; 1 Rough guide to GP Careers
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1 Rough guide to GP Careers


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									                              Rough guide to GP Careers

General Advice and where to get help
British Medical Association (BMA)
A website designed by the workers union for doctors with the General Practice Committee
(GPC) acting as the representatives for GPs.

GPC sessional sub committee

The local representative group reporting to the GPC are the Local Medical Committees
Each area has them. Below is a link for the London LMC.

Information for sessional general practitioners from both the BMA site and the LMC site

National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP)
A website and pressure group designed by sessional GPs with lots of useful tips and updates.
Locums this is £60 well spent.

Royal College of General Practitioner (RCGP)
They offer advice and updates. There is a section for new professionals also offering careers

      • Indemnity organisations (e.g. MPS, MDU, etc) also offer information.
      • Some PCT websites can offer an area for information too.
      • Strongly consider starting or joining a Self Directed Learning Group (SDLG)
      • If you are recently trained, use your trainer as a resource.
      • Deanery PCT aligned GP Tutors are there to sign post you and be a resource,
        contact yours. LINK
      • London General Practice Resources website http://www.londongpresources.nhs.uk
        Password protected themed notice boards, for debate and planning e.g. (Locums,
        New GPs, GPWSI)

Doctors support
BMA Counselling & Doctors for Doctors Service.
For help, counselling and personal support, you can call 24 hours a day.
Tel: 08459 200 169

Doctors’ Support Line
Confidential peer support line staffed by trained volunteer doctors.
Tel: 0870 765 001

BMA Charities
Financial assistance to doctors and their dependants, whether BMA members or not.
Tel: 020 7383 6142/6334
Email: info.bmacharities@bma.org.uk

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Doctors Support Network
Self-help group for doctors with mental illnesses.
Tel: 0870 321 0642

The British Doctors and Dentists Group
Support for doctors recovering from alcohol or drug dependency.
Tel: 020 7487 4445

The Sick Doctors Trust
Confidential intervention and treatment for doctors addicted to alcohol or other drugs.
Tel: 0870 444 5163

Tel: 08457 90 90 90
Email: jo@samaritans.org

Hints and tips
Salaried Toolkit
Focus on salaried GPs, BMA

In-house performance review of salaried GPs, BMA

Job Planning
Guidance for GPs. BMA

Salaried GP contract

Model terms and conditions of service for a salaried general practitioner employed by a
Primary Care Trust (“PCT”)

Getting That Job
Body talk
Watch the movies; see what we mean about being able to enhance your presentations.

Writing a winning CV
BMJ Sam McErin outlines a successful formula
BMJ careers focus has many useful articles (members only)

Life Coaches and careers
Susan Kersley. Coach
Log onto BMJ careers focus and read her motivating and work life balance articles.

Anita Houghton. Coach
Read her career book ‘Finding Square Holes: Discover Who You Really Are and Find the
Perfect Career’ (Paperback)
Read her article in the BMJ. She gives you practical tips on how to sort out a flagging career

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Staying in the loop
NASGP http://www.nasgp.org.uk/
Locums this is £60 well spent

Seven days http://www.rcgp.org.uk/sevendays
Printable Word Version: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/docs/ISS_SD07_DEC17.doc
Please address comments to: info@rcgp.org.uk

Sessional GP Newsletter BMA

Visit www.lmc.org.uk for all the latest news, views and guidance for general practice. Email:

GP links UCH newsletter Ayomi.Upadhya@uclh.nhs.uk

The benefits of BMA membership are many;
     • Pension advice
     • Employment advice
     • BMJ learning modules
     • Read the BMJ, a good read
     • Contracts and maternity information
     • BMJ articles from old Career focus articles, blocked to non members. CVs, Myers
        Briggs, interview skills and much more
     • If you have a low income it is at a reduced price

Teaching and Learning
BMJ 5 minutes
If you have been forwarded this email and would like to receive 5 minutes from BMJ Group
please register at http://group.bmj.com/registration

BMJ Learning; Advice for authors
If you want to write a module for BMJ Learning then please contact the editor before you
start. Contact Dr Kieran Walsh on kmwalsh@bmjgroup.com.

Faculty development- London Deanery
Short modules covering core topics in clinical teaching and learning

Introduction to Teaching in Primary Care (ITTPC)
2 day courses but book early!

Postgraduate Certificate for Teachers in Primary Care ( TTT)
Training to become a trainer/educationalist.

London General Practice Resources website
Password protected themed notice boards, for debate and planning e.g. (Locums, New GPs,

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Interim Membership by Assessment of Performance (iMAP)
This is how to think about getting membership to the RCGP for those who are established
GPs whom had not chosen to do the exam earlier.

Education and Support Evenings (EASE)
Monthly education evenings run by the RCGP every 2nd Thursday you will need to email one
of the London faculty administrators to find out what is on or get the flyers. They are usually
booked out within a week of the flyer going out as they are free and with food!

North and West London administrator
Email: nwlondon@rcgp.org.uk
North East London administrator
Email: nelondon@rcgp.org.uk
South London administrator
Email: slondon@rcgp.org.uk

Work life balance
Read Emma Sedgwick’s article for BMJ ‘How to achieve a work-life balance’

Employment advice
The BMA are the doctors union and outside of employing an employment solicitor they may
be a first point of contact
For advice and support, BMA members can also contact askBMA. (tel: 0870 606 0828, email:
askBMA@BMA.org.uk anytime)

Maternity/Paternity leave
The rights for these are updated regularly by the BMA. There are a number of sources for this
information and as part of employment and contracts the BMA are useful as a contact point.

A-Z of childcare support
A guide for medical professionals with dependents

Pensions advice
The NHS pensions site offers the most up to date information. Other sources would be
organisations like the BMA.

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