                                                       held and maintained in ESR. E-mail and
 resulting from manual calculations. There is an
 improvement in the quality of data that results     Occupational Health                           telephone number changes recorded in
 in increased accuracy of pension payments.
                                                     This interface allows ESR to update an        Contact will be automatically interfaced
                                                     NHS organisation’s local Occupational         to ESR via the inbound interface.
                                                     Health system. ESR provides details
General Ledger                                                                                               This provides single point access to all
                                                     on new joiners and existing staff                       organisation and individual contact
This is a one-way interface from ESR                                                                         details. Contact has a strategic value in
                                                     relating to assignments, contacts,             enabling improvements in collaborative working.
to an NHS organisation’s General

                                                                                                                                             CONTINUED OVERLEAF

                                                                                                                                             ESR INTERFACES
Top tips for a successful                           ■ General Ledger
                                                    During the ESR implementation process, the GL
                                                    Interface and local Chart of Accounts should
                                                    be tested against the versions required for
You need to consider the following now,             ESR go live. If you are considering changing
in anticipation of the implementation               either during the ESR Implementation period,
of ESR in your organisation.                        you should discuss the implications with your
■ E-Recruitment                                     Account Manager at the earliest opportunity.
If you are not already a user of NHS Jobs           ■ Other local systems
then register an interest on the NHS Jobs           Decide how these are to interface to ESR,
website ( in order to               and ensure that the data formats and
receive information and training.                   communications methods are suitable in
■ NHS Pensions Agency                               each direction. Requirements should be
Prior to cutover to ESR, you will be sent details   discussed with your ESR Account Manager.
of mismatches between pension related data on
your current system and that on the Pensions        These are actions relevant to the Interfaces
Agency system. These must be resolved.              function of ESR. Other factsheets in this
                                                    series describe actions to be considered
                                                    with regards to other capabilities.

For further information relating to ESR, please contact your local Account
Manager or visit the ESR website on

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