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					            Join the Market Leader:
“Introducing the REISSWOLF Group and Franchise
    Table of contents

    Introducing REISSWOLF
    REISSWOLF Operating
    REISSWOLF Franchise
    What do you need to
     become a REISSWOLF
     Franchisee ?
    How does REISSWOLF
     cooperate with you ?
    Introducing REISSWOLF

The core business of
        Confidential destruction of paper
         documents and data carriers

   Europe's leading specialist in data
    destruction and archiving
   More than 20 years of experience on the
    data destruction market
   Europe-wide area coverage: 60 partners in
    21 countries
   More than 58 Mio € turnover generated in
    the year 2006
   International accreditation and certification
    (NAID, ISO), perfect customer references
    and association memberships (DFV)
    Introducing REISSWOLF

    The development of
   1986 – Foundation of the first REISSWOLF
    facility in Hamburg / Germany
   1989 – Start of the international expansion
   1997 – REISSWOLF International becomes a
    Franchise System
   2004 – REISSWOLF Group is founded
    (German Cooperation and International
    Franchise Partners)
   2006 – Market leadership in Germany,
    Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg,
    Netherlands and Sweden
   2007 – Further European expansion (Eastern
    and Southern Europe)
Introducing REISSWOLF

 REISSWOLF Group in numbers
REISSWOLF Operating System

 The data destruction system
     Delivery of the specially designed
      REISSWOLF security containers to
      the customer’s premises
     Collection of the containers by
      REISSWOLF employees and safe
      transport to the destruction facility
     Shredding of the confidential data
      material in a secured and video
      monitored area
     The material shredded is being
      pressed into bails and recycled in an
      environment-friendly way
REISSWOLF Operating System

 The archiving system
     Pick-up of the archives and
      document folders by REISSWOLF
      employees at the customer's offices
     Safe transport to the secured
      archiving premises of REISSWOLF
     Registration of the archives in the
      internal archiving databank software
     Storage of the data material in open
      or closed archiving systems
     On demand delivery of the
      documents and folders as well as a
      supervision of the legal archiving
    REISSWOLF Operating System

   Data destruction and archiving system
       Business markets are linked together:
         same kind of data carriers
         same customers (banks, insurances, global
          corporations, administrations)
       Significant synergies between the business
       The philosophy of the REISSWOLF System:
        security and confidentiality is equally applied
        in both segments
       According to the newest studies: still a huge
        market potential in Europe
    REISSWOLF Franchise System

   Basic characteristics:
       The only franchise system on the
        data destruction and arching market
       More than 10 years of experience as
        Franchise Headquarters
       Strong networking effects, synergies
        and support through cooperation
        with other partners within the
       Modern organisation based on the
        principles of flexibility and short
        response time
       Continuous theoretical and
        operational training
       Centralized marketing activities
       Know-how and innovations
REISSWOLF Franchise System

 Current trends on the data
  shredding and archiving markets:
      Concentration and market adjustment
      A lot of unorganized medium-sized
       market players with „critical size“
      Big players like Recall or Iron
       Mountain acquire smaller competitors
      Internationalisation of customers
      Growing importance of
       European/International Key Accounts
      New customer requirements and
 REISSWOLF Franchise System

 The success and current
  situation of the REISSWOLF
     Market leadership on many domestic
      markets (D, NL, A, CH, S, LUX)
     More than 71.000 clients (ca. 2.000
      international), over 2.1 Million people
      using the REISSWOLF System Europe-
     Developing the presence of REISSWOLF
      in western European countries (Spain
      and France)
     Closing the area gaps in Europe to
      assure a global area covering with
      REISSWOLF Services (Italy, Belgium,
     Expanding in big Euro-Asian cities
      (Moscow, Istanbul)
What do you need to become a REISSWOLF Franchisee?

    Initial investment:
        approx. 50.000 € for a start-up
        approx. 250.000 € for a new company
         financed from other existing business
    Machines and vehicles:
        Industrial shredder (security level 3 or
        Paper and cardboard bailer
        Truck for the pick-up of the containers
        Press trucks (with further business
    Closed premises with security
        starting 400m2
        expansion possibilities (for archiving)
What do you need to become a REISSWOLF Franchisee?

   Personal skills:
       a distinct business personality and an
        entrepreneur’s mentality
       a solid experience in sales and marketing
       human relationship skills
       economic understanding and management
       close affinity to the issues of business
        security and outsourcing
       experience in leadership and professional
How does REISSWOLF cooperate with you?

After the signing of the Confidentiality Agreement
                 - Market and competitor analysis
                 (performed by the franchisee)
Application      - Preparation of the Business Plan
  Phase          - Visiting REISSWOLF franchisees
                 - Personal application documents

                 - Preparation and signing of the LOI
                 (Letter Of Intent)
Preparation      - Financing of the venture
   Phase         - Finding the right premises and
                 business set-up
                 - Attending the REISSWOLF Academy
                 - On-site internship
 How does REISSWOLF cooperate with you?

 After the signing of the Franchise Agreement !

                  - Payment of the starting franchise fee
                  - Final assembly of the facility
Start-Up Phase    - Staff recruiting
                  - New client prospecting, cold calling and
                  - Marketing and PR activities
                  - Further consultations and possible
                  - Opening event
If you're interested in cooperating with
REISSWOLF, we would be glad to
support you in becoming a part of our
successful franchise network!!!
REISSWOLF International AG

REISSWOLF International AG
Wendenstraße 403
20537 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 21 10 18 24
Fax. +49 40 21 10 18 38

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