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                Personal contact :-
                         Cell/Mobile: + 852 9447 4033
                 Business contact :-
                            Phone: + 852 3582 1951
                           Facsimile: + 852 2691 4800


I am a well presented, friendly, and conscientious individual with a strong business
and personal passion with willingness to participate, learn and grow. I’m
self-motivated, hard-working and work equally well in a team or taking the initiative
on my own. I have strong organisational skills and am able to adapt to new work and
new ways of working quickly and effectively. My hands on approach to all tasks that I
undertake allows me to learn quickly and achieve great progress in all roles that I
have taken on, equally I have ability to delegate and this adds strength to my

Strong personal assets include:
    * Strong work ethic
    * Physically fit
    * Enjoy being in the outdoors
    * Interest in music creative writing and composition
    * Well presented
    * Reliable
    * Affable
    * Strong Client-service and job completion focus
    * Ability to deal with people at all levels
    * Positive attitude

ERA Investments (HK) Limited

Position        International Merchant Banker and Asset Trading/Negotiator
Period          January 2001 - present

ERA Investments (HK) Limited operates as a merchant bank, facilitating business
transactions in the Asia-China region, arranging finance, business introductions and
asset acquisitions in China, particularly in real-estate, joint-venture project
development (industrial/commercial) also with asset securitization inter/intra Asia
asset trading.

The business operates in China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

My role, as team leader is to make the requisite business introductions, arrange
appropriate finance/funding packages and negotiate the requisites on behalf of
clients and Joint-venture parties. I gained knowledge of a various government and
agency instrumentalities in the countries in which ERA Investments participates; and
have a good understanding of inter-government relationships and bank practises in
the region.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully complete all activities required by clients work schedule.
    Negotiate government positions and tax applications and “lawful” project
    Complete all additional activity given outside of client schedule.
    Market the ERA Investments business and introduce new clients

ERA Petroleum Limited

Position        Business Management - Client directed petroleum purchasing and Asset
Period          January 2001 - present

ERA Petroleum Limited operates as a petroleum trading business particularly
providing petroleum product into southern China for Sinotech (Government
sponsored intra-China petroleum wholesaler) to Government Refineries and
distributors - the business operates on a contracted basis negotiating direct supply
(on pass-through arrangements) from Singapore and middle-eastern suppliers
ERA Petroleum Limited (continued)
Key Responsibilities
    Successfully source client specified product complete all activities required for
      clients delivery/processing schedule.
    Arrange bank instruments/Letters of Credit, specific to supply (either by
      assignment, transfer or collateralization)
    Negotiate government positions and tax aplications and import
    Market the ERA Petroleum’s business and iontroduce new clients

Islamic Bank of the Philippines

Position         Bank President - senior bank signatory - government appointee
Period           1999 to 2001

The Islamic Bank of the Philippines was a joint Government and registered
investor/shareholders, licensed bank established by the Philippines Government to
services the southern population of the Philippines (principally Muslim) in the
provence of Mondanao to provide regional banking services, account holding
business finance and agricultural development funds.

I accepted the government appointemnt, introduce invetsors funds and as per the
charter and job specifications established the bank and its regional offices (Manilla
and Mindanao).

In November 2000 embarked on Bond raising mission (behalf of sub-national
Government organsiations of the Philippines), during which mission the Philipines
Government Changed and the incoming Government revised the Bank Charter and
as a consequence, the Presidents position became redundant.

My role, as team leader and Presdient was to establish the bank, its banking
operration, Licence and Charter compliance) and additionally raise international
funding and local investment, and provide banking services to the Province of

Successfully raised ABS Bonds in Germany (via Werner Securities of Germany) for
Philippine Projects and introduce “sub-national” bond facilitation to Philippines and its
banking system.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully inaugorate the Bank and Its Government Charter
    Negotiate government participation/capitalisatioon and investor capitalisation.
    Complete all activity given in the President position appointment
    Source interrnational funds for issue of “sub-national” bonds to facilitate
      government sponsored comminuty projcts.
ERA Assets Linmitd (Hong Kong) [Hudson Constrcution Compnay

Position         Managing Director (CEO/MD)
Period           1995 to 1999

ERA Assets Limited was formwed in 1987 (a British Virgin Islands (BVI) registered
corporation which was incorporated to undertake various international merchant
banking facilitations.

In 1995, I opened the ERA Assest office in Hong Kong, principally to take up the CEO
position of a joint-venuure acquisition being the Hudson Constrcution Compnay
Limited, a listed public company, a major Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China)
development company. ERA Assest Limited acquired a 38% shareholing in Hudson,
which has constrcution contracts in both China and Hong Kong.

As per the acquisiton/joint-venture take-over, I became the “local” chairman and
CEO, principally to facilitate bank finance for the various development projects and
tyo also utilise our European banking “bond” expertise in facilitation of significant
projects in China.

My role, as CEO was to re-develop the corporate structure, raise additional
shareholder capital and establish banking connections in both China and abroad to
provide investor fund for project development.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully manage the joint-venture-acquisition arrangement
    Re-establish the funding and project finance facilitation of the company and
      its projects.
    Negotiate government participation/capitalisation and investor capitalisation.
    Negotiate new construction contracts in China
    Source international funds for issue of subscriber/China government back
      bonds to facilitate provincial government sponsored projects.

ERA Assets Limited (consultation to internalional banking groups)

Position         Principal and CEO
Period           1988 – 1995

ERA Assets Limited was formed in 1987 (a British Virgin Islands [BVI] registered
corporation) which was incorporated to undertake various international merchant
banking facilitations.

In 1988, I opened new office in Athens with world renown retired international
banker Dr. Voulikas specifically providing international private banking facilitation to
international clients, particularly in Mediterranean and Middle-estern shipping and
product transfers.
ERA Assets Limited (consultation to internalional banking groups)

The business, essentially a private bank specialising in merchant banking, credit
transfers and private investment funding was very successful over its inaugural five
year period after which Dr. Voulikas retired and I took total control of the business
and its development.

Dr. Voulikas provide valuable intuitive banking expertise and training which has been
implied in the future of the ERA corporations. Additionally the cooperation with Dr.
Voulikas provide most notable introduction and formative banking contacts in
Europe, Middle-east and Asia.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully manage the merchant-banking operation and assist with the
      private banking facilitation
    Organise Letters of Credit, securitization and investment facilitation (under
      the direction of Dr. Voulikas)
    Investigate client sponsored projcts and negoitate invetment criteria
    Establish internatin privatbanking arrangemens
    Establish the funding and project finance facilitation of client company and
      their projects.
    Negotiate government participation/capitalisation and investor capitalisation.

ERA Assets Limited (consultation to Delta group - Greek Shipping and

Position        Principal and CEO
Period          1987 – 1998

ERA Assets Limited was formwed in 1987 (a British Virgin Islands [BVI] registered
corporation) which was incorporated to undertake various international merchant
banking facilitations.

In 1987, I practised as an advisor/consultant to the Delta Group, a Greek based
internatinal shipping and commodity trading corpoation operating oput of Athens.

This was a new business venture, capitalised from personal savaings, which took
advantage of contacts established in London in my prior assignment period and the
opportunity to consult to the Delta Group provided my entry into the international
finance, merchant banking and commodity finance world.

The business traded successfully for a period of nine months when, Delta Group
introduced the consultation of Dr Voulikas to their consultation team, this resulted in
the re-formation of ERA Assets Limited. Later that year with the inclusdion of Dr.
Voulikas and we re-opened with a much expanded international client list - the Delta
Consultancy continued throught the period from 1987 to 1995.
ERA Assets Limited (consultation to Delta group - Greek Shipping and

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully manage the shipping finance and credit management (Letters of
      Credit management and assist with the private banking facilitation)
    Organise Letters of Credit, securitization and investment facilitation,
      particularly through the London banking community and its Greek banking
    Establish the funding and project finance facilitation of client companies and
      their projects.

Fairline Garments (Colombo Sri Lanka based) - London office

Position        Finance Manager - Europe procurement
Period          1984 – 1997

Fairline Garments is a renowm garment manufacturing conglomerate in Sri Lanka,
manufacturing garments and clothing for European departments stores, military,
corporate uniforms and speciality industrial garments.

The positing to London was to secure the company both commercial orders (with
arranged finance - Letters of Credit) and to seek investments in the textile industry
synergistic with the corporate development of Fairline.

Fairline provided my introduction to the London banking community, various
government officials (unifrom purchases) across Europe and to the merchant banking

The posting was both commercially successful providing ongoing client orders for
Fairline Garments Sri Lankan production and also secure many strategic asset
holdings for the company in Europe insuring outlet/store support and capital

This appoointment also provided the avenue to re-locate from Sri Lanka and pursue
an international career.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully manage order fiannce, Letters of Credit - assist clients with
      international banking requirements and arrangement shipping facilitation to
      meet customer requirements
    Arrange supply finance (to fund production) via Letters of Credit assignment,
      factoring/inventory finance and security deposits from clients.
    Liaise with banker, Financiers and Clients in Europe and Britain.
Foreign Ministry - Government of Sri Lanka

Position         Assistant Secretary to Minister
Period           1978 – 1984

After graduating university I accepted a position/appointment as assistant secretary
to the Minister of Finance (Mr. Hameed)

I maintained this position, travelling both locally and internationally, meeting
international business and banking officials and participating (at the hightest level) in
government sponsored meeting and business dealings on behalf of the Sri Lankan
Government as secretarial consultant to the Minister.

This position grew is statue over the posting period, via increased salary and
continued with greater involvement in senior undertakings and dealings.

Key Responsibilities
    Successfully assit the minister, prepare briefing notes for Cabinet
    Deal with Government treasury, process and organise government bonds and
      agricultural fiancne instrucments
    Provide government support for export finance and export businesses
    Manage excise taxes and duties - support to ministry officials

1977           Graduate - Degree Peradeniya University (Kande) Sri Lanka
               Degree (First Class) Economics/Finance, Political Science & Rural Economy

1972-1976      High-school diploma
               St Anthony’s College, Kande

1979       Certificate of Finance/Economics International - Government Sponsored
1981           Certificate Business Banking- International Export Finance - Government


DOB            15th February 1955 (Kande) Sri Lanka

Passport No.   N2222689

Hong Kong Address
Personal     Suite 977 Horizon Suites, 29 On Chun St Ma on Shan, Kowloon

Office         Room 907 Silver cord - Tower Two, 30 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui,


Available upon request

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