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            History & Background
Tossed was conceived in the summer of 1997. The idea was to
fulfill a then existing gap in the food service industry. Our vision
was for a unique quick-service, yet comfortable, casual restaurant
that featured made-to-order green leaf salads.

In August 1998 Tossed on Park Avenue South
in New York City opened its doors
to an eagerly awaiting crowd and
45 minute lines.
                         What is Tossed?
Tossed is a unique, fast casual restaurant with an upbeat and
comfortable environment featuring garden fresh salads, crepe
wraps, sandwiches, melts and more.

For over 10 years, Tossed has been one of the leading
healthy restaurant concepts in the United States. We used
our experience and reputable concept to design a first-class
franchising system. We pride ourselves on providing
outstanding franchise support every step of the way.
                  Vision for Growth
Consumers today are more discerning than ever.
The trend toward healthier lifestyles continues to
grow while people are more time pressed than ever
before. Tossed is perfectly positioned to capitalize on
these trends.
                What do we offer?
Our menu is diverse and yes, our salads have our
critics raving! But our Crepe Wraps, Sandwiches,
and Smoothies broaden our appeal across many
consumer groups. More importantly, our food travels,
so we are an attractive Catering and
Delivery option as well.
                               Key Advantages
• Tossed is part of the “fast casual” growing segment of the restaurant
• Easy to run, unlike other restaurant concepts which require a lot of
• Provides fast service, which is crucial for winning and keeping lunch
  time customers
• On the cutting edge of providing healthier options
• Diverse menu. Not just salads! The Crepe Wraps and
  and hearty sandwiches make Tossed an option for
  non-salad eaters
• Tossed’s Catering = a significant revenue opportunity
                   Operation Details
•   Average Check: $9.95
•   Targeted Customer Type:
      - Fast casual diner
      - 18 to 54 years old
•   Urban
    Hours of Operation are generally 8 am to 7pm
•   Suburban
    Hours of Operation are generally 11 am to 8pm
                      Training & Support
The support begins before you open your restaurant with a development team
that will assist in creating the Tossed environment, followed by a training team to
train your management and staff with necessary skills to provide excellent
customer service. Once your restaurant is open, ongoing follow-up support will
be provided to insure that systems and specifications are in place.

We assist with                   We provide
• Trade area analysis            • Architectural consultation
• Site selection                 • Complete interior design
• Demographic guidance           • Signage design
• Traffic patterns               • In depth training materials
• Competitive analysis           • Equipment guides
• Lease negotiations             • Technical support manuals
• Marketing Strategy             • Detailed recipe books
• Graphic design support         • Annual marketing calendar
Regional Development Program
 • Opportunity to own the exclusive rights to develop Tossed
     restaurants in your territory
 • Ability to recruit franchisees within your territory
 • Supervision over the development and operations of the
     franchisees operating within your territory
 • Receive half of the initial franchisee fees that are collected from
     franchisees in your territory
 • Receive half of the franchisee royalty fees
     that are collected from franchisees in your
Regional Development & Master
       Franchise Qualifications
  •   Cash Investment: $220,000-$375,000
  •   Total Investment: $430,000-$750,000
  •   Minimum Net Worth: $2 Million
  •   Master Development Fee: $156,000-$375,000
  •   Royalty: 5% (50/50 split with master franchisee)
  •   Ad: 2.5%
                                           for a single unit
•   Restaurant experience preferred, but not necessary
•   Resources and infrastructure to meet our development schedule
•   Knowledge of real estate within your own territory
•   Marketing Skills
•   Cash Invesment: $85,000-$120,000
•   Total Investment: $275,000-$375,000
•   Minimum Net Worth: $750,000
•   Franchise Fee: $25,000
•   Royalty: 5%
•   Ad: 2.5%
                                               Real Estate
An important component to the success of your store(s) is its location. Our goal
in the real estate department is to assist you with locating a viable site and
overseeing the process leading up to the signing of the lease.

Site Criteria
• Lunchtime office trade
• Office building in central districts
• High visibility
• Size – 1,500 to 2,200 Square feet

• 2” Water line
• 4” Sewer line
• 250 Amp electrical service
• HVAC – 1 ton per 200 square feet
“One of the Pioneers in the savvy salad movement is Tossed.”
- Restaurant Business

“New York’s Best Salad”
- New York Magazine

“…a great concept and a great meal.”
- Palm Beach Post

“This restaurant exalts the salad, offering more than a dozen
enticing combinations.”
- The New York Times

“The American salad has evolved. At Tossed a walk-in customer
(or online orderer) can have the salad of his dreams”
- Chef Magazine
        April Johnson
     FGS Office Manager

 Phone: 480-223-1500 x 707
     Fax: 480223-1500

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