Introduction to Grant Writing for Tribal Organizations

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   June 29-30, 2010 • Las Vegas, NV
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   Match your goals to the grantor’s goals and increase your chances
   of winning funds for your tribe.

   Introduction to Grant Writing
   for Tribal Organizations
                                                                                                                                                        Learn a
   june 29-30, 2010 • las vegas, nv                                                                                                                  step-by-step
   Bring more money to your tribal organization. Attend this                                                                                          approach
   class and learn:                                                                                                                                    to grant
        › How to develop a comprehensive and effective proposal                                                                                        writing.
        › Who funds Native American programs and how to draw their attention
        › The questions to ask yourself before beginning the writing process
        › How to match your organization’s capabilities and ideas                      To register, visit
          with the proposal requirements                       
        › Basic dos and don’ts of grant proposals
        › How to make your proposal stand out                                or call 1-800-992-4489.

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  Introduction to Grant Writing
  for Tribal Organizations                                                        This class is perfect for grant writers, tribal finance officers,
  june 29-30, 2010 • las vegas, nv                                                            grant coordinators and contract administrators.

  i f you want to win new grants, then you need to know how to write a win-
    ning grant proposal — a proposal so clearly communicated that grantors
  will want to fund your project with few or no questions. You can’t afford to
                                                                                   members. increase your potential success rate simply by learning and ap-
                                                                                   plying proven tactics used by successful grant writers — from planning to
                                                                                   submission. You’ll learn how to develop accurate organization profiles, out-
  make any mistakes when preparing your proposal. And in the highly com-           line goals and objectives and specify evaluation plans. You’ll also receive
  petitive bid for grant dollars, even the smallest mistake could immediately      feedback on a model proposal.
  disqualify you.                                                                     plus, you’ll get excerpts of other successful proposals that garnered funds
     in this class, you’ll discover how a targeted approach to proposal writing    for tribal organizations and advice on how to use them as models for your
  and grantsmanship can bring thousands of new federal and private dollars         own proposals. in addition, you’ll learn useful dos and don’ts of the grant
  to your organization. You’ll learn how to accurately outline your organiza-      writing process and receive a handy glossary of terms that you need to
  tion’s needs and match them with available funding sources.                      know.
     Writing proposals should not be the responsibility of one person. Learn          get ready to begin writing a proposal using the knowledge that you’ll
  how to make it a team effort, involving council and board members, finance       gain in this workshop — and win the grant!
  directors, marketing specialists, administrative assistants and other staff

                                                                     TOPIcS INcLuDE
  Planning for Grant Development                         › What it should support in the narrative           Performance-Based Budgeting
      ›   Reading the grant proposal                       that follows                                         › Benchmarking
      ›   guiding principles                           The Problem (Needs) Statement                            › performance measurements
      ›   Tribal organization process                    › What it should convey to the reader                  › evaluating performance
      ›   proactive vs. reactive                         › How letters of support help the state-            Survey Research — Observation with
      ›   Strategic planning                               ment                                              Insight
      ›   Brainstorming                                Program Objectives                                       ›    What is a survey?
  The Grant Writing Team                                 › The differences between goals and ob-                ›    characteristics of the descriptive survey
      › Members — Who should participate?                  jectives                                             ›    The questionnaire
      › Roles and responsibilities                       › connecting objectives to the problem                 ›    The interview
      › Building alliances                                                                                   What All of This Means to Your
  learn how to bring thousands of new                                                                           › Better identification of the problem(s)
                                                                                                                › Better needs statements
  federal and private dollars to your organization.                                                             › Better and more effective methods and
                                                                                                                  activities statements
                                                         › incorporating pART into your grant pro-              › Better evaluation methodologies
      › planning for grant development
                                                           posals                                               › The “extra edge” in proposal writing
  Elements of a Winning Proposal
    › How to develop short- and long-term
                                                › do they support problems and objec-
      strategic plans                                                                                                        Falmouth Consulting
    › elements of the proposal                                                                                 Strategic planning can’t be done by one individual
                                                › Are methods stated clearly and sequen-
    › The five basic principles of proposal       tially?                                                          — it requires a team. If you’re involved with
      writing                                                                                                      strategic planning, do you know how to…
                                                › Are methods reasonable and attainable?
    › Top 10 mistakes in writing a grant                                                                                       Create models for success?
                                                                                                                                  Motivate your team?
    › The role of the program Assessment Rat- Evaluation Procedure                                                       Integrate processes among members?
      ing Tool in the grant-writing process     › identifying evaluation criteria                                   Utilize performance measures to evaluate your
                                                › Monitoring outcomes                                                                  strategy?
  Proposal Summary Statement                                                                                                 Compare alternative options?
                                                › How performance problems will be                                             Measure costs vs. benefits?
    › proposal summary statement
    › What the summary contributes to the                                                                      Let Falmouth Consulting help! A leadership retreat
                                                › production and frequency                                       is the perfect way to focus on what needs to be
      proposal                                                                                                     done without the distractions of your office.
    › Where and how it should be placed       The Proposal Budget
                                                                                                                Our expert team of meeting planners, curriculum
                                                › Budget summary                                                developers and consultants will work with you to
  The Proposal’s Introduction
                                                › Budget line-item detail(s)                                    develop a productive leadership retreat, custom-
    › What the introduction establishes for                                                                                ized for your organization.
      the reader                                › Budget justification
                                                                                                               Call 1-800-992-4489, ext. 119, learn how Falmouth
    › What it should describe                   › Showing cost sources                                          Institute Consulting can help your organization.
                                                › cash and in-kind costs

                                 To register, visit or call 1-800-992-4489.
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