Flow chart for the project by benbrown


									             To help you in your process of the research of the EUREKA! Exhibition, I have made a
             flowchart about how to go about the process of your research. Make sure that you know
             where you are!!!

                                             Initial familiarization of
                                             your topics/ideas

                                               Deciding on a topic
                                               picking one out.

                                                Research briefs!

                         Social                    Innovators                   Present day

                  Connected to...
                                                 Developing a                    Connected to…
You will                                         thesis from your
DEFINITELY                                       research briefs
NEED to do                 Connected to…
more research
to support
your thesis!
Do not just use
your research
briefs only.
additional             Social/Cultural                                             Present day
                       aspects, refined            Innovators and                  implications,
resources!!!                                       thinkers, refined to
                       to                                                          refined to
                       STRENGTHEN                  strengthen your                 strengthen your
                       your thesis!!!              thesis.                         thesis.

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