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					          ESPN Original Entertainment, ESPN Classic and ESPNEWS
News & Discussion:          Presenting, Associate Available Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
1st & 10                                 PA                                                             1234Q
     Jay Crawford moderates a discussion of the days top ten sports stories with Skip Bayless and
       Woody Paige
     Half-hour episodes, weekdays ESPN at 4:00pm

Around the Horn Pres. By Nissan          A                                                 1234Q
    Tony Reali hosts a discussion of local sports issues with some of the nations prominent
     newspaper writers representing each time zone
    Half-hour episodes, weekdays ESPN 5pm & ESPNEWS at 6pm

Cold Pizza                          PA                                   IP                1234Q
    ESPN2’s morning show offering a blend of news, sports, pop culture, and lifestyle features
    Hosted by Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford, featuring Woody Paige and Skip Bayless
    Weekdays, 10a-12p & 12-2p

Jim Rome is Burning Presented by Gillette A                                                           1234Q
 Presenting Sponsorship available 3Q & 4Q06
        Jim Rome offers his opinionated views of the sports world in a new daily program kicking off
         ESPN’s powerful daily news & opinion block
        Weekdays, half-hour episodes 4:30pm, ESPN

Mike and Mike in the Morning           PA                             IMRP                  1234Q
    Live simulcast of ESPN Radio’s hit morning show hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic
    A mix of live guest interviews, analysis, breaking sports news and opinion all presented in a
      quick and entertaining format
    Weekdays, ESPN2 6-10:00am

Best of Mike and Mike               PA                          IMRP                                  1234Q
    Highlights from Live Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic’s morning radio program
    30-minute daily program, 6pm on ESPN2

Pardon the Interruption Pres. by Diageo A                                               1234Q
    Featuring Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, this fast paced, innovative and humorous
      program is devoted to the days hot topics and issues
    Half-hour episodes, weekdays ESPN at 5:30pm & ESPNEWS at 6:30pm

Quite Frankly                               PA                         IMRP              1234Q
    Stephen A. Smith, NBA analyst and sports columnist, invites some of the biggest names in
       sports to his studio to talk in front of a live studio audience
    Weekdays, one-hour ESPN2 11:00pm

Fantasy Center* (In Development)     PA                              IMR                     34Q
    A high-energy, opinionated weekly program covering the ins and outs of fantasy football
    Half-hour episodes during football season, ESPN2

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Chronicles & Profiles:          Presenting, Associate Available Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
SportsCenter Presents:
Stories of Inspiration                       PA                                                             1234Q
     A quarterly compilation of Emmy award winning stories of athletes who inspire, overcome
        great obstacles, or help improve the lives of others
     Scheduled for March, June, September and December - ESPN

Faces of Sports                      PA                                                  1234Q
    ESPN unveils a series of documentaries about some lesser known heroes in the sports world
           o IndyCar, June 10 2006, 9pm ESPN
                 ESPN follows Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon
           o Stu Unger, July 20 2006, 9pm ESPN
                 Considered by many to be the greatest poker player ever, Unger struggled his
                   way through addictions – a showdown he didn’t survive
           o Bud Greenspan, July 2008
                 A chronicle of the life of the famed Olympic historian

Seventh Inning Stretch                PA                                                     3Q06
    Rock star Pat DeNizio of the Smithereens takes us on the journey of a well connected middle
      age, out of shape wannabe baseball player as he trains to make it in the minor leagues
    Features appearances by Bruce Springsteen, Cal Ripken, Don Mattingly, and more
    July 13, 10-11pm, ESPN2

Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL         PA                                             3Q06,1Q07
    A two-part series following four NFL players as they go from college superstars to rookies
      trying to make their way in the NFL
          o The class of 2006 (athletes TBD) will be featured in a training camp episode
                  September 6, 10pm ESPN2 and September 11, 2p ESPN

Ali                                         PA                                IMR           4Q06,1Q07
         Ali Rap, December 9, 9-10pm. ESPN – following the Heisman Awards presentation
              o Muhammad Ali had a way of speaking that captured the attention of the world, it was
                 poetic and entertaining – some say it was the first version of rap
              o “Ali Rap” treats viewers to Ali’s highly entertaining, thoughtful and provocative use of
                 language, as recorded over the years
              o 40 Vignettes will air from December 9 though Ali’s birthday on January 17 across
                 many of ESPN’s plaforms
         Ali’s Dozen, December 9, 10-11pm. ESPN.
              o A look at twelve of the most important rounds of Ali’s career, as selected by Ali himself
         Ali’s 65, January 2007. ESPN or ABC
              o In celebration of his 65th birthday, ESPN will present 65 things that you should know
                 about Ali, including rare anecdotes, footage, and essential facts

Truck Stop                           PA                                               4Q06-1Q07
    A new series dedicated to the most popular vehicles in America: Trucks
    Program will look into performance modifications, off-roading and all things trucks
    ESPN2, Saturday nights in West Coast Prime

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Chopper Nation                         PA                                                4Q06-1Q07
   For the motorcycle enthusiast, this show is all about the world of choppers and v-twin cruisers
   Highlighting athletes’ bike collections and celebrity bikers as well as road tests, bike
     customization and the biker lifestyle
   ESPN2, Saturday nights in West Coast Prime

Import Racers                          PA                                             4Q06-1Q07
    All out import tuner cars plus coverage of import drag racing, D1 drifting and more
    Import Racers will feature instructions on tuning performance cars to the max and road tests
    ESPN2, Saturday nights in West Coast Prime

Back in the Day                       PA                                               4Q06-1Q07
    A series chronicling the formative years of some of the country’s top athletes: Stephon
       Marbury, Jermaine O’Neil, Antonio Gates, Aldra Wilson
    Each program offers a look at the home and street life, as well as discussions with coaches,
       teammates, fans and friends
    4 1-hour episodes

ESPN’s NASCAR: The All Time.... P A                                  IMR                 23Q07
   8 topics, 10 hours of programming including episodes of The Families, The Cars, and The
     Speedways, plus three countdown shows of the 20 greatest Drivers, Races and Rivalries.
   Daily vignettes will begin in April, 100 days prior to ESPN’s NASCAR telecast on July 29
   This project is integrated with, ESPN the Magazine, ESPN Radio, ESPN Home
     Video, ESPN 360, Mobile ESPN and ESPN Publishing.
   Six co-presenting sponsorships are available

Unscripted:                  Presenting, Associate Available Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
Bonds on Bonds                            PA                                                              2Q06
    As he chases down Babe Ruth’s and Hank Aaron’s home run records, we get a peek into what
      Barry Bonds’ days are really like… reporters after him, aftereffects of BALCO scandal,
      recovering from knee injuries are all part of his life, and Bonds on Bonds will show it first-hand
    14 one-hour shows, premiering April 4 on ESPN2, then airing April 11 – July 4 on ESPN,
      Tuesdays at 7pm

Free Agent                             PA                                                    2Q06
    Behind the scenes of baseball free agency with agent Scott Boras
    We see how Boras’ researchers and agents prep for and negotiate deals for players like Johnny
      Damon, Kevin Millwood and Bernie Williams
    Two one-hour shows. April 13 & 20 10pm. ESPN2.

The Block Party                         PA                                                   23Q06
    A fusion of entertainment and sports programming, the two-hour Block Party will attract a
      more casual, urban viewer
    Tuesday nights (Wednesday mornings) April 5 – May 24 and June 14 – August 9, ESPN2
    Programs included in The Block Party:
          o It’s the Shoes - everything Sneakers, including the best secret stores, the proper way to
             care for your kicks, and the experts' list of the top sneakers of all time

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            o 2 Live Stews – Ryan and Doug Stewart take a break from their Atlanta-based
              SportsRap radio show to share their views and opinions
            o City Slam – Streetballers from around the country compete on 3 point, slam dunk and
              skills competitions (100% Client Supplied)
            o Street Ball Presented by Mountain Dew - chronicles the greatest basketball players in
              the world not playing organized ball
            o All Muscle with Funkmaster Flex – Funkmaster Flex brings his custom car and bike
              show to ESPN2

Contender                                                                                     3Q06
    A look into the lives, fears and hopes of 16 professional boxers as they compete for the chance
      to change their lives
    Produced by Mark Burnett Productions and DreamWorks Television
          o Series airs on ESPN Tuesdays 10pm, July 18 though September 26
          o Boxing special to air May 4, 9:30pm - ESPN

ESPNU Summer House (In Development) P A                                   IMRP                 3Q06
   Six of the nation’s elite college football recruits spend their last summer together before their
     freshman season
   Athletes will compete in both physical and mental challenges that are sometimes from the
     practical world of football and sometimes are just fun.
   8 half-hour episodes, airing on ESPNU and ESPN2 beginning July 27

Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tourn.     PA                                   P               4Q06
   The 20 annual event held off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, with 600 anglers and 125

      vessels in the competition
   Tuesdays from October 3 – 24, Prime on ESPN (Tapes in July 2006)

My Boyz* (In Development)              PA                                 IMR                 4Q06
   A real-life “Entourage” story following Detroit Pistons All-Star Rip Hamilton, and his group of
     friends – one is his body guard, one is his personal assistant, one manages his business…
   Half-hour series, ESPN2

Game Shows & Challenges: Presenting, Associate Available Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
Madden Bowl                           PA                                          P                   2Q06
   NFL players compete against each other in a tournament featuring Madden 2006
   2 30-minute shows, April 20 & 27. 9:30pm, ESPN. Reairs ESPN2 prime on 4/27.

Pro Paintball League Championship Pres by Vault A                                      2Q06
    The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) U.S. championship from Miami, Florida
    Eight teams compete in a speedball format
    Mondays, 10pm April 10 – May 29, ESPN2, and ESPN, June 7 – July 11

Battle of the Gridiron Stars Pres by Goodyear A                                                       2Q06
    Popular since the 1970’s this show comes back for a second run on ESPN
    20 competitors, all active NFL players, competing AFC vs. NFC

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       Contests include: tug-of-war, obstacle course, canoe race, home run derby, basketball dunk
       6 one-hour episodes, Tuesdays 9pm, April 11 – May 16 on ESPN

U.S. Poker Championship                 PA                                  P           23Q06
    The best poker players in the world battle at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City
    12 one-hour episodes, premiering with a 3-hour stunt on Monday May 29, then airing Tuesdays
       at 8 and 9pm, June 6 – July 4 on ESPN

World Series of Darts                  PA                                MP                  3Q06
   Picking up on one of the hottest television trends worldwide, ESPN will bring darts to the USA
   32 contestants, including the top throwers in the world compete for up to $1 million
   8 one-hour episodes, July 18 – September 5, ESPN 7pm

2006 World Series of Poker Pres. by Milwaukee’s Best Light                             34Q06
    The most famous poker tournament on television, the WSOP features over 2000 players
      shooting for the $10 million grand prize
    Tuesdays 8 and 9pm, ESPN, July 18 – October 31

Madden Nation                        PA                                    P                4Q06
   8 NFL stars will hand pick top gamers to represent them on a tour bus traveling cross-country
     competing in the most popular video game
   10 30-minute shows, back-to-back over 5 weeks, west coast prime - ESPN2

NBA Live                           PA                                                 P                      1Q07
   Top gamers compete in a tournament featuring NBA Live 2007
   6 30-minute shows, back-to-back over 3 weeks on ESPN2

Kustomizing Kings (In Development) P A
   Each episode features two teams competing head-to-head to see who can best customize their
      1950-1970’s vintage vehicle – based on paint scheme, interior design and engine modification
   Two regular judges and one guest celebrity or industry insider will pick the winner each week
   Six one-hour episodes

Movies/Scripted Series:     Presenting, Associate Available   Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
Anchors (Series) (In Development)        PA                                      IMP                         3Q06
    Animated series revolving around ESPN Anchors

Once in a Lifetime (Movie)             PA                             IM                 4Q06
   Chronicles the phenomenal rise and fall of the New York Cosmos, the soccer team that brought
      Pele to America
   Set against the decadent lifestyle of New York City in the 1970’s
   Narrated by Matt Dillon
   October 18, 2006 – 8pm-10pm, ESPN

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Ruffian (Movie)                          PA                              IMP                  2Q07
    A hero to the horse racing world, Ruffian became one of the best known horses of the 1970’s
      only to break her leg in a life-ending match race against Derby winner Foolish Pleasure
    Broadcast on ABC, a few days before Belmont Stakes. June 4, 2007 8pm. Reairs on ESPN &

Mr. & Mrs. America (Movie)         PA                                 IMP              3Q07
   The story of New York Yankees star and baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and his marriage to the
      woman who was the biggest movie star in the world at the time, Marilyn Monroe
   July 2007. ESPN

Bronx is Burning (Series)                PA                             IMP                  3Q07
    Set in New York City in 1977, this 8-10 episode series will focus on the Yankees, and the
      team’s two biggest personalities: Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin
    The Yankees’ first black superstar and the scrappy “working-class” Billy Martin mirror the
      racial and class tug-of-war that the city as a whole was facing
    July 2007, ESPN

Hit Men (Series) (In Development)        PA                                IMP                  4Q07
    This series will follow the lives of a multi-cultured group of struggling athletes who all work
      out at the same inner-city boxing gym
    Their lives inside the ring and their battles out side the gym, with relationships and every day
      challenges will be the focus of this series
    Executive produced by Jay-Z, adding a hip-hop feel and Def Jam recordings

John’s Gift (Movie) (In Development) P A                                        P
    The true story of John Espinoza, who suffers from a Down Syndrome-like illness, who gave his
       heart-broken father a reason to live through a newly found interest in golf
    Program premiers on ESPN in 2006 (Later broadcasts on ABC Family)

Specials:                   Presenting, Associate Available Internet, Magazine, Radio, Product Placement
The Impossible Mission (Live!) Pres by Mission Impossible 3 A                   IMP                      2Q06
    Motocross star Mike Metzger attempts to jump the famed fountain outside of Caesar’s Palace
       in Las Vegas
    May 4, ESPN 9-10pm

ESPN’s New Year’s Eve                  PA                             IMP                  4Q06
   ESPN and ESPN2 ring in the new year with a live broadcast from New York’s Time Square
   Featuring live musical acts that lead us through various countdowns, interviews and remotes
   December 31, 2006 – 10pm-12:30am

*Tentative Title

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ESPN Classic:                Presenting, Associate Available
Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame…            PA                                                    1234Q
    A fresh look at sports personalities who are remembered largely for their mistakes,
      controversial moments, or questionable decisions
    Challenges conventional wisdom and re-examines what has been accepted as fact

Who’s #1                            PA                                                    1234Q
   This show mixes offbeat and traditional topics, and counts down a different Top 20 of all time
      list every night
   Topics include: Best Masters, Best Cinderella Stories, Best Rivalries, and Worst Tantrums

60 Minutes on Classic                    PA                                               1234Q
    A series programs hosted by veteran 60 Minutes journalist Steve Kroft. looking back at two
      thematically linked classic sports segments from the award-winning news magazine

Cheap Seats Pres. by Heineken            A                                               1234Q
    An original comedy series that takes a new look at old sporting events
    Hosted by twin comedians Randy and Jason Sklar, the brothers review past - and often quirky -
      games and fringe sporting events from inside an ESPN video vault

ARLI$$                               PA                                                     1234Q
   For the first time since 2002, ARLI$$ can be seen on television, and for the 1st time ever, it can
     be seen outside of HBO
   Weekdays 10:30pm

Reel Classics Pres. by Circuit City    A                                                   1234Q
    Each week Reel Classics brings fans of sports and movies to the same place by airing great
       movies that focus on sports

Ringside                                PA                                                 1234Q
    A monthly 18 hour stunt showcasing the greatest collection of boxing films in the world
    Hosted by ESPN’s Brian Kenny and boxing historian Bert Sugar, who, along with their guests
      will guide viewers through historic matches adding their perspective and analysis
    This program will be taped from one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world - Gleason's
      Gym in Brooklyn

College Football & Basketball         PA                                                          134Q
    ESPN Classic will present an extended schedule of live NCAA sports

SportsCentury                      PA                                                   1234Q
    ESPN’s Emmy Award Winning series showcases the lives behind athletes and their teams
    Among 2006 premiers are: Dean Smith, Dale Ernhardt, Jr., LeBron James, and Terrell Owens

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ESPNEWS:                     Presenting, Associate Available
Hot List                                  PA                            M-F 3-6pm            1234Q
    Hosted by Brian Kenny, the Hot List reports the top stories of the day with live interviews from
      some of the biggest names in sports

The Pulse                              PA                               Sat 1-4pm       1234Q
    ESPNEWS and Sports Nation team up on the sports news topics on the fan’s mind
    Viewers interact via e-mail, on-line message boards, and through cameras at ESPN Zones

Four Quarters                           PA                           M-F 7-8pm                 1234Q
    A report of the top four sports stories of the day
    Program set up like a game, complete with half time and two minute warning

The Nightcap                           PA                          M-F 12-12:30am              1234Q
    A final look at the day in sports

Monday Quarterback Pres by Coors Light A              Mon 11a-3pm (in season)              4Q
   Program segments include press conferences, fantasy updates, highlights from Sunday’s games
     and preview of Monday’s prime time game

ADT College Coaches Spotlight           A                Tues 11a-3pm (in season)            14Q
   A look at college football, concentrating on the top 25, including press conferences, BCS watch
     and Heisman updates

Football Friday                     PA                  Fri 8p-12am (in season)                   14Q
    Previewing the weekend’s football scene for both NFL and college teams

The Blitz                           PA                Sun 4-10pm (in season)             14Q
    Complete coverage of Sunday’s games with post-game news conferences, injury reports and
      fantasy updates

Monday Night NASCAR                  PA                      Mon 9:30-10PM              1234Q
   An in-depth look at the past weekends NASCAR race and a look at the sprint to the Nextel Cup

Post-Game Extras                         P                                          1234Q
    Following nearly every live game within the ESPN/ABC family, ESPNEWS goes to the local
      on-air team for a post-game summary
    Airs on an average of 5 – 15 times per week all year long

In-Game Extras                      P                                                  1234Q
    When warranted, ESPNEWS joins a live game to simulcast the final few seconds or plays

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