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                             DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS
                             “Leadership in all we do”

                LEADERSHIP SKILLS
                “Great leaders are the few, not the many”
                Vancouver     May 31, June 1 & 2
                Calgary       June 9, 10 & 11

                STRATEGIC THINKING &
                PLANNING SKILLS
                “Strategic thinking is the foundation of organizational success”
                Vancouver     June 16, 17 & 18
                Calgary       June 28, 29 & 30

                                                       What our clients say about our programs:

                                                       “Enforced practices and provided good examples”
                                                         VanCity Savings Credit Union
                                                       “Very informative program, good content and real-life
                                                         Chevron Canada
                                                       “Enjoyed it immensely”
                                                         Palliser Health Region
                                                       “Dynamic... great examples of life experiences”
                                                         University of Calgary

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Canadian Professional   Call Toll Free: 1-888-452-6422                                        Spring 2010
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                                 PROGRAM ONE

                                 DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE
                                 LEADERSHIP SKILLS
                                 “Successful leaders have the ability to see beyond where
                                  they are today.”

                                 W      ithout critical analysis or thoughtful insight, leadership becomes hit
                                        and miss. Most leaders underestimate the impact of their influence
                                 over their teams; passively agree to goals and objectives that are not aligned
                                 with their corporate values and mission; or become too focussed on outcomes
                                 while destroying morale. Poor leadership is often at the forefront of disastrous
                                 processes. How can leaders promote quality assurance, develop human capital,
                                 and support innovation but not bother to invest in their own continuous learning?
                                 Have you ever wondered why great leaders are the few and not the many?

                                 This program will highlight key components of successful leadership that are
                                 common in all great leaders. You will learn effective strategic and operational
                                 decision making skills within ever-changing environments that have converging
                                 and competing variables in demanding pressures of time, risk and reward. Great
                                                                              leaders also build contingencies
                                      "LEADERSHIP IS BEYOND and flexibility in each decision as
Vancouver   May 31, June 1 & 2         ROUTINE COMPLIANCE, they understand that there are
Calgary     June 9, 10 & 11            IT IS ABOUT INSPIRING                  many paths to success, some of
                                                                              which are not under their control.
                                                                              Equally critical is your ability to
PROGRAM INFO                     develop leaders at every level. Through focussed and deliberate communication
                                 strategies, you can build a performance based organization by fostering a culture
Breakfast and lunch are          of innovation, purpose and drive.
included daily
Program in session from          Great leaders have the strategic capacity and vision to position their organization
9:00 am to 4:00 pm               in order to take advantage of circumstances that may not have been forecasted.
                                 They have the ability to predict turning points and have the agility to reposition
                                 their organization. This ability to envision a future in the present by utilizing
                                 a methodological approach may determine the very economic viability, or
Online:                          sustainability of your organization.
                                 In this 3 day program through discussions and case studies, you will learn effective
Toll Free:                       strategies that will immediately enhance your leadership skills. Leadership is not
1-888-452-6422                   a specific responsibility or task, rather it is a way of thinking, learning and doing!

                                             Certificates will be presented upon               Program materials will
                                             completion of the program                        be provided
• Recognizing the 4 Cs of leadership responsibility
• Developing strategies to change culture                                                    WHAT OUR CLIENTS
                                                                                             SAY ABOUT OUR
• What is metacognition and why is it important to leadership
• Aligning your leadership style to meet specific objectives and
                                                                                             "A lot for me to learn. A lot to
 circumstances                                                                                remember."
• Visioning: develop tools to help you create the future in the present                      University of Victoria
• Differentiating between cognitive and metacognitive skills                                 "One of the best programs for
                                                                                              Leadership that I have attended."
                                                                                             Finning Canada
                                                                                             "Absolutely phenomenal. Learned
• Knowing when to use a different leadership style                                            a great deal of vital information.
                                                                                              Exposure was realistic, facilitator
• Understanding the essence of leadership – three key components                              was engaging and presentation was
• What is the effect of time on your leadership style                                         excellent."
                                                                                             Atco Power
• Understanding when it is appropriate to lead
                                                                                             "Very good and informative. Exactly
• Helping your employees develop an organizational leadership philosophy                      what I was after."
• Can leaders unknowingly contribute to a negative environment                               Deloitte
• Learning to think strategically                                                            "Very knowledgeable and dynamic
                                                                                              presenter. Three days were intense
                                                                                              but the role play & practice were
EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING SKILLS                                                              critical to gain understanding."
                                                                                             Shaw Communications Inc.
• Using the decision making model
                                                                                             "This was an outstanding course."
• Formulating options and a contingency plan                                                 Calgary Fire Department
• ‘Paralysis by Analysis’ – knowing when you need to act
                                                                                             "Energetic Presenter."
• Aligning decisions to mission/value statements                                             Ledcor Construction Ltd.
• Utilizing the risk/certainty model in developing organizational capacity                   "I appreciated the time we had to
 and tolerance                                                                                interact through case studies."
                                                                                             BC Principals & Vice Principals
• Setting strategic priorities                                                               Association
• Learning how to lead short term vs. long term goals
                                                                                             "Very informative and
• Building consensus when making unpopular decisions                                          knowledgeable."
                                                                                             Weyerhaeuser Canada

                                                                                             "Thanks for the tips."
                                                                                             Seaspan International
   LEADING ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE ATTENDED OUR                                              " Very informative. Learned some
   MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS:                                                                        excellent tips."
                                                                                              Suncor Energy
   Global Television Network, Greater Victoria Public Library, Rogers Sugar Ltd., Law
                                                                                             "Excellent! Kept things exciting!"
   Society of Alberta, Department of the Attorney General, College of Physicians and         Health Sciences Association of
   Surgeons, Riverside Forest Products Ltd., Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Inland        Alberta
   Construction, Halifax Herald Ltd., BC Public School Employers Association, Colliers
   International, Ledcor Industries Ltd., City of North Vancouver, Delta Barrington Hotel,   "Very responsive and interactive."
                                                                                             Abbotsford Police Association
   Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours, Edmonton Examiner and more....

                                     "Leaders are disciplined in thought, action, process and communication"— CPMS

DAY 2                                                     DAY 3
PERFORMANCE BASED TEAMS                                   STRATEGIC THINKING
• Developing high powered teams                           • Learning the 10 components of strategic thinking
• Why some cross functional teams don’t work              • Defining corporate obstacles to strategic thinking
• Bringing divergent interests into common synergies      • What are the mega, macro and micro strategic
• Moving from Performance Management to                    priorities
 Performance Leadership                                   • What are the 5 steps to an effective strategic plan
• Designing various leadership approaches                 • Using a process of ‘environmental scanning’ to gain
• Learning tools to re-energize a senior team              competitive knowledge
• Using various strategies to measure the effectiveness   • Fostering employee engagement
 of your organization
                                                          LEADERSHIP AND
DEVELOPING LEADERS                                        ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE
AT EVERY LEVEL                                            • What is organizational culture
• Investing in your human resource capacity               • Understanding how organizational culture develops
• How employees interpret corporate communications        • Understanding how poor change initiatives can lead
• Aligning individual with organizational goals            to “never adopters”
• Hierarchical command structure versus flat               • Why reinforcement is critical for sustained change
 organizations - what impact does this have               • Understanding why some employees will never
• Learning different motivation theories that build a      accept change
 need for action                                          • Building a culture of accountability
• Ensuring organizational sustainability through          • Employing Change Management Models that work
 succession planning
                                                          STRATEGIC POSITIONING
LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESSFUL                                 • Relying on customer feedback to help position your
COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES                                   organization
• Developing an implementation plan                       • Building relationships and networks with key
• Designing communications that are cognitively            stakeholders in your community and abroad
 attractive                                               • Learning when to attack, consolidate or defend your
• What is the ‘Art of Persuasion’                          position
• Using personal and social influences                     • Deciphering events that have a real impact
• Understanding why 'top down' communication              • Defining the internal and external forces
 strategies don't always work                             • Environmental scanning – how effective is it and
• Leading by influence versus authority and power           when should you use it
• Defining the key elements to successful
 communications that lead to action

"Leadership requires taking educated risks"— CPMS

“Strategic thinking is the foundation of
 organizational success. ”

E    ven in today’s ever-changing organizational environment, successful leaders
     are able to envision a coherent future that doesn’t exist today. Their ability
to see beyond tomorrow begins with the process of strategic thinking. Strategic
thinkers embrace a broad perspective of their organization, build strategic
partners and alliances, and are acutely aware of the trends and developments
that impact their present and future realities. Successful leaders not only manage
the day to day objectives of their organization, but they also strategically position
themselves for tomorrow. These are only but a few of the key strategic thinking
attributes that will define a leader. Without this foundation, how can your
organization develop a strategic plan, see the process through and accomplish
                                                                                        DATES & LOCATIONS
Thinking strategically requires both technical and tactical skills. Technical skills
such as metacognition are rarely discussed around the management or leadership          Vancouver   June 16, 17 & 18
                                         table, and are not widely understood           Calgary     June 28, 29 & 30
"BUILDING YOUR                           by even those who are responsible for
 STRATEGIC CAPACITY IS the strategic path. Similarly, tactical                          PROGRAM INFO
 ESPECIALLY CRITICAL IN factors such as environmental scanning
 TURBULENT TIMES"                        are often overlooked and not used to
                                                                                        Breakfast and lunch are
                                         strategically build alliances which can
                                                                                        included daily
position your organization to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities.
                                                                                        Program in session from
Now more than ever with local and global influences, like changing demographics,         9:00 am to 4:00 pm
technology, and emerging markets, strategic thinking is an absolute necessity
for organizational success. Those leaders that can think strategically, develop         TO REGISTER
a strategic plan and energize their organization to implement the necessary
processes, will out maneuver, out distance, and out perform their competition.          Online:
In this 3 day program through discussions and case studies, you will enhance
                                                                                        Toll Free:
your strategic thinking and planning skills in order to ensure the long-term
success and survivability of your organization.

         Certificates will be presented upon               Program materials will
         completion of the program                        be provided

DAY 1                                                       DAY 2
STRATEGIC THINKING                                          CAPACITY
• What is strategic thinking                                • Environmental scanning – why it is critical to the
• Recognizing the difference between strategy &              organization’s success
 strategic thinking                                         • Identifying critical threats
• Identifying tactical versus technical strategies          • Knowing your organizational capacity for strategic
• Why are both strategy and strategic thinking so            change
 important                                                  • Understanding the scope of your organization’s
• Identifying the strategic process                          challenge
• Balancing the current and future states                   • Identifying capacity opportunity through potential
• Defining the levels of strategic thinking                   strategic alliances

THINKING STRATEGICALLY                                      CONSTRUCTING FUTURES
• Developing your strategic thinking ability                • Holding multiple futures simultaneously
• Understanding how mental models shape thinking            • Conceptualizing ‘what-if’ scenarios
• Designing creative processes that enable multiple         • Positioning your organization in continuous change
 futures                                                    • Anticipating future demographics
• Using divergent and convergent thinking                   • Leveraging turning points to create urgency
• Beyond systematic thinking - thinking systems              and action
• Developing a strategic perspective                        • Developing coherent stories of the future
• Overcoming critical thinking barriers                     • Creating a value-proposition for your organization
• What is metacognition and how does it work
                                                            ENSURING STRATEGIC
BEING A STRATEGIC LEADER                                    ALIGNMENT
• Why strategy & leadership are indivisible                 • Aligning mission, vision and values
• Developing a tolerance for ambiguity                      • Aligning strategy, tactics and operations
• Creating a competency toolkit for strategic               • Spotting strategic trends in a fluid environment
 leadership                                                 • Ensuring internal and external consistency
• Understanding risk as part of your strategic              • Developing alignment throughout the value chain
 thinking                                                   • Engaging supplier and service providers in your
• Using the power of questions to think strategically        organizational strategy
• Understanding organizational culture as a lever or        • Managing alignment expectations and
 impediment to strategic change                              communications
• Utilizing communication for strategic leverage            • Critically assessing outliers or non-core

"Learn to build your technical and tactical skills"— CPMS
                                                                                 YEARS OF
STRATEGIC THINKING                                                                O
                                                                                GOOD ADVICE
• Raising strategic awareness in your management team
• Utilizing strategic team problem-solving processes
                                                                          Canadian Professional Management
• Identifying strategic thinkers within your team
                                                                          Services is a management consulting firm that
• Why ‘adopters’ can be successful strategic thinkers                     focuses on ‘People and Leadership.’ For over
• Understanding the change process                                        20 years, our consultants have been providing
• Building consensus and commitment                                       advice on labour relations, strategic planning,
                                                                          leadership, professional development and board
                                                                          governance. Our facilitators are practitioners
IMPLEMENTING THE STRATEGIC                                                who offer their services to entrepreneurs, boards,
PLANNING PROCESS                                                          associations, and organizations in both the public
                                                                          and private sectors. We combine our Canadian
• Knowing who to involve & why
                                                                          experience and education with a flair for
• Asking the fundamental questions
                                                                          presenting to provide a learning experience that
• Using strategic planning frameworks                                     is second to none. Our areas of expertise include:
• Positioning your organization in a fluid environment
                                                                          STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT
• Ensuring tactical and operational alignment
                                                                            ∙Management audits
• Developing your ‘storyboard’                                              ∙Strategic vision formulation
• Building the strategic path and creating the plan                         ∙Competitive benchmarking
                                                                            ∙Amalgamations and restructuring
ASSESSING THE STRATEGY                                                      ∙Facilitation of the strategic planning process
                                                                          LABOUR RELATIONS
• Understanding the need for measurable strategies
• Creating critical metrics and milestones
                                                                            ∙Labour-management consensus building
                                                                            ∙Collective agreement administration
• Validating realities                                                      ∙Labour contract negotiations
• Using systems-thinking measurements                                       ∙Grievance management

• Creating a ‘picture’ of progress through the ‘Balanced                    ∙Arbitration presentation

                                                                            ∙Facilitation/process consultation
                                                                          HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
• Developing contingencies to adapt to change
                                                                            Performance management
                                                                            Supervisory/Leadership training
                                                                            Personnel recruitment
         WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS:                           ∙
                                                                            HR information systems
         "Very enlightening &         "Excellent discussions and group      ∙
                                                                            WCB/Disability management
          extremely interesting."      learning."                         EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT FOR POLICE
          Lafarge Canada              Scotiabank
                                                                          AND LAW ENFORCEMENT LEADERS
   "Excellent facilitator and the     "Great presentation, very eye-        ∙Organizational development
    program content was excellent."
                                       opening. Learned some new skills
                                       that we definitely will use."        ∙Ethics and ethical conduct
                                      Merrick Architecture                  ∙Leadership and supervisory excellence
   "Very energetic & captivating.
                                      "Exceeds expectations."               ∙Developing intelligent organizations
    Never a dull moment."
   Air Liquide                        Metro Vancouver                       ∙Int’l police leadership conferences
                                                                          Please call us at 1-888-452-6422 or visit
                                                                 to learn how
                                                                          we can assist you.
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                   Management Services
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Step I : Select Programs                                                                                                   Upcoming Programs
1. Developing Effective                                           2. Enhancing Your Strategic
   Leadership Skills                                                 Thinking & Planning Skills                                             Strategic
 May 31, June 1 & 2                                               June 16, 17 & 18                                                        Leadership
    Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle                                        Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle
    1128 West Hastings Street                                          1128 West Hastings Street
    (604) 684-1128                                                     (604) 684-1128                                                       November 2010

 June 9, 10 & 11                                                  June 28, 29 & 30                                                        Labour
  Calgary Marriott                                                  Calgary Telus Convention Centre                                         Relations
  110 9th Ave SE                                                    120 9th Ave SE
  (403) 266-7331                                                    (403) 261-8500                                                          Programs
                                                                                                                                            Summer 2010

Step II : Registrants                                                                                                                       Half-Day
Name: ____________________________ Title:_________________________________ 1 2                                                            Management
Name: ____________________________ Title:_________________________________ 1 2
                                                                                                                                            Fall 2010
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Name: ____________________________ Title:_________________________________ 1 2                                        For more information or assistance in
                                                                                                                        planning your upcoming training
Name: ____________________________ Title:_________________________________ 1 2
                                                                                                                        please call 1-888-452-6422 or visit
Organization: __________________________________________________________________                              

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

__________________________________ Postal Code:_________________________________
                                                                                                                            On-Site Facilitation
Phone: ____________________________ Fax: _______________________________________
                                                                                                                        Whether you require a customized
Email for Confirmation: __________________________________________________________                                       program, or would like the convenience of
                                                                                                                        bringing a facilitator to your organization,
                                                                                                                        at CPMS we can do both. We will design
Step III : Payment Information                                                                                          a program curriculum to specifically meet
                $1499 per registration per three day program plus GST.                                                  your learning objectives, using scenarios
    Save        Save $600 when you and/or your colleagues register for three or more programs                           and case studies that are applicable to your
    $600        at the price of $1299 plus GST per program. Breakfast and lunch are included daily.                     industry while tailoring the discussions to
                [GST# 874032162RT 0001]                                                                                 meet the education and experience level of
    Cheque enclosed is payable to CPMS Inc.                      Invoice my organization PO: ___________________      the participants. In this setting, participants
                                                                                                                        will gain the added advantage of learning
    Credit Card (Visa/MC/Amex)
                                                                                                                        with their peers while discussing situations
Card Number: _____________________________________ Expiry: _________________________                                    that they may currently experience.

Cardholder:   ____________________________________________________________________                                      Please contact us at 1-888-452-6422 to
                                                                                                                        learn more about these services.
Signature:   _____________________________________________________________________
Step IV: Register                                                                                                         What You Can Expect
Online:                             By Mail:        CPMS
Toll Free:      1-888-452-6422                                                   780 — 1111 West Hastings Street        
                                                                                                                         Take home material for future reference
By Tel:         604-688-2641                                                     Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3                  
                                                                                                                         Small interactive sessions, limited seats
By Fax:         604-688-2642                                                                                            
                                                                                                                         Open discussions, interaction and real
By Email:                                                                           life examples
Cancellation Policy: Payment will be reimbursed if cancellation is received a minimum of 10 working days prior to the            Certificates leaders/practitioners
                                                                                                                         Facilitators who are will be presented
program. A credit note will be issued for all other cancellations. Substitutions can be made at any time.
                                                                                                                               upon completion of the
                                                                                                                         Guaranteed course satisfaction program.

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