Purchasing Methods Flow Chart Amount of Contract is or

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					                                                      Purchasing Methods Flow Chart
                                                        Amount of Contract is $5000 or Less

              No competitive process.                                               Less than $50,000
              Follow TSB requirements,
              as applicable.                                 Yes

1.   Identify 3 bidders
2.   Prepare solicitation document              1.     Document a detailed need statement             16. Send addendum to the RFP including
3.   Post notice to TSB                               (describe what you are trying to accomplish).       questions and answers from the vendor
4.   Issue solicitation document with date to   2.     Draft the RFP.                                     conference.
    respond                                     3.     Coordinate review of the draft RFP with        17. Accept proposals until deadline for
5. Document date/time of receipt of response          agency staff.                                       submission.
6. Evaluate responses                           4.     Develop a schedule for the RFP.                18. Determine responsiveness of
7. Select contractor(s)                         5.     Make arrangement for the vendors’                  proposals.
8. Issue notice of intent                             conference, if there is one.                    19. Evaluate proposals and make award
9. Prepare contract for negotiation             6.     Prepare legal notice of forthcoming RFP            determination.
10. Acquire signatures following the appeal           and publish in newspapers.                      20. Obtain internal agency review and
    period                                      7.     Compile mailing list.                              approvals for award.
11. Document the entire selection & award       8.     Complete final RFP document.                   21. Announce apparent successful
    process.                                    9.     AG review, if needed.                              contractor.
                                                10.    Select RFP evaluators.                         22. Notify unsuccessful proposers.
                                                11.    Draft scoring sheets to be used by             23. Negotiate contract.
                                                      evaluators.                                     24. Conduct debriefing conferences, if
                                                12.    Issue the RFP to all interested parties.           requested.
                                                13.    Document all telephone and written             25. Finalize contract document.
                                                      inquiries regarding the RFP.                    26. Complete and submit any required
                                                14.    Prepare agenda for the vendor conference.          forms.
                                                      Include any questions regarding the RFP         27. Sign contract and begin work.
                                                      asked to date.
                                                15.    Conduct vendor conference (used for more
                                                      complex procurements).