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									                                                      Do carpet/upholstery
                                                      protectors work?                                           Carpet Cleaning
                                                      Yes, but only when
                                                      applied according to
Deluxe Cleaning System                                manufacturer’s instructions
                                                      by a trained professional.
 1. Pre-inspection.
 Includes	carpet	fibre	identification,	spot	and	      These products are an
 stain	survey	as	well	as	professional	advice	and	     effective way to prolong
 evaluation	of	your	carpets.
                                                      soil and stain resistance
 2. Pre-vacuuming.                                    and enhance carpet and
 Using	an	industrial	upright	cleaner	with	hospital	
 grade	filtration	which	will	remove	more	than	
                                                      upholstery performance.
 70%	of	dry	soil.

 3. Careful movement of furniture.
 (Individually	assessed)                              All Floors Services...
 4. Pre-spray of hot cleaning                         Carpets                       Hard Floors
 solution.                                                                          •	 Tile	&	Grout	Cleaning	
                                                      •	 Carpet	Cleaning		
 Immediately	starts	working	on	stains.
                                                         &	Restoration                 and	Sealing
 5. Rotary agitation with                                                           •	 Marble	Honing/
                                                      •	 Upholstery	Cleaning
 soft brush or pad.                                                                    Repolishing
 Loosens	soiling	from	the	carpet	fibre.               •	 Stain	Removal              •	 Porcelain	Cleaning	
 6. Powerful truck mounted                            •	 Carpet	&	Upholstery	          and	Sealing	and	Wax	
 steam extraction.                                       Protection                    Removal
 Large	truck	mounted	equipment	provides	more	                                       •	 Excess	Grout	Removal	
 heat	and	more	suction	than	portable	machines,	       •	 Urine/Odour	Control		
                                                                                       from	New	Floors
 resulting	in	cleaner,	dryer	carpets.                    &	Removal
                                                                                    •	 Pre-handover	Floor	
 7. Deodorising and neutralising.                     •	 Allergen	Treatments           Finishing
 This	rinse	conditions	the	carpets	and	neutralises	
 cleaning	fluids	to	prevent	sticky	chemical	build	    •	 Water	Damage	              •	 Non-slip	Treatments
 up	which	might	cause	re-soiling.                        (restoration)              •	 Tile	Removal
                                                                                                                 Discover the difference
 8. Replace furniture.                                                              •	 Technical	Advice	for	
 Includes	placing	protective	tabs	to	
 care	for	carpets	and	furniture	by	       Car
                                                                                       Builders	and	Architects     with a professional
                                          kno et
                                                                                                                    All Floors clean...
 preventing	moisture	transfer.

                                          how w
 9. Final grooming as
 This	resets	carpet	pile	to	stand	
 upright	which	maximises	
 appearance	and	reduces	drying	

                                                      Tel 1300 85 95 90 All Areas
                                                                 Email: admin@allfloors.com.au
    Cleaner - Healthier - Dryer
                                                            Not	all	carpet	                                           Water Damage Specialists

Here’s a scary fact:                                        cleaning	companies	                                       In	the	event	of	flooded	carpets,	one	call	to		
                                                                                                                      All Floors and	we’ll	have	all	the	equipment	
Did	You	Know?                                               are	the	same!                                             and	expertise	on	site	to	take	care	of	the	
                                                                                                                      emergency	quickly	and	efficiently.

Less than 10% of WA Carpet                                  All Floors takes away the worries.
Cleaners have any form of                                   1. Training:	All	Floors	technicians	are	all	certified,	   urgEnT Same Day Service
training.                                                      formally	trained	and	qualified	by	examination	
                                                                                                                      If	you	have	a	job	that	just	HAS		
This	means	that	the	person	you	invite	to	care	for	             with	the	Australian	Carpet	Cleaning	Institute.	
                                                               This	means	we	can	correctly	identify	stains	and	       to	be	fixed	today	give	us	a	call.	
your	carpet	could	literally	know	as	much	about	your	
                                                               provide	the	correct	cleaning	requirements	for	         We’ll	do	all	we	can	to	rearrange	
carpet	fibres	as	you	do!	
                                                               your	carpet.                                           	our	schedule	to	help	you	out.
Don’t risk it!	One	call	to	All Floors	and	we’ll	have	       2. Equipment:	All	Floors	vehicles	are	fully	
an	experienced,	qualified	technician	looking	after	            equipped	with	state-of-the-art,	truck-mounted	
your	investment.                                               machines	specifically	designed	to	ensure	the	          Extra Hygienic Clean /
                                                               best	possible	result	with	minimum	drying	times.
                                                                                                                      Allergen Treatments
                                                            3. Standards:	All	Floors	prides	itself	on	the	
                                                               quality	and	results	we	achieve	on	every	job.	          •	Dust	Mite
                                                               This	is	due	to	our	continued	commitment	to	
When your carpets were cleaned have you
                                                               never	clean	below	the	Australian	Standard		            •	Mould
ever had:
                                                               (AS/NZS	3733-1995).
•	 Wet	carpets	that	took	days	to	dry                                                                                  •	Bacteria
                                                            4. Value for money:	All	Floors	offers	several	
•	 Carpets	that	go	brown	and	patchy	after	cleaning
                                                               cleaning	packages	to	suit	your	needs.	We	              All Floors	offers	a	special	service	for	these	
•	 Carpets	that	get	resoiled/	dirty	soon	after	cleaning
                                                               provide	all	of	our	valued	clients	with	a	written	
•	 Sticky	carpets
                                                                                                                      situations.	The	Extra	Hygienic	Clean	includes	
                                                               quotation	and	inspection	report,	along	with	
                                                                                                                      Disinfecting	&	Deodorising	to	kill	germs	and	
•	 Smelly	carpets                                              our	recommendations	of	what	package	would	
                                                               give	your	carpet	the	best	result.                      odours	leaving	carpet	and	upholstery	smelling	
•	 Poor	value	for	money
                                                                                                                      hygienically	clean	and	new.
•	 No	guarantee
•	 Low	advertised	prices	(e.g.	3	rooms	for	$39)	but	then	    Our guArAnTEE TO yOu
   got	pressured	into	paying	hundreds	of	dollars	more?
                                                              We	give	you	a	100%	money	back	                          Environmentally Aware
                                                              GUARANTEE	if	a	problem	reported	by	the	                 Practices & Policies
                                                              customer	within	5	days	of	invoice	date	                 All Floors	cares	for	our	environment	by	taking	
                                                              cannot	be	rectified	by	an	All	Floors	                   the	utmost	care	with	the	proper	and	safe	use	of	
                                                              technician	to	the	customer’s	full	satisfaction.         all	our	cleaning	solutions.

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