The chart below shows the two states with the

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The chart below shows the two states with the Powered By Docstoc
					The chart below shows the two states with the highest numbers of abortions in 2005 and the states with
the lowest abortion rates. The total number of abortions performed in the United States according the
CDC was 1.21 million.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute and shown in the graph below, the number of abortions in
the United States has been on a steady decline since a high in 1990.
Answer the following: Identify the different types of statistics, graphs, and illustrations
that are appropriate for your topic. Where do these visuals fit most effectively into your
paper? Explain how these visuals strengthen your arguments.

In my paper, I will be using numerical statistics and graphical statistics to enhance the quality of
my paper. The graphs are used sparingly so as not to overload the paper with pictures and create
confusion. The statistics I use will be well researched and thorough but spaced out over the
length of the paper so the reader will not be bombarded with numbers and lose focus and interest
on what I am trying to convey. Visuals, when used correctly, can strengthen any argument by
adding a picture to the numbers being read.