NFL Franchise Research Project by xkp52206


									NFL Franchise Research Project
History of Sport
You will be creating a power point presentation on the history of one of the 32 current
NFL teams, excluding Jacksonville and Carolina, only in the league for ten years. The
presentation should probably be about five minutes long, and at least ten slides in length.

You will have three days of research time, which can include putting together the power

The due date is Tuesday, September 15th.

Here is the information you should have in the presentation:
-Super Bowls, championships your team has won (or even participated in)
-Hall of Famers: a little about their accomplishments would be good to include
-if your team has played in multiple cities, include their locations and even why they
-the year your team began playing, and how it became a team
-famous coaches
-famous games
-why did your team choose its nickname?
-stadiums your team has played in
-controversies that you can find that involve your team (do not have to be present ones)
**pictures would be a good addition to your power points
**any other information you feel is important can be considered for extra credit

Websites to research; (a really good site!)
there are probably others, so you can use more

Also, ABC-Clio is possibly a good source for researching your teams, so think about
looking there as well.

Total points for this project: 100 (10 each for the above requirements, and 10 for a
bibliography slide)
**Extra credit can be added
**Points can be lost for poor behavior and/or wasting class time: USE YOUR TIME!

If you have an excused absence on the due date, you can still receive full credit. If it is
unexcused, then the best you can get is 70%, a passing grade.

Have fun and good luck!

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