RESEARCH TOPICS IN E-COMMERCE

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Strategic Issues      Understand how eCommerce              What is the optimal mix of bricks and clicks to   What are the successful business models        How do traditional businesses reinvent
                      strategy                              best serve a profitable set of customers?         for electronic commerce?                       themselves to remain competitive?
                      Relates to other aspects of overall
                      Business strategy

                      How can one sustain competitive       Assessing the impact of eBiz on firms and         The impact of E-commerce on the                The main aspects to be taken into account in
                      advantage in Web commerce?            supply chains                                     strategic alignment of the organization        the implementation of an e-commerce

                      Why do companies enter or not         How does a firm possibly compete in               How does e-commerce impact a market's          distribution channel conflict
                      the online markets. What are their    businesses where the technology and models        distribution channels? Under what
                      expectations, what are the            are highly repeatable and the competition is      circumstances might the channels expand,
                      business models?                      just a click away?                                contract, or shift into cyberspace?

                      How does one structure an e-          What are the new business models for e-           How can infomediaries trancend the             How to market/make a profit with ec.
                      commerce corporation for              business                                          critical mass required to create a positive
                      maximum profit/return?                                                                  cycle of growth through increased
                                                                                                              richness and reach on both the supplier
                                                                                                              and buyer side?

                      How does IT Use in ecommerce          What will be an impact of new eCommerce           We know some caveats that work most of         What are effective competition
                      firms differ from those in            university programs on existing programs'         the time for conventional businesses (e.g.     differentiators?
                      conventional firms?                   structure?                                        don't get stuck in the middle, and location,
                                                                                                              location, location). What caveats hold up
                                                                                                              in the e world? What ones don't? Why?

                      What are the critical success         What are the characteristics of future business   How has EC impacted long-range                 How does clustering impact the development
                      factors of EC?                        models ?                                          planning? Are firms shortening their           of an e-commerce industry in a local area?
                                                                                                              planning timelines, abandoning the notion
                                                                                                              of developing a long-term strategy
                                                                                                              altogether, engaging in l/t planning more
                                                                                                              frequently, or something else? Which
                                                                                                              approach to planning is most successful?

                      what are the characteristics that     How do price of the product/service,              Under what conditions do decreasing            Is the Internet like the railroads of the 19th
                      cause one company to decide to        Characteristics of the product/service. cost of   coordination costs in electronic markets       Century, a creator of wealth and centers of
                      create a spin-off tohandle e-         transportion between buyer and seller, and        benefit suppliers versus buyers?               wealth? If so where and what will they be?
                      commerce versus handling it in the    web site characteristics interact to create a
                      exisiting company structure?          successful e-business business model?

                      What are the Characteristics of the   What will the intermediaries/infomedaries of      What is the impact of new business
                      Internet market vs. traditional       the future look like?                             infrastructure firms on electronic
                      markets?                                                                                marketspace structure, strategy,
                                                                                                              relationships, alliances, revenue streams,
                                                                                                              competition, and efficiency?

Assessment/Valuation   How can we effectively value           How do we measure the effectiveness of e-        What difference in the bottom line (profit)   How can I systematically learn from the
                       (model) dot com stocks?                Commerce systems?                                will it have on a company?                    volumes of digital data that accrue from
                                                                                                                                                             interacting with customers?

                       E Commerce model Effectiveness         Information Security Program Effectiveness       How does one measure Web site success         Measuring e-commerce success in an
                       Metrics                                Metrics                                          (or 'derive ROI' etc etc)?                    organization

                       Relationship between e -commerce       The 'real' traffic numbers of my isp             Do firms make money from ecommerce            Ecommerce system success (i.e., the
                       initiatives and business                                                                operations?                                   extension of the "Quest for the ISdependent
                       performance                                                                                                                           variable" to ecommerce systems)

                       The impact of EC on                    How does one make a profit through electonic
                       organizational performance             commerce?

Organizational         Managing virtual project teams in      organization Commerce Model Fit                  To what extent will e-business change the     What is the impact of the Internet on
transformation and     Business to Business eCommerce                                                          market-driven economy as we know it and       organisational form
societal Issues        (leadership, trust, role ambiguity,                                                     alter society and government in the
                       knowledge management)                                                                   future?

                       Organizational adjustments             How does e-comm impact on organizational         What are the kinds of new roles (eg. novel    What effect will consumer driven
                       necessary for e-commerce               processes and how do organizations deal with     forms of intermediation) created by           marketplaces have on business.
                                                              these impacts                                    technology mediation

                       e-Commerce and social welfare,         What are the economic and social implications    potential affects on SME's and small cities   How can we manage the cultural changes
                       the impact of eCommerce on             of eCommerce?                                    of e-business.                                necessary for a business to have clicks and
                       digital divide, does it change the                                                                                                    mortar? What are the critical success
                       gap between rich and poor?                                                                                                            factors?

                       Does EC impact the nature or           Does EC impact the nature or quality of
                       quality of leadership? Do              interpersonal communication? Will traditional
                       traditional leadership theories        communication theories (e.g., richness, social
                       (e.g., transformational vs.            presence, etc) adequately explain the nature
                       transactional) apply directly to       of interpersonal communication in a full-blown
                       situations where leaders and           e-Economy? Or are substantively new forms
                       followers are physically dispersed,    of interpersonal communication emerging?
                       as in virtual organizations, or are
                       new forms of leadership

Adoption Issues        To what extent is security a real or   What elements of Web site design contribute      What factors are associated with a            What is different about e-retailing from the
                       perceptual problem in Web              to user satisfaction with the site itself?       maximal cus tomer experience?                 consumer's point of view

                       The measurement and                    How is the growth of e-commerce going to be      Does the typical customer prefer online       Cognitive aspects of e-commerce
                       management of trust in                 affected by culture?                             interaction over face-to-face business
                       ecommerce relationships                                                                 interaction?

                       Web design models and their            What makes Consumers shop from the               Cultural differences in online shopping       When will electronic cash be practical?
                       impacts on eCommerce                   Internet.

                       What are the decision processes        What systems and arrangements are needed
                       companies go through when              to accommodate small and medium sized
                       deciding on business to consumer       enterprises for efficient and effective
                       eCommerce.                             eCommerce implementation?

Theory and             What methodologies can be used         The fundamental, underlying economic               What are the theories that underlie how e -   How can we better articulate theories that
Methodology            to analyse, design, and implement      principles of e-commerceWhat are the generic       business process can be best managed ?        link IT infrastructure and business
                       EC solutions.                          business models/strategies implied by the          (knowledge mgmt theories, fast response       enablement
                                                              general eCommerce economic principles              theories, supply web theories, service
                                                                                                                 theories, plug-and-play theories, ...)

                       Can we find differences in the         Can we find differences in the value chains        Principles and procedures to identify the     In what ways is EC similar to, and different
                       value chains of different              (presales and post sales activities, for           degree to which a market sector is            from, traditional commerce? What portion of
                       companies which can lead to            example) of different customers which can          suitable for e -commerce                      the traditional body of knowledge (from
                       generic b2b strategies / models?       lead to generic b2c strategies / models?                                                         functional as well as holistic perspectives)
                                                                                                                                                               applies to EC, and where are the gaps?

Marketing and CRM      What are the factors that lead to      How can I leverage the wealth of data              How do you create a business where each       What is the relationship between various
issues                 customer satisfaction with the total   captured electronically to improve my              customer adds value to other customers        forms of Internet and non-Internet advertising
                       e-commerce experience?                 offerings?                                         (ie how do you create a network effect)?      of a Web site with actual use of the site?

                       What is the impact of e-comm on        How can an e-retailing business build up a         How should we design EC applications to
                       customer loyalty                       relationship with its customers                    increase customers' royalty? (<--

Technical Issues       Managing bandwidth, payment            Capacity & bandwidth                               How to best secure e-commerce                 electronic product standardization and
                       and security issues in Business to                                                        applications                                  des cription
                       Consumer eCommerce.

                       How does new technology get            ERP and Intergration with all systems in the       How to effectively audit e-commerce           How to effectively management e-commerce
                       implemented/integrated into an e-      enterprise                                         systems                                       developments
                       commerce organization?

                       Integration of e-commerce with all     What are reliable architectures?
                       technologies including the new
                       emerging telecom technologies
                       and systems

Security and Legal     Is it really secure                    Security (incuding integrity, certification etc)   Security (both broadcast (internet) and       Security and legacy of transactions, including
Issues                                                                                                           internal (intranet))                          identification of the amount of information
                                                                                                                                                               that a customer should provide.

                       Security for private and financial     Second research issue concerns international       Security and legal issues, including          Privacy, security, and other personal issues
                       data                                   legal / tax issues                                 taxation                                      in eCommerce

                       What are current status and
                       changes in place (per country,
                       region) in preparations of legal
                       arrangements in global

Logistics/Operations   How to minimize distribution costs,    Infrastructure (building an IT platform to         how does the organization act when it
                       especially for international orders    handle changes in business and competitive         receives an order. How does the product
                                                              conditions).                                       arrive at the customer, what about after
                                                                                                                 sales service, returns, defectives and

Miscellaneous   How can I effectively manage the        dynamic pricing.                                what are the patterns of decision making    Computer personnel in ecommerce
                total cost of my customers'                                                             in firms successful in ecommerce and how    environments (job satisfaction,motivation,
                demands for increased digital                                                           do they differ from those in conventional   skills required, etc etc
                services?                                                                               firms

                What are the roles of intelligent       What will constrain the growth of E-            What are the determinat factors of a        How will future spaces/ media for the
                agents and intelligent interfaces in    Commerce?                                       Digital Economy ?                           exchange of information and creation of
                eCommerce?                                                                                                                          economic value look like, what are the
                                                                                                                                                    design concepts ?

                What are the effects of EC on           What will be the impact of software agents on
                boundaries (i.e., individual,           electronic commerce?
                workgroup, organizational,
                societal, national, political, etc.).
                How can these effects be
                minimized and/or exploited (by
                individuals, groups, firms,
                governments, etc.)?


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