A series of workshops exploring the issues facing franchises today
Franchising is a dynamic industry and can be an effective way to grow your business. With more than 1,000 franchised businesses
in Australia, franchising represents a major segment of the Australian economy.
While franchising can dramatically accelerate business growth, the reality is that franchising is not a 'licence to print money'. It is
hard work, and without quality infrastructure and systems in place, can quickly destroy value in a franchised business.
Sherpa Group and Minter Ellison work extensively with franchisors, and have joined forces to host a series of workshops called the
Franchise Exchange. The Franchise Exchange will provide franchisors with advice, guidance, and insight into how other franchised
businesses face and overcome common problems.
A group of franchisors will be carefully assembled to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. The group will meet once a
month for half a day, where the participants work together to solve their current issues and challenges.
The workshops will be informal and interactive, providing franchisors with a unique forum to discuss and share the challenges
and triumphs in their journey as they take the next step and expand their operations. All meetings will be held in strict
confidence, to facilitate the free and frank exchange of insight and ideas.
Each workshop will also include a short presentation to stimulate discussion around issues common to franchisors. Our session
facilitators will include successful franchisors, franchising consultants, advertising and media advisors and legal and accounting

Why would you need the Franchise Exchange?
Many franchisors don’t know where to turn for advice to fill the 'knowledge gap' and they have to go it alone. Often they make
common mistakes and their best efforts turn to failure.
Group mentoring programs, such as those provided by The Executive Connection (TEC) and Young Presidents’ Organisation
(YPO), do not focus specifically on franchised businesses. The Franchise Exchange does.

   What:            The Franchise Exchange                                           Cost:              $250 (+gst) per session (includes morning tea and light
   Topic:           Up close and personal with Cartridge World . . . warts and all
                    Mike Fuller, Director – Master Development, Cartridge World      Seminar dates 2010:
   Facilitator:     Leigh McClusky, McClusky & Co                                    February:
                                                                                     Topic:             Tackling the world of digital marketing
   When:            Wednesday 18 November 2009
                                                                                     Guest Presenter:   Jason Neave, Managing Director, Via Media
   Time:            9.00am - 12.00pm followed by a light lunch                       March:
                                                                                     Topic:             Dealing with the media
   Where:           Our first session will be held in the Loft above the North
                                                                                     Guest Presenter:   Richard Fewster, Founding Director, Porter Novelli
                    Restaurant, Adelaide Casino

The nature of the Franchise Exchange is that it the topics and discussion themes will evolve naturally as the series progresses.
Each session, a guest speaker will present briefly, and assist in facilitating discussion within the group. Participants will also have
the ability to 'workshop' particular problems that they might be facing in their business, drawing on the collective experience of
the group.

Session 1 special guests
            Mike Fuller, Director - Master Development                                           Leigh McClusky, McClusky & Co
            Cartridge World                                                                      Leigh has presented talkback radio programs on Adelaide's
                                                                                                 5AA and ABC-891, worked nationally for ABC-TV's The
          Mike joined Cartridge World with a background in finance                               Investigators and Channel Nine's A Current Affair, was the
          accounting and insurance and also owned and operated                                   South Australian host of ABC-TV's 7.30 Report and was the
his own business for 20 years. He has been with Cartridge World since                host of Channel 7 Adelaide's Today Tonight from its inception in 1995
2002 and has helped establish the company in North America.                          until 2007.
Mike is responsible for sales, training, support and development of                  She has extensive media, commercial and Government contacts
International Master Franchisees. Other roles currently include the                  and knows who to pitch a story to and how to get the best public
expansion of Cartridge World throughout Asia and the Middle East.                    exposure.
The Franchise Exchange organisers                                         Registration Form/Tax Invoice
The Franchise Exchange series of workshops is a joint
initiative of Sherpa Group and Minter Ellison Lawyers.                    The Franchise Exchange
                                                                          Please complete one form (front and back) for each participant and return to:
Vicki Prout (Chief Sherpa, Sherpa Group), and Josh Simons                 Attention: Kate Elliott, Minter Ellison Lawyers, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA
(Partner, Minter Ellison) will facilitate each of the workshops           5000 or fax (08) 8233 5556.
and act as 'trusted advisers', sharing their years of experience          For further information please contact Kate Elliott on (08) 8233 5426 or email
in the franchising industry – Josh from a legal point of        
view, and Vicki as a commercial consultant to the franchise
industry.                                                                 Workshop details
                                                                                           Yes, I would like to register for the Franchise Exchange series
                                                                                                       Up close and personal with                   Dealing with the media
                                                                                                       Cartridge World                              March 2010
           Vicki Prout, Chief Sherpa                                                                   18 November 2009

           Sherpa Group                                                                                Tackling the world of digital media
                                                                                                       February 2010
            Vicki has unmatched experience in the development
                                                                                           No, I do not want to register for the Franchise Exchange series,
            of successful franchises from a marketing and brand                            but would like someone to contact me to discuss franchising
management perspective. She has more than 10 years global                                  opportunities for my own business
experience in the franchise sector and has been named South
Australian Franchise Woman of the Year in 2006, 2007, and 2008.            ORGANISATION DETAILS
Currently, as Director of Franchising for Carbon Planet, Vicki is          Your name
responsible for the development, delivery and implementation
of franchise management in one of the newest and most
dynamic global industries. Vicki is also the founder and principal         Position
of consultancy firm Sherpa Group, where she is responsible for
franchise management, strategic development, national marketing            Organisation
programs, capital raising, recruitment and launching new franchise
systems for many national companies. Through that role she has
consulted to a wide range of established franchisors on a range of
commercial issues.
Vicki advocates that franchising success is underpinned by a culture
of self reliance and personal development - a willingness of key
people to get things done without relying on anyone else, without          Email
any excuses and without hiding from responsibility.

                                                                           PAYMENT DETAILS
           Josh Simons, Partner
                                                                               CHEQUE            Please find enclosed a cheque for $_________ made
           Minter Ellison                                                                        payable to Minter Ellison SA/NT (Admin) Pty Ltd
           Josh is a commercial lawyer and partner of Minter Ellison                             Postal address:
           Lawyers, specialising in intellectual property, trade                                 GPO Box 1272, Adelaide, SA 5001
practices and competition law. Josh leads Minter Ellison's Franchise
                                                                                EFTPOS           I have paid by EFT to:
Industry Group.
                                                                                                 BSB: 085 005
A significant aspect of Josh's practice is representing franchisors. He
                                                                                                 Account No: 464364494
has assisted with the establishment and development of franchised
businesses across a range of industry sectors, and provides ongoing                              Account name: Minter Ellison SA/NT (Admin) Pty Ltd
advice on related intellectual property and competition law issues.                              Reference: FranchiseX<lastname>
                                                                                                 If payment is made by EFT, please fax a copy of the registration form to (08)
Josh's clients include newly-franchised businesses, as well as                                   8233 5651 or email payment amount and reference to eftsa.nt@minterellison.
leading national and international franchisors and brand owners.
His experience includes advising on international licensing and             CREDIT CARD          I would like to pay by credit card
expansion of franchised businesses into countries including the                                        Master Card                Visa
United States, New Zealand, India, Korea, China, the Middle East and
North Africa.                                                                                    Card No

Josh has helped develop and implement liift Franchisor, an award-                                ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
winning online franchise management system, which automates
                                                                                                 Expiry Date ___ ___ / ___ ___
franchisor documentation and compliance.
                                                                                                 Name of Cardholder _____________________________

                                                                                                 Signature _____________________________

                                                                                                 Contact telephone number of cardholder
                                                                                                 Email address for receipt (if required)

                                                                          *This document will be a TAX INVOICE for GST when completed and payment is made. Please retain original
                                                                          copy for your records. A receipt will also be issued once payment has been received. Please make all
                                                                          payments in Australian Dollars.
Suggestions for seminar topics                                     Further information

The nature of the Franchise Exchange is that it the topics         For further information about the series or to find out how
and discussion themes will evolve naturally as the series          your franchise would benefit from these sessions, please
progresses.                                                        contact:
Rather than planning a structured schedule, we will be
flexible with the topics and tailor them to the interests, needs
and relevance to our workshop participants.
                                                                                            Josh Simons
Our seminar facilitators are more than happy to tailor the                                     Partner
topic of each session around participants' suggestions. If                                  Minter Ellison
there are any particular themes you would like covered,                                   25 Grenfell Street
please include them in the space provided below.                                        ADELAIDE SA 5000
                                                                                         T: +61 8 8233 5428
Some topics I would like to discuss include:
                                                                                             Vicki Prout
                                                                                             Chief Sherpa
                                                                                            Sherpa Group
                                                                                              Level One
                                                                                       192 Melbourne Street
                                                                                    NORTH ADELAIDE SA 5006
                                                                                         T: +61 8 8267 6111

Other suggestions I have for the series include:

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