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					                                 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO

      Yes    I have read the personal notification statement posted on the Forms page of the Travel tab in Blink.

                                                                               SIGNATURE SPECIMEN

This AUTHORIZES on the beginning date                             This CANCELS on the ending date

the signature of:                                                 the signature of:

             NAME:           FIRST                   MIDDLE                    LAST

             DEPARTMENT:                             EXTENSION:                EMPLOYEE NUMBER:

Please check appropriate title. Only the following administrative positions are authorized to be further
delegated approval authority for entertainment expenditures:

             (   )   Department Chair
             (   )   Director of Institute or Organized Research Unit
             (   )   Head of Administrative Unit
             (   )   Associate Vice Chancellor - Health Sciences-Administration
             (   )   Associate Dean for Administration - School of Medicine
             (   )   Deputy Director, Medical Center

This delegation establishes authority to authorize entertainment expenditures within the restrictions outlined by
BUS-79, University Sponsored Entertainment for individuals under their jurisdiction. This authority is being
re-delegated with the approval of the appropriate Vice Chancellor and cannot be further delegated.

             Approved: (Vice Chancellor )                                                       Date:


             1. Complete all requested information and forward to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for approval.

             2. Upon completion by the appropriate Vice Chancellor, original will be forwarded to the Travel
             Office and a copy will be provided to the department.

             3. A copy of this form should be used to cancel delegation of authority. Annotate the effective date
             of cancellation in the space provided. Departments should retain a copy and forward a copy to
             the Travel Office.

FO2156 (Rev. 3/08)