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									March 17, 2008

Mr. John Bardwell
Contracting Officer
Federal Transit Authority
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Room E42-331
Washington, DC 20590

RE:      S E A Consultants Inc. Capabilities Statement for Project Management Oversight Services

Dear Mr. Bardwell:

S E A Consultants Inc. (S E A) is pleased to submit our Capabilities Statement for providing Project
Management Oversight Services on FTA Projects. S E A brings an outstanding team of seasoned
professionals who rank as some of the most experienced and creative transportation experts in the
country. From major light rail, bus rapid transit and commuter rail extensions to stations, to bus and train
maintenance facilities, we have been involved with a wide range of transit projects. We also have long-
standing working relationships with federal, state, and municipal transportation managers and regulators,
enabling us to keep abreast of community concerns and changing regulations.

S E A has more than 50 years of experience as a multi-disciplined engineering/architectural firm and is
skilled at providing project and construction management services on a wide range of projects, including
transit, highways and roadways, and building projects. We work with our clients during design and
construction to make sure that projects are effectively and efficiently implemented, that they have the
proper permitting in place, and that they will meet the design and operational needs of the communities
that will be served. S E A’s technical experts are also skilled in schedule, constructability and change
order reviews and value engineering. We have also worked with our clients to coordinate funding with
multiple agencies in order to move projects forward.

Several of S E A’s experts have worked as leaders in public sector transportation prior to joining S E A,
and they understand that design must be driven by the operational transit needs. Before coming to S E A,
I was Director of Design and Construction at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA),
and my colleague Howard Haywood served as the Assistant General Manager of Design and
Construction. In our current and previous roles, Howard and I acquired extensive experience in
administering and managing FTA funded projects. Mr. Haywood has also provided PMO services to FTA
for projects in Virginia and North Carolina. We look forward to bringing this experience to your projects.

Respectfully yours,


Karen Arpino
Director of Transportation Services

Athenaeum Center, 215 First Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142        T: 617.497.7800 F: 617.498.4630
Cambridge, MA     Framingham, MA        New Bedford, MA       Augusta, ME   Concord, NH    Rocky Hill, CT
                                                                                                  Capabilities Statement

                                                                                 S E A Approach to Project
                                                                                 Management Services
                                                                                 S E A’s philosophy in providing Proj-
                                                                                 ect Management Services is rooted
                                                                                 in client satisfaction and in establish-
                                                                                 ing a relationship of trust and profes-
                                                                                 sional integrity.

                                                                                 We see ourselves as not only a
                                                                                 partner but as a critical extension
                                                                                 of the client’s staff with a vested in-
                                                                                 terest in the success of each project
                                                                                 assignment. By understanding how
                                                                                 projects fit within the client’s overall
                                                                                 goals and operating methods we de-
                                                                                 velop a management system that can
                                                                                 be amended for each assignment.

                                                                                 Our Project Managers take a “team
                                                                                 approach,” collaborating and solic-
Meeting Transportation                   Experienced Project                     iting input from our senior experts
Challenges                               Managers                                to establish the best management
                                                                                 approach to the project. These ex-
With a long tradition as designer        S E A brings more than 50 years
                                                                                 perts do not remain involved on a
and program manager, S E A under-        of experience as a multi-disciplined
                                                                                 day-to-day basis, but they continue
stands the challenges that our trans-    engineering/architectural firm and
                                                                                 to be available to assist on project
portation clients face.                  extensive project and construction
                                                                                 elements as needed.
                                         management experience.
Over the years, these clients have
                                                                                 S E A also strives to serve our clients
relied on S E A to craft creative,       We know that effective project man-
                                                                                 beyond individual assignments by
context-sensitive, and cost-effective    agement oversight begins with a
                                                                                 including innovative and state-of-
design solutions and to provide over-    thorough understanding of the scope,
                                                                                 the-art management practices that
sight and program management for         schedule and the client’s goals and
                                                                                 can be used by the client for future
a wide range of transit projects.        expectations for each project. Thus,
                                                                                 projects. We create and thrive in en-
                                         it requires a close collaborative re-
                                                                                 vironments of open communication
S E A enjoys long-standing working       lationship with the working partners,
                                                                                 and our accessible and responsive
relationships with federal, state, and   regulating agencies, designers and
                                                                                 staff work with our clients to share
municipal transportation managers        contractors.
                                                                                 ideas and to expeditiously incorpo-
and regulators, enabling us to keep
                                                                                 rate positive improvements in our
abreast of community concerns and        Because communications are criti-
                                                                                 management practices.
changing regulations.                    cal to any management process, we
                                         make a special effort to understand
                                                                                 In addition to our extensive in-house
Our transportation group is led by       the history and goals of the projects
                                                                                 capabilities, we have long-standing
an outstanding team of seasoned          we work on. We familiarize our
                                                                                 relationships with specialty firms in
professionals who rank as some of        team with the community, abutters
                                                                                 every technical discipline, and call
the most experienced and creative        and parties impacted by the project.
                                                                                 on their services and expertise to
transportation experts in the country.   Maintaining an open and candid line
                                                                                 solve critical issues and enhance the
Several have worked as leaders in        of communications to the public is an
                                                                                 excellence of the product.
public sector transportation agencies    absolute necessity and we bring vast
prior to joining S E A, and share        experience in working with the pub-
                                                                                 S E A’s greatest asset is the respect
the perspective of our public sector     lic, using public meetings and other
                                                                                 and appreciation of our clients - our
clients.                                 media including the internet.
                                                                                 clients’ success is also our own.
                                                                                                     Capabilities Statement

S E A Staff - S E A brings a staff of seasoned professionals with experience on a wide range of
transit projects including subways, commuter rail, light rail, BRT and transit buildings

S E A is staffed with the seasoned,       Howard Haywood, Principal               Triangle Transit, North Carolina and
experienced architects, engineers,                                                Hampton Roads Transit, Virginia -
scientists and program managers            • Former MBTA Assistant General        Project Management Oversight
that are needed to achieve suc-              Manager of Design and Con-
                                             struction                            Port Authority of New York and New
cessful project management of your                                                Jersey - Peer Review
projects. Our staff offers a record        • Experience providing FTA Proj-
of success and years of hands-on ex-         ect Management Oversight for         Tren Urbano, San Juan, Puerto Rico -
perience which are reflected in the          multiple projects                    Operations Readiness Studies
brief resumes below.                                                              NYCTA-BRT Study
                                          Howard brings more than 40 years
                                          of experience on projects ranging
Karen Arpino, Director of                                                         Arthur Spruch, P.E., Principal
                                          from major transit and commuter
Transportation Services and               rail extensions to stations, and bus     • MVRTA Project Management
Principal                                 and train maintenance facilities. He
                                          has successfully overseen the design     • Experience managing complex
 • Former MBTA Director of Design                                                    projects for a wide variety of
   and Construction                       and construction of a diverse variety
                                          of transit projects. He has been a         clients
 • Experience on multiple major           Principal at S E A since 2006. Prior    Mr. Spruch is an experienced de-
   transit expansion projects             to coming to S E A, his experience      sign and construction manager, with
Karen has over 27 years of experi-        included serving as the Assistant       more than 30 years of experience in
ence in design and construction man-      General Manager of Design and           the management of complex public
agement for complex projects. She         Construction for seven years, where     and private sector projects. He is the
has been Director of Transportation       he had responsibility for a $4.7 bil-   Project Manager for the MVRTA at
Services at S E A since 2001. Prior       lion construction program which in-     Lawrence Gateway, and has been
to S E A, her experience included         cluded the $580 million Old Colony      an important resource for the MVRTA
15 years with the Massachusetts Bay       rail extension and modernization        on that project.
Transportation Authority, the last five   project. Mr. Haywood also has ex-
as the Director of Design and Con-        tensive experience in administering     His experience includes manage-
struction. She directed the MBTA’s        and managing FTA funded projects.       ment of complex projects requir-
$500 million annual expansion and         During his career at the MBTA he        ing coordination between multiple
infrastructure reinvestment program.      was an original member of the FTA       elements and disciplines. He has
                                          Construction Roundtable and the FTA     directed the civil site design for the
Transit Projects
                                          Bus Rapid Transit Consortium.           University Park development at MIT
MBTA - Transit Expansion Programs:                                                involving 25 acres of redevelopment
Old Colony Commuter Rail Restora-         Since leaving the MBTA, his projects    in the City of Cambridge, including
tion, Newburyport and Worcester           have included providing Program         parking, roadways, utilities and park
Commuter Rail Extensions, Green           Management for transit projects and     design and construction. He recently
Line Accessibility Improvements, Sil-     providing FTA Project Management        completed the civil site design for
ver Line BRT Phases I and II, Blue Line   Oversight Consulting for projects in    the new Operations Maintenance
Modernization. Stations: Charles/         Virginia and North Carolina.            Service Center for the MA Army Na-
MGH and Airport Stations, Redun-                                                  tional Guard. His project experience
                                          Transit Projects
dant Elevator Project at five Major                                               also includes design of the utilities
Stations                                  Merrimack Valley RTA - Program          relocation on the Central Artery/
                                          Management                              Tunnel project which involved over
ConnDOT - Bus Rapid Transit Sta-
tions, New Britain to Hartford            MBTA - Transit Expansion Programs:      $100 million in construction.
                                          Old Colony Commuter Rail Exten-         Transit Projects
Norwalk Transit District - Norwalk
                                          sion, Blue Line Modernization, Silver
Pulse Point, Norwalk, CT                                                          Merrimack Valley RTA - Program
                                          Line BRT Phases I and II. Stations:
Worcester RTA - Various building and      Redundant Elevator Project at five      Management
environmental projects                    Major Stations
                                                                                                      Capabilities Statement

Lisa Dickson, MS, CG,                     Carol D. Gander, AIA,                   well as structural design for new tran-
Permitting Specialist                     Architect                               sit facilities.

 • Expertise in Sections 106, 4(f),        • Experienced transit station de-      Transit Projects
   6(f) and NEPA regulations                 sign architect                       MBTA - Auburndale Commuter Rail
                                                                                  Station; Blue Line Airport Station,
 • Environmental Project Manage-           • Experience working with a wide
                                                                                  Green Line Relocation at North Sta-
   ment and Permitting for transit           range of transit authorities
                                          Ms. Gander brings more than 25
Ms. Dickson is an environmental           years of experience in the design       Richard Quateman, Licensed
planner and technical writer with         and construction of public sector       Site Professional (LSP)
11 years of experience. She has           projects, specializing in transporta-
expertise in Sections 106, 4(f), 6(f)     tion, architecture, and planning.        • Senior Environmental Specialist
and NEPA regulations, and provides        She has directed a wide range of           with transit experience
guidance and formal comment with          projects ranging from S E A’s MBTA       • Experience working with a wide
respect to their impact on policy and     redundant elevators project to a new       range of transit authorities
practice. Ms. Dickson has served as       Silver Line Station, Maintenance and
the environmental project manager         Emergency Response Facilities for       Mr. Quateman has 25 years of ex-
for several transportation studies and    the Central Artery/Tunnel project, an   perience in project management and
has considerable experience in the        Intermodal Transportation Center for    environmental compliance. His rep-
preparation and review of complex         the Brockton Area Transit Authority     resentative projects include the rede-
technical documents, including Envi-      and Repairs to the Central Garage       velopment of several sites in Everett
ronmental Assessments and Impact          at Logan Airport.                       for parks and schools, the remedi-
Statements, Section 4(f) Evaluations,                                             ation of the Lawrence Mills in Lowell
and Section 106 Memoranda of              Her experience includes working on      and several Brownfield projects. Mr.
Agreement. Prior to coming to S E A,      light rail, subway, and intermodal      Quateman is a well respected LSP in
she worked as an Environmental            projects for a variety of transporta-   Massachusetts and is often asked to
Project Manager for the Maine De-         tion authorities.                       do third party reviews of site reme-
partment of Transportation.                                                       diation plans. His work as a third
                                          Transit Projects                        party reviewer for an MBTA parcel
Her transit experience includes the       MBTA - New Silver Line BRT Station,     saved the MBTA thousands in clean-
Environmental Assessment and Sec-         Redundant Elevators Project at five     up costs on a previous project. He
tion 4(f) Evaluation for MBTA Redun-      Major Stations, Green Line Accessi-     has also performed various environ-
dant Elevators Project, Park Street       bility Improvements                     mental projects for regional transit
Station. This was a complicated proj-                                             authorities including the Worcester
                                          Brockton Area Transit Authority - In-
ect that involved the installation of a                                           Regional Transit Authority.
                                          termodal Tranportation Center
redundant elevator system within the                                              Transit Projects:
National Historic Landmark Boston         Andre Martecchini, P.E.,                MBTA - Environmental Services
Common that had effects to various        Structural Engineer
cultural resources, including nation-                                             Worcester RTA - Environmental Ser-
ally-listed historic resources as well     • Experienced structural engineer      vices
as Section 4(f) parkland.                    for transit
                                           • Experience in multiple transit
                                                                                  Mike Nicoloro, P.E.
She has also provided her permitting         modes                                Alternative Fuels Specialist
expertise on our project manage-
                                          Mr. Martecchini is experienced in        • Alternative Fuels Development
ment assignment for the MVRTA.
                                          structural engineering for a wide va-   Throughout his 27-year career, Mr.
Transit Projects                          riety of buildings and facilities. He   Nicoloro has undertaken a diverse
MBTA - Permitting: Redundant Eleva-       has designed transit stations, park-    range of responsibilities in the devel-
tors Project at five Major Stations       ing garages and other facilities for    opment of alterative fuels. He has
                                          a wide range of transit modes. He       been involved in all aspects of proj-
Merrimack Valley RTA - Permitting
                                          has worked with transit agencies on     ect development.
Norwalk Transit District - Permitting     complex structural rehabilitations as
                                                                                                      Capabilities Statement

S E A Program Management Experience - S E A has provided program management services
to clients such as the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority, Massachusetts Division of
Capital Asset Management, Yankee Gas, the City of Cambridge, the City of Framingham and
the Wareham Fire District.

Merrimack Valley Regional                  approvals, maintaining community           City of Cambridge, Sewer
Transit Authority Program                  acceptance, ensuring the security of       Separation Project, Program
Management Services                        the facility, and meeting construction     Management
(MVRTA)                                    milestones. The new facility will al-
                                           low Yankee Gas to stabilize energy          • Since 1998, S E A has served as
 • S E A is the program manager            supply and prices for customers.              the Program Manager for the
   for five projects for the MVRTA.                                                      City of Cambridge’s $325 mil-
   On these projects, we are func-         Massachusetts Division of                     lion Cambridge Sewer Separa-
   tioning as a technical resource,        Capital Asset Management                      tion and Stormwater Manage-
   reviewer and advisor indepen-           (DCAM) Program                                ment Project.
   dent of the Owner’s designer            Management                                 As Program Manager, our work
   and construction contractor.                                                       includes preparation of workplans
                                            • S E A’s program management              and budgets, maintaining a compre-
The resources provided have in-
                                              work for DCAM is extensive and          hensive master schedule, preparing
cluded permitting specialist, build-
                                              varied. For over 15 years S E A’s       monthly cash flow projections, assist-
ing and parking designers, cost and
                                              role has been to serve as an ex-        ing in developing the city’s 5-year
scheduling specialist, FTA/FHWA
                                              tension of DCAM’s staff, keeping        Capital Improvement Plan, bi-weekly
funding specialist and constructabil-
                                              projects on track while keeping         meetings with city staff to review
ity specialists.
                                              DCAM informed throughout the            program progress, coordination with
                                              process.                                funding agencies and planning, and
As the projects proceeds to final
design and bidding, S E A will             S E A provided program manage-             design and construction services and
provide value engineering services         ment for DCAM on the Fitchburg             oversight.
and a comprehensive review of bid          State College Athletic Complex, mul-
documents. When the projects go            tiple correctional facilities, and for     Wareham Fire District,
to construction, S E A will provide        the state-wide court system evalua-        Program Management
on-site construction observation and       tion program. For the Fitchburg State
closeout services.                         College Athletic Complex and sev-           • For the Wareham Fire District,
                                           eral statewide correctional facilities,       S E A has served as Program
Yankee Gas LNG Facility,                   S E A was responsible for preparing           Manager for this rapidly grow-
                                           the Request for Proposal (RFP) for            ing public water supply system.
Program Management
                                           these design/build projects, helping          Over the last 20 years S E A has
 • S E A provided program man-             to establish the criteria for the hiring      been involved with dozens of
   agement and owner’s repre-              of a design/build team and oversee-           projects with an approximate
   sentative services for Yankee           ing the design and construction activ-        capital value of $50 million.
   Gas’ $108.3 million Liquefied           ity to protect the client.                 For the last two decades, S E A has
   Natural Gas (LNG) facility in                                                      been retained to develop and peri-
   Waterbury, Connecticut. S E A           On the statewide court project,            odically update long range Capital
   and Yankee Gas worked col-              S E A’s role was to assess the existing    Improvement Plans (CIP) which have
   laboratively through every step         condition and make recommenda-             addressed supply, storage, distri-
   of this project from concept to         tions for accessibility improvements       bution and regulatory compliance
   facility commissioning.                 at each of the facilities. The Taunton     issues. Each CIP has included recom-
The Yankee Gas LNG Facility is             Justice Complex involved a $25 mil-        mendations on phasing and budgets
unique, as it is the first full-contain-   lion improvement project for which         for infrastructure and management
ment tank constructed in the United        S E A wrote the design/build RFP           systems ranging from new sources of
States. The project team faced a mul-      and will support DCAM with the final       supply to state-of-the-art technology
titude of challenges, from locating        design and construction.                   improvements geared to improve
the facility site, obtaining regulatory                                               day-to-day district operations.
                                                                                                      Capabilities Statement

S E A Transit Projects - We also have a record of success in providing design and construc-
tion services for transit projects for agencies including the Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Authority, Massachusetts Port Authority, ConnDOT, and Worcester Regional Transit Authority.
The diversity of our staff’s experience allows us take on many challenging projects for our

ConnDOT Bus Rapid Transit,                MBTA Elevator Improvements,                 structures within the station envelope,
New Britain to Hartford, CT               Boston and Cambridge, MA                    and all vertical transit components,
                                                                                      as necessary. The design and con-
 • S E A is the designer for the 10        • S E A is providing design and            struction of these new elevators will
   Stations along the New Britain -          construction phase services for          ensure a high performance standard
   Hartford Busway BRT Corridor.             the additions of elevators to            beyond the minimum requirements
   The busway is one of ten FTA Bus          provide redundant access at the          of compliance and will ensure in-
   Rapid Transit (BRT) demonstra-            MBTA’s Porter Square, Harvard            creased service reliability.
   tion projects. The BRT initiative         Square, Park Street, Downtown
   aims to implement projects that           Crossing and State Street sta-           References
   improve the speed, reliability            tions.
   and convenience of bus service,                                                    Mr. Horace Cooper
                                          The project was initiated when the          Project Manager
   along with improving mobility
                                          MBTA was faced with complaints              (617) 222-5910
   and promoting a healthy envi-
                                          from the community about the reli-          Massachusetts Bay Transportation
                                          ability, size, and number of elevators      Authority
The New Britain to Hartford Busway        at several locations. S E A performed       500 Arborway
will be an exclusive 9.4-mile long        the initial study of the stations to in-    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
busway linking downtown New Brit-         vestigate the feasibility of enlarging
ain with Hartford’s Union Station.        the cabs of seven existing elevators        Mr. Richard Armstrong
The busway, the first in the State of     in six stations and adding elevators        (860) 594-3191
Connecticut, will run along active        in three additional stations. Working       Connecticut Department of
and inactive railroad rights-of-way       closely with the MBTA and their ele-        Transportation
through four cities/towns: New Brit-      vator consultant, S E A completed the       P.O. Box 317546
ain, Newington, West Hartford and         study on an accelerated basis in only       Newington, CT 06131
Hartford.                                 eight days, providing the MBTA with
                                          the information needed to respond to        Mr. Joseph Costanza
The project is the culmination of a       a lawsuit. The MBTA then awarded            (978) 469-1251
long process beginning with a Major       S E A a separate contract to design         Administrator
Investment Study (MIS) prepared by        15 new elevators that would make            Merrimack Valley Regional Transit
the Connecticut Department of Trans-      the six stations accessible to all us-      Authority
portation, Capitol Region Council of      ers.                                        85 Railroad Avenue
Governments (CRCOG) and Cen-
                                                                                      Haverhill, MA 01835
tral Connecticut Regional Planning        The S E A team is responsible for
Agency (CCRPA) in 1997.                   architectural, civil, survey, structural,   Mr. Owen O’Riordan, P.E.
                                          mechanical, fire and life safety,           Assistant Commissioner of
S E A is the designer for the 10          power and electrical engineering, as        Engineering, Public Works
Stations along the BRT Corridor.          well as energy conservation, urban          (617) 359-4845
S E A’s work on the project includes      design, landscape architecture, site        147 Hampshire Street
developing station guidelines and         planning historic preservation and          Cambridge, MA 02139
standards through final design and        environmental review and permit-
construction support of all the station   ting. The project involves, but is not      Mr. Peter Sellers
sites, parking, buildings, platforms,     limited to, the design of all station       Director of Public Works
and permitting.                           platform level interfaces, mechani-         (508) 620-4884
                                          cal and electrical program spaces,          150 Concord Street
                                          interior and exterior finishes, egress      Framingham, MA 01701

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