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                          Estate Planning Services
DBA harnesses the expertise of its lawyers to provide a well-rounded estate and succession
planning service. These services include:

•   advice on tax effective family and estate planning;

•   preparing a range of Wills especially those incorporating testamentary trusts;

•   enduring financial/medical/guardianship powers of attorney;

•   business succession planning including buy-sell agreements;

•   advice on succession to family companies, trusts, partnerships and superannuation funds;

•   discretionary versus binding death benefit nominations for superannuation interests;

•   advice on superannuation death payments and advice on self managed superannuation
    fund (‘SMSF’) succession strategies; and

•   structuring assets and asset protection advice.

Tax, Superannuation & Related Services
Our estate planning services have regard to taxation, superannuation, asset protection, and
general legal considerations. DBA has considerable experience in drafting Wills incorporating
testamentary trusts and other legal documents including deeds of succession to family or
discretionary trusts and Enduring Powers of Attorney. We also provide as part of our practice
family trusts, unit trusts, superannuation funds, and buy-sell agreements. We advise on a broad
range of taxation and superannuation issues relating to estate and succession planning.
As there are considerable opportunities for wealth to transfer outside a person’s estate, we also
cover these issues with our clients in an estate planning assignment. For example, we explain
the importance of such matters as joint ownership of property and other means of transferring
wealth from one generation to another upon death in the most tax effective manner.

A Tailored Solution
We utilise different types of Wills and methods of advising on various estate planning and
succession strategies. Invariably there is considerable drafting of Wills to suit each client’s
particular circumstances and wishes. A testamentary trust Will is not a standard document
where ‘one size fits all’. We have numerous variations and different strategies for handling
different scenarios. A Will with a testamentary trust must be carefully implemented, as there are
advantages and disadvantages of using such documents.

Industry Leaders
DBA’s lawyers regularly present at industry and professional seminars on estate and
succession planning, especially in relation to succession for SMSFs and superannuation
EPS National Legal Network
DBA is part of a national legal group which operates as the Estate Planning Specialists (‘EPS’).
This group provides us with considerable resources to provide a national solution in each of
Australia’s capital cities. This group’s objective is to be the leading legal network in estate
planning solutions. The experience and expertise of the practitioners and firms behind this
group is considerable. The interstate firms in the EPS network are listed on our website.

Fees and charges
DBA’s philosophy is that expert advice and documentation should be competitively priced.
Broadly, our charges are based on the time taken to complete each assignment. However,
costs for each assignment depend on its specific facts and work involved.
We also have a range of value added services that our clients obtain such as free newsletters
and information memorandums on various estate planning topics.

Our team
We have a number of experienced Wills and estates lawyers (including an Accredited Wills and
Estates specialist) with considerable experience in taxation, superannuation and business
succession planning.

Please contact Alan Farrar on (03) 9092 9400 if you have any queries or visit

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