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									Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS)
Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS)

Executive Committee Minutes
Midwinter Conference
New Orleans, LA
January 2002

Executive Committee Meeting II
Monday, January 21, 2002
11:30 to 12:30 a.m.
Morial Convention Center, Room 387

PARS Executive Committee members present: Julie Arnott, Myron Chace, Steve Dalton
(Secretary), Sue Kellerman (Chair), Lars Meyer, Joy Paulson, Julian Stam, Ann Swartzell

PARS Executive Committee members absent: Christine Wiseman

Visitors present: Winston Atkins, Liz Dube, Jane Hedberg, Normandy Helmer, Tina Mason, and
Patricia Palmer Selinger

Agenda Item #1 -- Introductions


Agenda Item #2 -- Review and adoption of agenda


Agenda Item #3 -- ALCTS Board (issues for Sue Kellerman to bring to remaining meetings)

No issues.

Agenda Item #4 -- Committee reports

Sue began by reminding everyone of the importance of the ALCTS Tactical Plan.

 Policy, Planning, and Research (Julie Arnott)

   Julie reported that there are changes to the tactical plan for her committee and that she will explain
   those changes later.

 Books and Paper (Liz Dube)

            Committee is considering a possible program for 2004 that would be a joint effort with the
             Education Committee. The topic would be "Setting up a Book Repair Program."

            LC is doing some research on labeling and bar-coding non-book materials.
          Discussion group meetings have been going very well. One matter discussed has been the
           value of having a library-binding standard; the value was re-affirmed.

          NISO standard Z39.76 is up for review next year and is being considered for possible

          The Library Binding Automation Discussion Group was voted to merge with the Library
           Binding Discussion Group. (NOTE: This matter will be taken up again under New

At this point, the minutes from the June 18, 2001 PARS Exec II meeting were considered for approval.
Ann Swartzell made the motion to approve, which was seconded by Lars Meyer. The vote was

 Education (Tina Mason)

          Some changes to the tactical plan will be typed up and submitted to Sue Kellerman.

          There should be a pull-down menu for Preservation Instruction and Education on the ALA

 Management (Julian Stam)

          Committee had some discussion about Tom Tepper's report on searching for surrogates and
           the quality of acceptable surrogates.

 Photographic and Recording Media (Jane Hedberg, on behalf of Janet Gertz)

          Discussion Group dealt with "cold storage" and was very successful. Joy Paulson added that
           there was also a discussion about the need for standards for recording media.

 Program Planning and Publications (Patricia Palmer Selinger)

          The Binding Institute is moving forward for March. Registration is slow right now, but it is
           expected to pick up soon. Also, the samples used in the program need to be replaced.

          "PARS Players and Achievements" -- planned for Annual 2002 -- is now a celebration rather
           than a program. ProQuest will sponsor the event, which will feature a slide show with
           musical accompaniment (prepared by Wes Boomgaarden). Joy Paulson has requested that
           the space designated for the event be the same space assigned to PADG… or, at least, that
           space be assigned within the same hotel.

          Regarding the "Dirty Books" program for Annual 2002, Patricia reported that Janet Gertz
           would speak on benchmarks for surveying the condition of book collections and on the
          necessity of stacks cleaning. Julie Page will speak on using students (in addition to staff) to
          do stacks cleaning. Erica Highnan will share RFP specs and lessons learned. And, Jim Pruet
          of Munters Corporation will speak on cleaning up after a disaster.

         Regarding likely programs for 2003, Patricia cited the following:

                       A pre-conference on mold titled "Grasping at Spores: Mold Treatment and
                        Prevention," being organized by Andrew D'Amico;

                       A preservation film festival titled "Two Thumbs Up!" coordinated by Tina

                       "Preservation Reformatting Options for the New Millennium;"

                       And, "Preservation Education Abroad," being coordinated by Karen Brown.
                        Tentative speakers for this program include Brian Baird (Ukraine), Jeanne
                        Drewes (Cuba), and Becky Ryder (South Africa). It is further hoped that a
                        Canadian speaker could also be included.

         Regarding topics for possible programs for 2004, Patricia mentioned the following:

                       Preservation of AV materials

                       Security issues

                       Regional cooperation

                       Treatment options

         Regarding publications:

                       Julie Page's publication should be on the Web soon;

                       ALA’s Policy will be updated on the Web;

                       The PPPC discussed the possibility of archiving ALCTS publications on the

                       A publication -- at least in the form of a bibliography -- may result from the
                        "Dirty Books" program.

         Finally, Patricia noted that a "programming needs assessment" tool being developed by
          Kirsten Ahlen (ALCTS) may replace or supplement a similar document that Tom Clareson
          and Steve Dalton are planning to develop.

 PARS Discussion Group (Jane Hedberg)

         PARS DG had a discussion about discussion groups that was lead by Wes Boomgaarden.
          Some points discussed included:
                        That PADG is not really a discussion group;

                        Within DGs, it may stimulate discussion more if the chair and the speakers
                         limit their remarks to no more than 1/2 the time of meetings (or less);

                        Discussion groups are often the first place where PARS newcomers
                         begin to have some responsibility within the section, but this usually happens
                         without any training.

          There was also a discussion, lead by Anne Marie Lane, regarding ways to increase
           cooperation between the RBMS Security Committee and PARS.

       ** ACTION ITEM – More guidance for discussion group chairs needs to be given.

       ** ACTION ITEM – Reports on discussion groups that are submitted to ALCTS should be put
         on the ALCTS Website (on PARS-L).

Agenda Item #5 – ALCTS/PARS liaison and representative reports

 ALA Joint Committee on Rare and Endangered Government Documents: (Winston Atkins)

          PLA turned down a program on the preservation of local documents

 ACRL and RBMS proposed the following: (Charlotte Brown)

   ** ACTION ITEM – Change ACRL listing to ACRL/Rare Books & Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

          There will be a pre-conference before ALA Annual; it will begin on Tuesday, June 11th

 ALCTS Education Committee: (Tina Mason)

          The differences between workshops and institutes was discussed

          Cataloging was mentioned as a good institute topic

 ALCTS Planning Committee: (Myron Chace)

          The ALCTS Office will do the care and handling of the tactical plan;

          The format of the tactical plan is being revised to include a “status” column;

          The Committee envisions a regular influx of new items into the tactical plan;
          The Committee believes that an annual retreat should be held for new committee chairs and
           ALCTS officers to acquaint the new chairs with the tactical plan;

          Attempts to streamline the tactical plan will be ongoing.

 Association for Information and Image Management: (Myron Chace)

          Myron submitted a report (attached) concerning selected AIIM activities, including standards.

                Discussion about AIIM’s current approach to standards ensued.

 ALCTS AS/PARS Library Collections Review Guide Subcommittee: (Winston Atkins)

          The guide is now in its final editing stage.

Agenda Item #6 – Review action items to be taken to the ALCTS Board

** ACTION ITEM – More guidance for discussion group chairs needs to be given.

** ACTION ITEM – Reports on discussion groups that are submitted to ALCTS should be put
   on the ALCTS Website (on PARS-L).

 Sue Kellerman also noted that – at the ALCTS Board Meeting – she will insert language re: the
  tactical plan into our charge.

Agenda Item #7 – Announcements

 The Cooperative Preservation Task Force has completed its report.

Agenda Item #8 – Other Items

 There was a recommendation that came from a joint meeting of the Library Binding Discussion
  Group and the Library Binding Automation Discussion Group that the latter group should be
  dissolved. Ann Swartzell made a motion to do so, which was seconded by Joy Paulson. The vote
  was unanimous.

Agenda Item #9 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:34 p.m.

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