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Minutes of the National Professional Committees meeting held on Tuesday 26th February
2008 at the Unite Offices, 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8HA

Present:      Bob Ardley, Andy Bradley, Rosemary Belton, Steven Crook, Carol English
              (NO-PD), Paul Ganney (Chair), Cameron Hosie, Tony Millin, and Richard
In Attendance: Michael Worn (IPEM APEN Observer)

08/01      Apologies for absence.                                                          Action
           Apologies were received from: Niall McDougall, Eddy Rafiqi, Geraldine
           Workman, Keith Ison (IPEM Observer,) and Andrew Taylor (FCS
           Observer). The President welcomed Michael Worn to the meeting as the new
           APEN Observer.

08/02      Appointment of HPA Officers for the 2008 session, and allocation of
           Roles and Responsibilities.
           There was unanimous agreement that the following Officers should be
           appointed for the 2008 session:
           President:             Paul Ganney
           Vice-President         Niall McDougall
           Hon Treasurer          Richard Scott
           Hon Secretary          Bob Ardley
           Bob indicated that he was happy to take on the Secretary Role for 2008 but
           hoped to pass on the role to another NPC member for 2009 onwards.

           There was discussion of the various Roles and Responsibilities to be
           undertaken and volunteers called for; the following allocations were made:
           Tony Millin                  Industrial Relations Lead; Pay award
                                        monitoring; HCS OAC Rep; IPEM PAG Rep;
                                        Travel Award
           Steven Crook                 Conference Organiser
           Richard Scott                Membership Secretary; Modernising Scientific
                                        Careers monitoring; NOS monitoring
           Paul Ganney                  Communications with members; Website
                                        management; IPEM PAG Rep
           Niall McDougall              HCS OAC Rep; IPEM PAG Rep; Training
           Andy Bradley                 Recruitment and Retention Database; HPC
                                        Consultations monitoring; IPEM PAG Rep
           Cameron Hosie                Regulation issues; Health and Safety
           Rosemary Belton              MTO issues

08/03      Minutes of meeting held on 1st November 2007, and matters arising.
           After the correction of several typos the minutes were accepted as a true
           record of the meeting and signed by the President.

           Tony has still to draft Position Statements on Lecture and other Fees, and on

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        A new laptop has been purchased for the Hon Secretary (due to the delays in
        making the purchase this was paid for from 2008 funds rather than from the
        unallocated funds at the end of 2007).
        The two Travel Awards for 2008 were made (cheques paid and cashed, one
        receipt received, the second not yet received).
        Tony is still to chase up Ashley Richmond, 2006 Travel Award winner, for a
        report on his trip.

08/04   President’ Report
        Paul tabled a brief report. There was discussion about some Registrants on
        the HPC Register being de-registered for failing to return the registration
        declaration or more worryingly because of failed direct debit payments. This
        seems to be an erratic HPC administration problem which has not affected
        many HPA members. It was agreed Paul should include a comment about            PG
        this in the next Presidents’ Letter – the advice should be to at least get a
        Certificate of Posting when sending off the Registration Declaration (using
        Recorded delivery would be better) and keeping a photocopy of the

        There was still concern over the lack of overtime payments for Band 8
        appointments particularly with the increase in six-day working.

        The recommendations on the Banding of Trainee Physicists seem not to be
        universally adopted. Although most are on Band 6 some are on Annex U of
        Band 7 but in the South West Region all the trainees are on Band 5. It was
        agreed that Steven Crook as the Regional Rep should write to the SW            SC
        Training Consortium asking for an explanation of their breach of a National
        Agreement and if they give an unsatisfactory response the problem can be
        escalated to Paul for a President’s enquiry. It was noted that the HPA
        Position Statement on Trainees was essentially that contained in Tony’s
        presentation at the 2007 Conference.

08/05   Hon Treasurer’s Report, and Charitable Donations
        Richard gave a verbal report on his first full year as Treasurer. He reminded
        the NPC that audited Branch accounts for the period Jan-April 2007 had
        been submitted to Unite HQ as part of the union merger process. He had
        recently prepared a Branch Financial Statement for the period May-Dec 2007
        and had agreed with the Finance Dept that unedited accounts could be
        submitted before the deadline of 28th February 2008 with audited accounts to
        follow shortly (the Hon Auditors Dave Rawlings and Matt Dunn would be         RS
        asked to undertake this ASAP). The bank balance at 31/12/07 showed
        £1848.78 with cheques to the value of £1432.00 still to clear. Inevitably the
        unspent residue of some £416 would be deducted from the branch
        commissions for the first quarter of 2008. Unfortunately the purchase of the
        new laptop for the Secretary had been made too late to use these unspent
        funds and will have to come out of the 2008 budget.

        Richard agreed to prepare a draft budget for 2008 and circulate this by e-mail RS
        to NPC members.

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        Charitable Donations. The Branch had received two requests for charitable
        donations: one from a team at Institute of Physics Publishing undertaking the
        Three-Peaks Walk; and one from the Burnley Branch seeking assistance with
        a project to send redundant school equipment to schools in Africa. After
        some discussion it was agreed that it would be inappropriate for the HPA to
        use members’ branch commissions to support these types of Charitable

08/06   Hon Secretary’s report
        Bob gave a verbal report. He receives regular e-mail notifications from the
        Unite Membership Department of new members joining the Branch; he has
        asked for the information to be improved with the addition of the member’s
        Job Code/Description and Employer. The membership list still includes some
        members who are probably in the HPA by mistake, and some who are listed
        as employed by the HPA. An updated list of members in the National
        Professional Group is awaited. From this list mailing lists will be produced
        and letters sent to these two groups asking them to confirm their membership BA
        details. Carol confirmed that the Freepost address to her office could be used CE
        for this purpose.

        Unite Region mergers: Carol advised that Unite had merged the North East
        Region and Yorkshire & Humber Region and the Eastern Region and
        London Region. It was agreed that the HPA did not need to merge these
        Regions in the Branch membership database.

        Timetable for 2008 NPC Elections: Bob proposed the following timetable
        for the elections for the NPC Members and Deputies for the odd-numbered
        regions for the 2009-2010 term: a call for Nominations would go out after
        the July NPC meeting with a closing date of 26th September; if an election is
        required in any Region a ballot would be held of all the members in that
        Region with a closing date of 31 st October; the result of the elections would
        be announced at the ADC on 21st November.

08/07   Terms and Conditions etc.
        It was noted that no one in Northern Ireland had yet been assimilated to AfC,
        and that approximately 70 members in Scotland had still not been

        Overtime and working hours: Tony had recently attended a meeting of the
        SW Dosimetry Group, representing the HPA, to discuss AfC issues
        including problems with consistency checking during matching and overtime
        for Band 8 staff. It was agreed members should be encouraged to claim
        overtime for hours worked in excess of the standard 37.5hrs Paul is to write     PG
        about this in the President’s Letter and undertake a survey of hours worked
        for the week beginning 21 st April.

        Trainees: – Paul will extract from Tony’s 2007 Conference presentation the       PG
        Position Statement on Trainees’ Banding and place it on the website. It was
        noted that some Part 2 trainees are also being banded to Annex U of Band 7.

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        Unsocial Hours working: – Carol reported the results of the Unite poll;
        approx 70% of members in the Health Sector had voted to accept the
        proposals. A Pay Letter from NHS Employers was expected soon. The new
        T&Cs would take effect from 1 st April 2008.

        KSF: – Cameron reported that in Scotland all employers would be using the
        e-KSF for managing personal development reviews. There was nothing else
        to report on KSF progress.

        Pay Claim/Award for 2008/9: – there was nothing to report.

        Recruitment and Retention database: - Andy had provided a report to Paul
        for posting on the website, covering the period 2006/7. He agreed to produce
        a new report for 2007/8 in April and circulate this to NPC members before it
        too is posted on the website.

        Position Statement on Redundancy: – Tony has still to write this.

        NHS Pensions: – Carol reported that Unite had produced a good guide to the
        proposals and the options available to members. This is on the Unite website
        at http://www.amicustheunion.org/pdf/NHS%20Summary%20Guide.pdf .

        Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC):– Richard had attended two
        meetings about this DH initiative. It seems that the biggest problem for many
        HCSs is that most SHAs do not have a HCS Lead and many are not engaging
        with HCSs. To that end Shelley Heard (MSC Lead) and Sue Hill (CSO) had
        produced a document for Trusts and SHAs to raise the HCS profile (copies
        of this had been received via the IPEM PAG). It was agreed that comments        ALL
        on the document should be sent to Paul who would collate an HPA response.
        The MSC Project had also appointed Professional Advisers for the three
        disciplines: Physical Science (Derek Pearson), Physiological Science and
        Life Science.

08/08   Amicus Issues
        Professional Officer’s Report Carol gave a verbal report. TGWU and
        Amicus Officers had met in Birmingham to review the Union merger which
        appeared to have gone well. A meeting had been held to discuss the how the
        Groups and Associations appear on the main Unite website. The Unite health
        Sector home page would have a link to the Groups and Associations page
        which would contain links to all the G&A’s websites.

        It was noted that Sarah Carpenter no longer had National Officer
        responsibility for HCSs. Carol agreed to find out what the successor            CE
        arrangements are.

        Carol reported being disappointed that she had received no responses from
        the G&As to the HPC Consultations. She is involved in regular (three times
        a year) meetings between the HPC and Health Unions (facilitated by Unison)
        and asked that NPC members let her know if there are any HPC issues.

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        The Unite Professional Liability Insurance would be rolled out to all HPA
        members later during 2008 at a cost of £15pa with the option to opt-out of
        the scheme. Paul will seek members’ views on this via the next President’s       PG

        Members of the College of Health Care Chaplains are not currently
        statutorily Regulated; they are in the process of establishing a Voluntary
        Register. Carol asked members of the NPC to consider volunteering or
        nominating someone, to be a lay-member of the Fitness to Practice Panel and
        Assessors Panel for this new Body, a role for which training would be
        provided. Tony expressed willingness to be appointed to such a role.

        Tony reported that the HCS OAC had met on 30 th January 2008 – most of
        the discussion had been taken up with the proposed Unsocial Hours
        agreement and BMS On-call issues. The importance of the HPA continuing
        to attend these meeting was emphasised.

        The HPA Recruitment Literature had finally been completed. The NPC were
        very impressed with the result and offered its thanks to all concerned. Copies
        were available at the meeting and NPC members were encouraged to take            ALL
        supplies and distribute them in their Regions. A copy would be placed on the     PG
        HPA website.

08/09   HPA Conference 2007 and 2008.
        Sue Elcock and Kate Scott from Profile Productions Ltd (PPL) attended for
        this item. It was agreed that the 2007 Conference had been a success. It was
        a good venue and there had been excellent management support from Profile
        Productions Ltd. In spite of this there was some concern about the
        “remoteness” and accessibility by public transport of Torquay.

        For the 2008 Conference the dates were confirmed as 20 th November for the
        NPC meeting and Delegates dinner and 21 st November for the formal ADC
        and Professional Conference. The venue will be the Holiday Inn, Harrogate.
        It was agreed that the theme of the Conference should be “Clinical Science
        and Technology in the Modern NHS”.

        Programme It was suggested that Barrie Brown be invited to give an update
        on AfC and other T&Cs (Barrie confirmed during the lunch break that he
        would be happy to speak on this topic). Richard proposed Prof Shelley Heard
        of the Modernising Scientific Careers project as a Keynote speaker (Steven       SC
        to contact her ASAP with an invitation).

        Publicity It was agreed that PPL should prepare a “Call for Papers” flyer to
        be circulated to all members in the NPG together with a President’s Letter
        (Paul to provide this by 10 th March).The deadline for Proffered Papers would
        be 30th April with the programme reviewed at the NPC meeting on 8 th May
        giving time to find other speakers if required before finalising the
        Programme at the beginning of June.

        Domestic arrangements. These would all be managed by PPL.

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08/10   FCS Matters.
        Andrew Taylor was absent from the meeting; in his e-mail apologies he
        indicated that the FCS’s main concerns were to do with the MSC proposals.
        There was nothing else to report.

08/11   IPEM Matters.
        Professional issues. Tony had attended the PAG meeting held on 29 th
        January 2008; copies of the draft minutes had been circulated to NPC
        members. The next meeting is scheduled for 15 th April 2008.

        IPEM ASM 2008, Bath – It was agreed that Steven should approach Mark         SC
        Tooley of the organising committee to explore the potential for HPA to be

        APEN –Paul and Tony had attended the Part 1 Trainees’ Induction Day last
        December; a good number of trainees expressed interest in joining the HPA
        and 15 applications were received on the day. Michael Worn confirmed that    MW
        APEN should be pleased for HPA to participate again and agreed to confirm
        the date for the 2008 Induction Day. Michael also advised that APEN are
        considering holding a Part 2 Trainees’ Induction Day; the NPC confirmed
        that the HPA would be pleased to participate in this event too.

08/12   Communication with members.
        Website. Paul made a plea for NPC members to update the Regional pages
        on the website.

        President’s Letter. Paul is to prepare a Letter to go to PPL by 10/3/08; a
        draft would be circulated to NPC members for comment.

08/13   Any Other Business.
        It was noted that NHS Employers were undertaking a Consultation on the
        NHS Ill-Health Retirement agreement.

        Rosemary reported that in Oxford there were some concerns about the way
        sickness absence was being recorded on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

08/14   Cases
        There were none to report.

08/15   Dates of next meeting
        The following dates were confirmed (venue to be advised):                    BA
        Thursday 8th May 2008
        Monday 7th July 2008
        Thursday 20th November 2008 (Harrogate, prior to Conference).

Bob Ardley, Hon Secretary

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       Unite - HPA NPC meeting 26th February 2008 – Key Action Points

TM     Prepare draft HPA Position Statements on: Lecture and Other Fees; and

TM     Chase up Ashley Richmond for 2007 Travel Award report

PG     President’s Letter

SC     Write to SW Training Consortium about Part 1 Trainees assimilated to
       Band 5

RS     Arrange audit of Branch Accounts for period May-Dec 2007

RS     Prepare and circulate draft budget for 2008

BA     Send letter to “non-HPA” members in Branch/NPG asking for confirmation
CE     of membership details

AB     Send report on recruitment and Retention Database for 2007/8 to Paul for

ALL    Send comments on “Modernising Scientific Careers” document to Paul for
       collation and preparation of HPA response

CE     Find out successor arrangements for National Officer support for HCS OAC

ALL    Distribute HPA Recruitment Leaflets in the Regional Groups

PG     Post of copy of HPA Recruitment Leaflet on website

SC     Invite Prof Shelley Heard to give MSC Keynote paper at HPA Conference

SC     Contact IPEM ASM Conference organisers about HPA Association Lecture

MW     Confirm dates for the Part 1 and Part 2 APEN Induction Days

ALL    Update, or provide copy for, the Regional Pages on the website

R G Ardley
Hon Secretary

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