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Casey Anthony Annie Downing supplemental report

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Annie Downing spoke with State attorney and 2 detectives. This is her statement in a nut shell. Annie was a friend of Casey at some point.....Thanks Humble for converting.

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									On 7 January 2009 at 1330, Annie Downing was ordered to appear under subpoena at the State Attorney’s office. She arrived with her attorney Warren Lindsay. Assistant state Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick was present while Corporal Edwards and Melich recorded interview with Annie regarding this case. (Here is what is from the supplemental report in a nut shell) Annie has known Casey since 10th grade. From the end of 2006-Aug 2007 she considered them best friends. After August they were friends in passing. This is due to Casey lying to her. Annie said Casey was jealous of her mother’s relationship with Caylee. Casey once told her that Cindy Anthony wanted Caylee to call her ‘mom’ instead of ‘grand mom’ the report said. At Caylee’s 2nd birthday party, Casey said to Annie “Oh my God, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day. I’m her mom. She’s not her mom,” this in reference to Cindy helping Caylee open presents. In late 2006 or early 2007 Casey visited Annie at work and told her she need to talk to someone. Casey said “she needed to get away and felt like she was having a breakdown.” Casey didn’t tell Annie what caused the breakdown, but said she wanted to go to “an institution” and that Caylee could stay with Cindy. Annie called her later that night, Casey said she’d talked to her mother and she was fine. Annie also said that she never knew of Casey doing illegal drugs and that she did give a Zanax once. Melich showed Annie the chat log from the unallocated cluster retrieved from Casey’s home computer. An abridged version of the log shown to Annie is seen below. Annie read the log and acknowledged that “Casey O Marie” is Casey’s screen name however Annie denied ever providing Casey with any Xanax. And the statement below is untrue.

Annie heard the name Zenaida for the first time on 5 July 2008 when she saw her at the Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of friends. Annie also stated that her dad had seen Casey at a liquor store without Caylee… Annie first learned that Caylee was missing was when she received a message from Lee via MYSPACE on or about 3 July 2008 asking if she’d heard from Casey and if she knew where Caylee was. She sent a text message to Casey who said Lee was crazy and everything was fine. Casey never mentioned any problems or that Caylee was missing.

Annie said that she received a phone call from Lee in October after information had been made public about Casey telling another friend she could get some Xanex from her friend named Annie. Annie said Lee told her, “We all know Casey’s done bad things but you need to protect yourself. You need to…if they call you, you need to tell them the truth. You need to tell them anything you know because if you know something you need to tell them….Don’t protect Casey.” Annie Downing did visit Casey twice after she was released from jail after the July arrest. She even spent the night with Casey. Casey told her that when this is all said and done, I have so much to tell you. Annie found this as an odd thing to say. Annie does not believe the story about Zenaida the Nanny; she never outright confronted Casey about it. Casey also stated to Annie that Caylee would be home by her 3rd birthday and that everything she’d been saying is something that she was told to say…someone told her and we all know that this never happened. Annie also does not believe the story that Casey had dropped Caylee off with someone and never seen her again. On one visit to the Anthony home, Casey caught Cindy on Casey’s internet accounts writing and email posing as Casey. Cindy was apparently responding to an email tip about Caylee, and Casey got mad at her for signing emails as if she was Casey. Casey started screaming at Cindy about it and Cindy said, if this can find us Caylee, then you know I’m going to do whatever I can. And said Cindy accepted the yelling and said she’d do what it takes to find Caylee. At the “no clothes” party, Casey confronted Brandon Snow saying that she was pregnant the year before with his child, but miscarried on Valentines day 2007. Casey apparently told several people this. Annie does not believe this story about the miscarriage. On another visit to the Anthony home, after Casey was released from jail 20 August, Annie asked Casey about what the chloroform in the trunk was about. Casey said that she had cleaning solution back there. Casey also told Annie she doesn’t know what could have happened to her car while it wasn’t in her possession. Casey alluded to Annie that Jesse Grund had a key to her car and may have done something to it after it was abandoned. Annie also stated that Casey wasn’t that smart to do this alone, and this was her own opinion.

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