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					   The Career Center
      Career Connections
       New Employers

 Use your keyboard’s Left and Right cursor keys
to move forward and backward within the tutorial.
        Welcome to Career Connections!

This tutorial is designed to assist first time employers with
   establishing their new Career Connections account.
      Using a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended), go to the
                   USF Career Center website at www.career.usf.edu.
Click on the Login here link below the Career Connections box to access the login page.
Click on the Employers Login link
As a new employer, please select the Click here to create a new account link
                                                       If you are unable to find
                                                      a listing of your company
                                                       using different possible
                                                    iterations (ex. FBI, Federal
                                                      Bureau of Investigation,
                                                           etc.), click on the
                                                            “Can’t Find Your
                                                        Organization?” button.

  First, see if your organization already exists in Career Connections. Type in
your company name and the system will display results as you enter each letter.
If your organization name comes up, select it by clicking on the
                check box, then click “Continue”.
If you clicked on “Can’t Find Your Organization?”, fill out the Employer
 Information section. We recommend that you complete all fields, but
             those marked with an (*asterisk) are required.
If your organization already exists in Career Connections, the Employer Information
      section is pre-filled. Scroll down to complete your own contact information.
Click here to view the

                                     Recruitment Standards & Employer Expectations:

                                     All organizations, and its representatives/recruiters,
                                     participating in recruitment services and/or events must abide
    Select Yes to the                by the Principles for Professional Conduct, as outlined by
      agreement.                     the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
                                     The University of South Florida reserves the right to terminate
                                     any organization or their representative(s) who behave in an
If you select No, we will            unethical or unprofessional manner, uses candidate data for
    not activate your                purposes other than for employment consideration or uses
        account.                     intimidation or harassment towards any candidate or university
                                     staff member during the recruitment process.

                                     For more information, copy and paste this link to your web

     To participate, all employers must agree to the USF Career Center’s
       Recruitment Standards and Employer Expectations Agreement.
Click here to view the                    Third Party Employer Agreement:
 agreement while in
Career Connections                        The University of South Florida Career Center works with
                                          selected Third Party Employment Services (TPES), doing
                                          business as a direct employer or as contractor with the
                                          direct hiring employer, to provide students access to their
                                          employment opportunities. Since the Career Center can
                                          neither research nor endorse TPES agencies, guidelines
                                          have been established for the protection of students and
                                          alumni. The Career Center, using due diligence, ensures to
                                          the best of its ability that third party employers participating
                                          in recruitment are operating as an employer as well as
                                          adhering to NACE state and federal ethical and legal
                                          recruitment standards and principles.
Select “I agree” if you are a
3rd party employer and you                Right to Refuse: The Career Center reserves the right to
           agree.                         deny access and participation to any third party employer.

Select “I do not agree” if you            Definition of third-party employer: Third-party employers
are a 3rd party employer and              are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting
                                          candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment
  do not agree. We will not               opportunities other than for their own needs. This includes
activate your account if you              entities that refer or recruit for profit or not-for-profit, and it
        do not agree.                     includes agencies that collect student information to be
                                          disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and
Select “Not a 3rd party” if you           employment.
are not a 3rd party employer

                   Additionally, all employers must agree to the
               USF Career Center’s Third Party Employer Agreement.
                                    Select “Yes” if you agree.

                                    Select “No” if you do not
                                   agree or do not wish to hire
                                        Co-op students.

                                 Cooperative Education Agreement:

Click on the    help
 bubble to view the

               Optional: Cooperative Education Agreement
  If you are interested in being a Co-op employer, you must agree to the
                     Cooperative Education Agreement
For your username,
we recommend you
  use your email

     Select “Yes” if you are
         a USF Alum.
       Otherwise, select
        “No”. (optional)
                                               Allow Student Viewing:
                                             Select “Yes” to allow students
                                                  to view your contact
                                                information. Otherwise,
                                                       select “No”.

       Complete the form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
       When done, click “Register”. You will receive an email confirming
         activation of your Career Connection account within 24 hours.
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SVC 2088            USF Career Center      Phone: (813) 974-2171
4202 E Fowler Ave                            Fax: (813) 974-5332
Tampa, FL 33620

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