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delivering value to the NHS A Trusted Payroll Partner by Levone


									 A Trusted Payroll Partner

delivering value to the NHS
NHS Shared Business Services

delivering value to the NHS by:                              NHS SBS People
                                                             We employ over 1,000 people across six locations in
G   sharing best practice                                    the UK and India who are committed to delivering the
G   improving financial control                              highest levels of service. Our people have considerable
G   maximising purchasing power                              experience of working within the NHS and share the
                                                             same values as the NHS. By developing our team of
    providing service excellence
                                                             highly skilled experts we ensure our client satisfaction
G   leading-edge technology                                  ratings continue to improve and keep delivering real
                                                             value to our customers.
About NHS Shared Business Services
Since 2005 NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has        Governance
pioneered the concept of shared services for the NHS.        Through a robust governance structure we ensure
                                                             compliance and accountability across our business
This unique joint venture between the Department of          practices. A common Delivery Governance Framework
Health and Steria has led the way in developing and          and NHS SBS Board meet formal reporting obligations
providing finance, accounting, procurement and payroll       to the Department of Health and Steria.
solutions to all types of NHS organisations. The
framework agreement means Trusts are able to join
                                                             Data Protection
NHS SBS without the need to go through standard
OJEU procedures. This saves unnecessary expenditure          The Board and Executive teams of NHS Shared Business
and reduces procurement timescales. Across England,          Services recognise that data protection is a fundamental
we have saved Trusts money and delivered real value.         part of effective and efficient management. All NHS
                                                             SBS staff comply with the legislation set out in the UK
By providing Trusts with the information and tools at        Data Protection Act. In addition, NHS SBS complies
the desktop to support strategic decision making and         with the requirements of the Information Governance
by driving back office efficiencies this frees up funds to   Assurance Programme (IGAP) to ensure robust security
be invested back into frontline care.                        practices are fully understood and applied by all NHS
                                                             SBS people.
With over 100 clients and state-of-the-art centres of
excellence, NHS SBS today is the preferred choice for        SAS70 Accredited for NHS SBS
NHS Trusts seeking to modernise their back office            NHS SBS has been SAS70 accredited for the last three
processes:                                                   years, the only NHS shared service provider to achieve
                                                             the accredited. SAS70 defines the professional
• our operational excellence delivers high quality           standards used by a service auditor to assess the
  management information, fast paperless transaction         internal controls of a service organisation and the
  processing and substantial savings in procurement          report leading to the accredited is produced by
• our commitment to customer service means our               independent auditors Ernst & Young. It is an
  clients can confidently access all the support and         internationally recognised standard and by gaining the
  expert advice they need                                    SAS70 accredited NHS SBS ensures that we continue to
• our interest free financing facility reduces the costs     raise the broader standard of excellence for Finance
  associated with change, making any transition more         and Accounting and Payroll best practice.
  manageable and accessible

NHS Shared Business Services delivers a wide range of
comprehensive, innovative and reliable services to
support our clients in their strategic objectives,
developing future-proofed solutions, creating new
services and providing a compelling solution for
modern NHS Trusts.
Payroll and Employee Benefits
Our dedicated payroll centre in Hampshire provides            • payroll reconciliation – monthly and annual
Payroll and employee benefits services to over 120,000          reconciliation of all payrolls
employees. We process over 2 million payroll transactions     • pension service - dedicated pensions team, pensions
every year for a diverse range of over 35 NHS clients,          calculations, liaison with NHS Pensions Agency
achieving defined Service Level Agreements and Key            • payroll service desk – for employee level query
Performance Indicators.                                         resolution
                                                              • management information – improved data at your
NHS SBS is the single largest ESR user and has the depth        fingertips via a full suite of reports and dashboards
and breadth of Payroll expertise to really deliver value to   • data collection – ability to interface electronic
our clients.                                                    timesheet information
                                                              • service optimisation – ongoing service management
Our Payroll service includes:                                   developing service excellence
                                                              • audit – SAS70 Accredited Payroll delivery
• monthly, weekly and bank payrolls                           • client management - a dedicated client manager will
• gross to net administration - paying employees                schedule regular service reviews which will focus on
  accurately and on time - covering organisation pay            performance against the SLA and future service
  structures, employee and contractual changes,                 enhancements
  allowances and deductions, temporary variations to pay      • service management reports
  and overpayments and underpayments                          • HR transactional work can also be transferred to NHS
• reimbursement of all travel, subsistence and expense          SBS for example: starters, leavers, address change,
  claims via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR)                  hours change and absence recording
• fulfil statutory requirements                               • year end – production of P60, P11d and P35

                                                 A risk free transition
    Why NHS SBS? Apart from the fact that
                                                 A commitment to best practice payroll and HR delivery, as
    we knew them well and that they were
                                                 defined by the ESR user responsibility profiles, provides
    already delivering F & A successfully for
                                                 clients with a risk-free transition to NHS SBS. The greater
    us, the key factor was that NHS SBS is
                                                 flexibility we can bring allows us to adapt and optimise
    staffed with existing NHS payroll and
                                                 processes to provide bespoke services that correspond

    pensions people. This reassured us that
                                                 with the split of HR and line management activities
    we would have continuity of skills and
                                                 within individual NHS Trusts.
    expertise built up over many years with
    staff well versed with the specific
                                                 We achieve smooth transitions for every client to our
    knowledge to deal with NHS payroll
                                                 payroll service through:

                                                 • support from our migration team for the first three
    Michael White, Director of Finance,
                                                   months of Business As Usual (BAU) operations with
    Worcestershire PCT
                                                   named resources processing payroll
                                                 • regular scheduled project meetings to ensure controls
                                                   and effective communication
                                                 • integration assistance from a dedicated client manager
Adding value                                                   To increase payroll accuracy, NHS SBS has developed a
                                                               payslip to payslip comparison tool, which also reduces the
Our added value service continues after the end of every
                                                               number of employee calls to the helpline. We are the
Business As Usual transfer with:
                                                               only NHS shared services provider with SAS70
•   experienced management support
•   a named supervisor for escalation
                                                               Through a comprehensive continuous improvement
•   a large resource base to cover all absence
                                                               programme, we work in partnership with the Trust
•   an experienced pensions administration team
                                                               community to deliver real operational and business
•   a one point of contact payroll helpdesk for all employee

                                                               Our unique Payroll dashboard delivers instant
A dedicated client manager ensures that that service
                                                               management information to stakeholders, through a
quality, contract management and client satisfaction are
                                                               month by month visual update that focuses on key issues
all delivered to complete satisfaction. Your client manager
                                                               within the context of overall strategic objectives.
will hold monthly meetings to review performance
metrics and identify areas for service development and

Working in partnership with Manpower Software, we
have developed a cost effective web timesheet facility
that saves time, reduces errors and frees up valuable
filing space.

                                                   Working in partnership
    NHS SBS isn't just an IT system, it's an       Client representation on the Joint Venture Board and
    opportunity to change the culture,             National and Regional User Forums influences and
    improve efficiency, update the technology      drives the direction of the service. As well as these
    and move the business forward; for us it       national governance arrangements, there are clear
    has been a real catalyst for change.           accountabilities and escalation processes locally
    Marie Farrell, Director of Finance
                                                   • an experienced team with direct accountability to the
                                                     NHS SBS Chief Operating Officer
                                                   • clear escalation points for each Trust
                                                   • a dedicated NHS SBS payroll migration and service
                                                     delivery team
                                                   • a local payroll programme board held monthly
                                                     throughout the migration and stabilisation
                                                     phase – and continuing into BAU as required
                                                   • representation at the national payroll user forum
                                                    Additional NHS SBS Services
    Since our Payroll services moved to NHS
    Shared Business Services we have received       We are constantly evolving to meet the changing
    much improved services. The pay enquiries       requirements of our clients, developing innovative
    the PCT receives have greatly reduced,          solutions and expanding the scope of our Payroll service.
    freeing up our HR and finance teams from
    dealing with these issues                       The Payroll User Forums are instrumental in deciding our

                                                    future direction and planning how we can best help our
    We have an excellent working relationship       clients to meet the demands of the modern NHS.
    with the SBS team and recommend their
    payroll services to other organisations.

    James Rimmer, Associate Director of Finance
    & Contracting, Southampton NHS
    Community Services, Southampton City PCT

   delivering value to the NHS
   G   sharing best practice
   G   improving financial control
   G   maximising purchasing power
   G   providing service excellence
   G   leading-edge technology

   For more information on NHS Shared Business Services please contact:
   Monica Owen, Marketing Director.
   Tel: +44 (0)7970 052065 Email:

   NHS Shared Business Services:
   Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane,
   Tingley, Wakefield WF3 1WE
   Tel: (0113) 3071500
   Fax: (0113) 3071666

   Other offices at:
   Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton,
   Pune (India), Noida (India)                                 Printed on paper sourced from a sustainable forest

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