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                       PENWORTHAM TOWN COUNCIL
Meeting of the Council held at the Penwortham Community Centre, Kingsfold Drive,
Penwortham at 7.00pm on Tuesday 1 June 2010.

      Present:      The Mayor, Councillor Mrs L R Woollard (in the chair).

      Councillors   Best, Mrs Blow, Carson, Mrs D A Gardner, Hancock, J R Hothersall,
                    Howarth, Pimblett, Read and S Robinson.

      Members of
      the public: 3

      In attendance:      Steve Caswell         Town Manager
                          Michael Cronin        Democratic Services Manager

21.   Apologies for Absence

      Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs Buttery, Clegg,
      Miss R Gardner, M Gardner, Mrs J R Hothersall, Mrs M Robinson and Taylor.

22.   Minutes of the Last Meeting

             RESOLVED: that the minutes of the last meeting held on 4 May 2010 be
                       approved as a correct record and signed by the Mayor.

23.   Declarations of Interest

      Councillors Best, Mrs Gardner and Hancock declared a personal, non-prejudicial
      interest in the development control items at minute no. 33 as members of the
      Borough Council’s Planning Committee but were able, under the Members’ Code of
      Conduct, to remain in the meeting and take part in the discussion.

24.   Communications by the Town Mayor

      The Mayor referred to the following events:

      i)     Gilbert and Sullivan – Yeoman of the Guard Performance. This had been
             extremely enjoyable.

      ii)    Penwortham Gala – 12 and 13 June. Marshalls were still needed. Collection
             buckets would bear the names of the Mayoral charities.

      iii)   Penwortham Civic Sunday - 24 October 2010.

      iv)    South Ribble Borough Council – Mayoral Installation Banquet. Councillor
             Read had attended and commented that the local mayors no longer sat
             together which he felt was a retrograde step. The Mayor would raise the
             matter with the Borough Council.

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First
25.   Town Manager’s Report


      There were still some places left on the following training modules:

      Timings: 5.30pm for buffet, 6-8 pm Session.
      Venue: PNE, Invincibles Stand, Invincibles Lounge; Cost: Fully Funded

      8 June Facilitating Breakthrough Meetings (Practical Approaches to Working with
      This module would introduce an approach to organising and running meetings that
      would involve all those present but also result in clear decisions and actions.

      22 June Bringing the Best Out in Others (Practical Approaches to Working with
      This final module would explore an approach allow Members to unlock the potential
      of the colleagues, officers and members of the community they work with.

      Any member wishing to attend any of these modules was asked to contact a Town
      Council officer as soon as possible. These modules were fully funded and, as such,
      demand was expected to be high.


      The application for the Great Crested Newt Licence had now been re-submitted and
      should be returned within the next six weeks. Work would then commence on the
      fencing and new pathways through the woodland burial area.

      The shrub fence around the new garden of remembrance area was now in
      place and once established would provide a year-round natural boundary. This
      would start to be used once the existing garden of remembrance area was full, in
      approximately twelve to eighteen months time.

      As the whole cemetery was beginning to fill, consideration would have to be given to
      not allowing of any further advance purchases, as had happened in other cemeteries
      in Lancashire.


      Regular Weekly Bookings
      Day         Activity                                Room        Time
      Monday      SRBC drop in advice session             Front       9.30 – 12.30pm
                  Happy Days After School Club            Lounge      9.30 – 11.30am
                  Both front and back halls are           Back        10.30 – 2.30pm
                  available on Monday evenings            Front       3.00 – 6.00pm
      Tuesday     Homestart                               Front       9.30 – 12.30pm
                  Brothers of Charity Lunch Club          Back        10.30 – 3.00pm
                  Layzee Dayzee Lunch Club                Back        6.30 – 8.30pm
                  Youth club                              Front       3.00 – 6.00pm
                  Happy Days After School Club

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First
                        Front hall is available on
                        Tuesday evenings apart from
                        Town Council Meetings
         Wednesday      PCT gentle exercise class            Back        10.30 – 11.30am
                        Welfare Rights advice session        Office      9.30 – 12.30pm
                        Happy Days After School Club         Front       3.00 – 6.00pm
         Thursday       Gentle exercise class                Front       10.30 – 11.30am
                        Happy Days After School Club         Front       3.00 – 6.00pm
                        Dog Training Classes                 Back        7.00 – 9.30pm
                        Women’s Institute                    Front       7.00 – 9.30pm
         Friday         Happy Days After School Club         Front       3.00 – 6.00pm
                        Youth Drop in Evening                Back        6.30 – 9.00pm
         Saturday       Dance Classes                        Front       10.00 – 1.00pm

Rooms were available to hire at the Community Centre and anyone wishing to do so was
asked to contact council officers to discuss their needs in the first instance. Children’s
parties were regularly booked at the centre.
Public advice services available at Penwortham Community Centre already included:

         Penwortham Town Council
         South Ribble Borough Council
         South Ribble Pensioners’ Association
         Welfare Rights
         Lancashire Constabulary
         Homestart

NHS Central Lancashire was now organising health walks from the community centre.
These would be no longer than thirty minutes and were targeted at people who wanted to
walk at their own pace. The walks started at 10.00am.

Lancashire College would be presenting family learning courses from the community centre
from 7 June 2010 for a six week period. This, it was hoped, would lead to more of these for
the future and was a step toward bringing this kind of learning back into the community and
out of the classroom.


The work of the Town Lengthsman was now being undertaken by the Town Council’s own
grounds maintenance operative based at the cemetery. As before, reports of any problems
in and around Penwortham should be reported to Town Council officers as soon as
possible who would ensure the work was completed by whichever authority was
responsible. It was not necessary to wait until Council meetings to report problems.

Telephone council officers on 01772 750533.

e-mail            steve@penworthamtowncouncil.gov.uk

                             The Caring Council – Putting People First
A list of recent works undertaken by the Town’s Lengthsman:

      Penwortham Holme FP1 – litter pick and tidy area and remove fly tipping
      Bee Lane FP52 – strim grass, cut hedges and general tidy
      Oakswood FP14 – strim grass, cut hedge and litter pick
      FP49 Bee Lane – repair stile
      Cop Lane – litter pick
      War Memorial – strim grass, cut hedge and litter pick
      FP12 Blundell Lane – repair fence and kissing gate and litter pick
      Stricklands Lane – litter pick and general tidy
      FP21 – Penwortham Caravan Park, remove rubbish from brook
      FP23 – Stricklands Lane – litter pick and unblock drain and brook
      Leyland Road – litter pick and clean bus shelter
      Priory Meadow – litter pick and general tidy area

Councillor Mrs Blow indicated that the old Penwortham sign at Howick Cross was very
dirty. A meeting had recently taken place with the Highways Manager to discuss the
possibility of additional works such as sign cleaning being undertaken by the Town Council


                      DATE: 01/06/2010 TIME: 07:00 PM
       and part of    VENUE:The Maltings, Hill Road South ,Penwortham
       PACT           What people said was important this month -

                      Priority 1: Vehicles using 'Access Only' - Park Lane as a
                      short cut

                      Priority 2: Anti Social Behaviour on Alderfield, Penwortham
                      evenings between 7.00pm - 11.00pm

                      Priority 3: Anti Social Behaviour - Abbot Meadow,
                      Penwortham 7pm - Midnight

                      What we have been doing in the last month -

                      Priority 1
                      You Said: Anti Social Behaviour outside Kingsfold
                      Community centre
                      We Did: Regular targeted patrol by response officers, support
                      unit officers and Neighbourhood Policing Team. Several
                      reassurance visits to residents in the vicinity of the centre
                      As a result: Reduction in Anti Social Behaviour in and
                      around the Community Centre.
                      Priority 2
                      You Said: Vehciles using No Access to Park Road as a cut
                      We did: High Visible partols by Neighbourhood Policing

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First
             Team - verbal warings given
             As a result: Several drivers spoken to and warned

             Priority 3
             You Said: Anti Social Behaviour on Fryer Close, Penwortham
             We did: Regular high visibility patrolling of the area
             As a result: An ABC (Acceptable Behaviour Contract) served
             on a local juvenile. Continuing to monitor
             DATE: 02/06/2010 TIME: 02:00 PM
Penwortham VENUE:Street Surgery - Howick Moor Lane
and part of
Middleforth What people said was important this month -
            Priority 1:Youth nuisance and underage drinking on Howick
            Moor Lane concentrating on Tarn Wood which runs off that

             Priority 2:Youths gathering and underage drinking on West
             End Park causing damage and leaving broken bottles on the
             play area

             What we have been doing in the last month -

             Priority 1:
             You said: There was a problem with youths gathering on
             Liverpool Road and causing concern to residents and other
             people that use the location
             We did: Highly visible patrols on foot and in vehicles targeted
             the area. 15 Youth referrals were issued which means that
             letters were sent to the parents of youths that were behaving
             inappropriately but not illegally. 2 youths were also
             prosecuted for criminal damage in the area. The visible
             patrols also concentrated on the hours between 10pm and
             midnight to deter persons from misbehaving when returning
             from a night out in the pubs. Local businesses were visited
             and reassured and given crime prevention advice.
             As a result: The groups that were gathering have been
             challenged and dispersed reducing the fear of becoming the
             victim of crime.

             Priority 2:
             You said : There was a problem with persons using the river
             crossing at Middleforth to access the area to commit crime.

             We did: All the foot and vehicular crossings over the River
             Ribble have been targeted with Police patrols. Several stop
             checks and stop searches have been carried out on target
             nominals. Known criminals have been visited at their home
             addresses and spoken to about their behaviour and warned
             asto the consequences of entering Penwortham to commit

                 The Caring Council – Putting People First

                      As a result: Any persons using the crossing points to enter
                      Penwortham to commit crime have been deterred from doing
                      so in fear of coming to the attention of the Police
                      DATE: 01/06/2010 TIME: 07:15 PM

       Lostock Hall   VENUE:Lostock Hall Conservative Club, Brownedge Road
                      What people said was important this month -

                      Priority 1: Westfield / Lindley Street - Vehicle related criminal
                      damage and parking issues

                      Priority 2: Ward Street / Fairfield Street - Vehicle related
                      crime and juvenile anti-social behaviour

                      Priority 3: Moss Street / Wilkinson Street - Juvenile anti-
                      social behaviour

                      Find out what we have been doing in the last month

                      Priority 1:
                      You said: Brackenbury Close - Anti Social Behaviour
                      We did: High visibility patrolling of the area by foot and
                      As a result: Problems on going, continuing to monitor

                      Priority 2:
                      You said: Marina Grove - Anti Social Behaviour, football
                      We did: High Visibility Patrols of the area on foot and mobile.
                      As a result: Reduction in complaints in relation to youths
                      playing football. No longer a priority.

                      Priority 3:
                      You said: Hope Terrace – Anti-Social Behaviour, Juveniles
                      congregating and drinking
                      We did: Numerous foot and mobile patrols conducted
                      throughout the area especially evenings. Several youths
                      stopped and spoken to.
                      As a result: General improvement seen, no longer a priority

Information regarding PACT meetings and localities was liable to change.
For up-to-date details visit:

Kingsfold - www.lancashire.police.uk/index.php?id=251
Higher Penwortham - www.lancashire.police.uk/index.php?id=250
Middleforth-www.lancashire.police.uk/index.php?id=261 or call 0845 1 25 35 45
Lostock Hall -http://www.lancashire.police.uk/neighbourhood/tardygate
or call 0845 1 25 35 45.

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First
There had been a change in the structure of policing in Penwortham with the area of
Middleforth being divided between Higher Penwortham and Kingsfold.

An extra CBM had been employed in Kingsfold to accommodate this extra area. The
boundary of the two areas was now Park Lane and Hill Road South. The police view was
that the Middleforth area would now be covered by three CBMs and four PCSOs instead of
just the one CBM.

The policing in Penwortham now consisted of:

Sergeant Julie Rawsthorne

Higher Penwortham
PC Kevin Bond
PCSO Mark Holiday
PCSO Emily Ashton

PC Duncan Brown
PC Malcolm Haymen
PCSO Ben Barnes
PCSO Paul Naylor

Lostock Hall
PC Andy Alty
PCSO Alison Monks
PCSO Gareth Westhead

All the above could be contacted on 0845 125 35 45 provided they were on duty.


The Penwortham Aid in Sickness had funds available to assist sick and needy persons of
Penwortham by supplementing in any way possible the National Health Service.

The trustees of the charity could apply the yearly income for the benefit of the sick and
needy persons resident in the town of Penwortham in all or any of the following ways as
they thought fit:

             i)     The supply of special food and medicine, medical comforts, extra
                    bedding, fuel and medical and surgical appliances.
             ii)    Provision of funds to assist with domestic needs.
             iii)   The provision of help for deprived young people.
             iv)    The expense of convalescence, either in the home or away.
             v)     The relief of suffering, disability or infirmity among sick or needy
                    persons resident as aforementioned by such means as the trustees
                    from time to time see fit.

Anyone wishing to make an application to this charity or knowing anyone that might wish to
do so could either apply through the Town Council or directly to the charity. A new
information leaflet had been produced.

                           The Caring Council – Putting People First
      Road Closures Crookings Lane

      The following closures were noted:

      Crookings Lane from the junction of Crow Hills Road to the junction of Gleneagles
      Drive, Penwortham, from 09:30 hours 7 June 2010 to 14:30 hours 23 July 2010 with
      a diversion around Crow Hills Road – Gleneagles Drive and vice-versa

      Crookings Lane from the junction of Liverpool Road to the junction of Crow Hills
      Road, Penwortham, from 09:30 hours 24 July 2010 to 15:00 hours 30 August 2010.
      This closure would operate in rolling stages, the various signed diversion routes
      would include Liverpool Rd, Queensway, West End, Woodland Grove, Kingsway
      West, Meadway, Stanley Grove, Crow Hills Road and Gleneagles Drive.

      The closure was for essential gas mains replacement.

      This operation was being processed in this manner so as to operate around the
      school holiday period and in an attempt to cause the minimal amount of disruption.

      Kingsfold Mini MATAC Presentation

      Penwortham Town Council officers had been invited to present the role of the Multi
      Agency Tasking and Coordinating (MATAC) group at the North West Together We
      Can (NWTGC) conference on Saturday 22 May 2010.

      This group was now recognised as an example of best practice and would be
      adopted by many other organisations, authorities and partners. The group, originally
      the Multi Agency Problem Solving (MAPS) team had been of great use to ward
      councillors Mrs Blow, Best and Taylor who had brought problems to be solved to the
      group, and recently by the Borough Council portfolio holder for Streetscene and
      Neighbourhoods, Councillor Hothersall, who had also witnessed the working of the

      The MATAC coordinator position was now being advertised and as soon as a
      suitable employee was found the Town Council would take on the role of employer
      and line manager.

      This post was being funded by Progress Housing and supported by South Ribble
      Borough Council, Young Peoples Service, Lancashire County Council, the Police,
      Fire and Rescue Service, Longton Community Church, King’s Church, Places for
      People and the Lancashire Education Authority.

26.   Minutes of the Committee Meetings

      The Council considered the minutes of recent meetings.

            RESOLVED: that the minutes of the following committee meetings be approved
                      and adopted:

                          i)     Events Committee – 17 May 2010

                          ii)    Environment Committee – 24 May 2010

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First
        27.   Questions from Members of the Public

              No matters were raised.

        28.   Annual Report 2009-10

              The Council considered this report.

                     RESOLVED: that the Council’s Annual Report 2009-10 be approved.

        29.   Delegates’ Reports

              The Mayor reported on the recent meeting of the Penwortham Grammar School
              Foundation which dealt with development monies for the Hutton Grammar School.

        30.   Meeting of the Penwortham Area Committee on 8 April 2010

              The council noted the minutes of this area committee meeting.

        31.   Accounts for Payment – May 2010

              The Responsible Financial Officer presented a report.

                     RESOLVED: that the following accounts be paid:

PAYEE              FOR                             ACCOUNT
                                                                   AMOUNT        VOUCHER   CHQ NO

WORLD                 INK / TONER                  ADMIN           £   111.48      38      5863
DARLINGTONS           PAYROLL SERVICES             ADMIN           £   199.75      39      5864
CARNMOR PRINT         RECEIPT BOOKS                CENTRE          £    47.71      40      5865
SRBC                  NNDR                         CENTRE          £   570.00      41      5866
SRBC                  MAYORALL DONATION            ADMIN           £    55.00      42      5867
SALARIES RE; ADMIN (paid by transfer)              ADMIN           £ 9,075.29      43      5868
( Inc.tax/NI/pensions paid by cheque) tax & NI =
WAGES RE; CENTRE (paid by transfer)                CENTRE          £ 1,734.52      44
(Inc tax/NI/pensions paid by cheque) pensions =
A&B entertainment     ABBA DREAM                   GALA            £    900.00     45      5869
Entertainment"        TOM JONES                    GALA            £    400.00     46      5870
Manchester      Pipe
Band                  PIPE BAND                    GALA            £    650.00     47      5871
Jackson      Square
Band                  JAZZ BAND                    GALA            £    550.00     48      5872
Lostock Hall          BRASS BAND                   GALA            £    300.00     49      5873
                      BEST FLOAT                   GALA            £    100.00     50      5874
                      BEST WALKING GROUP           GALA            £     75.00     51      5875
                      BEST SMALLER GROUP           GALA            £     50.00     52      5876
                      BEST VISITING QUEEN          GALA            £     50.00     53      5877
Bamber Bridge         MORRIS DANCERS               GALA            £     75.00     54      5878
Mary Whelan           IRISH DANCERS                GALA            £     75.00     55      5879

                                   The Caring Council – Putting People First
S.R.P.A.              FOREVER YOUNG                GALA             £    100.00      56      5880
                      TRAVELLING MULBERRIES        GALA             £    100.00      57      5881
                      ZURICH INSURANCE             GALA             £     78.23      58      5882
Sunday entertainer    PARK ACADEMY                 GALA             £    300.00      59      5883
V4 Create             BROCHURE                     GALA             £    698.00      60      5884
A&B entertainment     OOMPAH BAND                  GALA             £    400.00      61      5885
Scout Band            5th PENWORTHAM SCOUTS        GALA             £    100.00      62      5886
Park Cleaning         9th PENWORTHAM SCOUTS        GALA             £    100.00      63      5887
OFFICE DEPOT          STATIONERY                   ADMIN            £     74.35      64      5888
NURSERIES             TOPSOIL/GRASS SEED/HEDGE     CEMETERY         £    589.83      65      5889
POWER                 GAS INVOICE                  CENTRE           £ 2,188.08       66      5890
GARAGE                VEHICLE REPAIRS              CEMETERY         £    305.14      67      5891
C & W BERRY           MAINTENANCE MATS             ADMIN            £     55.46      68      5892
DICK LEIGH            TOOL SERVICE                 CEMETERY         £     34.09      69      5893
JLEA (PLUMBERS)       MAINTENANCE WORKS            CENTRE           £     61.68      70      5894
LHB SUPPIES           CLEANING MATS                CENTRE           £     72.85      71      5895
BT                    ALARM LINE                   CENTRE           £     53.74      72      5896
BT                    TELEPHONE INVOICE            ADMIN            £     83.03      73      5897

TOTAL                                                               £ 20,413.23

           32.   Hill Road Cemetery – Burials in May 2010

                 The Council noted the following recent burials and agreed that, where necessary,
                 a Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial be approved and signed:

                 a)     Details of Burials

                        GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE

                        Joseph Wilkinson of West Park Avenue, Ashton
                        Maria Vera Billington of Ryefield Avenue, Penwortham

                        ALL OTHER AREAS

                        Andrew Walker of Woodcroft Close, Penwortham
                        Frank Robinson of Farfield, Penwortham
                        Henry Bamber of Shaftesbury Avenue, Penwortham
                        Mavis Rainford of Oak Avenue, Penwortham
                        Maureen Watson of Kingsway, Penwortham
                        Violet Carney of Hull Street, Preston

                 b)     Deeds of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial

                        RESOLVED: that a Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial to the
                                  following be approved and signed:

                                     John Kenneth Furr of Westby Place, Ashton
                                     Jean Emily Webster of Hawthorn Crescent, Lea

                                    The Caring Council – Putting People First

33.   Development Control
      Plans List

      The Council noted the list of planning applications provided by the Borough

      Councillor Robinson reported on the latest situation with regard to the Ramillies
      development on Hill Road

(The meeting finished at 7.31pm)

These minutes will appear on the council’s website:

The next ordinary council meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 6 July 2010 at
the Penwortham Community Centre

                          The Caring Council – Putting People First

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