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Gale Digital Collections by ztn96829


									Gale Digital Collections

   The future of historical research
      Gale Digital Collections

      Publishing Strategy – Value Proposition
   Ownership of content
     • Serves preservation mandates for key primary sources
     • Becomes a ‘title countable’ addition to their collections
     • Provides means to tap into one-time acquisition funds

   Benefits of digitization:
     • Full-text searching of millions of pages of rare, archival content
     • Enhanced metadata with MARC Records
     • Unlimited usage with remote access ALLOWABLE
     • Individual pages and works – fully linkable into reading lists
     • Facilitates integration into curriculum and supports advanced
       faculty research – Integrate into Blackboard / WebCT, TWEN
            World’s Largest Scholarly Digital Archive
138,000 Titles                   • Bibliographically controlled                Newspapers
                                                                                 28 MM
 26M Pages                       • Editorially selected                          Articles

                                 • Available today
                 100,000 Cases
                   11M Pages

                                 61,000 Titles
                                  12M Pages
                                                                                            8 MM Articles

                                                 29,000 Titles
                                                               22,000 Titles
                                                  6M Pages
                                                                10M Pages
                                                                                              1M Pages

  ECCO            Supreme          MOMW            Sabin         MOML             NCNP          TDA

                         250,000 Titles – 100M Pages
                       …and in the process we have created one of
                       the world’s largest digital research libraries.
… in the 18th Century….
Eighteenth Century Collections Online

An eighteenth-century revolution

   Covers the most significant events in recent world
    history: American and French revolutions and the
    industrial revolution
   The single largest digital library – over 138,000 titles /
    26,000,000 pages
   Based on the ESTC – electronic union list from The
    British Library and over 1,500 libraries world-wide
   Does not include periodicals and newspapers
   Avoids duplication with Early American Imprints
   Originally a microfilm collection – 15,225 reels
          Eighteenth Century Collections Online

The content – a library unto itself
    • Comprehensive – no editorial board determining the content
    • Supports research in a full range of disciplines
         History, literature, fine arts, religion, law, science, philosophy …
    • Has rapidly become considered essential for 18th century studies
    • MARC records available for loading into your library’s OPAC

The interface and functionality
    • Full-text searching across every page of the collection
    • Searching on author, title, subject headings, place of publication and
         Allows researchers to find the specific works they need
    • Hit-term highlighting of full-text search matches
    • Easy navigation to relevant pages with matches
    • Electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) with hyperlinks to chapters and
         Navigation functions enhance the ability to analyze the data
ECCO’s Contents

科學, 自然科學          (8%)    11,398 種書
歷史, 地理            (8%)    11,298 種書
法律, 法令            (7%)     9,267 種書
文學, 語言            (26%)   35,473 種書
宗教, 哲學            (27%)   36,785 種書
參考書               (3%)     3,602 種書
藝術,社會科學           (22%)   30,259 種書
       Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – English (Literature)

   ENGL 3214 - Reason and Sensibility in British Eighteenth Century

   ENGL 3220 - British Literature since 1750
    Survey of major authors, themes, and movements from the Romantic
    period through the present.

   ENGL 4321 - American Literature: Major Writers Before 1860

   ENGL 3327 - American Literature to 1890
 18th Century Short Story (Department of Foreign Language &
  Literature - National Cheng Kung University)

Your search (Title=robinson crusoe) returned the following results.
  Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

 Defoe, Daniel. An abridgement of the new Robinson Crusoe; an
  instructive and entertaining history, for the use of children of both
  sexes. Translated from the ... London, 1789. 184pp.

 Defoe, Daniel. The exploits of Robinson Crusoe, mariner, of York.
  Exhibiting a concise and clear narrative of his living twenty-ight [sic]
  years in an ... [London?], [1790?]. 131pp.
        Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – English (Literature)

 ENGL 3210 - British Literature to 1750
   English Literature Since 170
  Survey of major authors, themes, and movements from the medieval
  period through the 18th Century.

  Your search ((Author=Swift, Jonathan) AND (Title=Gulliver's Travels)) returned
  the following results: 42.
  Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

 Swift, Jonathan. Travels into several remote nations of the world. In four parts.
  By Lemuel Gulliver, ... London, 1726. 332pp. Vol. 1 of 2 (2 vols.
  available).Literature and Language

 Swift, Jonathan. The adventures of Capt. Gulliver, in a voyage to the islands of
  Lilliput and Brobdingnag. Abridged from the works of the celebrated Dean
  Swift. Darlington, 1773. 27pp. Literature and Language

 Swift, Jonathan. The works of J. S, D.D, D.S.P.D. in four volumes. Containing, I.
  The author's miscellanies in prose. II. His poetical writings. III. The travels ...
  Dublin, 1735. 490pp. Vol. 2 of 4 (4 vols. available).Literature and Language
     Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – History

   HIST 2010 - The United States to 1877
    United States from discovery to end of political reconstruction.

   HIST 3122 - England Since 1714
    Development of England's democratic government, considering economic,
    social, intellectual, diplomatic, and imperial affairs.

   HIST 3506 - Cultural and Intellectual History of Europe
    Topics in history of European culture and thought from late Middle Ages to
    twentieth century.

   HIST 3803 - American Diplomatic History
    Though including the 18th and 19th centuries, course concentrates on 20th
    century; emphasizes relationship between foreign policy and domestic
        Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – History

 Undergraduate programs (Department of History – National Chung
  Hsing University
  Ch’in and Han Dynasties, History of Sui, Tang And Five Dynasty, History of Ming and Ching,
  History of Contemporary China, Modern Chinese History, Modern World History, Medieval
  Western History, 16th-18th-Century Western History, Chinese Economic History, History of
  Chinese Diplomacy, History of Sino-Japanese Relations, The History of Chinese Arts, Modern
  Chinese Thought, History of Western Historiography, The Philosophy of History, 20th-Century
  American History, History of Taiwan, Modern History of Taiwan, Selected Readings in Chinese
  History, History of European Thought, Historical Documents and Books, Introduction to
Your search (Full Text=Western History) returned the following results.
  Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).
 Bell, John. Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia, to diverse parts of
  Asia. ... By John Bell, ... In two volumes. ... London [i.e. Edinburgh],
 Camden, William. Britannia: or, a chorographical description of Great
  Britain and Ireland, ... Written in Latin by William Camden, ... The third
  edition. Illustrated with maps .. London, 1753.
         Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – Philosophy

   PHIL 3002 - Foundations of Western Philosophy: Modern Period
    History of philosophy from late Middle Ages through 19th century
    structured around major themes that shaped the modern period; attention
    to cultural and historical setting in which they arose and to which they
    contributed; readings from philosophical and nonphilosophical sources.

   PHIL 3771 - Philosophy In Literature
    Expression of philosophical ideas in literature; readings from philosophers,
    playwrights, novelists and poets.

   PHIL 4311-6311 - Studies in Modern Philosophy
    Readings from major philosophers of 17th to early 19th centuries,
    supplemented by commentaries from modern and contemporary sources.
         Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – Philosophy
 PhD. Program in Western Philosophy (Department of
  Philosophy, National Taiwan University)

Your search (Author=Kant, Immanuel) returned the following results.
  Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

 Kant, Immanuel. The principles of critical philosophy, selected from
  the works of Emmanuel Kant ... and expounded by James Sigismund
  Beck ... Translated from the ... London [i.e. Hamburg?], 1797. 533pp.
  Religion and Philosophy

 Kant, Immanuel. Essays and treatises on moral, political, and various
  philosophical subjects. By Emanuel Kant, ... from the German by the
  translator of The ... London [i.e. Hamburg?], 1798-99. 439pp. Vol. 1 of
  2 (2 vols. available).Religion and Philosophy
   Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – Fine Arts

  In M402 we will explore the history of art music in Europe and the United States
  from the mid-eighteenth-century to the present. During the course you will become
  familiar with pieces from a variety of musical traditions over the past 250 years. We
  will study the pieces themselves as well as the historical circumstances in which
  they were created.

 HA 265 Research Seminar in 18th Century Art: Comic and
  Satiric Art in 18th Century Britain.
  Will look at the development of comic art, particularly the satiric print, as a 'public' art
  form in Britain from 1700-1815. In the work of Hogarth, Gillray and others, we'll
  consider the theory and practice of caricature and the vexed relationship between
  'high' and 'low' as artistic categories.
Fine Arts - Popular Song Books

              The bull-finch. Being a choice collection of the newest and most favourite
              English songs which have been sett to music and sung at the public ...
              [London], [1769]. 424pp
Fine Arts - sheet Music

                Scarlatti, Domenico. The beauties of Dominico Scarlatti. Selected from his
                suites de lecons, for the harpsichord or piano forte and revised with a
                variety of ... [London?], [1785?]. 32pp
Fine Arts - Comic and Satiric Art

                                                             Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard).
                                                             Eccentric excursions or, literary &
                                                             pictorial sketches of countenance,
                                                             character & country, in different
                                                             parts of England & South Wales. ...
                                                             London, 1796

                  A political and satirical history of the
                  years 1756, 1757, 1758, 1759, and
                  1760, in a series of one hundred and
                  four humourous and entertaining ...
                  The fifth edition. London, [1763?]. 95pp
    The Making of the Modern World
    Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature
 Combines two of the worlds most acclaimed collections
  in economic history:
     • Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature at the
       University of London
     • Kress Collection of Business and Economics at the
       Harvard Business School
   Spans 400 years (1450-1850)
   61,000 works (66K volumes) & nearly 12 million pages
   Primarily monographs, but also includes serials
   Rarity –contains the only known copy of many works

    “…that this [collection] is, without qualification, the finest
    such collection in the world.”
    - Journal of Economic History

    “…one of the most important sources for the economic
    history of the Western world.”
    - American Reference Book Annual
  The Making of the Modern World
  Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature

 Multi-disciplinary resource focused on the birth and
  expansion of the modern western world as seen
  through the lens of wealth and trade
    • History: exploration, colonization, war and the
      effects on the economy
           Slavery (more than 1,100 works)
           Colonization
           Industrial revolution
           Financial underpinning of the French Revolution
    • Economics: 18th and 19th century theory
    • Finance: world trade, taxation, banking systems
    • Political Science: elections, Corn Laws, corruption
    • Agriculture: practice, legal and economic
    • Gender Studies: women in the workplace
    • Poverty: causes, impact on governments,
 The Making of the Modern World
 Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature

 Multi-national / multi-century resource
   • Nearly 1/3 of the collection in non-English languages
          French – 10,968 works
          German – 2,867 works
          Italian – 1,324 works
          Dutch – 838 works
          Spanish – 742 works
          Swedish, Latin, Portuguese, and more

   • 400 years of world history
          Pre-17th century – 747 works
          17th century – 5,862 works
          18th century – 26,310 works
          19th century – 34,294 works
The Making of the Modern World
Archival Content with Modern Functionality

 Similar interface and functionality to Eighteenth Century
  Collections Online and other Gale Digital Collections

 Full-text searching across every page of the collection
     •   Provide access to this content as never before possible

 Subject terms available for searching

 Advanced page navigation within specific works
     •   By printed page number
     •   Using an eTable of Contents or List of Illustrations

 Links between different volumes of multi-volume sets

 Allows quick identification of relevant works and then
  enhances analysis and research of the content through
  the navigation options provided
   Mapping MOMW to Curriculum

Historical Themes: Slave Rebellions in the Caribbean

 The Haitian revolution began in August of 1791 and,
  unlike the other wars of independence of that period, it
  was a slave uprising - in this case against their French
  owners who had created some of the harshest and
  cruelest slave conditions in the Americas.
Slave Rebellions in the Caribbean

                                    Do a subject search on
                                    Haiti and Revolution
                                    combined with a text
                                    search looking for
                                    slavery or slaves near
                                    uprising or rebellion or
Slave Rebellions in the Caribbean

                               Nine results are found
                               for our search. Choose
                               one by clicking on the
                               hyperlinked title.
Slave Rebellions in the Caribbean

                                    The title page is displayed.
                                    As a full text search was
                                    performed, a list of pages
                                    with matches for the search
                                    term entered are listed.
By clicking on the hyperlinked
pages, you are taken to the
pages that have your search
term highlighted on the page
From any work, use the Full
Citation’s list of Subject
Headings to link to other works
with that specific heading
Your new list of results all share
the more specific subject heading
chosen from the previous full
citation record.
MOMW – Historical coverage

                 Topic/Term         Subject   Keyword    Full Text

America discovery or exploration*       168       191        1,657
British Empire                            2       251        4727
Colonies                              1,142      2,737     18,457
Colonization                            254       421        2,641
East India Company                      635      1,207       5,360
French Empire                             0        26         444
“French Revolution”                       0       125        3,354
“Industrial Revolution”                   0         1           14
Piracy                                    1        74        2,055
“Reign of Terror”                         0        13         460
Slave Trade                             453       685        3,167
South Sea Co* or South Sea bubble       128       377        1,927
Sugar                                   317       930      12,685
Sugar Trade                             213       251         829
Tobacco                                 176       633      10,459
War                                     589      2,204     30,627
"West India Question"                     0        24           97
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Publishing Plan Overview

 2007 Publishing Plan
  •   MOML III: Historic Trials (Q3)
  •   19th Century UK Periodicals: New Readerships (Q4)
  •   British Library Newspapers (Q4)
  •   Slavery & Anti-Slavery in America: Abolition (Q4)
  •   MicroArchive Program:
        Slavery in America (Q2)
        The Civil War (Q2)
        The American West (Q3)
        Immigration & Nativism (Q4)
        Lincoln (Q3)

      Gale’s Biggest Year Ever!
   400% More New Archives vs. 2006
    4 Core Collections: Focuses marketing/sales efforts

                  American History        History           20th C
Making of the
                   & Culture Online      & Culture        Political &
Western World
                                       through Media    Cultural Change

ECCO                Sabin             Times Digital      The Middle
MOMW                Americana         Archive            East
MOML                Supreme Court     19th Century US    Women, War
                    Records &         Newspapers         and Society
Historic Trials     Briefs
    (2007)                            19th C UK          Testaments
History of          Slavery &         Periodicals        Northern
    Science &       Anti-Slavery      (2007+)
                    (2007)            British Library
    Technology                                           Conditions
    (2008-9)                          Newspapers
                                      (2007-8)           & Politics
                                      The Economist      DDRS
         Vincent Cheah
  Product Manager, Library Reference
       Thomson Learning Asia

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